I'm a nice person, I thought to myself as I hacked at vegetables. I'm a very nice person. That's good. That's a good thing to be. I brought the knife down through the cucumber with a particularly satisfying mental image. Disgusting, but satisfying. I'm not sucking up, I told myself. I'm not. I was, and I knew it. There would be no other reason on this earth that I'd come to the rescue of my bastard department head and invite him to stay at my apartment while his was repaired from the damage of a minor but none-the-less frightening fire. And, somehow, he had looked less like his usual cold, distant self when he explained why he was late. Almost human, in fact. I hacked up another cucumber, muttering. He wasn't human. He was unfeeling, cold, rude, unforgiving, judgmental, and had completely dicked me on my last performance review. The fact that he had been right about the changes he suggested was neither here nor there for the purposes of any discussion I'd ever have. The fact that following his advice was probably going to get me a promotion was irrelevant, too.

I heard the soft knock at the door, stared at the knife-edge for a second, then put it down carefully. I wiped my hands and went and opened the door. I stood and gaped. I admit it. Eyes wide, mouth open, not moving except for my eyes that traveled up and down him. I made some kind of a sound. He grinned. I mean...grinned, not the usual twitch of the corners of his lips I saw occasionally at the office. He had a mouthful of perfect teeth and a dimple in his right cheek. He wasn't wearing his glasses, and his eyes were slate blue. The usually gelled back hair was thick and going wherever it wanted to. He was wearing a T-shirt with a popular, smart-ass and funny saying on it over denim shorts that should have been enjoying their retirement years. The sneakers on his feet were worn and paint splattered. The luggage was expensive and matched. 'Hi,' he said brightly. 'Am I too early?' I mumbled at him and ushered him in, thinking about 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.'

I put his things in the guestroom, and he wandered behind me back to the kitchen, his hands in his pockets. He accepted a glass of wine, sat on a stool and watched me slice vegetables. I kept glancing up at him. He chuckled finally. 'You know those old movies,' he asked, 'where the secretary takes off her glasses and unpins her hair, and she's suddenly gorgeous, and so on and so on?' I nodded. He grinned again. 'Ta-da,' he said. 'I'm like that. I shed the work clothes, and I turn into a person.' And a damned hot stud, too, I didn't say. His smile vanished. 'When I started with this company, the owner was a vicious homophobe who would have destroyed me if he found out.' I gaped. 'You're gay?' I asked stupidly. He nodded. 'And to protect myself, I only brought a part of me to work. It's me, but it's just part of me. New owners, change in attitude, old self-protective instinct.' He shrugged and sipped his wine. I chopped vegetables. I'd had no idea he was gay. None. 'I'm the 'accept me as I am or fuck you' type,' I blurted, for what reason I don't know. He looked at me with glittering eyes. 'I know,' he whispered. 'That's one of the reasons I like you so much.'

He swears I threw myself over the counter at him, but I did not. I walked around the end, admittedly very rapidly, pulled by all the emotion that had come flooding out of his eyes. I kissed him, a long, tender exploratory kiss that heated into a lusty tongue dance. His hair was thick and clean and my fingers disappeared in it as I pulled his mouth to mine. He wrapped his legs around my hips, letting me rub my aching bulge against his crotch. His hands went up under my shirt to caress my back. He trembled, as if he was fighting hesitancy. I pulled my head back to look at him. 'Are you sure you want to do this?' I asked, my voice as strong as I could make it. He looked at me. He put about four syllables and a world of need into the word 'yes.' I grabbed, yanked and put him on the floor.

He writhed under me, his hands moving over my back and ass. I braced myself and kept kissing him, taking his mouth with long tongue thrusts, sliding to nibble on his lips, then sucking his tongue. I rubbed crotch against his, feeling the hard swelling and listening to the helpless sounds he made. His fingers dug into my ass, urging me to move harder and faster, and I did. He pulled up his knees and buried his face in my neck. I ground against him, and suddenly his back arched, his pelvis slammed up to me, he shuddered and groaned loudly. I put a hand under the back of his head to prevent it from hitting the floor when he collapsed. He stared up at the ceiling with blind eyes. 'I needed to be touched so badly,' he said finally. 'So damned badly, for so damned long.' I kissed his lips gently and murmured to him.

Naked, he was beautiful. I loved his smooth chest, his tight round ass, his flat stomach, and his marvelous cock. Long, thick and quick to get ready to go again. I stood as he stripped me, his eyes gleaming, then lay back on the bed as he kissed his way down to nuzzle my balls. He was tender and gentle, and I wiggled in the bed to get comfortable and stroked his back with my fingertips. He gave incredible head. Slow. Intense. Passionate. He kept his eyes open, meeting my eyes, exploring my body, and occasionally releasing my cock so he could nuzzle it and admire it. He was feasting and he let me know it. I wanted it to go on forever, but his talented mouth made that impossible. Finally, I couldn't fight it anymore, and I tapped him. He smiled, then took my cock in deep and sucked it hard. It startled me, and shoved me over the edge. I erupted, cumming much harder than I'd expected to. He swallowed the cream with gentle moans. Finally, he put his head down on my thigh, my softening cock still held lightly in his mouth. His eyes drifted closed and he released a deep sigh.

I lay in complete contentment and watched him suckle my cock. He looked serene and peaceful. I stroked his arm, admiring him, until my cock started to stiffen again. He chuckled as my shaft hardened in his mouth and his eyes opened. I grinned at him, and reached over and swatted his ass. 'This!' I said, laughing. 'I want this!' He wiggled his horny butt for me and grinned. I slid my cock out of his mouth, then put one arm across his back and one across his thighs to hold him down and licked and bit the tender cheeks of his ass. He wiggled in a mock struggle, making helpless little noises that drove me wild. I nipped down the crack of his ass, closing my teeth just hard enough to leave a tiny red mark. He began to tremble.

I knelt, then pulled him and put him on his hands and knees. I reached one hand between his legs and gently squeezed his balls. He moaned and threw his head back. I used the other hand to spread his ass cheeks apart, then leaned down and licked his hole. 'You like?' I whispered. 'Yes!' he groaned, shuddering. 'I like!' I grinned and tickled his pucker with the tip of my tongue. 'Then tell me,' I said. 'Tell me what you want.' He let out a long shuddering breath. 'I love it when you lick my ass!' he said. 'I love it! Tongue fuck my hole. I want you to tongue fuck me. I want you to finger fuck me. I want you to put your hard cock up my ass and fuck me!' He kept telling me, too, and it made me shake. I ate his ass for a long time, making his cock drip cum and all his muscles twitch. Finally, I was driving myself insane, so I stopped, lubricated a finger and slid it into his hungry hole. He was tight and hot, and humped his ass back at me to take the finger deep. I worked his hole hard, then slid in another finger. He tightened his muscles on me, and all I could do was imagine that incredibly tight ring sliding up and down my cock. I slid in a third finger, spreading them apart slightly, listening to him moan, and watching his beautiful pink hole open. Damn, I wanted in.

I made him stand and lean over the bed, resting his weight on his palms. I stood behind him and took my cock in my hand, rubbing the swollen, oozing head up and down the crack of his ass. I popped the head in with a small shove, then stood and held his hips still. I teased him, the head stretching his hole open wide, but didn't give him anymore until he begged for it. Then I gave a hard hip thrust and slammed my rod all the way up his tight ass. He howled in ecstasy, begging me to fuck him hard. I gripped his hips and pumped, my pelvis slamming into his luscious ass, my balls smacking against his. He thrust back at me, grunting, taking my cock in deep and gripping it with his muscles. 'Fuck me!' he howled. 'Fuck me hard!'

I obliged with everything I had, holding on to make it last. I stroked as hard and as deep as I could, my ass clenched tight, my balls so swollen I thought they'd explode. I wanted him to have the most solid ass fucking of his life. Finally, I had to pull out or I would have exploded. He whimpered at me. I put him on the bed on his hands and knees, then shoved his head down. I reached over, pulled open the drawer, and took out my favorite toy. A 12' cock shaped dildo. The thing was over 2' across at the head. I mounted his shoulders, resting lightly to trap his head down, then ran a hand over his ass. Silk. A silky ass with a nice, open hungry mouth, waiting to be fed. I put the head of the dildo against his hole and pushed it in...slowly...an inch at a time. He shuddered as it went deeper and deeper into him. I began to pump it up and down, grinning at the amount of it he took inside. His hole was stretched huge, and I trembled when I looked at it. Damn, I thought. That tight little pucker is OPEN.

I pumped hard, my fist slamming down into his ass with each down stroke. He started to howl a continuous, wordless sound of intense pleasure/pain that vibrated through his chest and tingled my balls. I felt my cock squirt precum all over his back. I began to hump his back, feeling my cock slide up the bumps in his spine as my balls rubbed through his hair. I watched the huge dildo fuck up and down like a piston as I humped him and got high off his howls. His balls flopped heavily each time my fist came down on his ass. Finally, he began to scream as his body convulsed and he pumped cum all over the sheets. I felt my back arch and went rigid as I shot my load on his back, continuing to hump his slippery back and fuck his ass until he couldn't take anymore. We collapsed into a sloppy pile, and I managed to move enough to pull him into my arms before we both passed out.

I got the promotion, and we used the extra money to move into a bigger, nicer apartment. And, just the other day, I caught him smiling at the office.


Morgan Grayson

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