I’d managed to snag a job in in one of the better hotel near the DFW airport. I work the night shift. It is normally very quiet at night. I very seldom saw anyone. I was coming to UTA in Arlington and this job allowed me to work on my studies at night.

No one on my job knows about my…let’s say…hobby and I wanted to keep it that way so I’ve always been very careful about keeping my business and pleasure separate.

However....I had an incident the last night that, for the first time since I’d been working there I thought with my little head instead of my big head.

I’d just gotten to work when I got a text that said, "I saw an ad on CL that said that you like to suck straight cock?"

I texted back, “I sure Do."

He replied back that, “I’m working in town for a few days and am in need of a good blowjob. I haven't been able to find any pussy so I’m up for using a nice mouth but I need to keep it on the very down low.”

This was sounding like he was ready to meet now and I was at work. I asked him, “Where are you at?”

When he answered I almost shit my pants. He texted the name and room number of the hotel where he was staying and it was the one where I work. Suddenly I knew who was in those rooms. He was with a movie crew here shooting some location scenes for the movie ‘A Soldier's Story.’ They had the entire 3 floor and a couple of suits on the top floor for the director Norman Jewison and a couple of stars that flew in to shot quick scenes. They’d been there for over a week with about 3 or 4 days to go.

I was thinking shit, how am I going to make this work. From the floor he was on I knew that he was someone important, most likely Norman Jewison the director. He quickly texted back that, “I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really nervous. Will you suck me off in the dark room?”

This obviously was to protect his identity.

He said, “I’ll leave the door a jar so you can just come in, suck me off and leave.’

Now, this was right up my alley. I absolutely love dark room scenes because the anonymity of it is a big turn on for me.

Don't ask me why but even though a job that I dearly needed was at stake, I said, “I can do that. But it’d have to be after midnight.”

He said, “That will be fine but make it 12:30am.”

I had to figure out how I was going to pull this one off. If it is movie guy was screwing with me I was fucked. But the thought of sucking off someone famous overrode my common sense. I went to lost and found in the housekeeping department to see what I could find. I found a hoodie with a drawstring that gave me an idea. I’d put it on and tie the hood tight around my face. This would thwart the cameras in the hallway and if the room was totally dark and it was a joke I would be recognized. But I would still be taking a big chance.

 12:20 am I texted him, “I’m ready.”

He said, “The door will be ajar and to come on in.”

At 12 30 I locked up the office and headed for the elevator.

As I stepped off the elevator, hoodie in place, I saw the door was ajar. Moving quickly down the hall I went in and shut the door behind me.

The room wasn’t total black. He’d forgotten about the light from the window. I could see his silhouette. If I was Norman Jewison I could see the outline of his relatively long hair and a beard. This guy had nice shoulders and very short hair. Oh my god…could it be an afro. This couldn’t be…no that would be too go to be true…it couldn’t be.

Room had two beds. As I groped around trying to feel which one he was on, he took pity on me and said, “Over here.”

Suddenly my heart was in my throat. There was no mistaking that voice. I’d sat in too many movie theatres and in front the TV too many times not to recognize it.

I continued to grope my way along until I touched his leg. He was sitting on the edge of the bed. As I moved between his legs I pushed them wider. I reached out and touched him. He was wearing what felt like gym shorts. Running my hand on up and he was wearing some kind of pull on shirt. Grabbing the hem of his shirt, I pulled it up as I stood. I used pulling it over his head as an excuse to accidently touch his hair. There was no mistaking the tight curls of his short Afro.

Bracing my hands on his thighs, I lowered myself back down.

He moaned, “Mmmmmmm,” when I paused long enough to kissed and then suck his suddenly stiff nipple. As I started to move away he grabbed the back of my head and held me there for a couple of seconds. Many men have no clue that their nipples are as sensitive as a woman’s or refuse to let themselves enjoy it because they think it’s gay.

Seeing that he liked it I slowly kissed my way down his body. Only pausing at his belly button to tease it with my tongue.

Sliding my hands on down his body I hooked my fingers in the waist band of his gym shorts. As I pull them off his hips, he had to raise his bottom off the bed for me to get them off. I had to back up and pull his legs closer together so I could pull his shorts on down his legs.

Once they are off I run my hands up his thighs and brush his coarse curly pubic hair before bringing them back down and pushing his thighs apart again.

Hands still on his thighs, I leaning close and inhale. Fresh out of the bath, he smells like the complementary soap we leave in the shower.

Awed by who I guessed he was, I made him twitch by slowly licking up the crease where the thigh connects to the torso, then brushed my face across his semi-erect cock as I moved to the other side and lick that crease. Bring my hands up I ran my fingers through his pubic hair and kissed the head of his cock.

With my thumb and pointing finger I pulled his foreskin down pubic and swirled my tongue around his base of his cock in my mouth and then sucked just the head into my mouth. As I moved my mouth down his thick shaft he started to get hard in my mouth. He moaned, Uuuugh,” as I tightened my lips and drew my mouth back to his head.

I slow lowered my mouth again. By the time his swollen head hit the back of my throat he’d swollen to a rock hard 8 or so inches.

As I slowly moved my mouth up and down I found myself wishing it was light so I could admire the contrast between his black cock as it moved in and out of my white mouth in the full length mirror that I knew was mounted on the bathroom door.

Back at the top, I swirled tongue around and over his cockhead and I heard him breathe in and moan a little, “Uuuuuuuuuum.” Going back down his thick shaft I deep throat him. As I went down he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me all the way down on him until my nose was pressed against in thick bush. "Ooooh yeah," he moaned, "Suck it faggot, suck my cock."

While he held me there I work on him with my lips and tongue. Again, more moans but this time I heard him softly moan, “Oh fuck that feels good."

Then he released his grip and I started slowly bobbing my mouth up and down his shaft, sucking while massaging his heavy balls with one hand while running the fingers of the other through his thick bush.

At one point my fingers trailed up his belly to feel the treasure trail of curly hair.

I was totally mesmerized. I don't remember how long I was sucking him but eventually his nails dug into my shoulders, spurring me on. Three more swift up and down movements and I felt his balls start to draw up and his body tensed.

Almost franticly he grabbed my head and moaned almost painfully, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming man. I'm Cumming in your in your cocksucking mouth.” Then his cum gushed out, splashing the back of my throat with his hot, salty flood. I almost chocked on the first blast, but quickly adjusted my throat muscles to take it. Several bursts of cum flowed in quick succession. I slurped and sucked as hard as I could, gulping down his load and siphoning every drop of cum from his quaking body.

“Oh geez Christ I thought I was going to cum until I died,” he laughed. “Did I cum a lot?”

I swallowed and held his shrinking cock for just a moment in my mouth and then I was up and out fast.

He text me later and said how much he enjoyed his blowjob. He also mentioned being there a couple of more days and my coming by again the next night. He’d text me the details later.

 The irony was that the next morning when the movie crew came down to breakfast Denzel was with them. When I talked to them as I had almost every mornings since they’d been there. it was weird talking to him knowing that I’d just been between his legs with his big cock in my mouth. And him talking to me without a clue was strange.

I know that my visit could have been a huge disaster but it was something that I’d just had to go for. And I would do it again. Especially if he texts me tomorrow.

? If the right circumstances, probably.

 The only thing that puzzled me was the texting. I haven't had an ad on Craigslist in several months. It could possibly have been a referral. It doesn't matter to me though, because I got to suck Denzel Washington’s cock.

The end…



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