I eat delivery all the time at least three

nights a week. I like the variety of food, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and so on.

I have a crush on about four guys from different places. Pizza on Mondays

means I get to look at Tony the owners son when he delivers. Tony is like a big kid,

piercing brown eyes and hard firm muscles. Chinese food means Johnny, dark black

hair and a nice tight ass. Thursday means spice day and Manuel delivers that when I

get my hot Spanish dishes. I have always flirted with the three of them and we all

have a friendly relationship. Out of the three of them Manuel was by far the

sexiest, he had dark black hair and beautiful brown eyes and the cutest smile I have ever


Last Thursday Manuel came to the door and

as usual I invited him in, he usually refused saying he had to get back to work.

This night I happened to be his last delivery and he did not have to go back to

work. He came in and we immediately knew that we were attracted to each other.

Our eyes locked and we began kissing and foundling each others manhood's. We

stripped down and kissed passionately, Manuel had the softest thickest tongue I ever had

in my mouth. I decided to make the big move first and pulled this Spanish hunks big

cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked his beautiful sweaty balls. I pushed

him on to the floor and mouth massaged his burning thick manhood. Manuel exploded

his spicy load into my mouth and I sucked him dry. He returned the favor by placing

his manly lips around my meat and power sucking.

Manuel sucked and sucked my hot rod but I

was holding out for the prize, he must have licked and sucked my cock and balls for over

thirty pleasure filled minutes. I was not going to shoot off in this studs mouth, I

wanted the backdoor prize and was going to get it. I pulled my cock out of his mouth

and roughly slapped it across his face, I told him if he wanted his tip he would have to

give me the goods. Manuel turned around and spread his tight meaty ass wide open.

His golden brown love hole was glistening with wet juice and he was begging for

relief. I decided I wanted to taste that sweet looking round cake and shoved my

tongue way up inside, Manuel screamed with pleasure, I licked his sugar walls.

By Manuel was begging for packing, he wanted exactly what I needed. I got

behind him and mounted my attack, quickly shoving my tool inside his tight wet ass.

After about three pumps I was not able to hold back, we both screamed as I shot my hot

load up his sweet brown ass.


Tom T

[email protected]


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