"Hey Mark, that'll be $12.95." Jorge said. He was the delivery boy from "Heroes by the Park" a great little restaurant, across the street from a local park here in Sunset Park Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in every possible Hero sandwich you want, foot-long or six inch. Jorge and me have developed a friendship over the months since I've been ordering from the restaurant. He's a car freak and so am I. I'm more the American muscle-car fanatic, while he likes the imports. Two different worlds but we respect the lifestyle no matter what country of origin our machines come from. We always 'feel the need for speed!'. We each treat our cars better then our girlfriends at times! We'd talk about all the upgrades we made to our rides to make them better and faster. The one thing about being a gear-head is that you can NEVER go fast enough!

"Hey man how's it goin, " I replied as I handed Jorge and even $15.

"Thank you much." Jorge replied as he took my money, and handed me my order. A grilled chicken wrap and a soda. I loved to order from 'Heroes' their food was great, all the ingredients fresh as can be, and they were fast!

I work from my house sometimes, telecommuting to work when needed, so it's easy for me if I'm not in the mood to cook.

"I see you're working on your car." Jorge said, pointing to my 'baby' in the driveway. An 87 Buick Grand National with the hood up. She was cherry, original from the top all the way down to the air in her tires practically. Her all black paint scheme gave her a sinister appearance no matter what angle you looked at her. My 'baby' indeed. I swear sometimes my girlfriend Lori is jealous of 'her' as if she was a real 'woman' rival, as I pamper the car obsessively sometimes indeed. Many's the time she accuses me of having a better 'relationship' with the car than her! Women! If there's no problem, they'll make sure to find one!

"Yea, just finished changing the oil today, gave her the good stuff, Mobil 1 synthetic." I said smiling.

"Hell yea that's the way to go, I give my car the synthetic stuff too, only way to go to keep the engine running forever!" Jorge said smiling.

"Damn straight." I said, "Wouldn't use anything else." I replied, Jorge hesitated for a minute as he looked at me. I thought he wanted to say something else, but he just smiled and got back on his bike.

"Ok man, enjoy." he said and rode off.

"Later man." I replied as I closed the door and took my order upstairs. Jorge was about 5'8, 24yrs old lean and muscular, Latino guy. We hang out together sometimes talking about cars and girlfriends in passing on the street or the park where he jogs. Which girlfriend has issues which one is awesome and things like that. Some times when I look at him, I feel there's something between us. I couldn't put my finger on it. But it was 'something', nevertheless.

The next day as I was going out to the store for some milk, I ran into Jorge.

"Hey Jorge, how's it goin' man." I said.

"Good, good." I'm goin' on my run." Jorge is a jogger, each morning he runs the perimeter of the Sunset Park as part of a daily workout routine.

"I'm pickin' up some stuff at the grocery store." I said.

"Hey I was meaning to ask you something before." Jorge said. His tank top was tightly wrapped around his lean torso, a hint of sweat forming on his chest, showing off his physique, his sweatpants hugged his body enough to notice a visible bulge straining against the cotton fabric, outlining the head of his circumcised cock.

"Yea man, go ahead." I said, trying not to stare at his crotch but stole a glance anyway, my dick stirred in my jeans catching a glimpse of that thing.

"You want to come over to my house and help me with an oil change? I've never really done it myself, always wanted to but each time I make an excuse and go to one of those 10 minute oil change shops and let those guys do it. Since you always change yours, I want make sure I'm doing it right, you know, so I don't miss anything important.

"Sure man, no problem anytime, you'll save a ton of money doin' it yourself and it's not that hard, it's actually fun if you can believe that, messy, but fun." I replied, sneaking a quick peek at that bulge in his pants. I suspected Jorge 'caught' my eyes dart towards his waistline by the way he looked at me, didn't have my sunglasses on to 'hide' my eyes' wandering gaze to his crotch. Oh hell! I was caught! I'm sure of it!

"Cool man, later today then? 3 o'clock good?" he asked. Sounding almost hopeful that I'd be there.

"I'll be there man, see you then, I'm at 456 7th ave, house with the white awning, just go 'round the back down the driveway to the garage." Jorge replied.

"Ok man, take it easy." I said, as Jorge put on his ear-buds and ran off. Which gave me the opportunity to check out his oh so tight butt running off in those sweats! 'Damn!, what the hell am I doing?! I'm not gay....I've got a girlfriend, well maybe bi-curious but damn it if I'm not turned on by this dude! What the fuck!!' I thought. I composed myself and went to the store, my dick semi-hard just thinking about seeing Jorge again....'damn' I thought to myself. 'Just damn!' I couldn't wait for 3 o'clock to come around that's for sure! As I was working on my computer, I couldn't help but be anxious, watching the clock tick to 3:00 pm made me nervous. I didn't want to show up at Jorge's too early so I continued on with my work. Jorge's ass was on my mind too. 'What is it about that kid!' I thought to myself. I've never had these 'feelings' before, but my dick twitched with the mere thought of his butt in those sweat pants! Not to mention that prominent bulge in the front of them! I rubbed my face with my hands, as if to erase those thoughts from my mind, nice try! Didn't help! I looked at the clock again, it read 1:34 PM.....Oh this is gonna be a loooooong day I thought to myself. I felt frustrated, I shouldn't have since my girlfriend surprised me this morning at 6:24AM as she mounted my hard dick and I wasn't awake yet! She grabbed my hard cock, and slid into her tight pussy as I was just waking up, startling me in the process.

"What the fuuuck?" I muttered startled, still semi-asleep.

'Well, you know what I say, never let a hard dick go to waste!' she said as she impaled herself on my hard cock riding me like a pony, I tore that pussy up that morning, with the cum splattered sheets to prove it! But here I am thinking about that kid, that delivery boys' ass!! I felt guilty! Crazy! Confused! Oh just, 'What the fuck are you thinking!' I thought to myself. I stopped what I was doing and went over to the couch and plopped down on it, 'let me close my eyes for five minutes and take a break from all this shit', I thought to myself. Of course I didn't expect to fall asleep, it was way past five minutes! The clock read 3:46pm. "Shit!" I exclaimed. I was late, damn I can't even call Jorge and tell him I fell asleep, that's why I'm late! I ran to my bedroom and put on my sweats, slipped on a tank-top and fumbled for my sneakers. I was rushing around the house looking for my keys. I stopped in mid stride towards my front door. 'Wait a minute, take it easy, slow down, so you're late just get over to his house, that's all.' I thought. I felt like I was a kid going on a first date or something, I was nervous, apprehensive, and I didn't know why. 'I'm just going over to a friends house is all, he invited me, so relax. We're just two car guys chillin' doing what we love, taking care of our rides'. I told myself that all the way to Jorge's house, it was a short walk, four blocks or so. I walked up his driveway. Jorge was in the garage under the hood of his car working on something. His car was a Civic, or so I thought it was all black-primer at this point no badges, ready to be repainted at anytime. "Hey Mark, thought you changed your mind about coming over." He said looking up at me from under the hood as I came up the driveway.

"No, no I just shut my eyes for a few minutes but fell asleep for a few hours, couldn't call you since you didn't give me your number." I said with a slight chuckle.

"Yea I know, I should've before, didn't think about it." Jorge replied. His big brown eyes looking right through me it seemed, he was holding a socket wrench, his tank-top was smeared slightly with grease. Sweat glistened off his slightly hairy chest. His basket-ball shorts hanging loose and low on his hips.

"So....what are we doing?" I asked pointing to his car.

"Just added a new K&N filter CAI (Cold Air Induction system) adding at least 25 horsepower!" He said excited.

"Cool! I added one of those to the Grand National, anything that helps our 'girls' breathe cold air and get those extra horses...worth every penny." I said smiling.

Jorge smiled agreeing wholeheartedly and said, "That's right man, didn't even have to touch the heads to get 'em even. Just more power with a better breathing engine is all!"

"I know.... and an easy upgrade to add....I see she's getting' ready to be repainted huh." I said looking the Civic over.

"Yea, as soon as I can get the money together." Jorge said smiling. "Money's a little tight right now."

"Yea, I know what you mean man, I'm putting some upgrades for the National on hold as well...a set of new headers to add to the cat-back stainless exhaust system I added a few months back." I said.

"Nice!" Jorge exclaimed. "That's gonna add some serious power no doubt....yea but it's tough all around man..." Jorge added. I nodded in agreement as I peeked in side the Civic checking out the sound system.

"Oh you see that box on the porch?" Jorge said, pointing to the box on the back porch of his house just across the driveway from the garage.

"Can you get it for me, that's the synthetic oil I'm gonna use now." Jorge said.

"Sure thing." I said. Walking across the driveway towards his house up the four steps to retrieve the box. I don't know why but I 'felt' Jorge's eyes following me, maybe it was just wishful thinking but, I didn't think so, he was 'checkin' me out, I was sure of it! I felt those same 'feelings' when girls check me out. There was definitely something between us! Just what it is, remains to be seen. I picked up the box of oil and carried it back to the garage. Jorge had just pulled out his Civic half way out of the garage so he could put ramps under the front wheels so he could drive up and lift the car so we could get to the oil pan underneath. I brought the box inside the garage and set it down. Placed the two ramps under his front wheels and gave him the thumbs-up he was good to go, Jorge started up the Civic and slowly drove up the ramps til the wheels were positioned correctly and turned off the car.

"Ok man." Jorge said as he stepped out of the car. "What's next."

"What's next is...hand me that box of tools in the corner so I can see what wrenches and sockets you have, I need to see what you have so I can remove the oil pan screw, and drain the oil pan." I said.

"Are you kidding?" Jorge replied.

"I've got every single wrench or socket you need man! Whatever you need...I've got!" Pulling out a large toolbox with various sized wrenches, screw-drivers, and sockets.

"That's what I'm talkin' bout." I replied.

"What man doesn't have this if he's a real serious car man!" Jorge added.

"True, true!"

We both laughed. Jorge brushed past me on the drivers side as I was bent over the fender checking out his engine. As I was looking in the engine bay his crotch brushed up against and past my butt, seemingly hesitant for a moment as his crotch met my butt. I swear I thought I felt his dick push in between my cheeks if only for a second! "Sorry, it's a tight squeeze in the garage I know, between the wall and the car." Jorge said matter-of-factly as he went around the front of the car, to lay down pieces of cardboard when we go under the car. "That's okay, for a single-car garage it's pretty roomy." I replied. Jorge took his tank top off as we both went under the car, so I could show him where the drain plug was for the oil pan. I took my tank off as well so as not to get it dirty, this was never a 'clean' job. I asked Jorge to hand me the wrench/socket combination I picked from his tool box and slipped under the car to unscrew the oil-pan drain plug. "Can you hand me that oil catch pan too?" I asked.

"Sure." Jorge replied as he slipped under the car with me and handed me the pan. I placed it under the car, completely unscrewed the plug with my hand from the oil pan and let the oil drain into it. "Ok I said. Let's let that oil drain out for a while, while you can unscrew the oil filter." I said. "I'm on it." Jorge said, sliding out from under the car to get a new filter, in doing so his left leg rubbed up against mine. As Jorge's leg rubbed up against mine, my dick stirred in my pants a bit. Damn! I thought, what the hell? What's going on? This kid's getting my dick hard?!! No way! I chalked it up to being way too horny all the damn time, or so I tried to convinced myself. Now I came out from beneath the car to get a clean towel. I watched Jorge as he slid under the car, on his back, his legs spread wide, I couldn't help looking at his crotch, I wanted to go and reach for it and grab his balls! I looked away, and was searching through the cabinets for a clean towel. "Hey Jorge...were are the clean towels?" I asked as I opened each door. Jorge replied from beneath the car and said to look under the workbench in a box. I looked inside the box, and pulled out a clean rag. "Got it, is the oil almost done draining?" I asked. "Yea, it's just dripping a little." Jorge replied. 'Yea like the precum is from my dick. I thought to myself. I could feel it leaking out. 'Hope it doesn't leave a spot in my sweats! Damn!'

Jorge came out from beneath the car with the old filter. I handed him a towel, taking a glance at his waistline his boxers were peaking out from his shorts just above his waist-line. He was wiping his hands with a small dirty rag, I smiled and handed him another towel. His body slightly sweaty, it was hot in that garage, a breeze blew in once and a while, but otherwise it was sweltering at times. "Want a soda? There's a mini-fridge behind you, take one....and get me one to." Jorge said, as he took the old filter and put it in the box where the new one was. "You know, remember to coat the top of the new filter with oil before you screw it in place." I instructed pointing to the new oil filter Jorge was holding. "Yea? Didn't know that, good thing you're here to tell me Mark, the little details." Jorge said smiling. I reached in the mini-fridge and pulled out two ginger-ales, Jorge bent over the drivers side fender to position a light in the engine compartment. I took the opportunity to 'brush' up against that incredible ass of his as it was hoisted up and over the car's fender. I walked over and taking advantage of the wall between me and Jorge, I slowly slide past his ass, but made sure to make 'contact' with it using the 'it's a tight squeeze' in here excuse, he used before. I felt his butt against my crotch, my dick slipping into the valley between his cheeks. My cock instantly twitched and hardened a little in my sweats, Jorge pushed back slightly, up against my crotch, lightly pushing me against the wall behind me. Damn I wanted to just pull his shorts down and fuck him into oblivion! I hesitated, if only for a moment, and took the chance and pushed forward slightly before brushing past Jorge's butt so I could hand him the soda. Jorge smiled as he looked at me. He felt my semi-erect dick move up and into his butt, I knew it! His eyes, gave it away. The eyes always do. Jorge's gaze never left my eyes as her reached and took the soda from me. "Thanks man." he said smiling nonchalantly. His eyes, now fixed on mine, opened the ginger-ale I handed him, and took a sip. I 'knew' what he was going to say....I just did. Then all of a sudden he blurted out. "Why are we fuckin' around Mark?" He said firmly. I must admit that took me completely by surprise. I fumbled for an answer, but before I did, Jorge came over to me, put the soda down on the workbench and grabbed by balls, firmly enough to make me grunt. "This is what you want me to do.." he said as he squeezed my balls, "This is what I wanted to do for a while now, so let's get to it." He said with authority squeezing my balls firmly as my dick hardened and strained against my sweat pants. I was incredulous! "Hell fuckin' yea that's what I want!" I exclaimed. He pulled me close, kissed me hard grabbing my ass as I grabbed his, our dicks rubbed up against each other. We grinded into them, into each others crotches for a while as we kissed, fuck if that didn't get me so hard my balls ached! Our cocks were so hard at this point, they were tenting our pants, straining to tear through them! His mouth felt so good, our tongues exploring each others mouths. He pulled down my sweat pants, kneeled down in front of me and pulled my hard dick out through the fly of my boxers. "Oh fuck he's gonna suck my dick! Yeeeeeessss!! I can't believe this!!" I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and waited for the moment his tongue contacted my cock. Then it happened, his lips wrapped tightly around my cock! I gasped for breath, my cock is really sensitive, his tongue worked it's way around my head, swirled around it as it swelled in his mouth. He went up to my abs and kissed them, working down to my belly-button and jammed his tongue inside exploring my 'innie' which surged my cock into hardening even more so, damn that felt so good! He cupped my balls and tugged on them gently but firmly. His fingers exploring them, reaching for my ass, squeezing it, as he licked inside and all around my belly-button. I spread my legs as wide as I could to balance myself, my knees were buckling I was so wrapped up in the ecstasy that Jorge's mouth was sending me into. Jorge then started to untie my sneakers, take them off and pulled off my sweats, he took off his clothes as well, his cock poking through his boxers as he pulled his b-ball shorts down. We were in the garage just in our boxers, dicks hard as steel, making out, deeply kissing each other, I couldn't believe this was happening! The garage was wide open, so anyone could've seen us, or walked in on us. But we were all the way in back of the house, and it was a long way to the street. But the rush was nonetheless incredible! Just knowing someone 'could' catch us, made my dick sooooo hard! I felt the blood rush through it, pounding in it, making my dick throb, the veins thicken and pulse through it! Jorge's dick was granite hard as well, big, veiny with a slight curve tot he left, leakin some pre-cum. It rubbed up against mine, we grinded into each other as we kissed. Jorge started to kiss my neck, flicking his tongue around my nipples, as he jacked my cock. I jacked his, sucking on his erect nipples, fuck he smelled good! It was a body-spray but not overwhelming like some of those things could be, mixed in with a slight musky sweaty smell. He grabbed my ass and pulled me close, squeezing my butt through my boxers as I squeezed his firm ass through his, grabbing his tightening balls and yanking on that oh so hard cock! "Fuck you can kiss man..." Jorge whispered as his lips pressed against mine, his tongue twirling into mine. With each kiss deeply, my cock solidified like an iron stake! My balls ached they were so tight! "Fuck you taste good man.." I said, we both chuckled a bit but damn I swear I could cum just be kissing this man. "I want that dick in my ass, right now!" Jorge said in a commanding voice handing me a rubber, Magnum XL. Figures, what else would he use on that huge dick! "Hell man you don't have to ask me twice!" I said. "I've been thinking, dreaming about this moment man!" "Always knew it!" Jorge added, as he kissed me again deep, hard, our tongues entwining in each others mouths. "Fuck...been waiting for this too." He whispered as he stepped back and pulled off his boxers, faced the front-end of the Civic and spread his legs wide, and offered up that awesome ass to me. I couldn't believe it! We 'both' felt that 'something' for each other all this time!' My cock twitched as I put on the condom, fumbling with the wrapper I was so excited to nail that ass! I grabbed his butt before inserting my cock into that tight hole, it was a smooth bubble-butt I damn near just came right there lookin' at it!! My cock-head was so engorged his hole resisted for a bit as I pushed and eased into that tight hole, penetrating through as it closed tight around my cocks shaft. We both moaned, Jorge arched his back and whispered one word, "Daaaaaaamn!" in a hushed almost imperceptible tone, I could barely say a word myself, just gasped for breath his hole was so tight! "Oh hell yeeees." I whispered quietly closing my eyes relishing every second as my cock slid inside his ass! Felt so good! I hesitated for a moment, sure I was ready to spurt my cum right then and there! I composed myself, breathed in and out slowly and continued to slide my cock deeper and deeper inside Jorge's ass. Thrusting in slowly at first, his hole resisting me all the while at first, but that ass was mine now, I'm gonna fuck it into the next millennium I thought! Jorge spread his legs a bit more for me, we were both moaning and groaning with pleasure. I spread my legs a bit wider to position myself as I thrusted my cock inside him, he'd push back and grind into it. I bit down slightly on the nape of his neck, grabbing his hips and pulling him into me. Then more aggressively biting down harder on the flesh on his neck, we were fuckin' like Tigers! I ran my hands over that hard muscular back as he moaned louder with each increasing thrust of my cock. "Damn man! Fuck yea, tear that ass open man! Fuuuuuck yea, oh fuck yea tear it up!" he screamed. I suddenly became aware we were basically 'in the open' anyone might hear us! Jorge was getting really vocal. I pulled him up into me, grabbed his head and deeply kissed him, his muffled groans and moans were met with mine. "Fuck you fell so good..." I whispered, and continued to kiss him. He responded by pushing that fine ass onto my dick, I felt my head explore deep into his ass with each and ever thrust, pulling out only to tease his hole by sliding in and out then ramming deep inside him. He opened his mouth, winced but said nothing, the expression of pain on his face spoke volumes. He finally managed to say. "Damn....Daaaaaaamn papi! Fuck that cock is so big, feels soooo good...oh shiiiiiiit!" he said. I groaned and grunted with pleasure as his tight hole wrapped tightly around my shaft. I reached around and grabbed his hard cock, it was wet, dripping with precum! I jacked it as we kissed and I thrusted deep inside Jorge's ass pulling out slowly, then ramming my dick back in fast, and furious! I had to stop for a moment, we were soaked with sweat! Jorge repositioned himself in front of the car, the hood was still up, no one could see us behind it, but I'm sure someone might hear us with the animal noises we were making! I was so into fucking Jorge I'd completely forgotten we were still very much in the 'open'!! He turned back and kissed me hard, licked my lips, sucked on my bottom one as I sucked on his top one. That hardened my dick even more, "Yea man, fuck me hard...just don't stop till you cum man!" He said, exhausted, out of breath. His face contorted a bit as I slipped my cock up and into his ass, spreading his checks as I did so. I just slid in slowly up and into his hole, all the way til my balls pressed into his ass too. Damn my dick was harder than granite! I was on a mission now! I'm gonna tear this ass up till I shoot all over his back! I pulled Jorge in close, kissed him hard again, "You want it man I'm gonna give it to you!" "Fuck yea! Yea!" he replied. After that it was on! I spread Jorge's legs wider as I did mine, positioned his ass where I needed it to be and ripped into it! "Ooooh Oh...Fuuuuuuck!" was all Jorge could muster with me tearin' the hell outta his ass, power-fucking it! I grinded deep inside his hole, pulled my cock inside and out with quick thrusts and eased up a bit only to catch Jorge by surprise violently thrusting and grinding in circular motions back inside, hard, deep, mercilessly! My balls slapping his ass with each violent pounding thrusts! My balls getting so tight, they ached! I was building up the pressure in them, damn when I shoot I'm gonna coat the ceilings with my spunk! Jorge was gone, in a world of his own, groaning with each thrust, moaning and grunting with each time he pushed back into my dick as I thrusted deep into his ass! It was a back and forth 'ping pong' game of sorts. My groan to his moan, and his moan to my groan, we actually laughed a bit at the animal noises we were making! But damn! I had to moan and groan, if we weren't in the open I'd probably be even more vocal! Hell, Jorge was already baying like a Coyote at the moon! "Oh shit! Man I'm gonna cum man!" Jorge yelped. "Oh...fuuuuck!" he exclaimed. I grabbed his dick and jacked it till I felt it pulse, twitch and start spurting it's contents all over the front end of his car! His cum splattering the front grill and black primered front bumper coating it with thick white jizz. I jerked and yanked that big cock, as he threw his head back from the pleasure, turning to me as we kissed. I kissed him hard as his dick continued to pulse expelling more semen, his cum dripping from the cars' front bumper and creating a white puddle on the garage floor. He kissed me back moaning, and grunting. "Fuck yea man...fuuuuck yeeeeaa! you made me cum papi...shiiiiiit!" he said, quietly, almost whispering he was so spent, exhausted. He squirmed and recoiled each time I jacked on his now overly-sensitive cock-head as residual semen leaked from it. "Ok! ok..ok..ok! He squealed as I continued to jack his sensitive cock. He reached around and grabbed my dick and jacked it off a bit as we continued to kiss. My turn to shoot now though, I could feel the point of no return was close. I pushed him back on the front end of his car. He instinctively spread his legs wide again, bracing himself against the car. This time I pushed my dick into his hole and furiously fucked the hell out of his ass never stopping till I busted! There was no stopping this assault! He gasped, grunted, yelped, Jorge made noise, lots of noise! "Oh.....daaaaamnn! Oh...shiiiiit!.....Oh fuuuuck!" was all he could manage in between the gasps, grunts and yelps. I had to end this now, man did my balls ache!! I grabbed his hips, pulled them into me thrusting so hard I let out a loud guttural grunt and yelled. "Fuck I'm coming! oh fuck !yea I'm gonna shoot!" And after one final balls-deep thrust, I immediately pulled out my cock, barely was able to pull off the rubber, when my balls exploded their jizz all over his back, coating his back, ass and shoulder blades, streams of jizz spurted from my cock! I arched my back, closing my eyes and moaned so loudly the neighborhood must've heard that! Fuck it! I didn't care, that orgasm overwhelmed my senses, my body shuddering as the cum spurted and spurted! "Oh fuuuuuuck! Yea! Man....shiiitt!!!" I managed to say. My cock was spasming and pulsing, expelling my load all over Jorge's muscular body and got some splattered on the cars' left headlight as well!.....Jorge, exhausted now... turned around grabbed my still cum leaking cock, which made me jump a little, my cock was so sensitive after I shot, he pulled me into him. We were soaking wet with sweat, from our heads to our toes, not to mention all that cum dripping down Jorge's incredible body! My cock was twitching with each swirl of Jorge's tongue in my mouth. "Damn boy you made a mess here! Shit there's some cum on my headlight man, shit!" He exclaimed, we both just started to laugh, the cum was running down the headlight onto the front bumper. I peeked around the hood of the car to see if the coast was clear. No one was around, but I'm convinced someone must've heard us! "We need a shower now man! Damn what a mess!" Jorge exclaimed lookin' at all the cum we unloaded, grabbing my balls as my cock dripped some more cum. "Hell yea man..." I managed to say, exhausted from the encounter, the sweat pouring down my body as cum continued to drip from my cock. A glob of semen from my semi-erect cock landed on the garage floor mixing with Jorge's cum already there. "Hell yea man...." I said again, as I kissed his mouth softly our tongues entwining as we sucked gently on each others lips, fuck I loved kissing that mouth! After a few minutes of making out Jorge said. "You know your ass is mine next time right?" I hesitated for a minute, realizing what I'd be in for when Jorge's cock opens me up. "Yea.. yea man, it's only fair right." I said grabbing his balls as well. "You're gonna tear up my ass good huh..." I said, knowing the answer already. Jorge reached over to me grabbed my butt and said. "Are you kidding...it's gonna be payback time! You're gonna need to brace yourself like I did when I fuck this man!" he said, squeezing my butt checks, and flicking his tongue on my left nipple, I gasped a little as he did so, my left nipple responded by hardening immediately. "Damn that big cock in my ass?" I thought to myself... 'think I'm in for it now!' I smiled and watched him go through the door that led to the main house, followed him to the bathroom, picking up my clothes and still dripping some residual cum as I walked across the garage floor following Jorge's now cum-soaked incredible ass inside the house. Then it suddenly occurred to me. "We never did finish changing the oil!" "Fuck it! after the shower, we'll get to it...we'll get to it!! there's always time for that after the shower!

The end



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