Lots of people hate their jobs, but few with the intensity with which I hated mine. I had a degree, and a big pretty piece of paper to prove it, and lots of prospects, but for the time being, I was relegated to taking food on short trips from a deli owned by a tyrant to people who looked at me as if I was scum. Stupid scum, at that. I worked all the shitty shifts, too. The owner's relatives had bagged all the good ones. Good truly was a relative term with my asshole boss. And I wasn't a relative. I clocked out at the proper time one Friday night and he handed me a brown paper sack. 'You go right by there on the way home,' he snarled. 'Good customer. Important man working late. Drop this off.' I growled as I took off. He thought all his customers were 'important' and I didn't exactly go right by this place. It was out of my way, but shit, who cared. It wasn't like I had anything else to do this, or any other, Friday night.

The name on the little brown bag was 'Pressman.' The big name on the building was 'Pressman Industries.' The plaque on the shiny double doors to the office, when I finally found them, said 'H.V. Pressman, CEO.' This was, indeed, an important man working late, and I hated him already. I walked through to the inner office with a chip on my shoulder a mile long, then stopped suddenly at the inner door. H.V. Pressman may have been important, but he was also miserable. He stared out the window as if Death itself was staring back. I had to clear my throat twice before he heard me. Finally he turned to me, and I swallowed hard. He had a full head of thick, silver hair, ice blue eyes, and a tan, high cheekboned face. He seemed to have a good, solid body underneath the expensive clothes. It took a second for recognition to register in his eyes, then he stood and reached for his wallet. He thanked me politely, paid for his order then waved off his change, the biggest tip I'd ever received. When I got close to him I realized how good he smelled and turned to look at the office to try and control the quickening I felt. Five minutes later, through what process I don't know, he was showing me around his office, describing his collection of antiquities as if I was a guest. Standing close to him was having an effect on me. I was looking more at him than at his wonderful things. My cock was hard and jutting out the front of my uniform pants. He couldn't help but notice...and he did. He raised his eyes to me, puzzled at first. All I could do was stare at him. Suddenly, his face flushed and his eyes grew bright. His tailoring did a better job of concealing his pole when it snapped up, but it wasn't perfect. He released a sound that made me shudder. It was all the pain and longing in the world compressed into one moan.

I was in his arms with one movement, sucking his tongue in deep, thrusting my cock against his. His hands slid down my back to my ass and his fingers bit into my cheeks. He was trembling. 'How old are you?' he stammered as I removed his tie and laid it over a chair. 'Twenty-two,' I said, unbuttoning his shirt. He managed to look relieved and sad at the same time. 'I'm over twice your age,' he said softly. I looked him straight in the eye and shrugged, then lowered my mouth to his chest and licked him. He controlled a muscle spasm as my mouth suctioned to his nipple and my hands slid his shirt off. I released his nipple long enough to sweep my own shirt over my head, then ducked back down and sucked him until his nipple was a bright red bullet thrusting out from his chest. I worked on the other one the same way, then moved his hands and urged him to pinch and twist his nipples as I knelt. I got his pants, underwear, shoes and socks off as he stood looking at me as if hypnotized, his fingertips working on his stiff nipples. His cock was beautiful, about 7 inches, unusually thick, almost purple in color. His balls were big and solid looking. I nuzzled his balls and he muttered something. I looked up at him. 'What?' I said. He looked down at me with dignity. 'I said...it's been so long. So damned long.' I had him park his tight, round ass on the edge of the desk then gobbled his thick cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue all over the swollen head, then locked my lips around him and took him in deep. I sucked him hard and fast. He gripped the edge of the desk and stared at me with unfocused eyes. He fought like hell, but it was over in minutes. He came violently, gasping, stunned, pumping my mouth full of his hot salty cum. I swallowed him fast, then stood as his knees started to buckle. I helped him to the leather couch, sat him down, then stripped and slid next to him.

We kissed for a long time, our hands all over each other. I think there came a point when he realized I wanted his solid, middle-aged body as much as he wanted my slim, young one. He stared at me for a minute, trying to read my thoughts through my eyes, then was finally satisfied. He gave me a shy smile, then dove into my lap. The man gave incredible head. Lusty, hungry, fierce sucking. I felt my cock slide over his thick wide tongue, the tongue always in motion, working my cock deep into his mouth. I tried to push his head away gently, to make it last, but he grasped both my wrists and held them still as his mouth continued to devour me. He wanted my cum...badly. He got it, too, very rapidly. I let out an agonized groan as my back arched and he sucked my cum out almost faster than my cock could spurt. He swallowed it all, sat up and licked his lips with satisfaction, kissed me, then went off to get a couple of brandies. We sipped brandy in comfortable silence for a time, then he was facedown in my lap again, sucking for all he was worth. I ran my fingers through the thick silver and watched him eagerly suck me. He sucked me hard, then kept going until I was laid out on the couch and gasping, then he sucked me off. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and grinned at me. 'It was worth waiting for,' he said in his deep, rich voice. I leaned down and kissed him. He kissed me back long and hard, then pulled me off the couch and laid me out on my stomach on the floor. In seconds, his mouth was on my ass.

I swear, the man licked, kissed, nibbled, and nuzzled every square inch of my ass. I felt...worshipped. I just laid there, resting my head on my forearms, listening to his breathing as he whipped himself into an orgy of arousal. I closed my eyes and analyzed. He sounded so damned happy. Finally. You didn't have to know the man well at all to hear the 'finally' in the sounds he made. He spread my legs apart and his tongue snaked down to flick gently over my balls. I groaned helplessly...and loudly. His breath caught, and the tongue went mad. It slid up and down the crack of my ass, gradually going deeper. Both palms smacked on my ass cheeks suddenly, and massaged deeply. He used his thumbs to spread my ass open, then teased my hole with the tip of his tongue. He circled it, flicked over it, toyed with it, and chuckled deep in his throat as I started to squirm. He put his mouth against the hole and exhaled warm breath. 'Beg for it,' he whispered.

I begged. I howled. I yelled. I demanded. I promised to do several things that were physically impossible. He laughed delightedly and tormented me into an hysterical state of arousal. I wanted his mouth on my ass so bad I think I would have done literally anything at that point to get it. Finally, when I couldn't stand it anymore, his tongue stabbed into my hole like a small, wet cock...and he tongue-fucked me like I'd never been tongue-fucked before. My ass went into the air automatically, my knees spread. He used only his tongue on my hole. I reached back to hold my cheeks open for him and he grabbed both my wrists and held me still. It was incredible. The wealthy, dignified older man was feasting on my hole. I was half-afraid I'd shoot my cum all over his carpet. Then he started to growl as his tongue impaled me, shaking his face back and forth as his tongue was deep inside me. I became certain I was going to cum all over his carpet. At almost the last second, he put one of my palms under my cockhead, so that when his hungry, demanding tongue finally sent me over the edge, I shot my wad into my own hand. He helped me collapse, then sat like an eager puppy as I held up my palm for him and ate every bit of my cum, licking my palm clean.

He wiped his mouth and grinned at me. He looked relaxed and happy. I made an attempt to get my mouth on his cock, but he laid me back gently. 'Rest,' he murmured, the grinned. 'Your sweet young ass has my name on it.' I wiggled my eyebrows at him. 'You think so?' I said wickedly. He nodded formally, got up, went to his desk, came back with a felt tip pen, flipped me on my stomach and wrote his name on my ass. 'Now it does,' he said solemnly. We laughed ourselves into puddles on the floor.

He got us two more brandies and we laid on the floor and talked. He looked like he was telling me things he'd never said before. I knew I was. Eventually, his eyes began to stray toward my ass and the light began to build in them. I put my head down and smiled demurely...then wiggled my ass. He leaned over, shook a few drops of brandy out of the snifter and licked it off. 'Mine,' he said leisurely. 'My sweet, luscious young ass.'

By the time he got back to me with the tube of lubricant, I had my ass up in the air, wiggling it, begging for him to slam that thick cock into me. He knelt behind me and took his time...lubricating his index finger, playing with my hole, gradually inserting the fingertip, then working it in to the first knuckle, then the second. I held my ass as still as I could, letting him take his time and savor what he was doing. He worked his finger in and out, gasping in appreciation as I clamped my muscles around his finger. His finger fucked my hole slowly and thoroughly, then he slid in a second finger. His two fingers were like a small cock and I lost the ability to keep my ass still. I wanted them in deep...and hard...and he obliged me. The rest of his hand slammed into my ass as if he was punching me. I felt his slick cockhead rubbing against my thigh. He was beyond ready to fuck me, again making me wait until I begged. I happily begged.

His swollen cock felt huge as he rubbed it up and down my crack, then pressed it against my pucker. He guided it in gently, the big head opening me so damned wide I gasped. He entered me slowly, and each inch he inserted drove me more and more wild. He was so damned thick, my hole felt stretched beyond its limits. When he had entered me completely, he held my hips still to let me adjust to his size, then began to stroke slowly and deeply. It was an incredible combination of pleasure, pain and desperate panic. It really felt like that thick rod would split me open. I relaxed, shoved my ass back and submitted to him completely. 'Fuck me,' I whispered. 'Fuck me forever.' He gripped my hips and gave me every inch of his huge cock. He fucked me harder and harder, and I couldn't get enough. I started begging for more, and he began to slam his hips against me, his heavy balls pounding mine. I swear the damn thing got even bigger as he approached orgasm. 'Damn,' I breathed. 'You're a fucking stallion.' He went rigid, slammed his big cock home and pumped cum as he howled. I swear it was like having a firehose go off inside of me, and this time I did cum all over his carpet.

I got the letter that said I'd been accepted for the training program at Pressman Industries the next day. It was dated two days before I got cum all over the boss' carpet. I'm pretty glad about that, and so is he. He smiles and says I got my job on my own merit. I smile back, and say he got his devoted young lover on his own merit, too.


Morgan Grayson

[email protected]


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