Journal Entry #2

My cock was throbbing with the remnants of his mouth around my wet shaft. I could feel my heartbeat pounding as he looked up at me with the most amazing smile I have ever seen. His mouth was soaked with spit and my precum and I just wanted to taste it all. I leaned down to him as my dick rested on his lap as I kissed his moist, warm lips. My body was shaking and I could feel my balls completely full of hot cum and it was damn near close to blowing out of my cock hole just seconds ago. We finished our kiss and he looked me in the eyes with a deep intent. He spoke softly, "I want to feel you inside." Shocked, I leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, "are you sure baby?" He shook his head with excitement and stood back up. He rubbed his fingertips against my cock and I felt my flowing precum rub off onto his fingers. He lifted his hand up to his mouth and licked my sweet precum off of his fingertips. I felt a surge of primal sexual energy and I grabbed his shoulders.

His hard shoulders felt like perfection in my hands but I couldn't enjoy them any longer. I wanted to feel my cock inside of my best friend for the very first time and this was my moment. I pushed him down on the bed as his hard throbbing dick bounced off of his flat abs. I reached onto his dick and jerked him for a few seconds and leaned in to kiss his balls. I could feel his body quiver and he gently spoke, "I'm ready, give me your cock. I want you to fuck me...put it all inside." I was in a sexual high as I pulled a condom from my basketball shorts on the floor. I rolled it onto my wet shaft as it snugly fit onto my eight inch dick.

For a brief moment, I paused to appreciate this beautiful sight in front of me. His hard abs and soft nipples were delightful. I've never wanted to kiss someone's body so much before but his made me want to lick every single part. He looked so young but so mature with a man's chest and abs, but he also had very little body hair at all. He shaved his cock and balls so smoothly it was almost baby soft. Rubbing his body could make a man cum without any jerking at all. His ass was smooth and wonderful. It was so inviting to my cock and he wanted all eight inches deep into his asshole.

I grabbed my shaft and teased his asshole with my cockhead. He quietly moaned and whispered, "Oh yes, stick it in." I pushed my cock in slowly and gently as I saw the combination of pain and ecstasy on his face. His ass was tight and I knew this was gonna be a squeeze for my big cock. He moaned much louder and motioned for me to stick it in further. I grabbed his hips and pushed my dick in deeper. He let out a loud moan and I stopped. He looked up at me and laughed, "It feels good now but just leave it in this deep for a minute or so." I smiled and grabbed his cock. He closed his eyes as I jerked his hard meat faster and faster. After a minute, he grabbed my ass and pulled me in closer. I felt my shaft go in all the way to my balls and he screamed out. I waited for a few seconds and pulled back. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Don't stop. Just fuck me. I want this, it's gonna feel so good soon." I couldn't control myself and started to fuck his sweet ass gently.

After a few minutes he started to moan with pleasure. My sexual frustrations were being satisfied and I wanted to go harder. As my dick pounded his asshole harder and harder, his moaning became louder than ever before, "Oh fuck...fuck...yes....pound my ass, fuck me harder." I grabbed his cock again and started jerking it as I was fucking his tight ass. I could feel the precum running out of his dick hole and I loved the juicy sound it made as I jerked and fucked. His resistance was becoming weaker as I could see his face just about ready to cum. I could also feel my cock tensing up and my balls filling with an overflow of my sweet cum. I pulled out before I wasted my load inside of the condom and fell onto his hard body. My lips brushed his and I could feel our exhausted cocks rubbing on each other. I reached down and pulled the condom off. I started to grind our cocks together and I felt the mix of our precum covering our cocks and abs. We were completely soaked with sweat and precum as we made out during the best night of our lives. More will come in my next journal entry.


Michael J. Benson


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