Dear Diary


3rd May 7:00PM

Just another day although this day does have some significance as it's my 21st birthday.

As I walk downstairs I could sense a different vibe that suddenly overwhelmed me. A feeling of warmth that I had never felt before from my past relationships.

I got to the bottom of the stairs where a tall, handsome man was waiting for me with a smile and a card attached to him.

"You must be the birthday boy I'm your present" he said in a seductive tone as I try not to drool in front of him.

I carefully removed the card from him and read out the message:

"It looked like you could do with cheering up so I introduce you to my tall, dark and handsome friend who is here for your pleasure, Enjoy ;)"

There was no name on the card but I knew exactly that my friend Austin set this up for me. I had a past with him that was exceptional until we decided to just remain friends.

Snapping back to reality I looked at the man stood by my front door.

"May I come in?" He asked

"Of course" I reply

I led him over to the sofa and offered him a drink which he accepted with a warm seductive smile.

He rubbed his hand across my lap and with one hand unzipped his leather jacket which exposed his defined muscle then he slowly peeled his shorts down which revealed long, strong legs

He had such a commanding way about him that I immediately decided to pull his boxer shorts down and his big cock hit me in the face and before I knew it I started to make him wet with anticipation

I teased him by giving one long lick and suck of his big mushroom head and he tried to force his cock down my throat.

Somehow I managed to get it all in and I sucked feverishly like it was a ice lollipop

His legs were twitching and he held onto the sofa for dear life as I enjoyed my birthday present.

I took my mouth off his cock and sucked on his balls taking them both in my mouth. He tweaked his nipples and softly moaned as I kept bringing him closer to cumming.

Finally I took his balls out of my mouth and he handcuffed my hands to my back as he skull fucked me and stopped once he felt his balls churning. I caught most of his cum all over my face.

"I wonder how you'll explain that to your friend?" He asked as he left me his jockstrap and puts his clothes on and leaves the front door.

Few Hours Later...


I hear the front door open and stood in front of me is Austin with a smirk on his face.

"Someone looks like they had a good time"

Without giving me a chance to reply he shocks me by kneeling down and licking the cum off my face.

Then what shocked me more was the fact he was tongue kissing me with the cum still in his mouth I respond with more passion

He removes my clothes from me and sits down on the floor and starts jerking my cock with his big smooth feet as I moan softly which makes him rub my cock faster

Suddenly I feel the super sensation of the need to cum but before I warn him off I start shooting cum all over his feet.

He stands up and uncuffs me as I remain speechless as to the situation that's just happened.

Instead of speaking he carries me in his arms and gets us both into bed.

I snuggle up to him feeling warm and content with the world

"I thought Austin was straight so why did I have the experience that

I just did?" The thoughts were swimming through my head. I always had a crush on him so for me to do what we did I am practically jumping through hoops.

The question is would he consider being my boyfriend or would he just remain as a friend with benefits?

Either way I am so honoured to have had two steamy encounters and wonder what will come my way next.

More events will come in the near future




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