At age twenty-five, I realised that I am like many men the wide world over - men who consider themselves essentially straight; men who are not averse, however, to receiving an occasional blow job from guys who offer it with no strings attaached; men who might blow their load down another guy's throat with no real involvement, no reciprocation and, more often than not, without a word being spoken.

Around this time, I recall reading somewhere that if you let a guy suck your dick then you are definitely not straight. Taking this on board, I inwardly accepted that I am to some degree bisexual. And, having actually enjoyed a one-week fling with my own nephew - an affair that included my sucking, fucking and even fisting him - I accepted that my occasional walks on the wild side were probably more adventurous than those of the average 'accidental tourist'.

Having completed my degree, I struggled to set up my own business. My shingle was there for all to see but it seemed to take forever to establish a solid client base. To help with cash flow, I took on the odd weekend gig as a vocalist with a band. I also did some work as a male model - mostly sports and swim-wear but also the occasional shoot for fashion houses. Being tall, blond, blue-eyed and slim was a distinct asset. Having a somewhat innocent air was also an advantage. I found I could easily do the appealing or angelic look for the camera but, when required, I found I could also project seemingly untapped reserves of sensuality.

Now, both the entertainment and the fashion businesses are great hunting grounds for casual sexual liaisons. A good percentage of the guys are gay and so I had less competition than one might expect for the favours of a great many very attractive young women. Conservatively, I'd say I got to hook up with at least a hundred different women over a two-year period. I love eating and fucking pussy. I was in Pussy Heaven throughout this period. No strings, no commitments - just a sexual banquet that should have satisfied me fully. But it didn't. Not fully. I was always aware that the best head jobs I'd ever received were from guys. And I sometimes found myself hankering to fuck a nice tight ass too. Not a girl's ass. That has never appealed to me. Why bother when girls have such a glorious playground out front? No - I definitely craved an occasional blow job from a a guy; and I had wonderful memories of the one brief period during which I'd fucked a guy up the ass. I knew I needed to do so again one day.

One of the gay guys on a fashion shoot told me of a place he often visited - a men's toilet block by the water's edge; one where the booths had holes in the partition walls - holes through which one might receive head from a complete stranger on the other side. I gathered that there are guys who simply live to suck dick and that such men would happily accommodate anyone seeking relief.

It took a while, but eventually my curiosity and cravings got the better of me. One mid-summer afternoon, I drove to the place I'd heard of, parked my car as unobtrusively as possible - the toilet block was well-screened by trees and shrubbery - and sauntered into the men's room, doing my best to look like a guy in need of a piss. There were quite a number of cars parked amongst the trees, so it came as no great surprise to me that the urinal trough was fully occupied, as were the individual stalls. So I leaned against a wall and waited for a 'vacancy'.

I guess my arrival had caused the guys at the urinal to pause in whatever they were really there to do. After a while, however, and after a few nervous glances at me, the bolder ones reached out to touch the dicks alongside them. I even received a few nods, smiles and gestures intended to encourage me to squeeze in amongst them. I just shook my head and smiled right back. I wasn't keen on auditioning before a group. I was determined to wait until one of the cubicles was vacated. And, as I waited - watching men jerking each other off - I could hear noises from behind each door and I could detect movemenet against the dividing walls. My cock swelled mightily at the thought of what might be happening within.

At last a toilet was flushed and a guy emerged from one of the middle stalls. He was not keen to make eye-contact and left quickly. I immediately claimed ownership of the empty cubicle. After carefully wiping the seat with great wads of toilet paper, I sat down to admire the view. The first thing that struck me was the amount of graffiti all over the door and the walls. There were 'advertisements' - like "35yo guy wants to suck your cock - afternoons 3-4pm"; there were 'testimonials' - like "The guy in the red Nissan has a huge uncut dick"; there were warnings - like "Beware - cops patrol here at night"; and there were even short stories - like "Sucked off six guys in here today and swallowed gallons of hot jizz". The art work was a treat too.

Of course I also noted the holes at eye level on either side of me. The partitions were of fairly thin plywood - say 1/2" thickness - and the holes were much smaller than what I'd once seen in a porno movie. They were only a little over two inches in diameter and the edges were not softened with tape - they did look, however, as though someone had made an effort to file away any jagged bits that might injure those who ventured through.

I became aware of an eye on either side of me. My neighbours were apparently expecting me to display my wares. I undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. I pulled down my briefs as well and started to stroke my cock and play with my balls. At the risk of sounding vain, I have quite a nice dick - or so I've often been told. It's cut, thick and over eight inches long. I also have a pair of low-hanging balls. It wasn't long before a finger started waggling through the hole to my right. I leaned forward and a face came into view. He was a pleasant-looking guy - mid-30's perhaps - and he indicated that I should stick my cock through the hole.

I hesitated for a moment. What if he had a knife on the other side? What if he collected severed dicks as souvenirs or paperweights? Was my dick too thick to fit through comfortably? What if I got stuck or got splinters? But I summoned the courage to stand up and put my cockhead and just an inch or so of shaft through the hole. It was quite a snug fit but not injuriously so. I was immediately enveloped by warmth and wetness. I could feel a tongue swirling arond the head and lapping at the pre-cum oozing from it. His fingers tugged at me - demanding more - and so I allowed my dick to go through to the hilt with my balls pressed against the plywood wall. This guy was obviously no novice. Indeed he was a master of his trade.

I once saw a video of a python swallowing a small mammal. I remember marvelling at the peristaltic movements as the snake's prey was rhythmically engulfed by irresistible movements. So it was with my first ever glory-hole suck. I could feel lips, tongue, mouth and muscles irresistibly drawing me deeper and tighter and harder into my neighbour's throat. It was exquisite. The warmth, the rippling contractions, the movements - they were almost unbearably erotic. And my situation - the danger of sex in a public place, the anonymity provided by a partition wall, the isolation of my cock - all these factors contributed to the eroticism. I felt no need to buck in and out of his mouth. It was magical enough just to lean against that wall and feel myself being siphoned to orgasm.

I was unsure of the etiquette involved. Does one withdraw before shooting in the other guy's mouth? Does one warn him? Should I whisper: "I'm gonna cum"? Indecision didn't reign for long. I know my cock swells even larger when I am about to blow. And this guy was obviously experienced. He could tell too. I felt an added urgency in his movements. I pressed even harder against the wall. I thought: "Here. Take every damned inch!" I began to tremble and had to hold on to the top of the partition to steady myself. And then it happened.

I exploded into this stranger's mouth and throat. I know I squirt a hell of a lot of cum when I am super-aroused and, believe me, this had been the head job from Heaven. I must have overwhelmed this guy's mouth. I heard gulping sounds and I felt his throat clasp firmly around the head of my dick as I spurted into him. There was no abrupt disengagement. He continued to milk my juice. He moved to the head of my cock - so tender from having just blown - and helped himself to the last small droplets. Only then did he let me go. Only then could I withdraw my dick from the hole. I slumped against the wall - deliciously drained and momentarily exhausted.

I assume my benefactor jerked himself off while sucking me. Or maybe he'd just had his quota of cum for the day. Whatever the reason, I heard him arranging his clothing, flushing the toilet and leaving. I sat down and played things over again in my mind. I was a very happy and satisfied boy. And I was still half-hard as I reflected on the pleasure I had just enjoyed. That's when I remembered the other hole. I suddenly realised that whoever was on the other side of me had probably been staring at my ass for the last ten minutes or more. I looked to my left and - sure enough - there was an eye peering at me. Moreover, someone had quickly replaced my recent benefactor to the right. Yet again, there was an eye checking me out on either side.

I stroked my cock for a while. Moisture continued to ooze at its tip - perhaps the last dregs of cum or perhaps fresh dribbles of pre-cum. Either way, I was stiffening once more.

I'm a very democratic man. I thought it only fair I should first turn my attention to the guy who'd been watching my rear end for so long. But when I looked through the hole to my left, I saw a very bleary eye indeed. The guy moved his head back in order to wiggle his finger through the hole. I could see that he was - in my 25-year-old opinion - 'ancient'. And not the least attractive either. In my youth, there were limits to my democratic leanings and limits to my philanthropy too. I was not about to plunge my dick into a geriatric mouth! I am older now - and wiser too - but back then I decided to ignore the poor fellow on my left. Indeed, I tore off some toilet paper, added some spittle, and covered up the hole so he could no longer see though. Mean of me, I know, but such is the arrogance of youth.

To my surprise, something was pushed through the hole on my right. It was not a cock. It was a slip of paper wrapped around a pencil. I took it and read: "Fuck me". Well, that was certainly straight and to the point, but I was not inclined to shove my dick into some strange guy's ass-hole. Even had I wanted to do so, I had no condom to use and I was not about to risk going bare-back. I scribbled "No" and passed the paper and pencil back to him. At the same time, I took the opportunity to see what he looked like. I was pleasantly surprised. He was much the same age as me but more casually dressed, and he was quite a good-looking guy. But that wasn't about to alter my mind about glory-hole fucking.

The paper came back at me. No pencil this time. He'd written: "OK. I'll just blow you." And, trusting soul that I am, I stood up and - for the second time that afternoon - presented my dick to a neighbour. This time I just went straight for it - the full eight-plus inches passed through the hole at one fell swoop. Again I was treated to the warmth and wetness of a fellow man's mouth. It was no less enchanting the second time around. I have never been slow to recover and my anonymous friend was expert enough to have raised the dead. It wasn't long before I felt myself on the verge of firing off another load. But, at just that point, his mouth was removed and my straining cock was left nodding in the air.

I heard and felt movement on the other side of the partition. I felt his hand applying something warm and moist to my dick; and then it felt as though a wall of flesh was being pressed against my knob. I pulled back immediately. The bastard had been trying to back his ass onto my cock! My erection wilted instantly. I wanted to scrub my cock in hot soapy water. Logic and common-sense flew away. I was convinced that - at the very least - I'd been contaminated by a shitty ass-hole. And - at worst - I immediately envisaged myself riddled with syphilis! I was genuinely appalled.

I burst out of that toilet stall as though the devil was on my tail. My pants were still at half-mast and my dick and balls were exposed to the gaze of everyone present. I didn't care. I headed straight for the hand-basin and started washing my junk in cold water. I'd have preferred warm or even hot water, but only cold was available. I dried myself as best I could with the tail of my shirt and an old tissue I found in my pocket. Then I tucked everything away and left.

As I drove away, the indignation and anger swiftly faded from my mind. In their place came a warm and happy feeling. I had survived - and mostly enjoyed - my first experience of a glory-hole. I knew immediately that this was something to which I might easily become addicted. After all, there was no need for sweet-talk, no need to dress up, no need to play courtship games. You just stick your dick through a hole and receive a magnificent blow job from a guy who knows exactly what pleases other guys.

So I added another dimension to my sex life. I continued to bonk girls at every opportunity but I now visited that men's room regularly too. Eventually - if the other guy looked OK and had a nice dick - I even condescended to suck cock myself. There were a couple of guys who became my 'regulars'. We never spoke or attempted to mix outside the men's room, but we grew to know each other's habits and likely times of attendance. Reciprocal oral was something I enjoyed doing with these two men. It was obvious that - like me - they had no desire for relationships with guys; they just enjoyed getting it on anonymously via a hole in a wall. A few months down the track, I was oddly flattered to see that I had rated a scrawled message on a wall - "The guy in the white MG has a big thick dick." I felt quite proud to receive such a positive review!

Just after my 26th birthday, I took the plunge and acquired a dick piercing. I don't really like 'body-art' very much. I've no desire to be tattooed and - even if I wanted them (and I don't!) - I am too cowardly to endure having my ears or nipples pierced. But I had once known a guy whose cock was pierced and it excited me for some reason I can't quite fathom. So, the devout coward - the guy who fears dentists and shrinks from a flu jab - decided to let someone modify his dick! It was nowhere near as painful as I'd imagined. Nor was it embarrassing. I had a choice - male or female technician - and I chose the male as I thought he'd know his way around a man's junk better than a woman would. I was also worried that I might get an erection with a female technician. As it happened, I got an erection anyway. Apparently that often happens. Our cocks are conditioned to respond to prolonged handling by another person. And the guy who did my piercing assured me that it was helpful to know how the dick looks when erect - it assists in determining what size jewellery is the most appropriate.

So, eventually, my graffiti 'review' became: "The guy in the white MG has a huge pierced dick." My Prince Albert proved attractive to those on the other side of glory holes and my female bed-partners liked it too. Had anyone ever objected, it's easily removable and easy to replace as well.

Inevitably, the day arrived when I DID fuck a guy via a glory hole. I was happily enjoying an expert blow-job when my neighbour ceased his ministrations and kind of shoved me back out of the hole. He then poked a condom through the opening and I thought: "To hell with it. I'd love to feel a nice tight ass again." I rolled the condom on, noting that it was - thank goodness - a larger-sized one; regulars feel unbearably constrictive at the base of my dick and they invariably rip, especially if there's insufficient 'head-room' for both my cockhead and its piercing.

I put my protected cock back through the hole and felt him applying lube on the other side. Then I just pressed against the wall as hard as I could while he pushed backwards and onto my dick. He took it slowly. It was bliss. Inch by inch I felt my cock being enveloped by his tight ass. When he was finally done - when his ass-hole was as close to the hole as it could possibly get - he remained still while I gradually went in and out, smoothing a path, creating a rhythm, preparing him for an assault.

I was determined to savour this fuck. It had been a long time since I'd last fucked a guy. All the delectable sensations returned to me, especially the exquisite tightness and the way it feels when the rectum contracts and creates rippling sensations all along my shaft. After several minutes of slow, deep and deliberate movement, we began to fuck in earnest. He moved in sync with me. At times I was barely inside him at all, and then he'd move backward and I'd push forward as forcefully as I could, burying my dick to the hilt. At the end, I was slam-fucking him. The thin partition wall was moving but we paid no heed to this or to the noise made each time I slammed into him. It was truly magical and wholly animal at the same time. I know he blew his load at much the same time I did because I could feel his ass-hole clenching on me as each arc of cum spurted out of him and as each blast of cum spurted out of me.

He moved off me but grabbed hold of my cock with his hand, preventing me from vacating the hole. I felt him carefully remove the condom. Then, having withdrawn to my side of the wall, I looked through the hole in order to see if the condom had torn. I also wanted to whisper my thanks. He was holding the condom, tip downwards, draining all the cum into the reservoir. Then, as I watched, he raised the well-filled condom to his mouth, tilted it so the opening was at his lips, and allowed all the creamy contents to drain into his mouth. He squeezed the condom to get every drop he possibly could and then he swilled my juice around - seemingly savouring the taste and texture - before swallowing it all. I found this so erotic that my dick started to swell again. I put it back through the hole, hoping he might be interested in sucking me again. But he wasn't. He gave my cock a parting touch with his hand and then I heard his door opening. He was through for the day. But I wasn't.

Soon afterwards, I heard someone else enter the stall next door. Almost immediately, an eye appeared at the hole. I flourished my dick and received the traditional finger-wave of invitation. Before accepting, I bent down to check out what I could see of this new guy. I got quite a shock. It was a young guy I had often noticed at the city gym - a handsome, dark-haired boy with a good body. I'd put his age at around twenty, perhaps less. On a few occasions I'd been in the showers at the same time as him and each time I'd admired his small thatch of chest hair and dark brown - almost black - pubic bush. They stood out against his pale skin. Being very blond and relatively hairless myself, I was perversely drawn towards dark body hair on other men.

At the time, I wondered if he'd recognised me. I later discovered that he had - after all, my piercing is fairly distinctive even if my face isn't. Apparently, he'd been checking me out in the showers too. Anyway - whether he recognised me or not - I was happy to introduce my hard cock to him via the glory-hole.

He stroked my dick for a minute or so, using his other hand to tug on my Prince Albert in just the way I love. Then I felt his tongue flicking at the eye of my dick, capturing beads of pre-cum and teasing me to even greater hardness. It was like drowning in honey when he finally took me into his mouth entirely. However young the guy looked, he had certainly been around long enough to become an expert at giving head. When the tip of my cock was lodged firmly in his throat, he made a swallowing motion stronger than I had ever experienced before. It felt like a vacuum pump had me in its power. I would gladly have stayed that way forever but the poor guy obviously needed to breathe occasionally! After each release for air, he took me to the back of his throat again. I was very close to shooting my load when he suddenly stopped sucking altogether, pushed my dick away and whispered to me through the hole. I had to bend down to catch his words.

"I want you to fuck me."

"I'd like that too. Do you have a condom?"

"No" he said. "I want it raw and totally natural."

His voice seemed to tremble with lust. I had a vision of his ass clenching so hard on my dick that he could feel every ridge and vein. I could visualise my surgical steel piercing grazing against his prostate. I shivered at the thought of intimate flesh against intimate flesh.

But other thoughts also flew through my head. I'm pretty devout when it comes to safe sex. Even with girlfriends of several weeks standing, I am reluctant to take a risk.

The silence between us seemed to last forever. I could sense disappointment on the other side of the wall. And I could sense disappointment in my loins as well. My cock simply longed to be encased in a smooth, warma and velvety tube.

As it so often does, my dick won the debate. Caution was thrown to the wind and I thrust my rock-hard dick back through the hole. It was welcomed by another sweet burst of lip-service and I could tell that my next-door neighbour was slathering my cock with drool and saliva.

After a few minutes of pleasant sucking, he must have risen to his feet and turned his back to the wall. I felt his hand guide my dick to his ass-hole. I forced myseelf to keep still. I know my size can make initial entry quite painful, so I let him ease back at his own pace. Slowly, very slowly, I felt the head of my dick slide into him. The tightness was exquisite. I knew that once my cockhead had been accommodated, then the rest of my dick should glide into him with relative ease. And in I went - eventually - right to the hilt. We paused when I was fully inside him. I could feel his rectum adjusting to the intrusion; I felt every ripple, every contraction. I swear I could almost feel his heartbeat. It was as if time stood still. There must have been noise around us but I heard nothing - I could only acknowledge sensations and feelings. I very much wanted to stay as we were. I wanted to stay deep inside this wondrously accepting and inviting flesh forever. But I also wanted to move, to glide, to plunder and slam. I wanted to ravage this beautiful ass - cruelly stretch it to the max and then pump it full of cum.

I could sense when he was ready to be fucked more vigorously. There was no diminution of tightness, only a greater sense of preparedness - if something can be both taut and yet relaxed, then that's how it felt. I picked up the pace and began to move in and out of him with a steady rhythm. He began to move his ass accordingly. I suddenly became aware of sounds again. There was the sound of me pounding against the wall and I could also hear soft moans and whimpers from the other side of the partition. And, of course, there were sounds emanating from me too - I was breathing heavily; panting in anticipation of a breathtaking finish to this ride.

Some endings can be a disappointment - a real let-down - but this fuck ended gloriously for both of us. At the point of inevitability - that stage when you know that nothing can prevent the gathering fluids from erupting - I plunged into him as deeply and as hard as I could. I then kept perfectly still and let every sensation in my loins wash over me. I could feel the head of my dick twitching; I could feel the shaft shuddering in its velvet prison. It was as though this young man and I shared a pulse. He squeezed firmly on my cock and set off an orgasmic tsunami. Wave after wave of cum surged out of me and inundated his vice-like rectum. I was still ejaculating when his own peak was reached. As he fired off salvo after salvo, the grip on my dick became an intense mix of agony and pleasure. The head of my cock was ablaze within a tunnel of incendiary juices.

We remained joined for a considerable time afterwards - long after our last drops of cum had been spent. I can't say that my erection subsided. I no longer felt any desire for release but both my dick and I wanted to savour the moment for as long as possible. My mind was filled with visions of my own cum flooding deep within this nice young guy's nice young ass. I felt that we had each given the other a rare gift. I was filled with awe and wonder that such pleasure could exist. The shoddy surroundings, the smell of stale piss and ineffectual disinfectant, the sounds of others doing their own thing nearby - none of these realities were apparent or important to me. For him, perhaps, it was just a fuck. It may not have differed from any other coupling in which he'd ever participated. But for me it was like a home-coming. I'd already known that I was born to fuck but now I knew I was born to fuck men as well as women.

Eventually, my cock slipped out of his ass - or maybe he drew away from my cock - I can't say. But we were each alone again, separated by a slim panel of wood. We almost bumped noses in the race to whisper "thank you" through the glory-hole. I heard him zip up and leave. I stayed a while longer as I suddenly had a desperate need to piss - not an easy feat when your dick is still semi-erect and still tender around the head. I was pleased to note that my cock was squeaky-clean to the naked eye. Having splattered piss all over the seat and the floor - my small contribution to the general ambiance! - I tucked myself away and left.

As I drove off, I'll admit to feeling pangs of guilt and remorse. unprotected sex with a virtual stranger - no matter how wholesome he looked - was extremely unwise. But such pangs were fleeting. My mind dwelled more on an immediate reality - that there was a guy out there somewhere with my cum deep inside him. That made me feel strangely proud. And my senses dwelled on memories of a tight ass and the unsurpassable joy of shooting within it. That made my dick stir proudly. I knew I would be back for more.


David Windsor

[email protected]


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