Okay, I admit it. I may be a good swimmer, but I suck at just about all other sports. They lost the soccer match because of me. At least I had the decency to warn them though.

'It's a TEAM sport, man,' Day said as we walked along the street at dusk.

'Yeah, it ain't your fault alone,' Prince added. 'They was jus' better than us.'

I'd just met them a few weeks ago, but we'd already become good friends. All these years, I'd lived in the neighborhood and never met them. My family didn't make many friends, and I'd met most of mine at school.

'Ah, shut up and admit it,' I said as I watched Prince lazily kick the ball ahead of him. 'I'm just not cut out for land sports.' They laughed and Day gave me a shove for my stubbornness.

I met Dayton and Prince them at the same field we'd just played at. I always went to the beach on Saturdays. It was my way of de-stressing after a hard week of school. Now, even in summer, I still kept up the routine. On the way home, I often watched those ballers kick the ball around for a few minutes; especially when some of them had their shirts of. HOT!

Day and Prince had been there. Man, to see those chocolate-colored muscles glisten in the afternoon sun' Prince had more defined pecs, but they both had these incredible abs. I was so skinny compared to them. I just had a slender swimmer's build.

Somebody kicked the ball too far and it rolled over to me. Prince ran behind it, his small fro glistening with some sort of oil sheen.

'Yo, thanks man,' he'd said as I picked up the ball and tossed it to him.

Who'da thought that he lived just about 6 houses down from me? The next day, they passed the house when I was raking the leaves on the lawn and Prince recognized me. I recognized him and Day, with his cute dimples and curly hair like he had some Latino blood in him. They lived right next door to each other. They laughed at me because I didn't know anything about soccer. But they still invited me to play.

And eventually, I caved.

We were right outside my gate now. 'Yo, y'all never did get to try out my new game,' I said. 'You should check it out, I haven't had this much fun on a video game in a while!'

'Man, I dunno,' Day said. 'I ain't into rock.'

I saw by Prince's expression that he wasn't into it either. Rock Band, a game for PlayStation 3, was a cool game I'd just gotten for my birthday.

'Come on, man, I got the guitar, drum set and mike. It don't matter if you don't like the music, just play. You made me try soccer; so, it's only fair.'

They glanced at each other and rolled their eyes. 'A'ight,' they said together.

Turns out they really did love it. Of course, they sucked at first. Like, they were just horrible! But, they always liked a challenge. I was on the mike, Day on the guitar and Prince on the drums. They pretty soon forgot about the 'rock' and were just playing the game. It was hilarious.

Prince was sweating. He was crazy on the drums. He didn't improve as much as Day; he was too wild. I was glad Mama and Dad weren't going to be home for the night. They wouldn't have been up for the noise all night. My parents were on a business trip upstate.

Ah, did I tell you Prince was sweating? He took off his shirt' I tried not to stare. But man' I was glad I knew the songs. I didn't need to look to the TV for the lyrics; I could just sing and catch any glimpse I could of Prince's torso while he was trying to get his drumming to match the game's prompts.

We played for hours; it was ten by the time we realized.

'Yo, man, this is tirin' work!' Prince exclaimed, lying back on the couch in exhaustion.

At his and Day's behest, I turned off the game. But was glad they weren't ready to go home yet.

'You got anything to watch?' Day asked as he sat down beside Prince on the couch.

'Yeah, man, jus gimme a minute,' I replied. 'I gotta go take a leak.'

I went to the bathroom, but I didn't pee. I looked at myself in the mirror, a 5'6' guy with my head completely shaved. I'd been told I had a good smile. I need to admit that the reason I wanted them there was that I'd have like to been able to have sex with them' and that night was the perfect night with my parents gone. I'd just turned 18; they trusted me alone in the house. Prince and Day's birthday were a few months away from mine and we were all born the same year. So, they had the freedom to stay out late.

But, I knew it wouldn't happen. I'd actually gone in there to jack-off, but I knew that it might take too long and they'd get suspicious. So, I just washed my face and hands and got back out, having tucked my hard-on under belt of my short jeans.

I must have been really quiet when I came out and down the stairs, because I'm sure they wouldn't have been doing what I caught them doing if they'd heard me.

Day was leaning down on the sweaty Prince and they were' kissing. This was like my fantasy-become-reality.

Prince's eyes opened and he saw me. He pushed Day off of him in one swift motion; the curly-haired nigger almost fell to the floor.

'Joe!' Prince called out, obviously lost for words.

I surprised myself by saying, 'It's alright, man, what you actin' all jumpy for? Do yo' thing.'

They both looked at each other, then back at me. Day smiled that cute dimpled smile. 'What, you into guys too?'

I almost stammered, but caught myself: 'Yeah, man.'

Prince was still a little shook up and looked at me with cautious eyes.

'What you say, baby?' Day asked him. 'You up to a threesome?'

Prince looked at me. I don't know what made me do it (ha, yeah, right; I know what made me do it) but, I lifted my T-shirt and allowed them to see the tip of my circumcised dick, pressed against my abs by the waist of my jeans.

Prince needed no more convincing. He got up and headed straight for me with a smirk. He was taller than me, but Day was about the same height. He leaned down a big to kiss me full on the lips while his right hand started fiddling with the head of my cock. With his other hand, he unbuckled my belt slowly. This was heaven.

Day came up behind me, kissing my neck, reaching around and reaching around for my pole. I could feel his own hardening against me, pressing through our pants. My pants fell in half a minute. I took off my T-shirt and pulled Prince close, feeling his sweat. I pulled on his hair a bit as I kissed him.

This wasn't my first time, no; but it had been a little while. It took that long to get over the last guy who I allowed to get this close. He'd broken my heart. But hey, sex without strings is always fun.

Behind, Day let his gym shorts fall and became shirtless, too. Soon, we were all naked and hard, hands wandering, kissing.

'Yo,' Day whispered, 'what you want do? Want me to get inside o' that ass?'

I pulled away from Prince's lips and breathed out: 'Hell yeah, man.' I had no lube, but instantly thought of the solution. 'Get into the kitchen for the cookin' oil.'

My tongue got lost in Prince's mouth again as we were left alone. When I heard Day coming back, I had to force myself to be patient. I felt his fingers slide into my ass, preparing it for him. I hadn't seen his dick, which added to the thrill of it: how big WAS it?

Prince and I jerked each other off a bit as I waited, enjoying the feeling of those thick lips. Looks like Day didn't want us to move; he brought a hassock from against the wall and had me put up my right foot to give him better access.

Then, he placed his oiled dick against my hole. I relaxed my sphincters to let him in. And WOW, did he go in! I let out an almost-squeal into Prince's mouth as I welcomed the dick inside me. Man, it felt like a whopper! Awesome! The oil gave allowed him to ride me smoothly: in, out, in out'

Yeah, I could take that. It felt good. Prince got to his knees and grabbed my cock, and put it into his mouth. I am average sized; six or seven inches. Prince's dick had felt like a bit more in my hands, but not as wide as mine.

I moaned and messed up his fro, pushing myself into Prince's mouth with one action and pushing myself against Day with the next, my fingers holding onto Prince's black hair.

'I shoulda invited y'all in days ago,' I muttered. 'Fuck me, man.'

I had my eyes rolled back into my head and didn't notice Prince pick up the cooking oil from the floor beside my left foot. He pulled back from my dick and poured some in his hand before slobbering it over the length of my cock. He jerked me firmly, but slowly as he lubed his crack for me. Then, got to his feet and turned around, positioning my dick so that it was just at the pink sphincter. Day pushed at me and I got in. Prince jumped away a little, but soon pressed back. Soon, I was halfway in; Prince liked me to ease in slow. I didn't mind.

Day was having the time of his life back there. He had his hands firmly against my side and he now rammed himself into me. I felt him pressing against my insides, my' what was it? My prostate, right. It was always hard for me to remember that word for some reason.

But whatever; it felt so good. Prince was so tight around my head. Soon, I was all the way inside, then almost all the way out again, then inside. He let out sounds that you'd never imagine coming from the baller I'd met.

'Yeah, baby' more, more! Deeper,' he whined. I could see by the movement of his elbow that he was jerking himself.

'Ey, yo, Joe, how about I get up in that ass?' Prince said, pulling himself off. I bit my lip as he pinched my head with his sphincter. Man, he knows how to get a nigger off.

Prince reached for the oil and massaged it onto himself. Day slid himself out and they both led me to the couch. I was glad it was leather; clean-up would be easy. Prince sat down first, and lay back, holding his cock skyward. I straddled it and lowered myself down. It didn't feel as deep as Day's but it still felt real good. I lay back on him in ecstasy; but Day had other plans.

'You ready?' he asked, lifting up my legs. I almost didn't understand what he was doing until it was too late.

I'd never left TWO dicks inside of me before. And I caught a good look at Day's long, thick pole as he positioned himself. He was at least an inch longer than Prince. I'm not good at estimating diameter, but he was wide. I didn't expect I could handle them both.

But I did. He pushed himself in slowly, right above Prince's cock. I clenched my teeth tight to prevent myself from screaming. I was being stretched much more than I ever had. But man' it still felt so good. I imagined that Prince thought Day's cock felt good against his, too. Prince kept still inside me, but Day pushed in and out. Day's hand reached down to my cock jerked me off slowly. Man, I was loving it.

This went on for a while, Day bent over me, kissing my nipples and them my lips. Prince groaned softly in my ear. My hands groped every part of him I could reach. His chest, those hard triceps, those abs'

Then, without warning, Day pulled out. I was wondering if he was planning on coming on my stomach or my face or something. But no; he had other plans. He climbed up on the couch and lowered himself on my cock. There I was again in another fuck sandwich; and it felt damn good. Feeling Prince's pecs against my back added to it in a way I didn't understand.

Bracing himself with his feet, he pushed himself up and down. This ass felt just as good as Prince's; that throbbing dick stuck out in front of my just begging me to grab it.

So, I did. I jerked it off with rapid movements. 'Aw, yeah, baby,' Day said. He bounced on my dick faster and faster. I felt his dick twitch in my hand and wasn't surprised when the cum shot between my fingers on my chest and chin. I slowed down the jerk and eventually stopped.

Day stopped breathing so hard, but kept moving up on down on my dick for a while, before pulling himself off. He knelt on the floor before me, and put my dick in his mouth. I imagined the taste of ass and vegetable oil; whatever it tasted like, Day seemed to love it.

Prince continued to groan. 'I'ma cum.' He almost wheezed. But I came first. Right into Day's mouth. A few seconds later, I felt Prince jizz into my ass. Man, it felt good. It hit a nice spot; right in the moist warmth.

Day got up and leaned to my face and a little cum leaked down my cheek as he kissed me. Prince, his dick still hard and inside me, licked the cum from my cheek and we shared a three-mouth kiss.

I glanced over at the clock hanging on the wall. It was just 10:30. 'Yo, man, y'all better help me clean up,' I said.

'Sure,' Prince whispered.

But we stayed there for another few minutes before we got up. We wiped up the cum that leaked out of our asses with some paper towels. And they put on their clothes. Prince hugged his boyfriend lovingly from behind as we joked about doing this again sometime.

I slipped on my boxers and led them to the door.

'Thanks, man,' I said. 'You don't know what this means to me.'

Day reached over and put a hand down my underwear, putting his index finger at the tip of my dick. He put the finger in his mouth and made a face as though he were savoring the taste of the cum.

'Yeah, I think we do.'

Prince laughed. And they were gone. I looked forward to seeing them again.


Tahric Thorpe

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