David is one of my favorite models. He's very cute, light skinned, and has a smooth body. He has a half-sleeve tattoo on his left forearm and one on his neck. He's currently sporting a goatee. He has a sexy happy trail that leads from his navel down to the base of his cock.

For this session, I decided to tie him down on a workout bench.

After getting David naked, I proceeded to tie David down on his back, wrist bound together and fastened to the top of the bench. Damn, he looks sexy with his pits all exposed.. just mouth watering.

To finish strapping him down, I tied his ankles under the bench. This caused his legs to naturally spread open, allowing me access to his beautiful cock.

I start by slowly sucking the head of David's cock, stroking the shaft. I can feel his steady breathing, enjoying the sensation of what I'm doing. As I suck him, I lightly stroke the inside of his thigh. He tries to shift his body around, trying to get more stimulation to get off quickly, but that's not what I'm about.

To bring him close, I decide to give him faster strokes. I put more lube on his cock and increase the pace, concentrating on the head of his dick.

I can sense that David's breathing is getting heavier, panting as he is getting close to shooting his load. I adjust my strokes so that I am only stroking the shaft up to the underside of his head, lightly with just my fingers.

I can hear his breathing now. I know that David is close. I speed up my stroking to get David to give up his cum against his will.. give up his straight cum to another guy.

David gasps and I see a gush of cum seep out of his cock. I quickly put his cock in my mouth so that I can taste his sweet nectar. David struggles to get his cock away from me because the sensation is too great, but I continue sucking on his now sensitive dick.. I want every last drop and there's nothing he can do to stop me from getting it.

After I'm satisfied that I got all of it, I stop nursing but continue to stroke his cock a few moments longer.

What predicament should I put David through next?



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