I closed up shop one night, and this guy stayed behind, even after closing out his tab. I asked if there was anything else I could do. He said he had a gig a few blocks away, and wanted to know if I'd accompany him, and spend a few hours entertaining him. He thought I was funny, and needed a night of laughs. I thought, "why not?" Fuck, I'd be taking half an hour of train rides, and an hour of walking, to get home. This sounded more fun, and he was kinda cute. He had dimples. Fucking dimples! His green eyes were bloodshot, but he also spent half the night on the patio, smokin like a fuckin stack. I finished closing up, and walked with him a few blocks to a small jazz joint, with a bunch of swirly motherfuckers out front. 

He was pretty gifted with his hands. He had big hands. I remember distinctly watching him strum the bass strings, and he'd glance up every few minutes, checkin to see if I was still there. I liked it. He winked a few times, and I blew a kiss or two, just to play up the moment. Afterward we walked and talked. He'd lived here for years, but had never settled down. He was engaged to a woman a decade ago, and I was shocked as shit to find out he was in his 40s. Fuckin cute ass guy, must've taken good care of himself. I would've guessed him to be early thirties at the oldest. 

The night was pretty damp and cold, so we ducked into a breezeway to make out. Half hour later, his hands are cupping my ass cheeks under my opened jeans. His fly is unzipped, and he's dry humping my stomach like a pig at the zoo, just pushing his pecker in any direction it would go. It wasn't the biggest or thickest I'd ever had, but it wasn't small by any means. Neither one of us had condoms, so we stopped in at a smoke shop, and he picked up a box, and some lube. The clerk gave him the change and we headed back to our spot. I turned toward the wall, pushing my jeans down, giving him full access.

I felt his warm hands lathering my hole up with lube, and heard him fumble with the packaging, and prepping his dick. He fucked me quickly. I didn't even have time to get hard before I heard him gasping for air, and his dick twitchy as fuck in my hot zone. He leaned into me, pushing what he could up inside til I felt his bush against my ass. He told me how good it felt to get off, and he wanted to stay like this forever...blah, blah, fucking blah. "Oh fuck, I have to get going." I turned, with him still inside me, as I pulled at my jeans. He quickly pulled back, leaving the condom half hanging out of my ass, and his dick still dripping, while I buttoned fly, and grabbed a taxi. 

When I got home, Tim was jerking off on the couch, and Stephen was sitting at the table, eating a bowl of cereal, playing some fucking game on his phone. I carefully walked upstairs, and pulled the condom out of my ass, briefly admiring his spunk. It was a thick load, and filled a good portion of the head of the latex tubing. I squished it around, and dropped it in my trash can. I put my robe on, and went downstairs to the shower. Tim was cumming in his towel, as I walked by. 

I turned the water on scalding hot, and warmed myself up, before adjusting the temp to a more tolerable hot. I jerked off in the steamy stream, with some body wash, and washed and conditioned my hair. I shaved quickly, stepping out into the steam, and wrapping my robe around my body. I opened the door, feeling the refreshing cool, against my moist skin. Tim still had his fucking towel draped over his crotch, eating a bag of chips, watching reruns of the RHONY. I sprinted up the steps, and dropped my robe, hopping into bed.

I woke up the next day naked, and had another jerk. I didn't have to work for an hour, so I re organized my collection of jeans. Fucking boring, I know, but if you could see how many pair of cotton jeans I own, you'd think it was a clothing drive for Salvation army. 

I got dressed, did my hair, put on some eyeliner, and headed out. It wasn't long before I was done with my shift, and I still had a couple hours til I went out. I stopped at a place in the east village, and met up with a couple co-workers. There was a cute guy sitting in the corner, and I couldn't help but notice a scar on the side of his face. I walked over, and sat by him. He didn't say anything, until I asked how his night was going. "Alright, how bout you?" "It could be better." "Yeah?" "Yeah, I'm supposed to be going downtown with my friends over there, but you look like a lot more fun." "Fuck yeah, I am." He set his glass down and looked over at me, with a smirk.

I noticed a scar on his cheek, and I reached up, lightly touching it with my fingertip. "Fuck outta here." He pushed my finger away with a flick. "What? I was just checking it out." "Yeah, my mom's boyfriend took a crowbar to my face, when he found out I was a fag." "Aw nooo," I kissed his cheek. "Fuckin asshole's been in jail ever since, but my Moms hasn't spoken to me in a minute." I took his hand, getting off the chair, and leading him up with me. "You wanna go right now?" "I can't think of anything better to do." "Fuck yeah." He closed out, and we headed uptown. 

He had a small apartment, with a pull out bed, and small love seat. He got me something to drink, and I sat on the loveseat. He walked over, handing me the glass, and I took a couple sips, and motioned for him to sit next to me. He took his shirt off, sitting down next to me, and leaned in. 

We made out for a long ass time. He had a sexy body, with a thick happy trail, but he shaved his chest and pits. He was such a good kisser. If I could give up sex, I'd make a career out of making out with every sexy guy in the city. I love fucking making out. So we're getting hot and heavy, and he's working me out of my clothes. He's kissing my neck and chest. He's biting my nipples, and licking my belly. 

He's got a bit of an odor, but it's turning me on so far. He continues kissing me, while getting his jeans off. He's wearing boxers, but they've seen better days. The thin material couldn't case his monster cock. Fucking huge as dick pushing its way out of the fly, which had a snap that didn't work apparently. I stroked him, while we kissed, and he moaned a few dirty words in my ear. I was completely naked, and he was between my legs, and talking fuckin dirty shit to me. He had me oozing pre cum, and we weren't even touching.

So he starts pushing his dick between my legs. I keep backing off, and making out, but he's getting pretty fucking persistent. I told him he needs to put a jimmy on, before that fuckin trunk goes in my water hole, if you get my drift. He laughed, and got up, walking across the kitchen to his cupboards. Weird, right? Who keeps fuckin sexy supplies in the kitchen? He turns around, messing with the wrapper, and his dick's just hangin there, tantalizing me. 

My mind is racing with thoughts of how hard this guy's gonna pound me. His cock was massive, and I was already accepting my oscar for best supporting actor in a submissive role. I mean, this thing was going to use a lot of my energy. It shifted on its own, while he messed with that god damn wrapper. He was biting at it, and his dick was going soft.

I got off the fuckin couch, and walked to him, taking a fresh condom out of the box. I quickly opened it up, and he smiled, thanking me. I grabbed his meat stick, giving him a couple wanks, while he dug for some lube in the cupboard of fuck. I got on my knees, putting the head in my mouth.

He was so sweet and salty, I wanted to swallow his dick whole. He was practically deep throating me, and that was just mid shaft. I took it like a champ, pushing him all the way in, til I could smell the fabric softener in his pubes, from those fucking worn out boxers. I was submerged in cock, while thoughts of marriage and throwing out old boxers ran through my head.

He was moaning, and I could feel him pumping out some pre cum down my gagging throat. I pulled back, as his slick dick bounced up in my face, covered in my spit, and dripping some pre juice. I stood up, and went to his bed. 

He had the condom on by the time he got to the bed, and I was working my fingers in and out of my fuck pot, covered in lube, and praying for a smooth entry. He carefully pushed the head in, popping through my ring of fire. I fuckin screamed on the inside, but i bit his neck instead. "Fuck bitch, you gonna make me bust." He had a swagger in his voice, and an anaconda in his drawers. I was gasping for air, as he pumped in and out of me.

I swore this man was ripping me open, but it hurt so good I couldn't stop. We fucked for almost an hour. My feet were in the air, then I'm bouncing up and down on it like a fat girl on a yoga ball. I was on all fours, while he mounted me like a stallion, trying to fill my man pussy up with big cock.

I held onto the railing, while he lifted me up on his shoulders, and ate my ass like a catholic at a fish fry. I swear to fuck, he ate my ass so good, I almost came. I told him to back off, or the party would be over before he was. He dropped me down, and turned me over, pushing it back in, and pulling me from the front.

His hands felt soft, and rough at once. He was bracing my hips, pulling me back onto his man meat, while he thrusted at the hips. He banged the fuck out of me, leaving me breathless, and hunching over, waiting for daylight. 

Just when I felt like I couldn't go anymore, he told me he was cumming soon. He grabbed my dick, working it over, but it just flopped back on my stomach. "Just leave it." I held onto my thighs, pulling my legs up a little higher, while he went even deeper than I thought he could. "Fuck, shit...Fuck I'm blowin my fuckin load in your ass bitch." I gave him an encouraging chest stroke, while he gooned and arched his back. I didn't feel the dick twitch, but I was also at max capacity.

We lay there for a bit, completely soaked with sweat. He was panting, and petting me, and I was pushing his hair out of my mouth. He said it had been awhile since he fucked last, and he was hoping maybe I'd want to do it again. I said I'd be in touch, giving his softening dick an affectionate rub. "I'll miss this til we meet again." He put a finger in my mouth, and i bit it lightly. "You better call me. I want that ass again." I got dressed quickly, nodding and smiling, and ran like fuck out of that building. The giant had fallen, and I was going to cut the head off now, before it got back up. 

I've never met a dick I wouldn't at least suck. I like 'em in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The harder they get, the slicker they fit.  I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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