Although Dave was a year older than me, we were as close as brothers. we played high school football together, double dated, and worked summers for his dad's construction company. We were together almost constantly.

After Dave graduated, he went to work full time for his dad. After my graduation a year later I worked the summer for them then went away to college. Although Dave and I saw each other only on some weekends when i went home we still remained close.

The years passed and Dave's dad passed away and Dave took over the company and later got married. That lasted only about two years. Dave had come to me and 'cried on my shoulder.' I was his sounding block. Then, i got another call and he wanted to see me. He said he needed to talk. I was working for an engineering firm and said that I couldn't get away and why didn't he visit me. He said he would.

Dave showed up at my apartment on Friday afternoon a few minutes after I arrived home. He came in and we greeted each other with a big bear hug as we always did. I began preparing dinner and as I did, Dave sat at the bar and sipped a beer.

'Okay, buddy, what's going on? I can see something is bothering you. Spit it out.' That's when Dave filled me in and told me the following events.

'Tom, I've got a confession to make to you. I have to tell someone and get their opinion, but I hope and pray that what I say won't affect our friendship. If it does, I'll understand.'

'What the fuck is going on Dave? Nothing can affect our friendship. If it does, then it's not a true friendship. Start talking.'

'Tom, I'm gay.'

That hit me like a bolt of lightening. 'What? No way, not you. How did it happen?'

'Well, after Lisa and I seperated I didn't want to go home to an empty house so I joined a health club. After a while, I began to have strange feelings when I was there. I realized i was enjoying looking at the guys bodies and especially in the locker room and showers. I quit going. I began to wonder about my sexuality. I had never had any curious thoughts before. But the visions of some of the nude bodies continued to haunt my brain.

'Then one day we got a call at the office from a customer that had a leak under the kitchen sink. Rather that call a plumber, I said that I'd go check it out. i got there and the husband was there and answered the door in bikini underwear. he was young, well built and nice looking. I made myself go straight to work checking out the leak. He stood by talking and after a few minutes he squatted down and I felt his fingertips barely touching my cock through my jeans. I found it strangely exciting but didn't know what to do. I could tell that I was getting an erection so I made an excuse to leave saying I needed to get a part.

'I left and went and got a burger and coke and went to a park to think. Why had I enjoyed his touch? I wondered. After I ate I took my coke and went for a walk on one of the nature trails. After a few minutes I heard something off in the bushes and went to investigate. I was shocked when I saw a young man in work clothes on his knees sucking an older guy in a shirt and tie. The older guy was obviously enjoying it very much. He soon climaxed and as the young man stood, they saw me. I quickly headed back to my truck. I arrived about the same time the young man did and he looked at me smiled and winked. His van had a sign on it that said 'Custom Cabinets' and a phone number.

I returned to the customer and again got on my back with my upper half under the sink and my lower half out on the floor. again, the owner was beside me, his fingertips again touching my cock. I decided to see what would happen. My cock began to stiffen and soon it was completely hard. I spread my legs a little wider and soon his had his entire hand resting on it gently rubbing it.

'As I worked, I asked as calmly as possible, 'You like the way that feels?' He answered yes and I just said 'Oh, okay.' i finished my work somehow as he rubbed my cock through my jeans and when i got out and stood up my cock was at the level of his face. He reached forward and rubbed it and asked, 'May I suck it?'

'I told him that I had never done anything with a guy before. He said he'd be glad to show me what a blow job was like. I said to go ahead. He loosened my jeans and soon had them and my boxers down around my ankles with my hard cock sticking straight out. Slowly, he began taking my cock into his mouth and all I could say was 'Oh, shit.' He sucked slowly as I moaned in pleasure and i soon climaxed into his mouth. He took it all and as I looked down at him I saw him swallow. He stood up and asked 'How was it?'

'Great'i answered truthfully. I saw the bulge in his briefs and reached down to feel it. He took it out and for the first time in my life I held another man's cock in my hand. I ended up stroking him off.

'That evening I began thinking about what had happened and my cock got instantly hard. I remembered the number that was on the van at the park and called. He answered 'Custon Cabinets. This is Joe.' ' Uh, yes Joe, uh were you at the park today?' 'Maybe. Is this the guy in the red pick up?' 'Yes it is. I was wondering if you would like to meet me for a cup of coffee opr a beer?' 'A beer sounds great. Where and when?'

'I gave him the name of a small quite neighborhood bar not far from my home and said that I'd be there in thirty minutes. He said that he'd meet me but that it might take him a little longer to get there. I told him no problem and that I'd be waiting.

'I showered and went to the bar and took a table in the corner and waited. I was on my second beer when I saw him come in. We shook hands and he sat down across from me and asked what brought this meeting on. I said that I just wanted to talk. We talked about things in general and I got up the nerve to say that I wanted to talk to him about what I had seen and would he like to go to my place where it was private. He told me to lead the way.

All this time while Dave made his confession I listened and cooked dinner, never questioning him. He retrieved his third beer and continued.

'We arrived at my house and went in and sat in the den. I told him about what had happened and that it was my first time and that i had enjoyed it but couldn't understand why I was having the thoughts that I was.

'It sounds to me like you are curious about your sexual preferences and are trying to sort them out. I felt the same way myself. I'm twenty seven and when I was twenty, I went through the same thing. I just decided to go with the flow, try everything and see which way I wanted to go.'

'I said that it was obvious which way he decided. He smiled and said after a while he realized that he really was gay and that was the life he wanted but that I'd have to decide for myself what was best for me. I asked him if he'd help me find out and he said yes.

'We went to my bedroom and stripped and I lay on the bed and said that other than that one blow job i had never done anything with a man. he said he'd take it slow and show me what pleasure could be derived from sex with another man.

'He held me in his arms and began caressing my chest and nipples. I didn't know that they were that sensitive. As he did, he leaned forward and kiss me on the lips, gently offering his tongue. I accepted and we kissed for several minutes. Then he began kissing my chest and sucking my niples as I moaned softly with pleasure. He then went lower and licked my hard cock then my balls befor gently sucking them. When he returned to my cock, he got into a sixty-nine position and said that he was doing it just in case I wanted to try it and that it was up to me. He began sucking me and deepthroating it. after a few minutes I went for it and began sucking him. To my surprise I found it erotic to have another guys cock in my mouth. We sucked and soon I was near climaxing and he said he was also. I blew my load and he readily accepted it and swallowed. Before I realized it he was spraying his cum into my mouth and down my throat. Without thinking I began to swallow. I found that for some reason, I liked it.

'We rested and I told him that I had all that I could handle for now and he said that he understood. That was on a thursday. I asked if he was busy sunday and he said no and I invited him to come over Sunday morning and spend the day.

'That day he introduced me to fucking a guy in the ass. That was after we had kissed and carressed each other and sucked each other. i liked fucking another guy in the ass and he said how great it felt. I asked him to fuck me. He took it slow and easy but the pain was incredible. He told me to relax and let my ass get accustomed to having something in it. i did and the pain subsided and as he fucked my ass I began to really enjoy it.

'Well, that was about a year ago and I have experienced much more. I've found that gay sex is so much more satisfying that sex with a woman. Now, I can't imagine ever going with a woman again. Tom, I suck, get sucked, fuck, get fucked, kiss and make out, rim and get rimmed, and have even began experimenting in some water sports. Now. I'm totally queer.'

He looked at me and waited for my response. I left the stove and walked to him and without saying a word leaned in and gave him a hot wet kiss. He was shocked. When we seperated i looked at him and said, 'Dave, I'm gay also. I have been since my senior year in high school. When we were together after that camping or what ever it was all I could do to keep my hands off you. I've wanted you for years.'

Dave smiled and said, 'And since I've found myself, I've wanted you.'

'Well, let's eat and then we can get into this in more depth.'

We ate and when we were finished I took Dave's hand and led him to my bedroom. As we kissed we undressed each other and were soon both totally naked on the bed. There was no hesitation and were soon carressing each other and working our way into a sixty-nine. Dave had nine beautiful uncut inches and I desperately wanted it all up my ass. after the sixty-nine we talked and cuddled and when ready I had him fuck me hard and deep. He had become a pro and knew how to give a man pleasure from behind. Soon I felt began to grow more and knew that he was close. Suddenly, my ass chamber was flooded with what seemed like a gallon of hot thick cum. afterward, I fucked him. We stayed in bed and the kitched didn't get cleaned until the next morning. I called in and said that something had come up and that I couldn't make it in. We had sex all day, making up for lost time. Dave comes over every wednesday night for dinner and sex and spends almost every weekend with me. Who could ask for a better friend.



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