'So do you want to?'

Dave asked me while he was stroking his cock.

'Only if you want me to...'

He was toying with my mind. I gave him a sly smile within the faint glow of my computer, he laid on the other side of the room, in his bed enveloped in darkness, teasing me as the shadow of his hand silently stroked his cut, 6-inch dick. I lay on the opposite side of the room, on the extra bed watching silently. I was bigger than him, only by an inch though. We had been friends for little over a year but just recently our friendship was growing into something more.

'I want your opinion,' he said, 'on whether you want to or not.'

He wanted me to come right out and say I wanted to and god knows I did, but I (being my stubborn and hard to get self) decided to resist a little.

'Only if it's to help you out,' I answered back, 'do you want me to?'

Dave gave in.

'Yeah I do.' He said.

He ushered me over silently as I crept closer and closer to his bedside, seeing the want on his face turned me on even more. I wrapped my right arm around his stomach so I had a better grip of his cock and I stroked it a little. His cock was hard-on, but the loose skin around it was as soft as baby skin. I inched closer to his dick, pre-moistening my mouth even though I was parched and my mouth was practically dry. I could hear his breathing getting heavier as I had gotten close enough so that he felt me breathing on the tip of his cock. I licked the pre-cum off the tip, savoring the taste and flavor as I worked my way around his cock. I had a secret crush on him that we'd only joke about but I had been waiting for a day like this, it was obvious that he wanted this because he was sending me vibes all the time I was at his house. Occasionally slapping my ass or rubbing on my arm. He said he was straight and a blowjob's a blowjob, but being bi-sexual I knew the difference between letting a woman suck you off versus the same sex.

'Go down on it.' Dave told me impatiently.

I obeyed. I took the head in, slowly to intensify the pleasure, making it half way to the base of his cock. Gradually I worked my way to the base, giving it everything I had. My gag reflex was kicking in but I ignored it, not wanting to ruin this special moment. I heard him let out a slight moan as I reached the base of his cock which made me happy knowing I was doing something right. I sucked him for about a minute, tasting the pre-cum oozing out of his piss slit and taking in the scent of his crotch, I was in heaven but I would occasionally glance at the door, hoping no one would come in and disturb us or catch us.

'Try to make me cum.' Dave said but I knew that would be close to impossible due to the fact that time was not on my side.

Just as I was about to reply my phone rang signaling that my mom was here to take me home but I didn't answer, instead I urged Dave to hurry up and finish because I wanted to taste his cum. He took over and jagged furiously. My phone rang again. My heart was pulsing out of control and Dave's breathing became ragged so I knew he was close. The first spurt flew across my unaware eyes and immediately I took over cleaned up the rest, not wanting to waste anymore. Dave immediately got up and made himself decent and returned to playing his Xbox 360 as I packed away my belongings in my Swiss Gear book bag and said good-bye. Before I opened the door I told him I hoped he enjoyed my services and I didn't have to look back to know that he smiled slightly. As I made my way down the stairs I thought about how this would affect me, him, and our friendship in the long run, but I pushed the thoughts far to the back of my head and I opened the front door. I told Dave's mom bye and I thanked her for having me over, then I was off. Little did I know that this event didn't change his view-point of me, I was still and probably will always be a FRIEND.



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