Dating An Animal

I heard the bedroom door open, and I felt the breeze from the cold living room roll through the doorway. Emille walked around the bed and stood there for a second. I kept my eyes focused on the screen of my phone.

"Damn you look good in those." He said, most likely referring to the pair of pajama pants I had on.

"They're yours babe." I told him, eyes still fixed on the bright light between my hands.

"I know." He told me. I adjusted my position and wiggled my ass around a little bit for him. He leaned in and pressed his body against the back of mine. "Don't tease me, please." He growled in my ear. I smiled and bent my arm back to get a hold of his head. I pulled him towards me and kissed him on the face.

"It was unintentional, I promise." I said, feigning innocence. He turned his head and pressed his lips against my cheek.

"Sure it was." I could hear the 'I just rolled my eyes' in his voice. I laughed, and he rolled off of me onto the bed. I leaned to one side and looked at him.

"Hey babe." I said, as a formal greeting back home. I tossed my phone on the floor and pulled myself towards him and laid my head against his chest.

"Hi Ben." He mumbled, pressing his lips onto my hair, kissing my head.

"How was your day." I asked him.

"Shit like every other one, how 'bout you." He said, rubbing his hand down my back, under my pj's.

"Eh, same I guess." I said, and inhaled sharply when he tightened his grip on my ass. "Hey, fuck.." I responded in halfhearted disagreement. He just grabbed harder. He pulled his hand back and put both of them against my shoulders, repositioning me to face him completely.

"Horny much?" I asked him, leaning my forehead against his. He leaned his face up and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

"Just a little." He groaned. He caught my bottom lip between his teeth and gripped my body tight. He rolled us over until he was hovering over me instead. He backed up towards the edge of the bed and tugged at the legs of my pajamas. I lifted up in compliance and he pulled them off, revealing my half-hard dick. He leaned down into my body and buried his face into my neck, biting, sucking, kissing. His breathing was getting heavy and I could feel his cock pressing up against mine through his jeans.

"Get those fucking things off right now." I told him. He sat back, kneeling over me with a leg on each side. He undid the button on his jeans and damn near ripped the zipper handle off, unzipping it. He shook his jeans off and kicked them to the floor, and I stuck my hands under his shirt and ran them up his chest, taking the shirt with them. He lifted his arms up and I pulled the shirt off of him, revealing his muscle bound body. "Fucking shit..." I whispered in awe, barely audible. He climbed up until he was over my chest, and the bulge from his underwear was centimeters away from my face. I looked up at him, and I could feel the submission coming along. He put his hand against the back of my head, and softly pushed, and I went along with his motion immediately. I opened my mouth and got as much bulge as I could inside it. I wrapped my hands around his body, holding his legs as I mouthed his cock through his underwear. He groaned, and pushed my head against his cock harder.

"Fuck, Bennet. Get that bulge wet baby." He growled softly. I was all too happy to oblige. I dragged my tongue up and down his shaft, and his cock was starting to throb. He took my head and held it back, and I stopped and looked up at him. He pushed his thumb under the elastic band and pulled down ever so slowly, revealing that cock of a Greek god. It popped out, and throbbed in front of my face, leaking and eager. He pulled his underwear off and I opened my mouth up for him. He put his cock against my tongue and slid it into my mouth and eventually down my throat. Even with a cock as big as his, I was already used to it thanks to these daily routines. He fucked my mouth with long strokes, and I could taste his precum leaking on my tongue. Much to my disapproval, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat it against my face. I licked and kissed the shaft. He pulled back further, and scooted down towards the end of the bed again.

He leaned over towards the dresser and popped open the top drawer. He pulled the lube out, and tossed it up by my head. I grabbed it and opened it up, pouring a little on my fingers. He lifted my legs up and leaned down towards my rock hard cock, giving it some oral attention while I readied my hole with the lube. He leaned up, took the bottle from me and slicked his cock up nice and good. "You want this cock Ben?" He asked me, with a demanding tone of voice.

"Fuck yes, please..." I basically whined. He pressed his thick head against my hole and I white knuckled the bed. I could feel him opening me up, I could feel that thick monster sliding inside me. "Ohhhh, fucking hell.." I moaned. "Fuck fuck fuck, Emille, God please.." I always turned into such a bitch with him inside me. He leaned down and kissed me. "Shhhh." He whispered lightly. He stuck his tongue in my mouth again, muffling my moans, as he slid his slab of meat inside me all at once. I wrapped my arms around his warm body and moaned into his mouth. He lifted his head from mine, "you ready?" He asked. I just made a high pitched noise. He leaned up, pushed his hands against my chest and pumped his cock inside my ass long and hard. I fucking lost it, my cock started to jump, and I moaned my lungs out.

"FUCK. FUCK FUCKFUCK. God Emille, shit, oh fuck me. You're so fucking hot I can't stand it."

He leaned down and looked me in my eyes while he pumped his cock in and out of me. "Hey, I told you to keep it quiet right?" I just nodded in response.

He slid his hand from my chest up to my neck and wrapped his fingers around it with a tight grip. I grabbed his arm as support while he pounded me. He looked down at my cock, and grabbed it with his free hand. He spit on top of it and jacked it off.

"No, no no..." I begged him. He was gonna make me blow. "Please..." I tried, but he shushed me and pounded harder. Then he lifted my body up and hit my insides at an angle that I couldn't handle. I squirmed, moaned, begged, but I could already feel it. His fat cock inside of me, filling me up, his grip on my body, it was all too much. I blew my load on my stomach, and he fucked me till I was emptied. He pulled out slow, and leaned down to clean me up with his tongue.

I held my hands on the back of his head and moaned softly.

"I fucking love you Em." I told him, under uneven breaths. "God I love when you fuck me like that."

He licked the last bit of cum off of me and looked up. "That's what you get when you date an animal I guess." He said with a toothy smile.



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