This is probably the kinkiest thing I've done, so far. And it's not that kinky by some standards.

It happened last night so I'm writing this before I forget it, not that I will.

I was at home alone; the family was out as they always are. My older brother's got a new job and my mum and dad spend all their evenings at various clubs and functions. Now I've turned 18 they don't mind leaving me at home, they trust me. But if they knew about Steve, our neighbour, well maybe they'd think again.

Steve came around last night, just after seven. I guess he'd been watching and knew that everyone was out. He probably saw my bedroom light on and knew I was in, waiting for him. Since the summer, when he'd caught me in my mum's underwear and fucked me hard on my bed, he's become a regular visitor and I look forward to the evenings when he turns up unexpectedly.

I was upstairs in my room getting dry after a shower. I was planning to get on line, do some surfing and maybe some chatting. I dried off, threw my dressing gown on and sat in my chair in front of the PC. I hadn't even had time to get on line when Steve knocked at my door and walks in.

'Yo, Darren,' he said. 'What's happening?'

'Hi, just going to do some surfing. You o.k?'


'As always.'

'And I got a bet for you.'

I'm always up for a bet so I asked what it was. He came and rested on my desk, crossing his legs over and showing me that man size packet of his, bulging out in the front of his jeans. Under my dressing gown my naked dick started tingling with anticipation.

'I bet you,' he said, 'that I can make you come without me touching your cock.'

I laughed.

'You want to fuck me?' I said. I'd once blown a full load with Steve's massive cock in my arse, pounding my prostate until I screamed out one of the best orgasms I'd had.

'No,' he shook his head. 'I'm not going to touch any part of you.'

'So how do you figure...?'

He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. My jaw dropped as I looked at it.

'I'm not going to touch you,' he said with a grin. 'But this is.'

I tried not to laugh. He was holding up and electric toothbrush.

'You're kidding!'

'Ever tried it?'

'No,' I said with a snort.

'It's great. This one's been used so many times that the bristles are soft. Open your dressing gown.'

What the hell, I thought. I turned my chair to face him and let my robe fall open. My cock was semi-hard, lying heavy against my leg and my balls were hanging down between my legs. Relaxed and warm after my shower.

'Put your hands on the arms of the chair,' he said.

I did as he asked. And I said nothing when he took my dressing gown cord and tied my wrists to the chair. I trusted Steve, and I liked what he was doing.

'So you can't stop me,' he smiled. 'But it won't hurt, it'll blow your mind.'

We had a private word worked out so that if I did really want him to stop he'd know. He turned out the overhead light so that just the desk lamp lit us and knelt down in front of me. My cock was as it had been just before; no movement there yet, but my heart rate was increasing. He looked up at me and winked. I looked down at the small head of the toothbrush and grinned too. How was he going to make me shoot my load with that?

I heard a click and a quiet buzz. The head of the brush blurred in motion and I closed my eyes as I waited to feel it on my dick.

I felt it first on the sole of my foot and I jerked in the chair. I hadn't expected that. I squirmed a bit, I'm ticklish on my feet. But before long the brush was moving upwards, up the inside of my leg, getting closer to my stiffening cock.

'Feel nice?' he asked.


He directed the brush, holding it by the handle and sliding the vibrating head up the inside of my thigh. I opened my legs slightly and slid down a bit, my feet either side of him. I felt the brush slip under me. No lubrication, nothing, just soft nylon bristles against my flesh.

It touched my balls and I gasped again. A small circling of the brush on my sack and my balls started to shrink up, gathering themselves already. They tightened until they were solid spheres as the brush played across them. He probed beneath them, tickling that part between balls and arsehole and I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out. My wrists strained against the cord that tied me and I thrashed my head from side to side. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

I felt my balls turn hot with the friction as the brush buzzed all over them. He moved it down again and I lifted my arse from the chair. He slid it underneath me, the vibrating head aimed towards my arsehole. My cock was now solid, and I mean solid. It throbbed and ached. I was desperate to touch it, wrap it in my fist and wank myself off there and then. He didn't let me, he just played the toothbrush around my hole making me squirm some more. In my mind I begged him to lube it up and slide it in but he didn't. When he looked at me and saw me struggling against the beautiful torture he asked, 'you enjoying this?'

But I couldn't speak, if I opened my mouth I would scream with ecstasy so I just nodded frantically and whimpered a bit more.

And the he started on my shaft. The brush came up in a slow line from my arsehole, across my balls and started on the underside of my cock. It was sticking straight up in the air, my foreskin pulled back by its swelling, its head exposed and vulnerable.

The brush hummed as he made circling movements around the base of my shaft, exploring beneath and on top, moving around my pubes, investigating every inch of my meat as it climbed slowly higher. I was in pain now, pain brought on by the blood that was engorging my dick. It was going to explode before my balls did, it felt hot and tight and I wanted him to hold it, suck it, release it. He didn't. He just played the brush a little higher, up and down the underside of my shaft until it was almost on my nob.

I fought for breath through my struggling and tensed all my muscles in anticipation.

'Are you ready for this?' he whispered.

All I could do was nod.

The soft bristles touched lightly against the ridge of my cock head and I let out a loud groan. The sensation made my body spasm and I struggled against the restraints that held me in the chair. 'Fucking... oh God,' was about all I could say through my panting. My arse was lifting off the seat and my groin was flinching away from the brush while at the same time wanting to feel more of it.

Unbelievable, agonising bliss.

He carefully ran the bristles around the side of my cock head, heating it up with the friction, all the way around the rim. Nothing else touched me, just the vibrating, soft brush. And then he gently slid it across towards my piss slit. I swore again. I could feel something raging down in my balls. I was sweating. The bristles tickled against my slit, dampening with the juice that was escaping. My cock felt on fire, my nob burned and all I wanted to do was give it its release.

And then the brush was moving down from my slit to the underside of my cock head, and I was gasping for air. He pressed it slightly harder, started sliding it up and down on the same spot, just between my head and my shaft. The feeling was incredible. I couldn't believe it. My arms started shaking, my legs were rigid, every muscle in my body was taught and my face was screwed up with the ecstasy of it all. He looked up at me, his big brown eyes twinkling and his mouth slightly open.

All I heard then was the thumping of my heart and the faint buzz from the brush. I was going to come.

'I...I'm coming,' I gasped.

He pressed a little harder.

'Oh fuck...fuck Steve, what are you doing to me... It's coming...'

'Yeah, that's it, feel good?'

'It's coming...'

I could feel my cum swilling frantically around in my tight balls, building up, fighting its way up into the base of my cock. My cock head was swollen and purple now, angry, as desperate as the rest of me for release. But still I didn't come.

'Go on Darren,' he said quietly, his face only inches from my enflamed cock. 'Shoot it, let me see it, let me see you shoot it.'

'It's... It's... oh fuck...'

I could feel my cum filling my cock, swelling it further, I just wanted to grab myself and jack it out. I fought with the cord on my wrist but I was trapped. At the mercy of the tiny brush that was vibrating against my desperate cock head. My hips twitched and jerked. My juice rose higher. I screwed up my eyes. My whole body was ready to break.

'Go on Darren,' he said again. 'Let it go, show me how you come.'

And then I felt it happen. My balls released everything. I opened my eyes and looked at my red raw cock head. My shaft twitched, I grunted, and I was practically crying as the first spurt of cum left my slit. Like in slow motion it erupted into the air. I saw it fly up, saw it land on my stomach. A second followed it, then a third and all the time the brush played mercilessly beneath my nob. My cock jerked, my balls were tighter than ever they had been, pushing out wad after wad of steaming hot juice as they let themselves go. My stomach was wet, my cum was dribbling down towards my pubes, glistening as wave after wave splattered me until everything was spent. I gasped and fought in the chair, begging it to end.

But it wasn't over. The brush ran down my shaft, painfully slowly it made its way to my solid ball sack. There it tortured me with more of the same as I twisted and writhed against my restraints.

Steve was laughing now, watching me fight, watching my red face turn pale as he probed all around my balls with that brush. I thrashed my head about, gasping with release and starting to laugh too. I couldn't take it any more. I called out our word and, with an innocent click, the brush fell silent.

I looked down at my wet body and watched as my cock collapsed against my thigh once more. My breathing slowed, my legs started to tremble. Steve sat back on his haunches and winked.

'Told you you would like it,' he grinned.

'Fucking hell,' was all I could say.

'You lose the bet.'

I'd forgotten about the bet.

'What...' I panted. 'What were we betting for?'

He stood up. The bulge in his jeans was massive now. A patch of darkness spread around where the head of his huge cock was straining against the denim. He stood in front of me, his crotch level with my face and unzipped his trousers.

I tried to reach for his cock but my hands were still tied to the chair. I didn't need them.

Once his cock was free and only an inch from my face, he said, 'open your mouth and get ready to swallow.'

And with that I heard the brush start up again. He rested the bristles against his own cock head and slowly started to massage it. I watched and waited. My mouth wide open.


Luke Preston

[email protected]


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