Danny climbed down from the cab, and stretched. It was still a blazing hot day, but he felt the slight breeze as he got out.

He was still sweating, and wiped his face in the tee shirt he was wearing, and could feel his tight shorts were soaked with sweat as well, and clung even tighter to his well muscled arse; from the front they left little doubt about the size of his packet, even less so at the moment. Danny wasn't bothered, he was used to the attention, besides he had a lot to cram in to the tight black cotton.

Instinctively, he tensed his muscles slightly as he saw his reflection in the windscreen of the pick-up. The power of his heavily muscled body was obvious; he stretched slightly, his muscles rippling under the tight white tee shirt. It was soaked with sweat as well, making the material cling to his massive chest even more. His biceps bulged massively, the left hand one circled with a tattooed celtic band just visible. His deep bronze tan, emphasised his piercing blue eyes, and was in turn emphasised by the white tee shirt. Massive arms, huge biceps, heavily muscled chest, rock hard pecs, big dark rock hard nipples all visible beneath the tee shirt

His tanned forearms contrasted with the rest of his body. Covered with thick black hair, the thick muscular wrists, and heavy forearms were the only parts of his body that were hairy; the rest was shaved from head to toe. The light glinted off the gold chain around his neck, and his shaved head, emphasised his piercing blue eyes, set above sharp high cheekbones. Dark stubble, and a tightly cropped black goatee over a broad chin.

He shut the cab door, and made his way over to the service station, to join Joe. The phone call had taken longer than he thought. He got a few looks on his way over but that wasn't surprising. He was built like a brick shithouse, and tall with it, at least six four, maybe a little taller. The width of his massive shoulders was emphasised by his narrow waist. He had a wide, solid, stocky build, and was at least sixteen, maybe seventeen stone of thick-set heavy muscle. His solid legs filled the tight cotton shorts he was wearing, and the folds and creases displayed his bulging packet pretty obviously. One bloke stared open-mouthed at the sight. Danny grinned as he saw him

He really fancied the cute way he'd seen Joe checking out his body as they drove down. Nothing too obvious, but definitely checking him out. A little earlier he caught Joe eyeing up the bulge in his shorts, and he'd spread his legs wider to give him a better view. Fuck that'd got him so fucking hard, he'd almost had to pull over. Even though Joe had been with them for about six weeks now, he liked the way that he was still quite shy about that sort of thing. Not that he was in bed though, from the first time Danny had slept with him it was obvious Joe had discovered what he wanted, and Danny was happy to give it to him regularly. Idly he wondered if there was time to stop somewhere on their way to Huntercoombe.

'Should be enough time for a least a blow-job.' He thought, Tony, and the rest of the lads were still some way behind. He'd just have to find somewhere a bit quieter than a motorway services though.

Danny looked at Joe as he climbed back into the cab. Even with a baggy tee shirt on, it was apparent that he had an impressively solid chest, and the tee shirt hung down from wide broad shoulders that were almost a match for his own. He had it tucked into the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms, and the elastic circled a trim narrow waist. They were baggy at the front, and legs, but quite tight at the back. Joe twisted round in his seat as he put his bag in the back, and Danny could see the material pulled tighter across his arse, solid muscle, with a deep curving dimple in each cheek. It was an almost perfect bubble butt, just the type that really turned him on. The width of Joe's shoulders was more visible from the back as well, heavy rippling muscle as he moved. The light glinted off the thick gold chain around Joe's neck. He wasn't classically handsome, but was extremely good-looking in the same rugged way Danny was. More so, at the moment with the golden tan he had, it helped to emphasise his piercing blue eyes, set above sharp high cheekbones. His dirty blond hair was lighter on top where it had got bleached by the sun, and boy did it suit him. He was unshaven with a couple days worth of quite heavy stubble, which made him look older.

'Definitely need to find somewhere to stop', he thought to himself

Danny grinned at Joe ' Fucking state of me, I'm fucking soaking, I'm gonna need a shower when we arrive. Aren't you hot in that?'

He winked as he un-tucked the tee shirt; and then pulled it over his head, throwing it into the corner of the cab, uncovering his massive arms, huge biceps and incredible muscled chest. Rock hard pecs, tanned a deep bronze, big dark rock hard nipples at least an inch long, each pierced with a small gold ring. Firm flat stomach, his whole torso was completely smooth, and hairless with an impressively narrow waist. The shorts clung to his long legs, tight muscular arse, and bulging packet, the size of his cock obvious, pushing across the top of his thigh.

Joe smiled at him. 'Nah, I'm alright.'

Danny's grin widened as he cupped his crotch with one big hand, his tanned forearm contrasting against the black cotton shorts, bicep bulging massively, circled with a tattooed celtic band.

'Definitely need to find somewhere to stop, I'm as horny as fuck' he thought to himself

'Let's make a move then.'

He reversed out of the bay, and they headed back onto the motorway.

Joe had fallen asleep as the drive continued, and woke about half an hour later. He stretched in his seat and started pulling his tee shirt off. ' It's fucking hot now.' Danny grinned, as he looked over, Joe was about six inches shorter than he was, only about five foot ten, but he had a stocky build, with a very fit, very muscular, body, wide broad shoulders that almost matched his own, with a smooth golden tanned chest, tight six- pack, narrow waist. A line of thick dark blond hair led down from Joe's navel to his crotch. Thick muscled hairy blond legs, heavy arms, big biceps, strong forearms, muscular wrists, big hands too.

'Nice one mate' Dan muttered to himself as he saw the unmistakeable outline of Joe's thick cock straining against the trackie bottoms. Joe's big balls, and half hard cock resting between bulging thighs 'Fucking nice'

He looked straight at Joe's bulging crotch, and his grin broadened as Joe blushed.

'Good dream was it?'

He gave Joe another big grin looking at his bulging crotch again, and his grin broadened as Joe blushed again.

'Fucking hell mate you don't hide much in those'

He laughed, as Joe gave him a shy grin.

They were driving down country roads now, and he reckoned there'd be somewhere to stop.

'You feeling horny pal? Nah don't bother answering you're always horny'

Danny pressed the redial button on his phone.

'Allo Tone, where are you?'

'We're on the motorway, how far have you got?'

He worked out the rest of them were about an hour behind. His grin broadened. Definitely time to stop.

He saw a turning signposted ahead, and turned off. They were on a small country road, and he slowed down, and then turned onto a farm track stopping about 100 yards down by a small copse of trees.

'What are we stopping for?' Joe asked him

'What do you think mate?' Danny flashed a big grin, as he undid his seat belt. His hand slid down to his bulging packet.

'I'm as horny as fuck today, and that cock of yours looks like a fucking flagpole at the moment.'

He slid his hand round Joe's neck, and pulled him over to his crotch.

'Suck my cock fucker' he growled as he pushed Joe's head down against his thick shaft. Joe needed no further prompting as he started to lick Danny's huge cock through his shorts. He groaned as Danny twisted hard on one of his huge nipples.

Danny slid round slightly, and lifted himself up and then slid his shorts down so he was naked apart from a tight white jock strap, bulging hugely, barely containing his big balls and hard cock, straining the fabric to the limit.

Danny slid a big hand down, and pulled his cock through the jock strap, as he pulled it down. He held it in one huge hand, as it grew even thicker. An enormous cock that towered at least four inches above his huge fist. Danny was shaved everywhere, making his massive cock seem even larger.

'Go on Joe, suck my cock. Get yer mouth working on my big fucking dick'

Head bent down, Joe nuzzled into Danny's crotch as he began to lick and chew on his massive cock. Danny let out a low groan at the sensation, and began to rub his chest and stomach, big hands firmly working around his tits, pulling on the rings in each one. He groaned louder as he began to rub them with the palms of his hands, and the electric sensations went straight to his throbbing cock and balls. Instinctively he pushed deeper into Joe's mouth. Joe began to bob deeper onto his throbbing prick taking more, and more of it into his mouth; working his tongue round the thick shaft as he sucked Danny deeper, and deeper inside. Danny slid his hands over his chest, head leaning back, as he played with his nipples. He let out a low deep moan and he could feel the unmistakeable fire welling up in his big bollocks, and knew he was close to shooting. Joe pushed on further still, sliding his big hands under Danny's tight arse, as he swallowed all of Danny's big cock, and felt his cockhead pushing down his throat. ' Fucking hell ' Danny grunted as he felt his balls tight against the sharp stubble on Joe's chin. ' Careful mate, I ain't ready to come yet.'

He pulled Joe's head up and pushed him back on the seat. Joe slumped back, and looked at Danny with a cheeky grin, as Danny slid over and then slid further round, so he was kneeling beside Joe. He turned slightly and put one big hand on Joe's well muscled chest feeling for his nipple, as he pulled Joe's trackie bottoms down with the other. Then slowly, expertly he began to swallow Joe's massive nine inch shaft. Sucking hard he took inch after inch of rock hard meat. Joe twisted in his seat and slid his hands over Danny's big tits, and hard flat stomach. He pulled on the nipple rings making Danny growl with pleasure and then leant forward reaching for Danny's big cock.

Danny pushed him off, and lifted his mouth off Joe's shaft.

'Come on mate let's get out.'

He opened the cab door, and slid over kicking off his shorts, as he did so. Walked round to Joe's side bollock-naked apart from his boots. He opened the door.

'Come on.' He pulled Joe out, and then pushed him down so Joe was standing on the ground but leant over the seat with his arse in the air.

'I fuckin' love your arse pal.'

He put one big hand on it, middle finger feeling down Joe's arse crack for his tight hole. Danny grinned as he lifted the other hand, and automatically sucked his thick middle finger into his mouth, sluicing it as he licked, and sucked on it. Then he slid his hand down between Joe's legs, and slowly, gently, and firmly inserted the first inch of his thick middle finger into Joe's well lubricated hole.

'Fuck' Joe grunted, as he felt Danny's finger enter him.

Danny sank to his knees and knelt behind him. He pulled his finger out, and parted Joe's tight arse cheeks with his hands as he buried his tongue in Joe's tight puckered hole.

'Fuck, yeah, work that fucking hole, get yer tongue right up my tight fucking boy cunt' Joe groaned.

Danny needed no prompting as he held Joe's arse cheeks apart and buried his face in Joe's tight arse. Joe lifted his arse higher, and wanked his own cock.

He felt Danny's face against his arse as Danny began to work his tongue deeper and deeper up his arse. Danny was groaning loudly now, and let out a deep low growl. Danny slid his hands back between Joe's legs, and once again slowly, firmly shoved the first couple of inches of his middle finger into Joe's tight arse.

'Fuck' Joe grunted, as he felt Danny's finger enter him again. Then Danny slid all four inches deep into his arse, right up to the knuckle of his big hand.

'Jeez' Joe moaned.

Danny felt him twitching, and knew he was close to coming, and began to slide his finger in and out slower.

Danny pulled himself up so he was straddling Joe, and then parted Joe's tight arse cheeks as he held his big cock nestling against Joe's tight puckered hole.

'Fuck, yeah, I'm gonna get my cock right up your tight fucking cunt' Danny grunted.

'Want me to get my big cock up that tight fuckin hole of yours again, fuck that big stud body of yours?'

Joe needed no prompting as he held his arse cheeks apart and lifted his arse higher. He could feel Danny's rock hard cock behind him nestling against his back, and he slid a hand round behind him pulling Danny closer. As he did so, he slid his other hand round Danny's neck, and pulled him towards him as he kissed him.

Danny moved further forwards, so his huge cock started to push into Joe's arse. He felt Joe shudder slightly as he took the first four, or five inches, and heard a low growling moan from deep within him. He felt his muscles open further until he had taken all ten inches, and reached the base of Danny's thick shaft.

Joe felt Danny's big shaved bollocks against his arse as Danny began to work his cock deeper and deeper up his arse. Danny was groaning loudly now, and let out a deep low growl.

'Jeez' Joe moaned.

Joe began to push back at each thrust of Danny's big cock, steadying himself against the seat. He was starting to use his muscles well, tightening his arse muscles around Danny's shaft as Danny rode him.

Danny let out a low growl as he held Joe; his big hands either side of Joe's waist squeezing hard as he held him, and began to pound his big cock deep, and hard into him. Feeling his cock fill his tight arse, with each pounding thrust. Joe was moaning now, as he lifted him up across the cab seat with each thrust, withdrawing seven, or eight inches each time, and driving his cock back hard as his big balls banged against his arse cheeks. He let out a low growling groan as he felt the unmistakeable fire build up in his balls, and a loud yell as he began to empty his balls deep inside him, firing the first jet inside him.

Danny threw back his head, and groaned louder, and then yelled:

'Fuck, yeah, Jesus yeah, ah fuck I'm coming' and pulled his cock out, and the next jet shot almost a foot into the air, the next jets weren't as high but covered Joe's back. The jets grew smaller. They were both groaning loudly, deep low growls, louder and louder, and quicker, as they shot their loads almost simultaneously; Joe's first jets sprayed across the cab seat covering his stomach, and the black leather seat with thick white come, the next shooting as far as his well muscled tits, jet after jet covering his chest, stomach, and as far as his thickly muscled neck.

Danny twisted hard on one of his huge nipples.

'Yeah' he groaned as he pulled on the ring through his nipple, his massive arms, and his biceps bulging as he wanked his cock.

'Fuck yeah, fuck.'

He shot another huge jet of thick white come over Joe. He pulled on his cock as the jets grew smaller again until the final one was a thick stream of hot white come that slid down his cockhead, and along the length of his still hard shaft.

He sank back to the ground. 'Fuck I needed that.'


Lee O' Sullivan

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