Lee walked down the steps to the flat, and unlocked the door. It had been a long shift and he yawned as he turned the key.

'Darren, are you in?'he called as he stepped into the small lobby. He didn't get a reply, but the lamps were on in the large living room, and the doors to the garden were open. He glanced at the clock on the DVD player which showed almost half past eleven, and noticed that Darren had left a couple of DVD's out.

'Dirty fucker'he muttered under his breath, as he walked through into the kitchen. He opened the large fridge, and took out a beer, opened it and took a long swig from the bottle. Reaching into the pocket of his uniform shirt he took out a packet of Marlboro, and lit one, he inhaled deeply, and blew out a couple of smoke rings.

Walking back into the living room, he noticed Darren's boots beside a chair with a pile of clothes scattered beside them; grinning, he walked over and picked up an unfamiliar pair of tracksuit bottoms, noticing the narrow waist, and then picked up a tight fitting extra large vest.

His grin widened,

'Good lad 'he thought, and took another swig from the bottle, as his hand slid down to his crotch and he cupped one big tanned hand around the bulging packet in his tight black uniform trousers.

'God, I still feel horny'he thought 'even after earlier'and he felt his big cock thickening again.

Glancing over, he could see the outline increasing from his reflection in the mirror, his tanned forearm contrasting against the white shirt, and the black trousers. Covered with thick black hair, the thick muscular wrist, and heavy forearm displayed some of the power of his heavily muscled body, the size of his bicep just visible under the short sleeved shirt, as the fabric held tight to the muscle beneath.

The mirrored wall to the side of the living room seemed to increase the size of the already large room, and Lee could see his whole body reflected, the lighting catching his tanned body well. Instinctively, he tensed his muscles slightly as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He took great pleasure in his very broad shoulders, tight in the uniform shirt, and the outline of his solid pecs under the tight white cotton. Both his big nipples were obvious through the material, and a mass of black hair spilled out through his open shirt collar giving a hint of the rest of the hair on his chest, and stomach.

Lee didn't bother to try to pull in his stomach at all, knowing that even if he did so it would make no difference to the solid tight muscle. He had an impressively narrow waist, with a thick leather belt looping through the black uniform trousers, which looked as though they had been cut to fit his long legs, and tight muscular arse. His big hand was still cupping his bulging packet, and the size of his cock was obvious, pushing halfway down his thigh. Lee grinned, as he looked, flashing white teeth in a handsome tanned face.

'I need a shave'he thought, looking at the stubble on his cheeks, and darker on his chin. He always did after a day's work. Bright green eyes flashed above sharp high cheekbones, and they contrasted well against his jet black eyebrows. His hair was cropped very short at the sides, and in a No2 flattop on top, all a rich glossy black. As he moved, the light caught the cleft in his broad firm chin.

'Not bad', he thought 'Not bad, at all'

In fact, he was in exceptional shape for a man who was just thirty-six, and he knew it.

Lee finished his beer, and then smiled as he got an idea; he looked out through the open garden doors, and saw that the french windows to Darren's bedroom were open. Not surprising on a hot night, but he moved over to the open garden doors quietly, and stood on the threshold. Moving into the garden slightly, he could just catch the reflection in the glass, and it just confirmed his suspicions, as he saw two bodies on the bed.

He couldn't make things out too clearly, but from what he could make out, the guy who was in there with Darren was built like a brick shithouse. It explained the vest, and the tracksuit bottoms.

Lee walked back over to the door, and picked up a torch. 'Shame I haven't got my utility belt, or a radio'he thought, 'But I doubt if they'll notice.'

He stepped into the garden, feeling the heat from the still warm flagstones, and walked over to the open doors.

Turning the torch on, he swung it so the beam shone directly into the eyes of the big man squatting above Darren, his arse in Darren's face.

'What the fuck?'the guy muttered, as the light half blinded him, but he stayed in position, holding a massive cock in his left hand as he steadied himself with his right.

'Can you gentlemen tell me what's going on? We've had a couple of complaints from the neighbours about the noise.'

'Stop shining that fucking light in my eyes, you cunt. Anyway, it's none of their fucking business.'

There was a note of irritation in the big man's voice.

Lee looked at him, still squatting above his brother, heavy tanned thighs bulging on either side of Darren's chest, massive arms, with huge biceps either side of an incredible chest. Rock hard pecs, tanned, and smooth with big dark nipples that were rock hard, and at least an inch long. Firm flat stomach, all completely smooth, and hairless, and then in one huge hand an enormous cock that towered at least four inches above the huge fist clenching it. He could see in the mixture of light, and shadow that the guy was shaved everywhere, making his massive cock seem even larger.

He was tanned a deep bronze, all over from his shaved head, to his big feet.

'Fuckin hell' Lee muttered, as he looked at the guy's face. Shaved black hair, blue eyes, and a tightly cropped black goatee over a broad chin. This man was a real stunner.

'Get that fucking light off me you fucker'

The guy growled again, more irritated this time. Lee moved it this time, and as he did so, the guy moved slightly so Darren slid from underneath him. Darren leapt off the bed, and moved towards Lee, younger by almost eight years he was as powerfully built as his brother, they looked almost identical, apart from the fact that Darren had bleached blond hair, dark eyebrows, and his chest hair was clipped short, and tight against his big tits.

'What's it to you fucker?'

Darren shouted as he walked towards Lee; Lee took one step back, and Darren pushed his face into Lee's, and pushed a big finger into the middle of his chest.

'Yeah, what's it to you mate, you get your fuckin' kit off and join in, or you fuck off alright.'

The big man looked at Darren

,'Fuckin' hell mate is he's a copper?'

'Yeah, looks like one to me. Still he's quite horny, and I bet he takes it up the arse'

Lee gave a broad grin, put down the torch, stepped into the room, pulling his shirt over his head revealing his solid muscled chest covered with a mass of thick black hair that ran in a thick line across his flat hard stomach and into the waistband of his tight uniform trousers.

'Jeez, I don't fuckin' believe this'the big man said as he stayed sitting on the bed. He shook his head slightly, but his eyes were wide, and bright, and his huge cock was as hard as ever.

Lee walked over to the bed, and stood in front of the big man, hands on his hips, bare chested. He grinned as the big man slid his hands over his flat stomach, and up into the thick mass of black hair feeling for his nipples. Lee hissed slightly as the big man squeezed them hard.

'Yeah, work those tits, mate'

Darren was behind him now, his hands sliding round Lee's narrow waist as he unbuckled his belt, and then undid the button at the top of his trousers, and slid down the zip. Lee could feel the heat from Darren's body against his back, as Darren leant forward and gently eased the tight black trousers down.

He put his hands on the big man's shoulders as he leant forward and kicked off his shoes. Darren pushed the tight trousers further down, and Lee stepped out of them, and kicked them to one side.

'Fucking hell'

the big man growled as he looked at Lee naked apart from a tight white jock strap.

It bulged hugely barely containing his big balls, and his half hard cock pushed down the right hand side. Lee could see his reflection in the mirror behind the bed, the white cotton contrasting against his tanned hairy body.

Darren slid a big hand round Lee's waist, and pulled his cock through the jock strap, as he pulled it down. He held it in his hand as it grew thicker,

'Go on Dan, suck my bruv's cock. Get yer mouth working on his big fucking dick'

Danny slid his hands down from Lee's big tits, and held Lee's big cock in one hand as he leant forward and began to swallow the huge nine inch cock in front of him.

Lee could feel Darren's rock hard cock behind him nestling against his back, and he slid a hand round behind him pulling Darren alongside him. As he did so, he slid his hand between Darren's legs, and round his cock. Pulling Danny's head off his own cock, he pushed him towards Darren's thick prick, inch for inch an identical match for his own huge nine inches.

'Suck on us both mate '

he said as he pushed Danny's head further onto Darren's thick shaft. Danny needed no further prompting as he worked on each of the brother's cocks in turn. He groaned as each of them worked on one of his huge nipples, twisting hard on them.

Danny worked on each of the lads' big cocks in turn, alternately licking, and sucking on Darren's, and then Lee's rock hard shafts until at one point he held both of them together in one of his massive hands and managed to get both of their big cockheads and almost four inches of both their massive dicks into his mouth at the same time.

'Time we sorted him out bruv.'

Lee put his arm round Darren's broad shoulders, giving him a broad grin. Both brothers climbed onto the bed, pulling Danny further up the bed with them as they did so. Kneeling on either side of him they both began to lick and chew on his huge tits.

'Yeah, oh yeah'

Danny groaned as he held both brothers' heads tight in his massive arms, his biceps bulged massively as he looked down on both their cropped heads. Lee with black hair, Darren's bleached blond, with dark roots showing through. Lee twisted round, so he was nearer to Danny's face, while Darren moved further down the bed. Darren lifted Danny's legs so they were over his broad shoulders, and slid down slightly as he buried his tongue in Danny's tight puckered hole.

'Fuck, yeah, work that fucking hole, get yer tongue right up my tight fucking cunt'Danny grunted.

Lee moved round further, and still sucking on Danny's tits he straddled his massive chest so his tight muscled arse was in front of Danny's face. Danny needed no prompting as he held Lee's arse cheeks apart and buried his face in Lee's hairy arse. Lee lifted his arse higher, and leaning down Danny's superb body he held Danny's cock in his left hand and began to swallow it. He felt Danny shudder slightly as he swallowed the first four, or five inches, and heard a low growling moan from deep within him. He opened his throat further until he had taken all eight inches, as he reached the base of Danny's thick shaft he felt Darren's face against his as Darren began to swallow Danny's egg sized balls.

As he worked his way back up Danny's rock hard shaft, Darren moved further up Danny's cock so whilst Lee sucked the upper half, Darren was licking the lower four inches of the huge cock, as well as his huge balls. Lee worked further up still, as did Darren, until both brothers were licking, and kissing the thick hard head of Danny's throbbing pole. Danny was groaning louder now, and let out a deep low growl.

Both brothers were face to face now kissing each other with Danny's thick cock between them. Lee could feel his huge cock nestling in the deep cleft between Danny's huge tits, he grinned as Darren brought up one of his hands, and automatically sucked his thick middle finger into his mouth, sluicing it as he licked, and sucked on it. He knew what was coming next, as Darren pulled his finger out, and they both continued to work Danny's shaft between them. Darren slid his hand down between Danny's legs, and slowly, gently, and firmly inserted the first inch of his thick middle finger into Danny's well lubricated hole


Danny grunted, as he pushed down on Darren's finger, at the same time Darren slid all four inches deep into Danny's arse, right up to the knuckle of his big hand

'Jeez'Danny moaned.

Both men felt him twitching between them, and knew he was close to coming, Darren began to slide his finger in and out of Danny's tight hole, as they both continued to suck, and lick on his rock hard cock. Danny threw back his head, and groaned louder, and then yelled

'Fuck, yeah, Jesus yeah, ah fuck I'm coming'

and he shot a huge jet of thick white come almost a foot into the air between the two big studs, the next jets weren't as high and hit both the lads on their cheeks, necks and chests as they continued to lick on his cock as he came. They stopped licking as the jets grew smaller until the final one slid down the length of his still hard shaft.

Both brothers lifted themselves up, and kneeling on either side of Danny's massive body began to wank their huge nine inch cocks. Danny slid one hand between his legs, and wanked on his still hard cock, well lubricated with a load of his own thick white come. Lee was pulling on his rock hard nipples with one hand, with his thick cock in the other, while Darren had slid his wet slicked up finger into his own arse whilst he wanked off with the other.

Both brothers were groaning loudly, in deep low growls. Louder, and quicker, until they both shot their loads almost simultaneously; the first jets shooting across Danny's body, and hitting each of them on the chest matting in the thick black chest hair. The next jets hit lower covering Danny's massive tits with thick white come, as he shot another huge load joining jet after jet the brothers fired onto his chest, stomach, and as far as his thickly muscled neck.

Lee slumped back into the pillows on the bed, and then slapped Darren on the shoulder

'Clean us up mate, and then fuck off and get us some beers'

He flashed Darren a broad grin, revealing white teeth in his tanned face. Darren leant forward and began to lick the mass of thick white come off Danny's neck, chest, and stomach. Once he had a mouthful, he leant across Danny, and gave Lee a deep kiss transferring it as he did so. Then he worked his way further down licking every drop of hot man juice off Danny's tanned muscular body, licking around his shaved cock and balls, watching with pleasure as Danny's thick prick grew harder again as he worked over his body. Lee lay back against Danny's warm body, watching Darren; he pushed Darren's broad shoulder with his foot, as Darren worked round Danny's cock and balls again.

'Oi, fuck off and get those beers mate, and stop getting off on his fucking cock mate'

Darren slid off the bed and looked at them with a cheeky grin,

'Yeah alright mate but you got to admit he's got a fantastic body'.

Danny slid round on the bed, so he was kneeling beside Lee. He turned slightly towards Darren.

'Now like the geezer said fuck off and get those beers'

He turned back to Lee, and put one big hand on his well muscled chest feeling for a hard nipple in the mass of thick black hair, resting his other hand on the bed he leant round and slowly, expertly began to swallow Lee's massive nine inch shaft. Sucking hard as he took inch after inch of rock hard meat.

Darren walked back into the room carrying a couple of mugs of coffee, put them down on a table, and walked over to the windows. He pulled back the curtains, and laughed as he heard Lee groaning from the bed.

'You always were shite in the morning mate'

he said to the crumpled pile of bedding, and limbs on the bed

'Oi, fuck off'he laughed as Lee threw a pillow at him, and sat up rubbing his eyes.

'I ain't that shite in the morning, mate. Want to have a fucking look?'

'Not impressed mate'Darren laughed, 'That fucking cock of yours is fucking hard most of the fucking time'

Darren grinned as he watched movement under the duvet, and could make out a shape working towards Lee's crotch.

'Fucking hell mate, you two are going it some I could hear you fucking banging most of the night'

'No fucking stamina that's your problem mate'Lee grinned at him and then let out a low groan as he felt his huge cock being sucked right down Danny's throat. He stuck his hands under the duvet and, Darren watched as he could see Lee's hand holding Danny's head, and pulling him further onto his massive cock as he mouthfucked the guy.


Lee muttered as he sank back against the pillows, and yawned with a broad grin

. 'What did you say about stamina mate?'Darren laughed. 'that was a bit fucking quick'

He watched as Danny surfaced from under the duvet

'Morning mate'

He grinned broadly at Danny's tousled hair. Danny grinned broadly as well, bright white teeth in his tanned face.

'Come over here, mate I want to suck that big cock of yours and all.'


Lee O' Sullivan

[email protected]


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