Alright look before we begin, the first 'Danny' got really fucked up I'm really sorry about that my tablet was being really stupid and that happened. Ignore the first 'Danny' or whatever it says. Go on :-)

"Ray, you should know right now that I love you so much it hurts. Hold me Ray!" Danny held his arms out to me but I pushed them down, declining his demand.

"I'm not Ray, Danny, I'm Jacob. Now please calm down and stay still." I groaned and walked away to my kitchen. Ray is his brother, my friend, we still are but he moved with his bitch of a girly friend Desra to the other side of town leaving me behind. Ray only mentioned Danny once or twice and it wasn't much about him we talked about anyway.

Danny is not bad looking no sir ree. He's older than Ray by...I don't know...4 years? So that would make him at least 23. He has red hair, something I wouldn't go for in a guy, chocolate brown eyes, and freckles that dot his face across the bridge of his nose and cheek bones. He was hot though. I've always had a tiny crush on him. He's sprawled on the couch drunk as hell. He came to ,y doorstep crying about so,e chick named Susan who I'm going to guess is his girlfriend.

"Jacob!" He groaned from the couch.


"Come. Here." Sighing, I trotted over to him.

"What do you need?" He held up his glass cup.

"More." I shook my head.

"No, you'be had way too much and now you need to rest. Now." I replied sternly. Might as well help him. I put on his arms over my shoulder and held him by his waist them helped him upstairs. Once we got up there, I let him plop onto the bed. I stripped him until he only had on boxers and then stripped myself and climbed in being careful not to touch him. The night was filled with his groans and random statement. I got annoyed, quickly. Suddenly, he put his hand on my thigh.

"Get off Danny." I said even though my cock twitched for more. He didn't listen. He was sleep. I roughly pushed his hand off me.

"I love Susan, Jacob. I do, a lot." His voice was still slurred but as much.

"I know you do," I replied "what happened between you two?"

"My father died. And I've been so distant from her ever since. She got really irritated and kicked me out for the night." I stayed quiet. I let silence take care of him for a moment. He sniffed. He was crying.

" I didn't mean to be. I really didn't. She's the type of girl who likes sex every night and mostly I wouldn't be in the mood." I stayed quiet again. The bed shifted a little, then I felt arms wrap around my waist.

"Hope you don't mind. I really need it."

"I don't mind," I whispered. And I fell asleep like that.

I woke up to hot breath on my neck. He was still awake.

"Can't sleep?" I turned in his grip. He nodded.

" She won't get off my mind,"

"She'll get over it I'm sure of that." He sighed. He wasn't drunk anymore.

" I hope. Sorry for getting drunk like I did. I was depressed."

"Its OK I get it. I would've done the same thing. Only is would have gotten more fucked up." Danny chuckled at the joke then it went silent.

"I don't think I can last a night without her Jacob." I nodded understanding. I closed my eyes now, tired again, wanting to go to sleep but I couldn't. Soft lips connected themselves to mine. I smiled into the kiss and kissed back. He climbed onto me, keeping our lips together and grinded me until my cock was stamdomgg straight and leaking in my boxers. I pulled away.

"This is wrong. You're upset and you need someone, I get that but.....this is taking advantage of you and I don't want that." I whispered pushing his chest a little. He shook his head,

"I'm giving you the advantage. Enjoy." He rubbed my throbbing cock through my boxers.

"No, I can't its wrong." I pleaded in my head he would get off but he kissed me instead. I gave in. I tangled pur tongues together in passion, moaning into his mouth as he still rubbed me. He pulled away and went south, playing with my pink hard nipples in his mouth, teasing them with his tongue. I whimpered at this. It felt so good but I knew it was wrong.

He went lower to my navel and caressed it with tongue. The pleasure was growing inside me by the second. Danny massaged my inner thigh and legs all up and down. He opened his mouth and blew hot air on my hard member. It was so hot.

"Ahh. Yes. Aww right there just like that." I sighedd in pure bliss. Danny removes my boxers and pauses,

"I've never done this before so bear with me." He started without my response. For a starter, he wasn't bad at all. I was actually moaning and tugging at his hit. He swirled his tongue around the tip as he went down again.

"Shit Danny." He came back up and we shared my taste with each other.

" I'll return the favor," I said but he stopped me.

"No need."

He grabbed one of my pillows and set it under my hips to raise me a little bit and dove into my pucker, eating me out. I hollared and shivered in pleasure. Danny moaned against my hole vibrating it. I moaned that ended in a gasp. I pressed hi head in a little just wanting more! I loved it! This continues for about 5 minutes then he comes back up to share another meal with me. Danny aimed his fat juicy cock at my hole and plunged into me. I screamed. It hurt.

"Oh my gosh are you okay? I'm so sorry." I surpressed another scream by nodding.

"Its okay I'm OK I'm OK I'm OK." I kept whispering.

" You sure?" I nodded again. He slipped out and stood up. I looked at him confused.

"What's wrong?"

"You were right. This is wrong. I can't cheat on Susan. I'm sorry Jacob but I can't. He gathers his things in a hurry says a 'good bye' then leaves me horny, hanging, confused and lonely.

(You probably thought they were gonna fuck huh. Nope. Should I make this a series or leave it as my plan for 2 parts? Comment and tell me what you think)




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