The thunder cracked and the rain pelted against the bedroom window, stirring me from another yet fitful sleep. The blue glow of the alarm clock above my head on the bed board threatened 2:05 AM.

I lay there quietly, wrestling with counted sheep and boring lists to entice my fleeting sleep. The pounding of the rain soothing, yet calling my name, drew my attention. A deep breath and the brain shot into 'What the hell' mode. I rose up off the sheets and slipped on my robe, ugly yet comfortable, a symbolic 'blankie' resonating my life more than I was willing to admit.

Strolling through my little apartment in the dark, I peeked out the window in the front door and watched the rain ricochet off the car and pavement. Another streak of lightning and the inevitable reverberation of thunder lit the apartment. Bare footing to the kitchen, I grabbed my smokes from a drawer and a glass of sweet tea and made my way back to the front door and out.

Washed in an immediate burst of damp renewal, I just stood there a moment, a stranger invading the rain, enjoying the wisp of dampness that covered my formerly sleeping body and watched the feeding of the grass and flowers that dotted my tiny yard.

This was my respite, the constant 'me time' that I enjoyed. Just being on my porch late at night, watching the natural night life of the tiny town I lived in. While the rolling up of the streets proved to be an urban legend, a quiet safeness rang true and allowed the ping pong balls of my mind to still and just be. Close enough to see the tiny street and a not too far off stop light, yet shielded from otherly vision by the shadows of the covered porch, enough to be comfortable wearing little but that ugly robe and a Marlboro cherry.

I stared out to watch the rain dance. Seating myself in a cheap Wal-Mart plastic chair and plopped my tea, smokes and lighter on the matching table. I felt a soothing wave of relaxation wash over my body. I stretched out my legs and began to enjoy the quiet blessings of the night and the shimmer of the rain.

Another bolt of lightning, close enough to almost blind me, lit again my private world and with the thunder a second sound, one that didn't fit in. I just continued to enjoy the water ballet, concentrating on the arabesque of the rose bush at the edge of the driveway nearest the road. It seemed to shimmy naked in the rain, almost laughing in erotic delight and thankfulness to God for the nourishment He was supplying.

A small flash of light in the corner of my eye drew my attention back to reality. I had been invaded and was suddenly aware of my near nakedness.

He lit his own cigarette, and inhaled, unaware himself of anything but the storm. The dark light revealed his form, standing in front of his door at the other end of my respite. The redness from his cig enhanced his chiseled features and sleepy blue eyes, entrancing the deer in the headlights in me, making me be still and readying my time to bolt.

His body was relaxed, barely covered in thin white boxers, one arm crossing his impressive chest. He leaned back his head and enjoyed the smoky air he pulled through his own Marlboro. He exhaled with loud joy and his thighs seemed to flex and guide the rest of his body to follow suit in complete relaxation. The hand tucked neatly under his arm, opened and spread smoothly across his chest, ruffling the smattering of dark hair tracing it down his belly and to the top of his boxers.

He stepped toward the porch edge as a new flash of light bombed the earth. He quietly counted out loud, 'One...two....three....' stopping when the thunder roared, supposedly three miles away. He chuckled softly and turned to find a seat.

His turn to be the deer in the headlights as he noticed me seated, watching him. 'Oh God, I didn't know you were out here.'

'It's okay man, no big deal. Couldn't sleep and was just enjoying the rain.'

'Me, too'. He pulled again on his cigarette and looked off into the rain. 'God, it's so beautiful'. He stretched his hands above his head and pulled himself toward the porch awning. A few drops of rain splashed on his forehead. They gathered at the temple of his dark hair and began to ooze down his cheek, dampening his skin and then leaving a small wet trail across his shoulder, down his chest and pooling in his navel. His fingers quickly followed suit smearing the wetness into his chest hair, seemingly oblivious to his near nakedness and intensifying his uncontrollable sexiness.

'Mind if I join you for a little while?' not really asking, but pulling up the second chair and seating himself. He stretched his legs out to imitate mine and placed his hands behind his head, bulging his massive forearms, and making his abs seem even tighter.

I tried not to stare, and hopefully the darkness wouldn't tattle tale my struggle. While as neighbors we were occasional buddies, I harbored a secret. It seems that unlike any of the others who had lived in the upper part of the duplex, there were occasions that I was able to hear him, although I had told him I couldn't.

It wasn't that I was a compulsive liar, it was that he was such a sweet guy and I knew he was unaware of what I could hear and at the odd times I could hear it. He would probably be too embarrassed to speak with me and I actually valued our occasional exchanges of words and brief times together on the porch.

While we had sat on the porch together several times, and most of the time late at night or early in the morning, this was the first time we shared it in our underwear. So there I sat, sucking away on a Marlboro; me in my CK's and ugly robe; he in is boxers, watching the rain storm. But I now had a different soundtrack screaming through my mind. The sound of the rain and thunder, I could no longer hear; only the sounds of him at his most intimate.

The lightning flashed again, but this time I only heard a different pounding that of a headboard against a wall, a bed spring writhing and the sound of he and his girlfriend bringing each other to orgasm. It seems that the only sounds I ever hear from upstairs was that of my neighbor having sex. And not muffled sounds mind you, it was so clear and so distinct that I felt as though I were in the same room, like watching a porno movie with the picture off. I knew the most intimate details of that part of his life, how they moaned, what they said and what they enjoyed doing to and with each other.

And he was completely oblivious.

'God that was a close one.'

He was looking straight at me when I snapped back to reality.

'Yeah,' I responded assuming he was talking about a crack of thunder I hadn't heard. 'It seems to be getting a little harder.'

'Starting to blow in a little over here. Are you getting wet?' He asked.

'No, I think my car is shielding me from the spray.'

He picked up his chair and moved a little closer to me. I could see that his body was now damp, glistening in rain water, mixed with the moonlight, making him glow.

'There that's better' he said, and then looked at me and smiled.

Another flash of lightning, like a camera bulb popping on the porch.

'Man', he said, 'I never noticed how perfect your chest is until now.' It was then that I noticed my robe, while bulky as well as ugly, was untied and had slipped completely off my shoulders, resting on my forearms, which rested on the arms of the chair. 'Except for there'. He touched a jagged scar on the shoulder. It wasn't a sexual touch, just one of curiosity.

'Car wreck,' I said.

'How often do you lift?'

'Not nearly as much as I would like to. Use a small weight room at work when I have some free time, wish I had time for a real gym.'

'I go five days a week to that one downtown.' He said. 'You'll have to come with me sometime.'

'Cool,' I said, 'you look like you could show me a few things.'

'Nah,' he said rubbing his hard belly and even in the darkness I could tell he was both embarrassed and flattered. 'I enjoy it though.'

The conversation quieted and he watched the rain together. We both lit up a second smoke, great for our workout routines. He scratched his thigh and exhaled, 'Damn, I am enjoying this.'

He cocked back his head and closed his eyes; awash in the cleanness of the rain and whatever thought was running through his mind. I, too, just closed my eyes and enjoyed the storm, my mind relaxed and clearing. I startled when I heard him catch himself.

'Man, I almost forgot I was out here.'

'Huh?' I opened my eyes and turned to look at him.

'I had my eyes closed and started drifting off. Thought I was alone for a minute there and started to get a little...well you know....' he trailed off.

Realizing, I think, what he said, I assured him. 'No problem man, I had my eyes closed, off in whatever place there was to be in my head.'

The lightning flashed again. He chuckled and nodded his head towards me. 'Guess we were both headed in the same place.'

I noticed that my robe had fallen off my lap, exposing my boxer briefs and giving any one glancing that way a glimpse of a growing erection.

'Oh, God,' I moaned and quickly covered myself.

'Don't be embarrassed man.' I chuckled again and glanced his eyes down at himself. 'At least you've got the robe.'

It was my turn to look in his direction where, sure enough, his beefy hands barely covered a fat semi-erection. I was suddenly no longer embarrassed and we both laughed like two school boys caught with a dirty magazine at school.

'Well,' I said not thinking, 'at least you have Laura to help out. I'll have to go inside and work on going blind.'

He laughed. 'Well, buddy, I'm with you in that boat tonight. She had to work late and is staying in her apartment tonight.' He took another pull off his shortening cigarette. 'Fuck it man, it's just you.' He said. 'No one else can see. No need to worry.' With that he pulled his hand away and stretched out again, just enjoying being in the open, this close to the rain, and horny.

There was a small bonding, as if we were two longtime buddies, comfortable as though we had shared this state many times before.

'God this is nice,' he said, 'almost perfect'. He looked out into the yard a while longer and my eyes drifted out there as well. Another flash of lightning and a very loud boom, startling both of us.

'That woke me up', I said. 'I was just about to call it a night'.

'No, man,' he said, 'Stay out a little while longer.' He was looking straight at me. 'I'm enjoying the company. Don't really want to be alone just yet.'

I nodded toward his crotch, now at full mast, 'That's not what it looks like'.

He looked and laughed. 'Ah, he's a little hungry, but he won't starve to death.' He wrapped his hand around it. 'We're buddies; if I really wanted to I'd just go ahead and beat off, nothing wrong with that. Wouldn't be the first time I've done it out here.' With that he cradled the back of his head with his hands again and just stretched out, naked but for damp boxers, huge throbbing erection, his calves almost touching mine.

I dared not look at my own lap, afraid my gathered robe would unpack what I was hiding, a similar state, enticed by what was stretched out beside me. The deer in the headlights came back, but quiet set in.

He suddenly turned to me, and I sensed him looking straight into my eyes. 'Oh man, I never thought. Is this making you uncomfortable?'

I lied, 'No, not at all.'

'I can be such an idiot sometimes,' he apologized. 'I just figure a boner is a boner, and forget that some people aren't as comfortable with it as I am'.

'It's okay dude', I said mainly to get the sound of him slapping it against his girlfriend's cheek out of my head. Then once I again, I let a little more spill than I felt I should have. 'It's a little intimidating, but only because it's so damned big'

He laughed, grabbing it and half hiding it. 'I've seen bigger. You ain't packin' no gherkin neither.' He pointed and got a little playful, reaching over and snatching my robe off my lap, exposing my own straining hard on.

'See man, you've got your own monster to scare people with.' He laughed and slapped my thigh and then sat back in his chair.

The quiet set in again, and then was broken by his sigh. 'Well, buddy, we might as well just let the monsters run free don't you think?' And before I could say or think anything, his shorts just seem to kick right off his hips and land in a pile between us.

I froze as he just sat there, looking out in the rain, naked and erect, hand now rubbing his shadowy shaved balls enjoying no further restraint from cotton. 'Mmmmm, that's much better.'

He turned and looked at me. 'Join me bro, don't wanna be the only perv on the porch.' He then slightly begged, 'Com'mon now'.

'Shit, will you respect me in the morning?'

'Fuck', he smiled, 'I don't respect ya now, dude.' He laughed and reached over to snap the waist band of my shorts. 'Com'mon now, off with 'em, join me in the first duplex nekkid rain dance!'

So I did it. Let the robe drop to either side of the chair and carefully slid my CK's over my hips and down to my ankles. He reached down and snatched them away and tossed them on top of his.

'There now,' he confirmed. 'Two manly men, just as nature intended.' He reached up for a high five and I returned the smack, and we settled back staring into the darkness, naked and throbbing in silence.

After yet another crack of thunder, now farther away each time, I turned to him and said, 'Well, the first duplex naked rain dance doesn't seem to have a whole lot of dancing in it.'

He looked at me and smiled, 'Well, buddy, reckon that's easy to take care of.' And with that he spread his legs a little and wrapped his hand tightly around his beer can of a cock and slowly stroked down the shaft and back up. 'There you go, bro, first dance of the night.' He put his left arm behind his head and started to slowly stroke his dick spreading the beginnings of pre-cum up and down his shaft.

I watched in astonished amazement as this hard body of a man, comfortably and easily began jacking off beside me. He adjusted his legs again and moaned lightly, ' way to end the perfect night.' He looked at me and smiled. 'Gonna do some dancin' of your own, pal?'

I tentatively grabbed my own hard on and began to stroke, almost afraid to touch myself and unable to take in enough of him. His face in a relaxed smile, taught hairy belly heaving and his hand sliding up and down that perfect hard cock. 'That's it buddy, join me. Feels good, don't it.'

I half nodded in agreement, and he surprised me again, by taking the hand from behind his head and placing it on my thigh. 'Yeah, buddy, stroke one off with me.' His knee then rested against mine, sending me into both terror and ecstasy.

He stroked his dick slowly and assuredly, and I tried to match his rhythm, but only managed to clumsily, and then there was a wash of light.

This time not from thunder, but from a lone car driving through the rain in the road in front of us. We both immediately froze, and I swear neither took a breath until the car was safely passed us.

'Oh my god', was all I could say.

'Little close,' he said, 'Never saw a car go by this time of night, at least not when I was out here doin' this.' He said motioning down to his hand frozen in a grip around his shiny but rapidly retreating cock.

'Yeah, guess that was a little to close for comfort.'

'Guess this dance is finished, eh bud?'

I laughed, 'Guess so, fun while it lasted though.' And he nodded in agreement. 'I'll just finish feeding the monster inside'

'Good idea', and stood up and grabbed up our pile of shorts and handed mine to me. I accepted my shorts, hiked my robe back on my shoulders and took one last look at the incredible body. 'Night.'

'This was fun,' he said very matter of factly. 'We'll have to do it again sometime'

'Uh, sure.' I said, then turned and opened my apartment door and stepped in. I turned to close my door and realized he was standing there right behind me.

'Uhm, man, I always kinda like to finish up with the one I started with. If you're not uncomfortable with it, I, uh, could come in and we could just go ahead and finish off.'

I was dumfounded and he didn't bother waiting for an answer. He just walked right in and headed for the john.

'Gotta pee' he said over his shoulder, 'grab my smokes to would'ja?' Since my downstairs was almost an exact duplicate of his upstairs he made his way relatively pain free in the dark to my bathroom, as I reached out to the outside table and picked up his cigarettes.

I shut and locked the door and just stood in my living room realizing I was about to watch my hunky upstairs neighbor jack off while I did the same thing. 'Holy shit', I mumbled as I heard the toilet flush and the sound of him washing his hands.

From where I stood I could see his muscled body framed in the bathroom light. 'Is it okay if I leave this light on?'

'Uh sure' I said.

'Cool' he replied and then nonchalantly just headed for and sat down on the bed. 'Come on man, let's give some hungry monsters and proper feedin'.'

'Sure', I stepped into the bedroom and handed him his smokes, which he tossed so they disappeared in the void between the wall and the other side of the bed. He playfully ripped open my robe and then slapped my ass before sliding to the far side of the bed and stretching into a reclining position. He looked up at me and smiled and patted the spot beside him.

'Com'mon bro, they're playing our song!' and with that he began to stroke his thick cock back into a state of taut alertness.

I slipped doown beside him and began working on my own dick afraid to look anymore at him. I felt his movements, slow but hard and even, and became further excited realizing that because of the bathroom light, if I looked I would have no problem seeing every detail of him jacking his meat.

'It's okay, man, you can look. Hell, I'm enjoying the fuck out of watching you.' He caught me by surprise. I turned my head to see him smile up at me and then focus on my hand rhythmically stroking my now very hard cock. 'Yeah, that's so hot man, so fuckin' hot.'

I could clearly see his hand right hand pull his foreskin around the head of his dick and smear freely flowing precum down it, and the small blue tattoo just above his black pubic hair. I watched his shaved balls bounce as his hand firmly slammed down on the base of his cock and ride back up to the top.

'Yeah man, do it, jack yourself off for me. I wanna watch you cum.' He scooted closer and wrapped his left leg around my right. He reached over and began to rub my thigh nearest him tickling the hair on it with his nails. 'Damn you are so hot', he said. He rolled over on his side facing me. 'I come a little closer man, can't I? I mean, its okay, right?'

I didn't get a chance to answer as he reached around and gently rolled me over on my side to face him, the head of our cocks touching each other, and him now looking directly in my eyes. 'Damn man, that feels so good.' He kept stroking his cock, and I mine, as he began to caress my upturned side. I looked down and watched as we stroked.

Almost to himself he murmured, 'You have such a great cock.' Then the hand that was stroking my side wrapped itself around the base on my hard on. He began to stroke it with me, stopping only long enough to take the hand from my cock and place it on his. He moaned as I gripped it and started to stroke it hard but gently. 'Now that's a dance buddy. Damn that's the kind of dance I needed.'

We stroked each other. Taking our time, we excited each other more and more with each definite stroke. He smiled and looked sweetly at me with those big blue eyes, then simply closed them, rolled his head over and kissed me gently on the mouth.

While surprised I easily returned the kiss, becoming enveloped in pure lust and igniting passion. We let our hands wander away from our throbbing cocks and begin to glide over each others bodies as we entwined our legs and pulled each other closer, kissing deeply and feeling each other's heaving bodies.

His chest hair intermingled with mine and I felt his dick harden more and push against mine as our bellies began to grind softly into each other. He ran his hand down my back, and moaned softly as I began to kneed the small of his back and bite tenderly on the nape of his neck.

We playfully fought for dominance, through kissing and touching. Finally, I let him roll me to my back and lay on top of me. He looked deep into my eyes and smiled and began to kiss down my body reaching up with his hands to kneed and stroke the flesh he had just kissed and then run his tongue down my torso. I groaned as he opened his mouth and allowed my throbbing cock in.

'Damn, suck me. Suck me' and he did, expertly using his spit, his lips and his tongue to blow my aching cock. The light from the bathroom gave me a perfect view of that handsome face and my throbbing dick piercing in and out of his mouth. I could feel the nape of his neck as I rubbed my hands through his close cropped hair and began to slowly fuck his eager mouth. He moaned and opened the back of his throat and accepted as much of the fullness as he could.

I could feel his stiff oozing dick against my leg as he sucked me. I watched him as he ran one hand down his ass cheek and placed a finger from the other hand in my mouth, which I in turned licked and sucked. As he moaned and squirmed while I face fucked him, then he removed his finger from my mouth and I watched him slide it slowly into his ass.

'Yeah, Buddy, that's it finger your ass while you suck me off.' I was losing control, and reached above my head for a bottle of liquid and without asking, squirted some into my hand and reached down to do my own finger fucking of his all too perfect ass.

He continued to blow me but eagerly guided my finger to his asshole. He stopped sucking only as I pushed in and penetrated him. Upon the entry of my finger I heard him expel all the air in his lungs. He allowed my cock to drop out of his mouth and looked up at me. 'Oh God, man, that feels so good. Stick it in deeper.'

I sat up and did my best to oblige him, stretching as much as possible and began to slide my finger in and out of his taught, perfect ass. He moaned with each thrust, pushing his hips back to get my finger farther in with each movement. He grabbed handfuls of my chest hair and climbed back up my body until his tongue, tasting of my precum, thrust back into my mouth almost as hungrily as he butt fucked my finger.

He wrapped himself around my body and rolled to the right, positioning himself on his back with his legs wrapped around my ass. He then grabbed my head and pushed it back so he could look me in the eyes. 'PLEASE, tell me you have a condom.'

I smiled, 'Just above your head'.

He sighed with relief and raised his hands above his head feeling desperately around the head board until he found the little basket that held a small pile of cellophane packages. He smiled and grabbed one, ripping it open with his teeth and pulling free the prophylactic in one movement. He scooted his body down and began to roll the condom over my hard on and jacked his hand up and down it a few times. I grabbed the bottle of slick liquid and poured, allowing him to cover my cock with the fluid as his raised his head up.

He whispered in my ear, 'Now fuck me. Fuck me until we both explode.' He raised his legs up and in air, holding his muscular thighs as far apart as he could. I held my dick at the base of the shaft and pressed the head at his desperately waiting hole. As I slowly entered he sucked in his breath until I had it halfway in.

'Wait. Wait.' He said, 'Hold a minute.' And I stopped not moving again. I could feel him relaxing as he let out his breath. 'It's so big and hard. Oh God, it feels so good.' He nodded his head and said 'Slowly, bro. Fuck me slowly'.

I eased it the rest of the way it until I knew he could feel my public hair at the top of his asshole, and then slowly eased back out to the head.

'Yessss', he hissed in pleasure and began to slowly bring his hips up to meet my thrusts. 'Give it to me.'

I could see in his face the pleasure my cock gave him as it plunged deeper into him. He looked at me and bit his lower lip as I pulled back and thrust it deliberately in again. He reached around and put his hands on my own ass and used it as a fulcrum to fuck me back.

It was my turn to groan, picking up the rhythm of my fucking and looking down to watch my cock piercing into his perfect mound. 'Oh yeah, man, damn yeah'

I could feel his body not only relax but being overcome with desire. He pushed his head deeper into the pillow and began to moan softly, 'Oh yeah...fuck me. Your cock feels so damn good'.

No longer holding them up, his strong legs bent at the knee and his heels began to rest on my ass cheeks, digging in and spurring me on. I kissed his mouth again and then pushed myself off his body with my arms so I was standing on my knees, and my thrusts got deeper and harder. I could hear the bed began to creak. I could sense him loosing control as he reached out his arms and began to twist up the bed covering with his fists.

'Give it to me harder, man', he begged and I began to fuck him in earnest. 'Yeah that's it. Plow me buddy, plow my ass. Fuck me! Fuck me like a man!'

I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and began to stroke it with the same rhythm I fucked his ass, plunging in deeper and harder with each thrust. 'Take my cock, man, take it all.'

'Yeah, do it,' he returned. 'Fuck me! Fuck my ass good!'

I pulled my hips back until my cock popped out of his ass and then shoved it right back in until my balls slapped against those perfectly muscled ass cheeks.

'Oh God, yes!' he cried loudly and gutturally as I had heard him do many times before. But this time his dick was not thrusting in and out of his girlfriend's dripping pussy, it was my dick fucking the ever living hell out of his ass and he was loving every hard, shiny inch of it. 'Yes, gimme that big dick!' He moaned as I had heard her do so many times. 'Gimme that dick!'

His was thrusting his ass on my cock now just as hard as I was pounding into it. The room echoed with the sound and smells of two men fucking their brains out. Balls slapping against ass, moans and grunts of two sweaty animals pounding away at each other, the head board smacking wildly against the wall.

I stroked his fat hard dick from tip to base, almost popping the head off as I pounded his ass. I could see my dick throb as I plunged it in again and again. I could finally see his face as he began to reach the point of orgasm. He mouth was open and is head tossed back, and from the sounds I heard I knew he was about to blow his load.

'Keep fucking me, dude. Please...don'' was all he could say and his legs began to tense. He stuck them straight up in the air and began to heave like an animal impaled by my thrusting hard on.

I knew the moment was about to arrive and it sent me into overdrive, pounding even deeper and harder into his ass than even I thought I could. 'Yes, buddy, yes. Let me fuck that sweet tight ass.'

'Do it, baby. DO it!' he screamed. He began to grunt and his legs stiffened at the knee, his legs towering in the air and his cock began to jerk in my thrusting hand. I pushed down on his belly with my hand and as I pulled my cock back from his butt to the head, I bent as quickly as I good, just enough to wrap my lips around him and finally taste the sweet tang of his dickhead.

'Oh my God!' he covered his hands with his face. 'Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!' And suddenly the guttural animal sounds I had heard coming from above my head were now coming from under my own thrusting cock. 'Ah, ah, I'm gonna...I've gotta...yyyyeeesssss....'

I pushed my head down as far as I could go on his cock without pulling mine from his ass, and sucked. I sucked in the force of his cum, semen filling my mouth and splashing back against my tongue. I continued to slam my balls against his ass, as I sucked ribbon after ribbon of white hot jism.

'Ah, ah, AAAHHHH' he screamed, doing his best to push his spurting dick further in my mouth and continue to take my hard dick up his ass at the same time. His body relaxed again and his legs buckled at the knee, pulling his hands away from his face, he pulled my mouth off his spent dick and kissed my mouth licking my tongue with his.

'Mother fucker.' He said with left over energy, and then began to drive his ass hard and fast against my thrusting cock. 'I'm gonna make you cum now, mother fucker, cum so hard your head will explode.'

Rolling me on my back and squatting in one motion, he began to ride my cock, pushing down so hard that my balls almost slid up his ass. He stared deep into my eyes with animal lust and gripped his hands at the base of my neck daring me with his eyes to stop fucking him until I came. The bed bucked. Our hips slammed together harder and wilder, our abs pulling tightly as I fucked his hole.

'Fuck me with that monster cock, fucker. Fuck me deep and hard.' And I did. The bed covering scrapped my knees and my ass cheeks mashed together as I flipped him back over and thrust my dick deeper in his ass than I had ever been able to go before. It was now my turn to start tensing up.

'You gonna cum for me hot stuff? Gonna cum in my ass for me, huh?' I nodded my head and began to feel my balls contract. I thrust in him on last deep time, and threw my head back. He pushed my hips away and forced my cock to pop out of that magnificent ass and ripped the condom off my swelled dick.

As the rubber ripped away, it was as though I had been freed and I howled as the first spurt of semen shot from my dick and streamed across his hairy belly leaving a trail across his chest, ending at his chin. Without a second to lose he grabbed my ass and shoved my cock into his mouth and sucked. As I shot the next ribbon across his tongue as he stuck his finger right up my ass and pushed.

'FUCK!' I screamed and unloaded a mouthful of jism into his hungry face, my body so racked with my own orgasm that white hot stars bolted in every direction around the room.

He moaned and swallowed and eagerly sucked more and more as a fountain of unending cum continued to spray out of my cock and down his throat. My ass bucked at his face and he moaned gratefully as I finished unloading. He stroked my cock and slid his head up and down it a few times, to get the last drops of semen from my dick.

'Mmmmmm', he moaned as he dropped his head away from my still hard cock. He looked at me and smiled gratefully, 'Now that was some close thunder'.



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