The wipers were rocking back and forth clearing the rain from the windshield almost in time with the beat of the music on the radio. I was sitting in the back of cab tapping my fingers on my legs and bouncing my head with better rhythm. The cabbie noticed my upbeat mood and asked if there as a special reason for it. "Nothing special", I replied, "just looking forward to a fun night out".

My girlfriend was out of town on business for a few nights and all my friends already had plans. I didn't feel like spending the night sitting in so I was heading downtown on my own to find some fun. Looking for something more then a casual spot I knew I wanted to go dancing. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans but not the kind like I would wear to the beach or running errands on Saturday morning. The black t-shirt was the overpriced kind that fits just right around your chest and biceps and designer jeans completed my attire. It was a simple casual look but one that still looks like you're to make an impression.

The cab made a left onto Market street and pulled over on the near corner for me to jump out. It didn't matter if you head up or down Market street, there were a bunch of bars, restaurants, and clubs in either direction. The rain had let up and I crossed the street and passed a couple of bars on my way to my destitination for the night. 

I was heading to place called Barracuda, known for it's great dancing and as a gay bar. It's not uncommon to see women in the place but there's not many. I was already feeling the dance in my step before I entered, I was ready to go. 

I was in Barracuda for about an hour having a great time. I had a few drinks, talked with a couple of guys and having a great time on the dance floor. One thing about being in a gay bar as opposed to a straight bar is people tend to have less hangups. There is a better vibe and people just seem to enjoy themselves a lot more freely. So when someone acts akwardly they really seem to stick out, and not in a good way. On this night Robby was the standout in the crowd.

In a placed packed with men drinking, dancing and having a great time naturally, Robby was an island unto himself. He wasn't really speaking to anyone and mostly standing alone desperately trying to look like he fit in. I did my best to avoid him because I was not about to let him ruin my night. I passed him a few times on my way to the bar to get a drink or just moving around the place. Just because he wasn't was I was looking for there was no reason to treat him like a leopard so I just gave a head nod as I past him but nothing more. Any normal person would taking my passing glance as just that and nothing more. But I guess when you're a fish out of water you'll take anything you get as a signal - to be weird.

I was on the dance floor moving to the music and really having a good time. There were a few good looking guys who made there way over to dance with me. Some people use dancing as a means to break the ice and some just enjoy dancing. It seemed the guys dancing with me that night were the latter. It didn't matter because we all were enjoying ourselves. 

The dance floor was crowed and every once in a while you get accidentally bumped into but that's to be expected. However, I was getting awkwardly knocked into and when I turned around it was Robby. I would just nod to acknowledge I knew it was an accident and then turn back to whoever else was in front of me. I would also casually move away to avoid his horrible dancing moves. 

There some guys dancing together where you knew this was just the foreplay for what was sure to come later for them. It was beyond two people hot for each other and grinding up on the other person like a dog in heat. There were guys using their dirty dancing as an erotic language between each other to express and embrace their sensuality. Don't mistake this as a slow and soft encounter between two people deeply in love. They might be but that is not the place for that kind encounter. These were sexy men who were skillful in their expression of hot passion for another person. It was super fucking hot. 

As more and more of these sexy pairings spread across the dance floor my good mood was beginning to be interrupted as I began to be increasingly bumped into. It was Robby. As the passion on the dance floor heated up and there was less room to move around Robby fixated his dance fever on me. I tried to elude him and although we never actually dancing together I could feel he was locked in on me.

There sexy men all around the dance floor enjoying a hot erotic time and I get some awkward, young, inexperienced, and annoying young stud-wanna-be fixating on me. I would rather have a diamond studded belt sander grind me than this guy. With few options I got off the dance floor to get a drink. Standing next to a couple of guys at the bar they began joking about my young puppy admirer on the dance floor. The all commented about how out of place he was and how awful he was out there. Amid all the jokes and comments one of them said to me, "All joking aside, one of the best fucks of his life is when he took a young pup like Robby and showed him a proper fucking. I'm not telling you what to do but it's something to consider." Then he gave me wink and huge smile. 

They all went back to mingling among themselves and stood at the bar gazing out over the dance floor. Robby was still out there by himself trying to fit in. At least he was trying. Everyone was focused on their own thing and not paying too much attention him. He was a fish out of water, just flopping around. I began to look closer at him and noticed he wasn't a bad looking guy. He was in decent shape. He was basically a good looking guy and he somewhat dressed decently, too. He wasn't a turning guy but definitely not an unattractive young man. Obviously, this was his first time in a gay bar and probably trying to pick up another guy. Although, he was way out of his league here I thought back to when I was his age. I didn't try anything this aggressive for my first time but you had to admire the guy for trying. I decided I would take the advice and show Robby a proper fucking. Not knowing what I was about to get myself into I finished my drink gave myself sort of an internal pep talk, "Here goes nothing!"

I made my way back to the middle of the dance floor where Robby was. Slithering through the writhing bodies I made as direct a line to him, as humanly possible. The whole time I never took my gaze off of him. Somewhere during my approach Robby noticed me, again, and his face lit up when I stopped right on top of him. Since the dance floor was so crowded it was not awkward for us to be so close to him. Starring at him I began dancing and introduced myself, "My name is Brian." That's when he first told me his name and jumped on my like a frat boy. "Slow down, big boy!" I shouted as placed both hands on his chest to give us some space. He looked at me and realized he was being to aggressive and just replied, "Oh, right" as he backed up.

Like a young puppy with too much energy he didn't mean any harm but he just doesn't know how to control himself. As we were dancing I asked if this was his first time? Robby tried to clarify my question asked if I meant here at the club? I chuckled and said, "OK, sure. Is this your first time here at Barracuda?". He knew by the way I laughed and restated my question what I was really asking him. For the first time Robby showed his acknowledgement of his total lack of experience - in a gay bar or with another man. He sheepishly looked at me and asked if it showed that much? He looked like because of his lack of experience it would mean I was no longer interested. I assured it was OK, he just needed to relax and I would lead.

Reassured by my acceptance of his lack of experience Robby again started grinding on me like a frat boy. Establishing some distance between us again I said, "You're going to need a lot work." Robby was influenced by all the dirty dancing going on all around us and just wanted to experience it himself even though he had no idea what to do. I smiled and started to lead my young pup. I stepped into him so our bodies were touch chest to chest. My right leg was positioned right between his legs and I raised leg until my thigh pressed against his groin. The exuberant young pup wrapped both hands around my ass to pull me in closer as he start his frat boy grind. I slapped his hands off my ass but kept my thigh against his balls. I didn't say anything but just shook my head no. 

I'm sure in his mind there was no difference between the way he was grinding on me and the way I was grinding on him. Trust me, there was a huge difference. Just happy to getting any kind of attention Robby dutifully obeyed and followed by lead. Keeping my hands off of his body Robby did the same. Rather than grind to just to make friction I was using my whole lower body in a different way than he did. I would lower my down Robby's body, dragging my groin along his thigh. Then I would stop pressing my groin against him but without losing contact arch my back a little sticking my ass out as I began rise back up. Dragging my groin back up his thigh until I pressed it back into him and down, again. The whole time keeping my right thigh pressed against his thigh.

I am not sure how long this initial dance went on for but it was for a while. There were moments when Robby got too excited and grabbed my body in way that didn't match what I was teaching him. I never said anything but I always just moved his hands off of me right way. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against using your hands, but this young pup had so much to learn we just need to stick the first part. His exuberance did not hinder his eagerness to learn so he just followed whatever I did. Eventually, he got the hang of moving his lower body in a seductive way.

I raised my hands above my head as he was starting dance with me and gave him a smile to acknowledge he was getting it. And the frat boy jumped at me, again, planting a kiss on me. To be honest, it is not what I expected but it was a good kiss. This time he realize his over eagerness and retreated a little with a sheepish grin. This time I just smiled and said it was ok as I pulled back into me and said, "That's what this dancing leads to when it's done right."

Our bodies were now connected together as we dancing like the other sexy dancers on the floor. Now as we were dancing together and sharing some kisses I placed his hands oh my hips as I had my hands placed against each side of his body. Again, his hands went right for my ass to grab my cheeks. This time I didn't correct him, there's only so much you can teach someone before you just have to accept them for who and what they are. I had a young guy who is inexperienced being with another man. He was only doing what he knew. By this point, I was starting to get a little hot and horny myself and there is nothing wrong with having another person wanting to devour your body. 

Realizing I was no longer giving corrections Robby's hands just starting exploring every part of my body he could reach. I was still leading our dancing by controlling what was happening with our lower bodies but I let him do whatever he wanted with his hands. What he lacked in his skills he made up for in his aggressiveness. By now Robby’s hand slid inside the waistband of my jeans and down my ass. I think he nearly came in his pants when he realized I was wearing a thong. It was time to move this party somewhere more private. I took his hand out of my jeans where his fingers where still in my ass crack, under the thong, and whispered in his ear, “I want to take you home with me.” If Robby didn’t come in his pants before I am certain he did at that point.

Robby and I hopped into a cab and headed back to my place. Away from the loud music and crowded dance floor I sensed some hesitation from him, as it was now just the two of us. I could understand being nervous if this was his first time but it seemed more than that was bothering. I was hoping to continue what we had going inside the bar in the back of the taxi but we just talked instead. I explained that it was ok to be nervous for his first gay experience. In disbelief to myself, I even told to channel his frat boy moves. Even though they were completely horrible I figured if he just acted like he did when he was with a girl he would be OK. That’s when the truth finally came out. Robby was a virgin! Not just with men but with women, too! His frat boy antics were so horrible because he didn’t really know what he was doing. At the ripe age of 23, mutual masturbation was as far as Robby reached in his sexual life. By the time he made this huge revelation to me we were at my apartment building. 

The taxi pulled away and disappeared as it turned at the corner leaving Robby and I standing alone in front of my building. Seeing that scared look on his face I gave a chance to ease his nerves and end the night. I explained I had a great time and enjoyed meeting him. If all of this was starting to be too much for him we can just stop here and there would no pressure for anything more. Then I stepped closer to him, close enough to whisper in his ear without leaning over. I slid my hand down to grab his crotch and told him, “but if you come upstairs with me right now, I will rock his world better than any fantasy he has ever had.” I walked over to open the lobby door and I paused to see what his decision would be. Watching the internal struggle play out on his face he quietly walked through the door I was holding open. Walking pass me I slapped his ass and chuckled, “this is going to be fun.” 

I opened the door to the apartment and let him walk in first. The elevator ride up must have reignited his passion because he immediately turned to kiss me as I closed the door. Before he reached my mouth I put my fingers on his lips and stopped him before he started. I explained that as a virgin he was not allowed to do anything that I didn’t tell him to do. I did not intend for this to be a dominant-sub encounter but I certainly was going to let him have any control in what was about to happen. His inexperience would cause him to rush through everything and neither of us would enjoy it that much. I was going to make sure he was fully aware of every sexual act at every moment we were together. I was going to teach him.

Robby immediately understood what I was saying and nodded his head in agreement without any words. I made him remove his shirt and stand in front of me. I put my hand on his bare chest and slowly let it slide down his body. I then started to walk around him dragging my hand slowly to inspect his body. I told him was going to teach him how to fuck like a man. Standing back in front of him I told him to reach out and grab crotch. I explained how I wanted him to massage my dick through my jeans. I did not stop his aggressive rubbing but we stood there for several minutes encouraging him to refine his technique. Eventually, he got it right as my cock started to get erect inside my pants. I told him to step closer and I began to play with his nipples. I kissed him and then bit his lower lip and squeezed his left nipple pulling down to the floor, telling him to get on his knees.

The obedient young man was kneeling before me starring at my erection. I instructed to him to unbutton my jeans and pull the zipper to reveal my erection under my thong. The jeans slid down to my knees and Robby kissed my cock through the thong. Then I instructed him to slide his thumbs up under my thong on both sides of my cock and then grab the waistband. He pulled the thong down until my cock popped out and hit him in the face. The waistband stopped just under my balls acting like a semi cock ring. I made Robby put the head of my cock on the tip of his tongue just to get use to it. I fully intended to have him suck on my 7 inches but I knew he would have to work up to it. I made Robby lick the head of my cock for several minutes. Feeling he was starting to get comfortable with the tip of my cock on his tongue I then let him use his tongue to slide down my shaft. At this point, Robby was only allowed to use his tongue. Moving up and down the bottom of my cock and then back and forth on the sides. I wanted him to pretend he was licking the seal of an envelope as he started get my whole dick wet with his saliva.

I had Robby getting pretty good using his tongue on my dick so it was now time to include my balls. I made him slide his tongue down to my right nut. He moved his tongue over it only until I made him include the left nut, too. He was holding my dick up with his left hand so he could reach both balls with his tongue. Getting them as wet as my dick I made him go back to the head. Now I instructed him to lick the top part of my shaft sliding his tongue to the head and then giving it a small pucker kiss with his lips. He repeated it several times before I had him start lower down my shaft. The longer strokes of his tongue were getting him ready to soon start sucking my dick. When Robby was comfortable with sliding his tongue from the base of the shaft up to the tip of my dick with a small kiss at the end I then introduced the next move. Now after the kiss he was not allowed to remove his lips from my dick. He had to then let my dick separate his lips as he slowly inserted the tip into his mouth. 

Starting at the base Robby ran his tongue up my shaft until it reached the tip of dick. Then he we would put both lips together and begin to push his mouth back onto my dick to let the head of enter his mouth. I had him working this move until he could get the rhythm of it before I had him start to take more of my cock into his mouth. By no means, was Robby mastering the skill of sucking cock but he was getting to a point where we both were enjoying it. 

Displaying a sense of overconfidence Robby one time took more of my cock into his mouth than he was ready for, which made him break the number one rule when giving head, do not use teeth! I pulled out of his mouth in a flash. With a bit of anger I grabbed my cock and slapped his face giving a stern verbal correction. Then I shoved my cock back into his mouth pushed as far back as possible. My cock wasn’t close to being deep throated but several thrusts did make him gag. I pulled out of his mouth and jacked my dick in his face until I had some pre-cum on the head and smeared it into his lips and cheek.

I had Robby stand up because I was going to show him how to properly suck a dick. He stood before me with his bare chest and reached for his cock through his pants. I asked him if he liked sucking my dick, which he emphatically said he did. However, his dick was not hard, in fact, it was quite limp. I did his pants and reached in to pull out his dick when I found out why he was so soft. Young Robby had already blown his load. My left hand had his jisim all over it. In disbelief, I chastised him for his lack of control and for missing out on the second half the cock sucking lesson.

Robby sheepishly shrugged his shoulders in embarrassment not knowing what to do. I commented how we would just have to move on to the next lesson. I reached back inside of his underwear getting more of his cum on my hand while at the same time pulling them down. I spun Robby around in place and bent him over the back of the couch. The two of us were standing with our pants around our knees, Robby with his limp dick and ass in the air and me with a hungry cock. I spread Robby’s cum on dick as lube and stepped behind him. I place on hand on his hip and the other around the head of my cock to guide it into his asshole. I got the head just inside when he jumped and stood up right. Not losing my position inside his tight hole I eased him back down. Robby was breathing super hard and I could feel the sweat on his entire body. I began to lightly pump into Robby’s ass but he was unable to take more the head. I pulled out of him as he collapsed from the relief. I removed the rest of my clothes and went to the bedroom get some real lube. I got Robby back into position bent over the couch as I spread the lube around his hole. I was generously spreading it in until my hand was just covered. I ran my middle finger down his crack and worked it into his ass. Robby jumped again but this time not as high. I could feel his cheeks clench around my finger. I was super rock hard with this complete virgin submitting to my whims. Slowly I worked his ass until I had three fingers inside of him. Without warning I stepped closer and replaced them with my cock. Robby’s body reacted immediately to having my swollen cock slipped inside of him. Straddling the border of pleasure and pain I coaxed Robby to just allow me to guide the action and I promised he would not get hurt. 

Mentally he agreed but his body had a more difficult time with the situation. I eventually got my entire dick into his ass but not without a ton of effort and patience. Once I had my balls pressed against Robby’s ass I took a moment to allow his body to adjust. Placing both hands around his hips I ever so slight began small thrust into him causing Robby to react. With Robby perched on the end of dick there was not a movement I could make that did not cause him buck wildly. No matter how gentle I tried to be I could not make it comfortable for him. I started to pull out but Robby stood up again, reached behind him and pulled my dick out his ass and then collapsed to the floor. 

I stood above Robby watching his completely spent body pant heavily on the floor. Pleased with himself he smiled and acknowledged that he was no longer a virgin. I smiled in agreement at young conquest. Robby was not sitting up with his back against the couch smiling at my naked body before him realizing that I had not come yet. He said he was done and not able to do anymore. I was jacking my cock and I letting him know there was nothing left for him to do but just watch me. I pumped my own cock until I shot my load into my own hand. Robby smiled as he watched me lick my own juice from hand. I knelt down to offer some to him and he licked the remaining cum from my hand.



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