One of my best friends growing up is Dan. He's a shorter guy, with a handsome face, somewhat athletic build, and a little on the hairy side. We used to hangout at his parents' hobby farm out in the country, all the time. We're not country boys, but it was always fun chasing emus and swinging from a giant rope in the big barn, into the piles of hay bails. They had some horses and a couple of milk cows as well. We all lived IN the city, but every Summer a few of us guys would go out to the farm and stay in the bungalow.

I won't mention all of the hours of guy talk we had, about girls, and sex. But one morning I woke up and went to use the bathroom. It's a big bathroom, so showers and toilet use were open necessities. They had a private toilet with a pocket style door, an open toilet next to the glass cased in shower, and a garden tub in the corner, with a privacy curtain. Strange to have so much going on, but the bungalow was designed as a getaway palce for Dan and his older brother, and whoever else they wanted to take with them.

I didn't realize anyone else was in the bathroom, but it was about 6:30, and only the second day of Summer, so I was still on my school sleep schedule. I had such a raging hardon, I had to sit down to pee. If you've never done it, it's kind of tricky. I was squatted, with my butt pressed against the back of the toilet basin, pushing my dick down, aiming against the glass bowl. I started the flow, and closed my eyes, enjoying the relief, when I heard a low moan come from the shower. I stopped peeing, and opened my eyes. I heard another low moan. It was obviously someone getting off, and I hurriedly started to pee again, so I could get out before they even knew I was in there. I was trying to make some noise, but there was no way I was going to be able to aim directly down to the water. I heard some heavy breathing, and a whispered "fuck"...It was Dan! I heard the shower door open a couple seconds later, and out walks Dan, with his huge boner sticking out in front of him. He had cum all in his bushy pubes and even some in his chest hair. He was reaching for the towel hanging by the shower, when he looked over and saw me.

I made the awkward smile face, and his eyes widened, as he quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. "Dude, how long were you here!?" I told him just a few minutes, but I didn't know he was in there. He was trying to adjust his dick inside the towel, and turned away for a couple seconds. "Fuck man, you should've made some noise." I was like, I'm trying to pee with a hardon, how much noise can I make? "Well, this is fucking great." I told him it was fine, and nothing I hadn't seen before. He got red, and I told him, I meant with myself. Like, I know what a hardon and cum look like. I finished and stood up, tucking my dick into my briefs, but it was bulging quite a bit. I pointed at the cum up his chest and abs. He wiped them into his hair and skin, and turned to wash himself at the sink. I was walking to the door, when he stopped me and asked not to tell anyone. I told him I would never, and that it's cool. He asked if I'd ever jacked off with anyone before, and I said no. He said since it's already awkward, if I wanted to jerk one off with him. I hadn't ever done it before, but I asked what he meant exactly. He said we could watch some porn and then jack off. It wasn't a gay thing, but it was just a moment to share with a friend. I agreed, since I was still really hard.

He got his phone out of his jeans that were on the floor, and pulled up a site with free porn. He started playing it, and turned the volume down low. He undid his towel, and sat on the edge of the garden tub, and motioned for me to sit by him. His dick was still really hard, and still had a lot of cum around the head and shaft, which he used as lube. I dropped my briefs and sat down next to him. He's left handed, so our arms were rubbing against each other, which kind of felt good actually. After a few minutes, we got a little more comfortable, and let our thighs touch each other. He was really moist, and after a few more minutes, our thighs were wet and rubbing loosely against each other. He was breathing heavy, and I could see his face getting red again. He glanced over and asked if I was alright, which I said yeah. I was surprised at how big his dick was, since he's a lot shorter than I am. He was really hairy down there too. His abs kept moving in and out, and I noticed how wet all his pubic hair and ab hair had gotten. It looked even darker now, and he looked a lot more developed than I'd remembered back in the day. He did the low moan that I had heard earlier, and whispered "I'm really close man." I nodded, and said me too.

He asked if he could cum on me. I said no, but he said it was kind of a bonding moment. I asked where he wanted to cum, and he said on my chest, which wasn't bad, since I'm not hairy, and I could easily wipe it up. I agreed, and he stood up and turned toward me. He moaned another "Fuck" and started to shoot cum on me. I was really weird, with cum hitting my chest, and it wasn't even mine. I was staring almost directly at his dick, and watched it pump up and down. Even his balls had moved, up closer to his body, and they were pretty big too. I got a whiff of sex in a warm wave, which made me cum too. I wasn't sure where to cum, so I just aimed up at myself, and came hard on my chest and abs. I almost fell back into the tub, as I came. It was so intense. Dan was looking down, watching me cum, into the mess of his own cum. He had a smirk on his face, and I closed my eyes to finish. I was breathing pretty heavy, too.

I opened my eyes, and Dan was still stroking his dick, as small drops of cum came out of his dick head and onto my chest. He nodded at me, and smiled. I smiled too. It felt like a real moment, like a bro moment. I got up, and he started to clean me off with his towel. "Thanks man. That felt great." I said I think so too. He went and started the shower, and motioned for me to go in. He was pulling on his underwear and jeans as I got in.

I finished showering and went out toward the room we all stayed in. Dan was in the kitchen making coffee, and looked back and nodded at me as I walked by. I smiled and went in to get some clean clothes. One of our other friends was stretching and casually asked about coffee. I said it was being made, and pulled a shirt on, and some shorts.

We spent the whole day outside, and did some yard work for Dan's parents. They had us landscape the front yard, and pull some rocks from behind the barn to line the dirt road that goes along their property. By the end of the day we were all exhausted and sweaty. The bathroom was a constant flow of guys in and out. All 8 of us had to shower, or bathe, and brush our teeth, etc. Everyone was talking about the day, and I was brushing my teeth in the mirror, and noticed Dan looking at me from over by the shower. He was toweling off, and he winked, and grabbed his dick quickly. We both laughed at our secret. I was taking my contacts out, and everyone had cleared the room, when Dan walked in, and asked if I wanted to hangout later, just us. I said sure, but wouldn't that look suspicious. He said no, and said that we would just go down to the basement and go through his Dad's record collection, and wait til everyone was for sure sleeping. I was really tired, but I liked that we were bonding more. I agreed and we went down to eat dinner at the main house.

After dinner a couple of the guys went right to bed, and a couple others went to the barn to swing and sit in the whirlpool on the back patio of the house. Dan and I went back to the bungalow, and down the back cellar stairs to the finished basement where his Dad had a man cave set up. We went through some records, and talked about how different music was now. He made a couple Miley jokes and we sat back on the couch. He put his fist up to knuck, and when I put my fist up, he grabbed it, and ran his finger down my wrist and forearm. He said he really wanted to try something else tonight, but didn't know how far I would go with him. I asked what he meant, and he said he wanted to give me a blowjob. He said he wasn't sure if he was gay, but he always wanted to try it, and since I was open with him this morning, he felt comfortable asking me. I'm always up for getting head, and I said sure, but no one could know. He scoffed at me, "hell no man. This is just us being cool with each other." I asked where he wanted to do it, and he said "right here." I said ok.

He got up and knelt in front of me. I looked over my shoulder, as he undid my button fly and pulled my pants down. He spread my legs, and pulled at them, for me to slouch lower on the couch. I did, and he leaned forward and started playing with my balls, while he put my dick in his mouth. I leaned back and closed my eyes. It felt really good, and I hadn't had a blow job in awhile. I kind of thought that he had done this before, because he knew just what to do with his tongue, and fingers. He was kneading my balls, lightly, and slowly sliding his wet lips up and down my shaft, while flicking his tongue around my head. I sighed loudly, and I didn't care at that moment about how good it felt to have a guy sucking me off. He got up and took his shirt off, and pushed his sweat pants down. He had a hardon as well, and it sprang to life in front of me. I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do, but I didn't want to give him head. He got back down, and started to work his mouth over my dick again.

He kept running his hands up and down the insides of my legs, and around the outside, up my sides, to my shirt hem. He was pushing my shirt up, and playing with my belly button, which kind of tickled. He popped his head up and said sorry, with a grin. I said it was ok. He asked if I would let him rim me. I asked what that was and he said to lick around my ass hole, and he promised it felt really good. I had never had it happen before, and I said ok, but that it was kind of hairy. He laughed and said it was ok. He pushed my legs up, and led me to turn on my side. He spread my cheeks, which felt weird, and then I felt him start to lick around my hole. I was uncomfortable at first, but after a while, I relaxed, and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I'd ever had. I felt this warm sensation all around my crotch and ass. Completely weird. Dan kept flicking his tongue into my hole (literally). It was almost like he wanted to be in there, and my ass responded naturally by opening up more. He had his lips puckered or something, cause I could feel him almost kissing around the inside of my ass hole. He started to moan, which made a vibration feel all around my ass. It felt awesome! I could feel my dick bobbing up and down like it was going to blow, and Dan grabbed it with his hand and started stroking me, while he was kissing around my hole.

I let out a low moan, into the seat of the couch, and felt myself explode with cum. I didn't even care if I got any on my clothes. I just let myself cum wherever it was aimed at. Dan was tongue fucking me while I came, and moaning, cauing the vibration throughout my ass. I could hardly handle it. I had never in my life, had an orgasm like that. I felt Dan move up and let go of my dick. My ass was gaping for him to keep kissing me, and I didn't try and stop it. I felt him press against my hole again, but this time, he forced it open wider. It stung badly for a minute, and I turned to see what he was doing, as I watched him put his dick in me! I was about the protest, but he said " me man." I stopped myself and watched (almost in horror) as he slid himself inside of me.

The sting went away, and as he rubbed his hands up and down my ass and lower back, almost in a reassuring manner, he slid himself almost all the way in. I could see him push in, and just a little bit of his shaft was showing, with all his thick pubes, tickling my soft ass skin. I was really curious as to why this didn't hurt. I had never done this before. Maybe it was the fact that he was massaging my lower back and ass, which made me relaxed, or maybe it really was the trust I had for him. He was slowly sliding out, and pushing back in. It felt amazing. I could almost have cum again, except I stopped myself. He did this for a little while, all the while rubbing his hands down my lower back and ass. I turned and rested against the seat of the couch, and just let myself relax completely. He was whispering to me, and assuring me I would be ok, and how good it felt being in me like this. I felt a rush of emotion, like I had feelings for him. I was really confused and wanted it to stop, but at the same time, I wanted him to keep going. He ran his hands all the way up under my shirt, and cupped my chest, sliding his hands around my nipples, and back down my ribcage. I felt him kiss along my spine, which felt good too. I spread my legs open a little bit, and felt him bumping agianst my prostate. I knew he was at that spot, because my dick would bounce every time he bumped against it. I let out a moan, and he giggled a little, kissing my back. I reached behind, and took his hand. It was a weird instinctive move, but he caressed the inside of my palm with his fingers.

I wasn't sure how long we had been doing this, but I felt Dan hunch over me, and he hugged me from behind. I felt his dick bobbing inside me, which made me almost cum again. His head was resting against my back, and in a soft voice he said "If you're ok with it. I'm close. I want to cum inside you." I instinctively said yes, and wondered why I was so open about all this. I had had girlfriends in the past, and I had never in a million years thought about Dan in a sexual way. We'd always been besties and I guess this was just something I felt ok with. He kissed my back again, and got up, pressing his hands against my lower back, and started to slide in and out quickly. He was breathing heavy again, and letting low moans out repeatedly. I started to cum, and just let myself go, with a low moan. My dick was throbbing while I shot my load, and then I felt Dan fall against me, and a warm wave shoot through my entire insides. His dick was moving up and down inside, and I knew he was shooting his load in me. I relaxed my body, feeling a soft caress against my sides as he ran his finger tips up and down. "Mmm....fuck."

He kissed my back again, and ran his hands completely down the sides of my body. I felt him get up and slowly start to pull out. My ass was clinging against him, as he slid his head out, and I heard a little swishy noise come out. He patted my ass, and got up and helped me off the couch. He looked down and grinned, "So you came too?" I said yeah, as I felt my face flush. He reached down, and worked his fist down my shaft, draining the last of my load out of my dick head. He was already going soft, and I saw how wet he looked. I wondered what was going to happen with his load in me. I pulled my briefs and jeans back up, and tucked myself in. We cleaned up our mess, and Dan got some bleach wipes out for the couch, and the tiled floor. We periodically made eye contact and then would bust out laughing. My ass felt loose and wet, and I was hoping it wouldn't leak out and wet my jeans. I was walking up the stairs and felt Dan grab at my ass. I laughed out loud, cause it was the oddest feeling. I couldn't believe I had gone all the way with him, and I wasn't sure what this meant for our friendship or if this meant I was gay. It was confusing, amusing, lovely, and awkward all at the same time.

We went back upstairs and Dan got some chips and Coke out, and started the Avengers. No one else was up, but we still were careful not to be too cozy with each other. He kept telling me how awesome it felt to have that moment with me, or how great it felt to be in me, and knowing he was the only one. I really felt like he had done that before, but he kept telling me it was his first time. I told him it felt like I was leaking in my ass, so I got up to go to the bathroom. He went with me, and I sat down on the toilet while he was by the sink. He asked if anything was happening and I said it felt like I was draining out my ass.

He came over and asked if he could see. I said sure, and got up and leaned forward. He spread my cheeks, and I felt him probing around my hole, and he even put his finger in me. "Man, that's so awesome. That's my load in you." I got embarrassed and made him promise he would never tell anyone. He promised and gave me another pat. I sat back down, and waited a few minutes, and wiped myself off. He opened the door, and we went back out to finish the movie.

During the rest of the 3 weeks we were there, Dan had sex with me a couple of dozen more times. Each time he got more and more aggressive, and by the end we were full on making out during the process. I did develop feelings for him, but in more of a bro type feeling. We constantly texted and snapchatted, often making sexual videos or sending each other our hardons and cumshots. We ended up both getting accepted into the same college, but had different roommates. We hooked up a few times during freshman year, and Dan enrolled in the military.

He's been gone for a year, and we facetime when he can. I have a girlfriend, and he knows about her. I have frequent sex with her, but I told him he's the only guy I'd ever done anything with, and the only guy I'd ever had feelings for. He said in his heart I'm his, but he understands me being with someone else, while he's away. I'm not sure what will happen when he gets out of the military, but it's one of the closest romantic/non romantic relationships of my life. I wouldn't trade him for anything, and even though I don't consider myself gay, the emotional connection I have with Dan is incomparable to anything else I've experienced. I'm really torn about my feelings, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this. If anyone else knows how this feels, enlighten me. It feels like a piece of my heart is missing, but I find fulfillment in being here too. Idk




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