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Damon laid me on his big, soft bed. I was tired, but the way he treated me made my rod stand up like a flagpole. His eyes raked down my body, and I felt my heart speed up. I looked up at him, innocence in my eyes. In my peripheral vision, I saw him tenting, and I knew that the small size of my body, compared to him, the youthful, inexperienced look on my face, was getting him just as hot as I was.

I licked my lips nervously, and asked, “Are you going to…do things to me?”

A lustful shiver ran through him, and he nodded. “Oh, yeah. I’m going to do so many things to that tight little body.”

He began to strip himself. He did it slowly, moving with grace, giving me a show I would kill for. In moments, long, painful moments, he was completely naked, standing by the bed. I stared at him, drooling over his perfection, seeing him bare for the very first time. He stood tall, displaying his muscular, slightly furry chest, with hard, dusky nipples that pointed straight out. It moved in and out rapidly as he tried to breathe. His stomach was flat, layered with cobblestone abs, and he had a dark treasure trail that led down to…Oh. My. God.

His dick was absolutely gorgeous. It was the biggest, most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. It was at least ten inches long, and the shaft was as thick around as my fist, getting even thicker at the base. It was slightly darker than the rest of his body, and stood proudly against his belly. The uncovered head was a rosy color, and looked swollen and painful. I was completely convinced now that he was a god; there was no way a human could be so beautiful. I also realized that I was drooling.

Unconsciously, I licked my lips. I imagined what it would feel like, taking it in my mouth, putting the hard, throbbing organ between my sensitive lips, and I think I almost came in my pants. His hairless balls were almost the size of plums, and hung low. I wanted to admire his thick thighs and legs, but couldn’t tear my gaze away from his package.

Slowly, he leaned over me and began unbuttoning my shirt. I suddenly felt self-conscious, with that flawless example of pure, unadulterated manhood. I looked into his eyes, mine filled with fear and lust.

He wanted me; I could tell that much without speaking to him. It didn’t completely put an end to my reluctance, but I didn’t resist as he slid the shirt off of my body. He lifted me up with one hand behind my back, sliding the fabric off of my shoulders, down my arms. Somehow, the situation I was in seemed to make every sensation amplified, and I heard myself gasp.

From the look in Damon’s eyes, I thought that he would tear the rest of my clothes off of me and ravage me without any more hesitation. Still, with an amount of control that I didn’t think was possible, he finished undressing me, pants, underwear, and all, until I was completely naked in front of him for the second time ever.

I was so excited, I was panting. I thought I might hyperventilate. It was impossible to look away from Damon’s face; he had never broken eye contact while he undressed me. I expected him to smile at me, but he was too turned on to have any other expression than a dazed, lustful need.

“Just lay back,” he said soothingly, though his voice was strained. “I’ll take care of you. Just stay still.” As soon as he started moving, I knew it would be impossible.

First, he buried his face in my hair. With his lips, and with his hands, he started from my scalp and kissed and licked and gently massaged me everywhere. He made his way down to my face, and kissed me all over; my eyelids first, then my nose, then a deep, passionate kiss on my mouth. He sucked on my tongue so hard that I wasn’t sure I would keep it. I managed to stay quiet until he slid his hot, wet tongue along the base of my neck, leaving a trail of pure ecstasy in its wake. After that, I couldn’t stop making noise.

The only time he slowed down was to take a detour at my nipples. He sucked and bit and pinched each one, worshipping them like two little priceless jewels. It was the first time my nipples had ever been played with, and I thrust my twitching, dripping cock into the air at the new sensation. I threw my arms around his shoulders and hung on as if my life depended on it, pushing my chest impossibly closer to him. My lover giggled around my nipple, his lips vibrating, and I almost screamed in pleasure.

I was writhing and shaking by the time he began to leisurely lick the arches of my feet. He had put his mouth on every inch of me, from my face to my toes…except for my cock and my balls. He had reduced me to begging. “Damon…Oh God, Damon, please…I’ll die if you don’t touch me…”

Half-mad from the painful ache between my legs, I started to reach down, to stroke myself, when I felt a big, strong hand grip my wrist. “Not yet,” I heard. “Trust me, I’ll make it worth your wait.”

I almost started crying, but did as he said, and kept my hand away. I had edged myself a little before, but my own meager jerk sessions had never given me anything like this. My balls felt heavier than they had ever been, like they would be impossible to lift, even for Damon, for all his muscle.

The stud held one of my calves in each hand, and pulled them up to my chest. He had me hold them back as he started to run his fingers along my hips, down and around to my ass. It was so slow that I had to bite my lip to keep from cursing at him. I heard a desperate, frantic whimper, and realized that it was from me.

Damon slid his tongue slowly around each cheek, giving me goosebumps. He lapped at me until I whimpered again, then put firm bites all over, sucking, marking me. I shouted at him to hurry up; I was dying. I felt like a breeze would make my dick explode like a missile on steroids. I didn’t mean to sound so irritated, but it was frustrating, having never felt torture quite like this. He saw through the anger, though, and managed to force out a dark, hungry laugh.

He pulled my cheeks apart, and his tongue grew closer and closer to my rosebud. I just gave up when his tongue moved like a feather across my hole. I realized that no matter what I screamed or shouted, no matter how much I whimpered, he would take his time. I just kept reminding him, saying, “Please, please, please…” in a monotone. My mind, I thought, was lost to the unbearable torture, and the waves of agonized euphoria that crashed into me without mercy.

Suddenly, he brought me back to life, thrusting his thick, velvety tongue in my hole. I was barely able to get my forearm into my mouth to suppress my cry. God, I had been missing out. He didn’t take his tongue out, but wiggled it around inside me, making me contract my ass muscles. He ate me out for a while, while I couldn’t even think of forming words to tell him how I felt. I looked down my body to him, and gaped. My dick had gotten bigger than it had ever been, at around eight inches, and it had literally turned purple. PURPLE.

“Damon, oh God, I will do anything for you, please, please just end it! Ahh!!!”

He took his tongue out of my hole and spoke to me. “We’re almost there, Kiddo. Just hang in there. You’re going to cum harder than you ever have in your life!”

He brought some lube out of his drawer, and squirted it on my ass. It was cold as it ran down my crack like ice water. He put some on his fingers to, then said, “Relax. This’ll feel great in a sec.” Then slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed one slippery finger into me.

His finger was big, huge, in fact. It felt weird, foreign, and it hurt a little and felt good at the same time. I stared up at him as he stared at my ass, concentration on his face. “Shit,” I breathed.

He looked up at me, gasping for air, and smiled. “You’re so fucking tight,” he whispered reverently. Then he proceeded to slowly finger-fuck me, letting me adjust to the size. The pain slowly faded, and I started to moan again. He added another wet, oily finger, and the process started all over again.

When I started humping my ass back at him, he decided that it was time for the final stage. His cock was leaking pre-cum like a faucet, even more than mine, and didn’t require any lube. He slid it up and down my crack, teasing me, until I begged him to put it in. I begged like I had been doing this all my life, with phrases I wasn’t even sure were legitimate.

“Look at me, Kiddo,” he finally said, albeit hoarsely, ceasing all movement. I forced myself to work through the haze of lust and meet his eyes.

“If it gets to be too much,” he murmured, brushing the hair back from my sweaty forehead, “you need to let me know, and I’ll stop. All right?”

I nodded; I would have agreed to anything if he had just gotten me off.

He gripped my hips to steady himself. I saw a cloudy look in his eyes, and I realized that he needed this just as much as I did. He looked like he was dying, he needed this so much. I couldn’t see his huge cock, but I would’ve bet money that I wasn’t the only one who had turned purple.

Pain lit up my world. Multicolored explosions blew before my eyes, making me buck. Something held me down, though, and I couldn’t move my hips. I screamed, and the feeling receded a little.

“No,” I growled. “Keep going.” The pain was awakening something primal in me, something that didn’t care how much it hurt or damaged me. I had to have his cock in my ass; it had become a necessity, even if it killed me.

He took my hand and held it. I squeezed it, though his grip stayed firm yet tender. He watched me closely, searching for a signal to stop as he tried again. I felt his slippery cockhead against my hole. The pressure gradually increased, until it felt like he was stabbing me with a knife. I felt tears intermingled with sweat running down my face in salty streams, barely able to keep my eyes open to see him.



My nails gouged his hand, and he frowned a little, but didn’t stop. Finally, I felt a pop!, and the pain went down a little.

“That was the hard part,” he said softly, bringing my hand to his mouth and kissing sweetly.

Deliberately, Damon continued to push every inch inside of me. It wasn’t quite as bad as the head had been, but I was still crying. I could feel him opening up places inside me that had never been inhabited. Somehow, through the pain, it almost felt like a holy act, something that had never been done.

It was agony, but suddenly, my world exploded again, in ecstasy this time. Damon had rubbed against something so absolutely sensitive and wonderful, I was surprised not to blow my load right then. I gasped, and said something like, “Holy fucking shit that’s so damn good!”

He made a breathy, panting, chuckling sound, staring blindly up at the ceiling to try and fight his arousal, to make it last. He started pumping, using slow, strong thrusts, trying not to hurt me. The pain in my ass was quickly fading, overwhelmed by the feeling of being filled by him, his dick rubbing up against my prostate like a bow against a priceless violin.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, Damon leaned in close, never stopping the rhythmic plunging, pulling out to the head, then pushing all ten glorious inches into me. His lips locked onto mine desperately, needing to explore, to dominate, to share and love and give.

“God, so fucking tight,” I heard, in my man’s deep, powerful voice, when we pulled away. The fact that I was reciprocating this intense feeling made it a hundred times more powerful for me.

He warned me suddenly, as his hips rocked faster. “I’m…I’m going to…”

“Do it!!!” I screamed wildly, needing to feel him cum inside me. Nothing else mattered at that moment, except for making sure that he pumped his hot seed into my tight, virgin ass.

I could feel his cock swell inside me, then he came…and came…and came. I could feel him filling me, flooding me, pouring down my legs and soaking into the silk sheets. He never stopped pumping, going in over and over. He whined like a dog, grunting as if in pain; the sensations were too much for him, but he wanted to make me cum.

When he saw that I was on the edge, he kissed me deeply, and said, “I love you, Matthew.”

In that moment, I felt so cherished, and so wanted, that I couldn’t help but whisper, “Thank you.”

His hard abs rubbed up against my tortured cock, and I went completely over the edge, into the abyss. I felt my penis throb and swell up even more. My vision wavered at the edges and went dark, and I distinctly remember that I didn’t move or make sound. I felt like I couldn’t; the sensation was so overpowering. It went on for so long, I seriously thought that it might kill me. I would just fade away in this ecstasy; it was the best way to die that I could think of.

When the world finally, slowly swam back into focus, my ears were ringing, my body twitched, and I was finding it hard to stay conscious. I realized I had shot cum up, up, and over my head, hitting the wall behind us.

Damon was on top of me, balancing on his fists to keep from falling on me. His arms were trembling from the weight. I shifted to my right, though every movement was an effort, until he could fall without crushing me. He wrapped me in his big, firm arms, a satiated, peaceful look on his face.

“Mmm,” I said, burying my face against his furry chest, breathing in his addictive musk.

“Mmm,” he agreed.

We fell asleep like that. He was right; it was worth waiting for.




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