Chapter 1: Driving with Daddy

Once a week on a Thursday evening it had been a similar routine for a while and yet it had not become boring for Carl. The thrill and the excitement of the public exposure and feeling of humiliation there in Daddies car, Carl a 19 year old frisky lad and Daddy Frank a dirty minded old bugger for whom Carl had become very fond.

Frank was not Carl’s real Dad and certainly no oil painting. Yet his masculine energy and regular appearance was a major turn on for Carl, the large stocky build, the thinning hair the glasses and the rather large belly that hung over his trousers.

 In every way Frank just looked like an average and very ordinary Dad in his 50’s.

Frank would pull up at the bus stop where Carl would be stood waiting wearing a tracksuit a thick gold chain and white trainers and looking like the Chav lad that he was. Carl would open the door to the car and sit on the passenger seat before the car pulled away without so much as a hello or any kind of greeting.

Once the car was in motion Carl would slip his tracksuit bottoms and underpants down to his ankles and over his trainers before doing up his seat belt. In the warmer summer months he would remove any upper clothing too so that he was sat fully naked with the exception of his gold chain socks and trainers.

Ron would be dressed in the same usual bland attire that suggested he was a man that never gave much attention to what was fashionable, more about comfort.

The journey would begin by taking the third exit off the round about that filtered on to the motorway. Once the car had picked up speed Frank’s large hand would reach over from the gear stick and slap Carl’s bare thigh firmly and give it a good grab and a firm rub. His palm would strike his thigh again before lingering and edging further up, his fat fingers nudging against his scrotum.

Carl would shave his balls and trim any other pubic hair short the morning before they was due to meet as Frank preferred it looking and feeling that way. Frank’s hand would grab grope and pull at Carl’s smooth nuts as he kept his attention on the road ahead, and Carl would gasp and groan his approval aware that any high sighted vehicles would get an eyeful of Frank’s hand on his equipment.

Carl’s youthful pecker would quickly stiffen and stand proud and rock hard as Frank’s hand continued to fondle his balls roughly. The feeling of being so exposed and so out of control in his presents brought an adrenaline rush that added to Carl’s arousal as a steady flow of pre cum quickly ensued.

Carl loved sitting there watching Frank’s hand and willing him to touch his achingly hard dick. The feel of the veins throbbing and pulsating as blood pumped into the shaft and the look of Frank’s chubby hand still groping and tugging at his ball sack.

Eventually his hand would move on to Carl’s stiff prick making him gasp and groan

 “You’re a horny young scamp today aren’t you” he would always comment feeling just how rigid he had made Carl by his actions.

 “Bet you like fat dirty old men like me touching you don’t you”

 Frank’s own self admission at being a dirty old man was always enough to drive Carl wild and he would whimper his response

 “Yeah I sure do”

 “A pervy old bastard like me touching and rubbing your stiff hard penis”

 “Oh yeah” Carl would respond, the dirty words adding to the sensation of Frank stroking his dick.

Frank knew when Carl was close, and purposefully he would get Carl real close, right on the frigging edge and then... stop. He would pull his hand away instantaneously leaving Carl squirming in his seat as his load threatened to shoot.

 “Don’t you fucking dare” Frank would warn him

 “I am not fucking done with you yet sonny boy”.

It was then he would take his eyes off the road for an instant and give Carl an austere glare that suggested Carl would be in trouble if he disobeyed him, but Carl had no intention of doing that, and as he huffed and puffed he would feel the feeling of the orgasm subside before any ejaculate was released.

“There’s a good lad. Keep doing what Daddy tells you and we will be good, understand?”

 Carl understood perfectly and was like putty in his hands ready to bend to his whim or passing desires.

With his young passenger horned up and hard Frank would sometimes pull off the motorway to a rest stop that was located up a long narrow road and behind a mass of trees and hedges. He would pull over to the far side of the parking lot where inevitably other cars and sometimes vans and trucks would be parked.

“Open your door” Frank ordered one evening after they had parked up.

 Carl obeyed and opened the passenger door wide open as his pecker stood like a flag mast, there sat with his safety belt still in place, his tracksuit bottoms and underpants still at his feet.

A fellow driver got out of a sporty red car, a young dark haired guy wearing dark shorts and a white vest and numerous tattoos covering his muscular arms. He must have been in his mid 20’s and rather good looking and fit.

The tall stranger took big strides as he walked with a swagger in his step and pulled a cigarette from behind his ear as he approached the open car door.

“You gotta light there mate?” He asked in a deep voice as he looked down at Carl’s crutch and then over towards Frank with the cigarette now perched, hanging at his pursed lips

 “Sure” Frank replied rummaging around and pulling a lighter from his trouser pocket.

 Frank held it up over the central arm rest and flicked the switch to get the flame and the guy leaned forward, his hand reaching down and resting on Carl’s bare upper thigh as the tip of the cigarette reached the lighter.

 The guy puffed causing plumes of smoke to release in the car and suddenly his hand was on Carl’s stiff prick.

He edged back a little, his hand still grasping Carl’s erection

 “Fucking nice cock you got there mate, you don’t mind if I have a quick play with your buddy do you mate?”

 Frank grinned as he looked down at the stranger slowly wanking Carl

 “No problem, fucking go for it, I think he is enjoying it” Frank said looking up at the strangers handsome face

“Mm I reckon he is too, getting me fucking well boned up too mate” the stranger replied

Frank looked at the strangers hand and then up at Carl

 “Why don’t you be a good lad and return the favour”

The stranger lifted the fabric at the leg of his shorts with his free hand exposing his long hard dick and Carl reached out and grabbed hold of it.

“Fuck yeah looks good” Frank groaned watching intently as the pair wanked each other with firm grips

“You gonna join us mate?” the stranger asked looking at Frank

“Nah you’re alright mate, I am happy enough just watching the both of you”

“Sure, whatever floats ya boat, but I can suck you off if you like, no reciprocation required like” the stranger offered

It dawned on Carl that he was not the only young guy into older men and wondered who this athletic good looking guy was more into, him or Frank. Not that it mattered really.

The stranger lowered his head and Carl released the grip on his cock as the stranger’s warm mouth wrapped around his bell end before sliding down to his nut sack making Carl grind his hips forward.

 “Fucking hell yeah” Carl groaned closing his eyes for a moment and then turning to look at Frank

“Go on fucking suck that cock” Frank said with a guttural sound to his voice that suggested he was enjoying the show being performed for him in his car.

The strangers head bobbed up and down as he slobbered and drawled and all the while tossing himself off in a frenzied fashion.

The stranger’s head pulled up off Carl’s aching cock that was now coated in a glossy sheen of spittle

“Fuck I am seriously close mate, you sure I can’t blow you too, fucking it would really get me off big time” The stranger said with a real eagerness in his voice.

Carl looked at Frank wondering if he would deny the handsome young stranger and could see him thinking about it

“Get the fuck over here then, but no fucking dragging teeth”

 The guy scurried around to the other side of the car and Carl watched as Frank unzipped.

In all their meetings Carl had never witnessed Frank’s cock hard before, he just got the impression that Frank was not up for that otherwise he would have probably bloody asked himself. Now Carl watched as Frank opened the driver’s side door and pulled his own impressively fat member free of his open zipper.

“Fucking hell” the stranger said as he crouched down and handled the slab of thick firm moist meat

 “Get your fucking shorts off” Frank ordered in his usual no mess blunt manner

 The guy let go of Frank’s cock and pushed his shorts down and pulled them off over his trainers before resuming the position with his hand on Frank’s fat sticky prick.

 “Well you just gonna look at it or blimming what?” Frank questioned

The stranger opened his mouth as wide as he could and Frank grabbed hold of the guy’s bollocks and pulled hard.

“Nice set of gonads you got there” Frank said loudly as the guy winced and groaned as he struggled to get the thick girth in his mouth and cope with the discomfort of his bollocks being tugged.

Frank grabbed at the guys cock and began to pull on it as he got sucked enthusiastically until the distinct groans could soon be heard over the strangers gagging.

“You going to cum for Daddy are you?” Frank asked

The stranger pulled his head up and gasped loudly as Frank continued to toss him off

“Yes please, make me cum for you Daddy” the stranger pleaded as his face contorted

An eruption of spunk shot all the way up Frank’s arm as the guy gasped groaned and pleaded

 “Yes Daddy, yes Daddy, yes make me cum for you please Daddy!”

The stranger’s masculine manly persona ebbed away with his pathetic whimpers as he melted into Frank’s firm grip

“Ah, ah, ah thank you Daddy, ah thank you Daddy, oh yeah thank you Daddy” the stranger repeated like a mantra as the last dribbles were squeezed and drained forcefully from his long cock.

The stranger gasped as Frank pushed his own cock away and within moments the guy had grabbed his shorts from the ground and departed, yet the evening was not over yet. The act had caught the attention of another bystander.

An old geezer with grey hair and a bushy white moustache and sideburns wearing a long grey trench coat and chequered flat cap stepped away from his parked car and began to walk over towards the pair. Frank reached over and began to stroke Carl once more, this time slowly and steadily, wanting to draw the man’s attention.

The old gentleman walked passed slowly, his head turning as he got a good eye full and kept walking

 “Looks like he likes what he sees” Frank said looking towards the man who had walked passed but had turned his head to look back.

Frank smiled at him and gave him a nod and the man slowed his walking pace before stopping and turning.

 “He is coming back for another look” Frank said still looking at the old man as his hand continued to slowly work up and down Carl’s stiff flesh rod.

True to Frank’s statement the man looked around before making his way back and slowing as he got closer to the open car door, his gaze fixing on Frank’s hand as he stroked Carl’s erection. Frank released his grip and with the palm of his hand gives the underside of Carl’s cock head a gentle slap making it bounce up and down.

The old geezer hesitantly steps a little closer and Carl guessed he must be in his 70’s. He has one hand beneath his trench coat out of sight no doubt having a bit of a rub as he eyes Carl curiously, a young piece of horny bait, fully exposed and fully aroused.

Carl sees the old geezer look at Frank and whatever Frank does encourages him to step closer and reach out his hand. Carl feels the old man’s hand wrap around his cock and he lets out a gasp, another complete stranger gripping his hardness out in a public, the elderly gentleman’s nervously quivering hand stroking him as he crouches down to get a closer inspection.

“Bet you fucking love that don’t you” Frank whispers in Carl’s ear

 “Some dirty old codger cunt old enough to be your granddad stroking your knob” Frank adds his voice sounding excited.

 Of course Frank can see the pleasure expressed all over Carl’s youthful face, the feeling of being used that comes from being groped by any passing stranger at the rest stop, the allure that comes from the touch from numerous unknown men of various ages and looks with no discrimination, just the opportunity of a fondling hand.

Carl felt the zipper of his track suit top being pulled down by Frank as his smooth lean torso is exposed and then the feeling of Frank’s fingers rubbing his pert nipples.

“You’re such a dirty little bugger” Frank growled into Carl’s ear as Carl closed his eyes tightly.

The wonderful sensation of the old geezer stroking his throbbing cock and Frank caressing his nipples as he whispered to him, of course Carl was a dirty little bugger and he suspected that was part of the attraction for Frank, his willingness to allow his body to be explored by anyone in anyway.

“Touch the old guy’s dick” Frank encouraged Carl with another whisper unheard by the stranger

Carl reached out and slipped his hand beneath the grey trench coat and immediately his hand came into contact with the blokes erect prick that was pulled out through his trouser zipper.

“Oh yeah, you feel that lad, is grand pops all boned up under there is he?” Frank asked with his warm moist lips against Carl’s ear, his breathing laboured and aroused

 “Yeah he is” Carl replies breathlessly, his fingers feeling the loose spout of wrinkled excess foreskin that hangs over the head, a pliable piece of skin that Carl is able to stretch over his finger to the pool of fluid beneath.

“Grand pops willy all hard in your curious hand, bet he loves the feel of your youthful hand gripping him there” Frank continues as the old man’s body quivers and he lets out a deep groan of pleasure.

“I think he is going to cum pretty quick. Tell you what, why don’t you suck him off, bet pops would love you doing that don’t you” Frank ads knowing the planting of the seeds is enough to bring the act to fruition

Carl lurches forward as he pulls the erect cock free from the trench coat and before the elderly man can object Carl’s mouth has engulfed his cock. The man groans as his thighs shake and Carl feels the man’s hands grab the back of his head as he feels the pump action motion of his pecker.

A thick salty load bursts into Carl’s mouth and Carl instantly begins to swallow and feel it slide down his gullet.

“Fucking yeah good lad” Frank says loudly clearly pleased by Carl’s actions.

The old man pulls away and nods a thank you before quickly departing.

“Think that is it today, nobody else around. Close your door and let’s get back” Frank announced with a smug smile

“Can I stay at yours tonight please...Daddy” Carl asked knowing damn well the effect the word Daddy had on Frank


As the car pulled away Carl recalled that late evening where it had all began...

Chapter 2: Getting in cars with strangers

Carl had left the party later than expected and as he stumbled to the bus stop under the bright glare of the street lights he could already imagine the sound of his parent’s voices as they expressed their dismay at his drunken state and the late hour.

In the distance Carl could make out the back of the last bus and cursed loudly. Now he would have to wait in the rain and cold for the night bus that took the longest route possible to get him home.

Carl was stood wet and shivering upon the pavement with no wear to take shelter as the rain began to pelt down. He watched as a silver car pulled over and flashed it lights. The passenger window wound down and Carl walked towards it.

“Where you headed?” the stranger in the car asked

 “Charlton” Carl responded getting a look at the gentlemen at the wheel

 “Well I am going in that direction if you want a lift, you might be able to walk from there, although not the best weather for it” the guy said looking up at the sky through the windscreen

Carl looked at his watch as his hair dripped with rain water and his damp tracksuit bottoms clung uncomfortably to his legs.

 Fuck it, Carl figured it was better than hanging around another hour for the night bus.

Carl opened the door and clambered in and felt the wetness of his tracksuit pressing against his cold skin

 “Sorry, I appear to be a bit wet” Carl said rubbing his hand over his leg and looking at the stranger apologetically

 “It is only water, it will dry out eventually. Let me put the heated seat and the blowers on for you, try and warm you up a bit”

 “Cheers, thanks” Carl said just thankful to be out of the rain.

“Good party was it?” The stranger asked cheerfully as he pulled away

 “Yeah, pretty good” Carl replied as he felt the heat begin to circulate which helped abate the shivering

 “Plenty of booze by sounds of it”

 “Amongst other things” Carl said chuckling and feeling the buzz slowly come back as his body warmed

 “Those trousers look sodden” the stranger said as his hand reached over and his palm rested on Carl’s wet leg.

Maybe Carl was too wasted to realise what was really going on, or maybe he just did not care as the large hand remained on his leg longer than necessary. Carl did not object or give any indication that it made him uncomfortable so the hand lingered.

“Blimey they really are damp, you will catch your death if you’re not careful” the stranger said with a considerate tone to his voice as his hand gripped firm

“Yeah I had not planned on leaving the party so late, or the bloody rain” Carl replied looking out the passenger window at the down pour and aware the man’s hand was still in contact.

“So you live with your parents?” the stranger asked as his hand moved to the gear stick to change down as he navigated a bend and then changing back up before his hand went back to Carl’s thigh, this time slightly higher up

“Yeah I do, and the old man is gonna frigging kill me cos I am getting home this late”

“Could you not have stayed overnight at your friend’s party?”

“Yeah could have, should have, but didn’t” Carl replied ending with a deep huff as he continued looking out the passenger window

“Listen your welcome to doss over at mine in the spare room, nothing special but at least you can get your clothes in the drier and get yourself properly dried off and sleep off the drink... amongst other things”

Carl gave it some thought. The offer was tempting as the old man had threatened to kick him out next time he arrived home wasted, and he certainly felt all kinds of wasted at the moment. The thought of confrontation in his current state of mind also tilted the balance slightly towards the stranger’s kind offer.

“Sure, fuck it, if it is no problem that is mate” Carl finally responded looking over at the stranger

 “Great, well I am sure it is better than trying to explain those dilated eyes”

 Carl giggled at the fact the stranger had clearly rumbled he was high as well as drunk.

“Why don’t you take those track suit bottoms off and chuck them on the back seat and we can whack them in the drier as soon as we get back” the man suggested as his hand moved back to the gear stick and this time stayed there.

“Yeah sure, whatever mate I can do that” Carl responded as he undone his seat belt and slipped down the damp trackies before pulling them over his trainers, truth be told it felt good to get the damn things off.

“Your underpants damp too?” the guy asked looking down and then up at Carl’s face briefly before his attention went back to the road ahead

“Err yeah they are actually, why?” Carl responded

“Well you can just sling those on the back seat too if you want”

Carl looked at the guy strangely as the penny began to drop that such a suggestion was way out of the norm for a lad he had just met and picked up for a ride, fuck the bloke had not even asked his name and he was telling him to take off his underwear in the car.

“I err dunno, I think I am alright actually” Carl responded

“Well up to you, I mean they will have to go in the drier anyway so just a case of when you peel them off. If you want to sit there for another 20 minutes in wet underpants that is totally your choice fella”

Carl pondered for a moment and as he felt the wet underwear clinging against his skin it began not to sound such a bad suggestion.

“You sure not got anything down there I have not seen before lad” the stranger added chuckling loudly making Carl feel silly at his reluctance.

“Yeah I guess mate, we all have the same equipment right”, with that Carl pulled his underpants down and over his trainers and tossed them on the back seat before doing up the seat belt and resting his hands on his groin in a self conscious manner.

It should have felt weird sat in a stranger’s car with his kecks off, yet Carl was feeling a very different sensation at the moment. A sensation that was beginning to make things grow and expand beneath the palm of his hands and a realisation he had no means to hide it if he got a full on woody.

The more Carl thought about the current predicament the more turned on he become until he had to rest his hands side by side and apply pressure to hold his stiff pecker in place.

“So is that more comfortable now?” the stranger asked

 “Yeah sure” Carl responded as he felt his cock throbbing with no signs of subsiding anytime soon

 “Good, well not much further and you can get properly dried off and in the warm”

 “Sounds good” Carl said hoping his cock would have softened a little by then so as not to be so obviously aroused.

Carl was aware of the stranger occasionally glancing down at his lap and Carl fidgeted a little in his seat as he felt the moist tip of his leaking cock dribbling pre cum over his fingers. He knew right then there was no way this hard on was going down without a good wank.

The area they pulled into looked less familiar to Carl although he knew the general location. The houses were more middle class than where he lived around the council estate and you could tell by the cars in the drives that the people were well off.

The car took a few turns down residential streets before he slowed and pulled into a drive and a double garage door opened with a bright shining light from within. The car pulled directly inside and the garage door closed.

“Here we go then” the man said reaching around and grabbing Carl’s track suit bottoms and underwear from the back seat before opening his door

 “Here I will take those” Carl quickly added figuring he could at least use them to cover his predicament for another moment

 “That is OK, no need I have them, just get the rest of your kit off and I will put them straight in the drier in the garage”

“Oh right” Carl responded not having planned on the drier being so close to where the car was parked.

There was no place to hide and to add to that he was expected now to remove the rest of his clothing. Carl waited for the man to get out of the car first before opening the passenger door and holding down his cock with one hand as he clambered out.

“Can I use the toilet?” Carl quickly asked trying to bide more time and the possible opportunity to rub one out quickly

 “Yeah, let me take your clothing first and I will show you where it is” the gentleman replied as he opened the drier door and loaded it

Carl figured there was no other option at this stage, the simple fact was this bloke was about to see him in his full glory, a full on fucking stonker to boot.

With reluctance and one hand still pinning down his stiff prick Carl pulled at his zipper on his track suit jacket and managed to get it all the way down but there would be no getting it off one handed that was for sure.

“Hurry up then get it all off, we gotta get you in the warm” the gentlemen said impatiently.

 Carl kicked off his wet trainers and then stood looking a little awkward

“Don’t worry, I told you I have seen it all before and it is not like I don’t know you have got a bone on right now”

 Carl looked surprised at the statement

 “I noticed in the car so no big deal lad, come on get them clothes off” the man said holding out his hands.

Carl let his hand move away and his cock sprung upwards and bounced a few times before staying pointing up at the ceiling. Carl removed his jacket and t shirt before wobbling a little as he removed his socks one by one and felt his cock and hefty balls swaying from side to side.

The man put the remaining clothes in the drier and switched it on as Carl stood hands at his side waiting patiently. There was certainly no point now in trying to cover up and Carl followed as the man lead him to the living room and turned on the contemporary gas fire with its large open flames.

“Warm yourself up right here” the gentleman said offering Carl no towel or dry clothing to put on.

 Carl felt the welcome heat against his skin and the throbbing of his exposed erect cock. Sure he had wanked off with mates before but he was not used to a complete stranger seeing him naked with a hard on.

 Yet there was something undeniably exciting about the experience, a thrill created by being on display in such an erotic fashion with an older man clearly leering at him. His eyes focused on his erect tool as it bobbed up and down in a hypnotic manner.

“You certainly are a horny little scamp aren’t you” the man commented before adding
“Bit of an exhibitionist, you like being seen naked and erect” 

Carl did not respond but his cock bobbed up and down again as if nodding in agreement to the statement.

“Daddy seeing you hard and stiff, say it, go on, say I like Daddy seeing my hard erect penis”

Carl took a few short shallow breaths feeling weird about the comment but responded anyway

“I like Daddy seeing my hard erect penis” Carl announced and felt his cock throb so hard that he thought he was going to burst a blood vessel

The man grabbed his balls and tugged making Carl gasp

“These sure look full to bursting” the man said holding on to Carl by the knackers

 “Bet you got a good pent up load for Daddy, or maybe more than one load” the man said eyeing Carl curiously

 “You want Daddy to sort you out do you?”

“I err” was all Carl got a chance to say before he felt the man’s other hand wrapped tight around his firm shaft.

Carl groaned loudly with pleasure as he closed his eyes and felt the gripped fist begin to stroke up and down.

“Ah ah” Carl whimpered

“Oh yeah, you like it when Daddy Frank does that don’t you”

Frank Carl suddenly thought to himself on the sudden hearing of the man’s name and then feeling his grip tighten

“Yes Daddy” Carl found himself replying under his breath at the sensation of the clamped fist which made him produce copious amounts of pre cum that Frank than began using as a natural lubricant.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy Frank” Carl gasped loudly this time as the stroking action and the tugging of his nuts continued

“Your already close” Frank said as he continued to stroke

“Yes” Carl responded feeling the raise of the sensation

“You want Daddy to milk your penis for you or do you want to finish it yourself?” Frank asked as his hand motion suddenly paused

“Please milk my penis Daddy” Carl begged yearning to spunk his load with Frank’s large hand stroking him firmly

Frank began to stroke once more and this time picked up the pace as he looked at Carl direct in the eyes and spoke

“You’re a dirty lad. Wanting Daddy to wank off your stiff prick, wanting Daddy to milk you”

 “Ah yeah” Carl whimpered loudly knowing that he was about to jizz

 “Fuck yes, please fuck please Daddy” Carl added feeling right on the brink

“If you think you get a high from alcohol and drugs you should experience the high from forbidden sex” Frank said as Carl groaned once more and let loose a thick spray of cum...

Carl looked out the window as the car pulled up the street where Frank lived and he knew tonight he wanted to experience more manly pleasures than ever before.

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