After a six-month training period and class instruction, Billie became the city's newest fireman at the age of 21. He had dreamed of becoming a fireman since he was ten years old. His grandfather and father are firemen.

Billie stood 5-feet and 11-inches; weighed 170 pounds; blonde hair and blue eyes; hairless smooth body except for a treasury of blonde fuzz down his chest, stomach and crotch; athletic build as a former high school wrestler; and a thick big 8-inch circumcised cock. At the time of his becoming a fire fighter, he was a virgin with no experience with either women or men. But he was a very hot sexy young stud.

On the other hand, Butch was a man with years of experience in gay sexual encounters. At age 47, he had been a member of the city fire department for 25 years. Butch was a man's man standing 6-feet and 3-inches; weighed 220 muscled pounds; a dedicated body builder; dark brown hair and brown eyes; moderate amount of hair on his chest and crotch; huge arms with melon sized biceps; hard abs, thighs and legs; and a monstrous uncut 10-inch cock.


On Billie's second week on the job, he and I took a five-day 24/7 shift as the two-man crew at the smallest fire station in one of the suburbs. We spent time cleaning the fire trucks, cleaning the fire station and preparing our meals.

On the second night, we entertained ourselves by playing chess. I began to lust after this extremely hot young former high school wrestling stud. My cock was semi-hard throughout the chess match. Finally, I could not resist broaching the subject of sex any longer that was on my mind as a horny guy. I had to know if I had a chance to get into this cute dude's pants.

"Billie, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No Butch, I've never dated. I'm really shy and totally ignorant about sex. I get so nervous even thinking about sex with a woman."

Man, this was so encouraging as I said: "Billie, what do you do to satisfy your libido? You see all young guys like you naturally have to get off their nuts. All young guys are horny."

Billie's face became flushed and in a nervous tone answered: "I've hardly ever talked about sex and the only information that I've gotten was in a high school education class. My parents and school buddies are all very conservative and very religious. All my unmarried guy friends are virgins and our religion forbids talking about sex until just before we get married during counseling sessions with our pastor."

WOW, Billie was really green when it came to this subject. I decided to pursue what I thought might be Billie's curiosity.

"Well Billie, aren't you curious about sex? You should feel free to ask me questions as we are going to be working stiffs as a team of firemen. Our conversation will be totally confidential. You can trust me."

"OH Butch, you have no idea how much I've wanted to talk with someone about sex and my feelings. Thank you so much. Yea, let me ask you some questions. I know I can trust you."

At that moment, I felt like I'd just hit a grand slam home run.

"Go for it Billie. Let it out."

"Well OK Butch, I'm so scared to admit how I feel. During high school, I got really turned on during my wrestling matches with hot strong-bodied sweaty wrestlers or in the shower I had to fight hard to not get a hard on. Girls do not turn me on although I have some good friends that are women. Am I gay? My parents and pastor would come unglued if they knew this or even worse that I was talking to you about my feelings for guys. Man, I've needed to tell someone. You won't share my secret, will you Butch?".

"Hell no Billie. You see I'm very experienced at gay sex. I can show you how awesome gay sex can be. From what you just told me, man you are totally gay. I've known I was gay since I was a teenager. Would you like for me to touch your cock and maybe give you a hand job? It can be so hot to have another guy do that for you. I'll not ask you to do anything that makes you nervous or that you do not want to try."

"Yea, Butch, I'd like that very much. How shall we start?"

We got out of our clothes. I put naked Billie on the bed on his back and watched his beautiful smooth cock began to stiffen until he had a big hard 8-inch erect dick. I too had sprouted a huge 10-inch boner.

I got between Billie's legs, took my hand and began to slide it up and down his thick pulsating growing hard shaft while I took my other hand and began to fondle his red-hot balls. He instantly began to moan and thrust his cute hard hips up toward me in total pleasure. Yea, Billie loved his first sex with a man.

I made my next move when I saw Billie close his eyes and that facial expression of pure sexual pleasure. I lowered my mouth and pressed my lips firmly stretched around his large mushroom cock head. I began to suck hard on that wide open piss slit, ran my tongue around the purple hard cock head and before long started deep throating that big young fresh meat. I'd never enjoyed a cock so much as this young virgin tool. Man, was I ever turned on.

Billie went wild thrashing his hot body across the bed, moaned, began to rapidly increase his breathing and soon spewed pre-cum into my mouth.

Before long Billie managed to say: "OH Daddy, yea, this is so awesome. I've got shivers up and down my spine. Oh this is so good, suck my cock."

As I sped up sucking that blood filled cock, I began to use my fingers to massage his pink puckering virgin ass. He began to almost hyperventilate from the feel and pleasure of my working his cock and ass. Yea, it had become clear that Billie was gay and loving his first man sex.

As Billie lost all inhabitations, he began to beg: "OH Daddy, yea Daddy, Oh Fuck, Aaaaaaaaa, Mmmmm, Oh shit, Daddy suck my cock. Your mouth is so wet and hot on my hard cock. Let me cum in your mouth. Please eat my cum."

The fact that Billie had begun to talk dirty made me horny as hell and turned me into a wild primitive animal as I drove my mouth and tongue all the way down to the base of his sweaty gorgeous cock and all the way off the leaking boner over and over. I also began to finger fuck his tight pink young fresh ass. The slurping sounds, moans and grunts by Billie and the taste of his fresh sweet pre-cum caused me to give him a very hot and long blowjob.

When I realized that Billie was close to coming, I pulled my mouth off his throbbing cock and decided to talk dirty to make him even hornier for fucking his ass later. "My little fucking bitch, my pussy whore, my little fucking pussy boy, you cannot come yet Now, you little dirty bitch, stay on your back and get ready to suck Daddy's huge cock. You're going to take Daddy's big timber down that pretty little young virgin throat of yours. You're going to taste my hot pre-cum. Do you understand me, my nasty little bitch?"

My dirty talk turned Billie wild with lust for me as he said: "OH Daddy, you make me so horny. Let me suck that big cock. Split my throat with that python of yours. I want you more than anything I've ever dreamed about. OH Daddy, I'm yours."

With that I placed my butt on Billie's chest and my sweaty legs around the side of his head and face and began to drive my steel hard cock inch by inch to the back of his throat. Billie managed to take my entire monster deep int his throat. Hell, he deep throated my tool until I was about to shoot my load. In the meantime, Billie's red-hot cock was hard as steel, bobbing up and down as he leaked more and more good smelling pre-cum on his stomach. After fucking his mouth for some five minutes, I pulled my leaking cock out.

"Daddy, how did I do? Did I suck your cock the way other guys have done. Did you like my sucking your cock. Your pre-cum tasted so good. Daddy, I love sucking your cock."

"Well Billie, you little newly turned whore (he was loving my talking dirty to him), you did great as a cock sucker. Now lets see how well you do my cute bitch with my big cock up that man pussy. I bet it is so tight. I want to fill your clean virgin ass with my seed. I've got a huge hot load for you. WOW, for my experienced cock to be the first cock up that young fresh ass is going to be awesome for both of us."

"Yea Daddy, I'm so turned on by you. You're a hot hunk. Daddy you have me so aroused that I would do anything for you. Give me that big cock. OH Daddy, show me how to take it up the ass."

"Well my cute fuck buddy, I have a great supply of lube to grease both your ass and my cock so that my cock will slide into that gorgeous tight pink ass of yours with ease."

I poured gobs of the lube up that fresh puckering pink ass and all over my cock. With Billie still on his back, I put his knees up on his chest, had him use his hands to hold them there, put a pillow under that young butt and I began my journey of my favorite tool deep into that very tight unexplored ass. My hard experienced cock broke his outer ass rings and I shoved my dick all the way into my new gorgeous creature's man pussy.

I began to gradually thrust my missile in and out of his ass. I felt my cock massage his soft wet ass walls and rub hard against his soft prostate. I explored ever inch of Billie's ass with this big snake of mine. The feel of my steel hard cock and his ass muscles grinding against each other were pure ecstasy. I fucked that ass harder and harder as Billie begged me to fuck him harder and harder. We both became primordial from the wildest fuck one could ever imagine. It was an AAA fuck. Nothing could stop us except if the fire alarm went off. We had our own fire going off in Billie's ass with my cock.

"OH Daddy, I love your hard cock up my ass. Yea, that is it. Harder, harder and harder, drill my ass. Oh Fuck, OH Shit, my ass is on fire but your cock feels so great in me."

"Oh my little bitch, yea. Fuck, your ass feels so good on my cock. OH MAN, I can feel the contractions beginning in my cock and my balls. Get ready for me to dump a big load deep in that man pussy. Are you ready?"

"OH Daddy, yea give it to me. Fuck, I'm about to come too. Yea lets blast our loads."

That did it. I thrust one more time deep into that soft wet pussy as I erupted with a shower of thick ropey cum deep inside that pink ass. At the same moment, Billie shot a huge load of thick semen all over his abs, stomach, chest and face. WOW, the smell of hot cum was so erotic and cool.

When spent, I heard a loud popping sound as I pulled my softening cock out of that fresh cum filled ass. I went down on Billie's body and licked up his sweet young semen until my mouth was full. As Billie opened his mouth, I spit a huge load of his cum deep into his mouth. We kissed and shared that thick white juice of his. My cum began to flow out of his ass and all over the bed sheets.

With a most contented shitty grin, Billie said: "Daddy, you've made me free and so happy. Man, I love man sex. Yea, I now know I'm gay. I want us to suck and fuck every night. My family would have a stroke if they knew what we just did. You must keep my secret."

"Billie Baby, you're secret is safe with me. We an fuck as often as you wish and no one will ever know because it is just you and me staffing this fire station. I guess we will get an over supply of protein in our daily diet. Man, your semen is so sweet. I loved it. Man this is so good. How did you like getting hosed by me?"

"Daddy, I love being a fireman and yea hose me down ever day. Man is this ever a great profession. Your big hose is awesome. Maybe I 'll fuck that big wide experienced ass of yours next time? I guess we better get some sleep now. Maybe you will wake me tomorrow morning and give me some more protein? I'm already thirsty for more."


Naughty Eric


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