Daddy is a guy who I have played with on several occasions. We have played together for several months and get more and more adventurous each time. We were supposed to play some months back but I had to postpone that meeting and ended up postponing several of our subsequent meeting agreements. We finally agreed a time one Friday evening suitable for us both. I had no idea daddy was angry about it and what I was in for.

He told me to be kneeling by the front door wearing the blindfold, black mini skirt, g-string, stockings and suspenders and the 5.5' Pleaser Seduce 207 stilettos he told me get for a previous meeting where he wanted me to dress like a slut for him. I mentioned to him that I had not replaced the stockings torn in our last encounter and he said he would bring some fishnets. I was told to also have some straps, ropes and belts ready.

When he came in I was really nervous he seemed to be different, not his usual happy horny self. He closed the door and locked it then walked to me. Standing next to me I felt his fingers grip my nipples hard and he pulled as he lifted me to my feet. He demanded to know why I was wearing no stockings and before I could answer and told me to open my mouth. As I did he stuffed the fishnets in causing me to gag. I tried to reach up and remove them but he wasn't allowing that to happen. He put his hand between my legs and grabbed my balls hard through the gstring. I cried out a muffled scream loud as he squeezed my balls telling me to leave the stocking gag in place.

Pulling me by the balls he turned me around so I wasn't facing him and he forced me to bend over. He lifted up the little mini skirt I was wearing, he spat on two of his fingers and rammed them into me as far as he could. While he was commenting on how nice and clean my boy pussy was. In the past he told me I didn't have an ass just a pussy or boy pussy and that's how I always had to refer to it. His fingers slammed in and out of me several times. As moaned in agony at the forced entry to my tight unlubed pussy he simply said 'Nice, I'm going to show you how a slut is abused and dominated'.

After removing his fingers but continuing to control me with his abuse of my balls he forced me to bend over further. Taking a large belt from the floor in his free hand he started whipping my ass multiple times till it was red and stinging. His grip on my balls prevented me from doing anything but standing still taking the abuse. He commented on how nice and warm my pussy felt after the strapping and said it was time for him to undress. He turned me around grabbing my hair and forcing his tongue into my mouth. Then without any warning his hand slapped my balls really hard. I collapsed to the floor in agony and I started to beg him to go easier. He grinned, and said 'that's what happens to sluts who don't keep appointments'. As he departed to the living room to remove his clothes and place them on a couch he told me to put the stockings on.

When he came back he was naked and I made sure the fishnet stockings were in place as ordered and the shoes strapped in place tightly. I stood in front of him in 5.5' stilettos, black fishnet stockings and tiny black mini skirt and a see through lace black g-string. I looked like the slut he wanted me to be. He made me sit on the floor with my back and head against the wall then grabbed my hair pulling my face on to his cock. As I started to suck him his toes found my balls and he started to press down on my nuts crushing them against the floor. My cries of pain seemed to drive him crazy with lust as grabbed my hair with both fists and started to ram his cock in and out of my mouth, faster and deeper each stroke. Every minute or so he would allow me to catch my breath and lick my saliva and his precum from his cock then he would ram himself back into my throat pulling me onto the whole lent of his cock and holding me there as I gagged and gasped for breath. This routine seemed to go on for ages but eventually he pulled his cock from my mouth, told me to look at him as I locked and sucked it clean which I did. He ordered me to my feet then he grabbed my already sore balls and pulled me to the bedroom.

He positioned me lying over 3 pillows, forcing my ass into the air, he tied my ankles and wrists to the bed frame. He then took some of the other rope tied one end around my left knee, threw the rope under the bed and tied the opposite end to my right knee. He was making sure I stayed spread nice and wide for him. He knelt behind me and without any lubrication pushed his hard cock into my pussy, slowly at first but once inside the momentum instantly changed. He pounded my tight boy pussy with his hard cock for ages. He would pull my ass cheeks apart and ram his cock into me to make sure he got as deep as possible. I couldn't believe how far his cock went into me as he held it there at times totally impaling me. After being bound and pounded he pulled his cock out, moved to my face and forced his cock into my mouth ordering me to suck his cock and clean his pre cum.

Things stopped for a moment and I felt the cold end of a 2'diameter dong probe my pussy opening me up more and more. He pushed the toy deeper into me but very gently, it felt great. When he had it fully inside me he pushed to ensure nothing was left exposed. I was amazed that I took it so easily. He let go and it started to slip out but not for long, daddy grabbed the base, pulled it to the entrance of my pussy and rammed it all the way in as hard as he could. I thought I was going to pass out as he rammed it in and out of me so brutally. Pushing it in he strapped a harness around my thighs and pussy forcing the toy to stay inside me and preventing me from pushing it back out.

I heard the sound of a rubber glove being placed on his hands and I immediately knew what was coming next. He removed the toy and I felt him push tthree of his fingers covered in crisco deep into me. Daddy had tried to fist me twice before but I was always way too tight. Slowly he pushed his fingers in and out of me, stretching my tight boy pussy wider and wider each time he pushed in until he had 4 fingers past the third knuckle inside me leaving just his thumb exposed. That was the farthest he had ever got before. He held that position for a short while his fingers move around and exploring my insides. It felt so nice I should have known it was too good to be true with his mood today. He pulled out of me slightly, positioned his thumb in his palm then gave a short quick push deep into me. I cried our 'safe word' out in pain. In prior meetings he would have removed his hand at this point but this time was different, he pulled out a fraction to let me relax then pushed back into me again each time pushing in a little deeper, each time I would cry out as my pussy stretched wider and wider taking his hand. After what seemed ages of this torture, I felt his hand slide up inside of me and my pussy tighten around his wrist. He held it there for a minute or two then curled his hand into a fist and started to slowly move in and out going deeper each time. Daddy was finally fisting me. As he pushed his fist in and out deeper and deeper his momentum got faster and faster until he was pounding the hell out of my pussy with his fist and I was moaning and crying out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I thought he was going force me to cum.

Just as I thought I was going to explode he removed his fist from me. I winced in pain as his arm and hand withdrew from my insides through the tight muscles of my pussy. I was a mess, a total sobbing slut that had just been pussy raped violently by his fingers, cock, toy and eventually fist. He untied my wrists and ankles and told me to lie on my back. After doing so he rebound me spread eagle again to the frame of the bed. I had no energy to put up any resistance to being tied a 2nd time. He strapped a belt around my cock and balls and pulled on it for his amusement watching me squirm and moan in pain each time the belt was pulled tight and my balls were tortured. He knelt over my face with his knees on either side of my head as he sat on my chest. Every now and then his foot or hand would connect my balls as he told me they were his to do as he liked with. Each time I cried and jerked my body in pain he smiled.

He told me he wanted to breed my mouth and he pushed his cock into me to suck him. Before I knew it he was lying over my face pound my mouth as hard and deep as he did my pussy. He finally sat back on my chest jacking his cock moaning louder and louder as the orgasm built up in him. Suddenly he grabbed my hair pulling my mouth towards his cock. I tried to resist but he pulled hard on the belt still in his hand and attached to my cock and balls making me cry out in agony. As his cum started to spray on my face he continued pulling the belt ordering me to keep my mouth open. I tasted his sticky cum for the first time. His first shot landed on my lips, face and chin, the second inside my mouth. Before I had a chance to spit it out his cock plunged deep down my throat and his cock pumped and pumped as he bucked and rode my mouth deep and hard unloading what seemed to be a ton of cum into me breeding my mouth and throat. I had no choice but to swallow everything he shot into me as I gasped for air. When he finally withdrew his cock he used it to mop up the cum of my chin and face making me lick and suck his cock clean.

He sat on my chest long after I had licked and sucked his cock clean. I never felt like such a slut before but I was and one totally used, abused and raped. Daddy got up off me, told me I finally knew what it was to be his slut and went to shower to wash. I thought we were finished. When he got back from the shower he was dressed in everything except his shoes and socks. Rather than finish dressing he decided to take an empty corona beer bottle from his bag. Holding it by the narrow end he forced the thick end into my already stretched and sore pussy. He raped me with the bottle over and over jerking my hard cock at the same time. I yelled I was cumming, he grabbed a glass in one hand and pulled back on my cock hard making me scream out in orgasm and explode load after load into the glass. I couldn't believe how much I came. I knew in the past that abusing my balls made me cum harder but this load half filled the glass. When I was done he untied me and rolled me over on my front. He took a funnel from his bag and pushed it deep into my pussy. I felt my own warm cum fill my sore and sensitive pussy as he poured it in. 'Next time it will be reversed' he told me, 'I'll breed your pussy and you will drink and swallow your own cum for Daddy'. I nodded in agreement with him.

Then he got up and told me to walk him to the door. I limped my way over with him, completely exhausted starting to drip my cum from my boy pussy and still tasting his cum in my mouth. He put on his first shock and shoe then while I wasn't expecting it his other foot swung up between my legs catching my balls with a vicious kick. I collapsed on the floor writhing about in agony. He loved it, the total control, it drove him crazy. He unzipped his pants, pulled them down and pulled his cock out which was rock hard again. He pushed me onto my stomach and plunged his erection straight into my pussy as hard and deep as he could. Reaching between my legs as he pounded me he grabbed my swollen and painful balls squeezing them again and ordering me to beg him to rape me. There was nothing I could do, I begged him over and over to rape and breed my pussy then I heard him groan out loud and felt him explode inside of me as his hard cock jerked over and over and his cum sprayed against my insides. Wave after wave of his cum shot deep into my pussy mixing with my own as he buried his cock as deep in side me as he possibly could.

When he was done, he pulled his cock from me and made me suck him clean. He took the glass and used it to catch the huge load of our mixed sticky warm cum now leaking out of my pussy. When he showed it to me I couldn't believe how much there was. the glass was almost three quarters full. I looked like 5 guys had unloaded into it. He smiled at me, said well done and then told me I had to drink but now swallow it. He wanted to see it in my mouth. Using the belt around my balls as his leverage I was forced to open up and be fed the warm cum. As per his orders I opened my mouth to show it filled, he smiled and told me to swallow it. If I spilled or spat out a single drop I would have my balls totally busted. I was afraid to do anything but exactly what he ordered.

While lying on the floor cum dripping from my pussy and mouth still with cum residue inside, he finished dressing continuing to smile at me and congratulate me on my slut success. I was speechless part in disbelief and part in total obedience.. He laughed at me and told me never to say no or postpone him again. He said me he could have me any time he wanted and do anything he wished, I was HIS slut and there was nothing I would ever do but obey. He told me he was going to prove it and ordered me to kneel in front of him. He said he was going to prove his point by kicking my balls hard with me knowing in advance. Amazingly, I did nothing but prepare myself for the pain, I had tears in my eyes but just stayed as ordered. He told me to close my eyes, I did, it seemed to take ages but when it finally did come his kick was swift, exactly on my balls and hard. I collapsed to the ground passed out. When I came to daddy had gone but not before placing the beer bottle back inside me and writing on my balls in felt pen, 'Daddys Balls' and across my cheeks, 'Daddys Pussy'.

It took me days to get over the experience and weeks to get the felt pen off my skin. My balls were sore all weekend and my pussy ached from the abuse it took but I jerked off 8 times that weekend in excitement of what happened that Friday evening. I had my mouth bred, pussy bred, balls kicked and was fisted all for the very first time.



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