My name is Jason, I am 18 years old and tonight, might be the best night of my life! I was late leaving work, it was around 11:00 pm, I drove to my house I got out of the car, locked it, and I walked into my house, I opened the door, and the house was silent. Dad probably went to bed I thought, I careful close the door behind me and I took off my shoes, and crept silently up to my room, as I passed my father's room I heard moaning 'What the fuck?' I said quietly, his bedroom door was ajar so I peeked it, my mouth dropped open from the sight I saw. My dad is on his back his legs raised up, I can see his hairy ass, and he was shoving a dildo in his hole. He moaned even louder as he grabbed his 8 inch cock and started stroking it furiously, I don't know what came over me but, I started rubbing my own cock from the sight of my dad, I moaned softly, but I suddenly came to my senses I can't let him see me. I hurried off to my room, and close the door, (quietly) my cock was still hard; I took off my clothes, and started stroking my own cock.

I moaned softly, and images of my naked dad flash through my mind, I whimper softly, I wanted him, 'Jason?' I jumped and turned, I saw my dad standing in the doorway! And he is holding his dildo also! 'I-Uh,' I couldn't find the right words, but as I look at my dad,I couldn't tell what he's thinking but I got a good view of my dad. Dad had a hairy chest, my dad has very strong legs and strong upper body he, I licked my lips staring at the sight of him. 'Jason did you saw me?' I nodded sheepishly I didn't know what to expect after that, I thought he will just get mad at me, and ground me, or even hurt me, but instead.

'Did you like watching me?' I gasped slightly and said 'Oh god yes,' my dad grinned and close the door behind him; he walked over me and placed a hand on my shoulder, 'Do you want to watch again?' 'Yes!' I blurted out, dad laughed and patted me on the shoulder and walked over to my bed, and he lay down on the bed, he raised his legs, my mouth watered as I looked at his hole. 'Sit down and enjoy the show son.' I pulled my chair away from my desk, and set it in front of the bed, I sat down and once again started stroking, dad started sucking his own fingers, as he pull them out and started rubbing his hole 'Fuck' he said as he pushed his fingers into his hole, I stroked faster, my dad smiled 'You like this do you?' 'Yes! I love this! Please don't stop!'


My dad placed the dildo on the floor, as he slowly slipped the dildo up his hole, he started bouncing up and down and moaning 'Uh-fuck, yeah.' He started stroking his cock, I looked at him at his face, his face was filled with pure pleasure, and I wanted to know how it feels like. Dad started rubbing and pinching his nipples 'Oh god dad, you look so hot.' My dad started grunting suddenly 'S-son I'm going to c-cum, watch your daddy shoot his load! OH FUUUUCCCCKKK!' He yelled out as his load was fired, his load splashes against my foot 'DAD I'M SHOOTING TOO!' I shot my own load, the sperm landed all over my chest; my dad crawled to my feet, and licked his cum off. He then started licking the cum off my chest. I moaned my dad pull my head towards his, as he shoved his tongue right into mine, feeding me his cum and mine. But I didn't want this to end, I want more!



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