'Well, I-I, umm.' I was surprise of what my dad wanted, but I didn't know what to say. Part of me was afraid that I won't like it; the other part is exciting that I want to shove that cock up my ass right now! But sadly I was deeply afraid I buried my head in his chest, I couldn't tell him I was afraid, he will hate me, I'm sure! Dad places his hand on my head and started petting it, 'You're afraid, I can see that.' I close my eyes and tears started streaming out, even though I said earlier I wanted to do this, but, I guess I was shocked and surprise, it seems too soon for that. Dad kisses me on the head and whispered, 'I still love you, even though you're afraid of me fucking you.'


It was awhile till I was relaxed, but when I look up I can see my dad's eyes are full of sadness. 'What is it dad?' My dad smiled slightly, I could tell he was faking it. 'Son I'm sorry that I'm sad, I just feel guilty for asking you, it's too much for you. I'm sorry if I spooked you.' I felt my body melt right away, he cares for me, like a true father should.

'When you're ready, just let me know I don't want to go against your will.'

I nodded, 'Dad can we do something else for till I want to do it?' My dad smiled he wiped some tears that escaped from his eyes. 'What do you have in mind?' I asked, my dad grinned, and I know right away it's going to be something extreme.


'Ohhh fuck dad!' I yelled as my dad slips his mouth on my cock, his wet tongue and warm mouth fill my whole body with pleasure, now I know what my father felt when I sucked his cock. I thrash my head side to side, it felt so good. 'Son, can you suck my cock?' I looked at him; it's obvious he wants a 69, if my father wants a 69 than he shall get it.

Dad lay on my dad, when he was settled I crawled right on top of him, I turned 180 degrees I felt my cock smacks his nose slightly 'Sorry,' I said my dad responded by kissing the head of my cock 'It's alright.' I lay my body on top of his, relaxed and warm by his body, I reach over with my mouth, as I slip his cock into my mouth. My dad did the same with my cock, we were both sucking our cocks, and I moved my hand to his hole as I started rubbing it, teasing it. Dad took my cock out of his mouth and started stroking and moaning 'God son, don't tease me please, please put your finger into my hole, I want to feel it massage my spot...'

I grinned and I don't know what came over me, but I started teasing his hole still 'Mrrrm! S-son please, put your finger in...' My dad was whimpering I found it hot so I kept doing it. 'Come on ol'man beg me to please your hole with my finger.'

My dad gasped, I can tell he was shocked that I turned this way. 'Son please! I'm begging you, please do it, I can't stand it! I need it in me *whine* 'Please...' The torture is over I guess I had my fun, I press my index finger into his hole, as my dad moaned slightly 'Yes son, thank you, thank you...' I pushed my finger as deep as I can, as I curved it and started rubbing a bump in him. 'Yes! OHhhhh son, d-don't stop, god thank you for delivering my boy to me...' I stopped rubbing 'I will start again if you start sucking my dick again.'

With that my dad wrapped his arms around my thigh and pushed my cock down his throat, 'That's it pop, Ohhhh...' I was surprised he wasn't choking on my cock, he must be wanted it desperately than if he is risking his breathing.

I started rubbing it once again, I saw his foot shaking and twisting a bit, a sign that he is enjoying it. I kept doing it for about 15 minutes, until I slowly pulled my finger out of his hole.

'Dad I want you to fuck me now.'


We switched positions it was my turn laying on the bed, and its dad's turn to be on top of me, well not exactly over me, he is actually towering over me. I raised my legs telling him I'm ready, my dad eyes turn into pure lust; He gently touches my hole with his cock and started rubbing my hole with it. 'Ah, ah fuck...' I moaned, 'Put it in me!' I cried I want him to put his cock in before I change my mind. My dad shook his head 'Time I got my revenge for teasing my hole...' I whimpered shit the consequences of torturing my dad.

I squirm slightly trying to avoid the teasing my dad laughed 'You look so cute when you struggle.' I blushed hearing those words. My dad pushed his cock into my hole (slowly) 'FUCK!' I yelled, the pain was too much, I cried slightly, 'Son relax, just give it a minute it will feel great.' I felt like I can trust him so I waited, sure enough my dad moved slowly in me. 'Ow...' I whined wanting it out. 'Son relax, I have no motive to hurt you.' I melted and the pain seems like it never existed, 'Good boy.' My dad said as he slowly fucks me. 'Uhhhh' I moaned the pleasure is rising, I want more! 'Fuck me!' I yelled my dad started picking up pace as I clutch the bed sheets 'Uh-Fuck me, yeah fuck my ass!' My dad started sweating, as he goes deeper, faster he is releasing all love into me.

M dad started growling like a dog as he fucked my ass 'Your ass is tight son!' He grunted slightly after he told me that, I spoke after awhile 'Dad, I want to try another position'

Dad cradle me in his arms, I felt like a toddler again, dad stuffed his cock up my ass, I wrapped my legs around his butt as I wrap my arm around his neck I whispered 'Fuck me daddy, make love to me ass' with that, he started bouncing me on his cock. I close my eyes and enjoyed the ride 'Uh, uh, uh' After a couple minutes of me being fucked this happens. 'DADDY I'm GOING TO CUM!!' My dad whispered into my ear 'Let's cum together son, when we do that, our bond will never break.' I liked the idea, 'FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!' my cum was released and sprayed all over my dad's handsome face the same time my dad shoved his cock deep within and sprayed his load, after taking deep breaths and went weak in my father's arms.

I rested my head on his chest 'I love you son,' he said 'I love you too' said I close my eyes as my dad fucks me slowly while I relax and rest in his arms.



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