I still remember the time that my dad put a show in front of me, well of course I remember it's only being a day since then.

Today he said when he gets back from his morning jog he will reward me for being his son, It's kind of insane since I normally don't see dads rewarding his children just to be born, unless you count birthdays.

I couldn't sit still; I was pacing, I was eager to see what the reward is! I looked out the window, finally! I yelled in my head, I can see my dad heading to the house. His shirt was soaked with sweat, for some reason, I got hard because of that. My dad opened, the door, and walked up stairs, as he walked into my room, he spotted my hard on. 'Someone is happy to see me' he said with a grin, I can't help but blush when he said that. Without warning my dad started stripping off his clothes, he even took off his shoes and socks. As I started at my dad completely naked in front of me, I got really hard.

'Son, take off your clothes please.' I didn't hesitate; I started taking off my clothes as well. My dad started rubbing his cock after I was done; he was looking at my naked body. 'God has sent me a beautiful child hasn't he?' My face turned even redder, Dad walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, I have a strong scent of his body as I place my ear against his chest, listing to his heart beat, I enjoyed being close to my father.

Dad leaned over and whispered into my ear 'Here is your reward.' At first I was confuse until it hit me, he wanted me taste his sweaty body! At this point lust took over my mind and body; I close my eyes, as I slip my tongue out, my tongue was welcome of this mainly taste, 'Mmmm' I said, I place my whole mouth on his left nipple, as I started sucking on it like a new born.

'Godmmm,' my dad whispered, I felt exciting knowing I was pleasing him, I continue my work on his nipple, he place his hand on the back of my head, he didn't wanted me to stop.

He finally release me after awhile, I knelt down as I looked at his 8 inch cock, I grabbed a hold of it, started stroking it. My dad started whimpering 's-son your hand f-feels good, p-please don't stop.' I lowered my head, as I licked at his nuts, nice and sweaty, perfect I said in my mind.


Dad laid at his bed, as he moved his finger to a come here sign to me, I crawled up to him, I bowed my head at his dick, 'Enjoy the meat son.' I smiled I licked the top of his cock, I saw my dad squirmed a bit, but settles down and started moaning, 'Ohhhh son, please continue your work!' knowing that he wants more, I slip his whole cock down my throat like a pro. As I moved my head up and down in a rhythm I saw my dad grabbed at the beg sheets and moving his head side to side, He was moaning and whimpering like a pup, he keeps whispering to me, 'more, more!' I started stroking my own dick as fast as I can.

'S-son I'm getting CLOSE!!' knowing that he is getting close I started open my mouth, waiting for his milk to spray at my open mouth 'FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!' He yelled as a large load of cum was fired into my mouth, I liked my lips to get the remaining cum off my face. 'Son, are you getting close?' he asked 'Yes.' He looked at me directly in the eye and said 'Cum on my chest, I want to feel your hot sperm all over me.' I moved closer to him, as I stroked my dick rapidly. 'That's it son, cum, make your father proud, cum all over me!' that triggered it. 'OHHHH SHHIIIIITTTT!' I yelled as my own load sprayed over his chest, my dad whimpered slightly 'You're cum feels good on my body, thank you' Feeling weak from my climax I fell on his chest, I nuzzled my head on his neck.

'I love you.' I whispered dad wraps his arms around me, as he whispered to me 'I love you more.' I felt his hand on my ass; he moved his finger on my hole and started teasing it, 'Oh!' I gasped, I was expecting this! I wriggle my ass around his finger as I whimpered wanting more 'Son.' 'Yes?' I responded 'Can I fuck you?'




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