Hi a few things about myself. 40+, average built, bisexual, passionate, very honest, and clean. Yes I can go on and on. But it's for me to know and you to find out!! I am a person who likes to be a bottom that would be taken any which way! Given hard but with want! It's so much easy to fantasize than to have it in reality.That what I have known in the past!! We all want it to be special so we just fantasize about all things that give us a lift in life!

It was the usual hot humid afternoon in this tropical island. And alone in this hotel room, lazing around hoping my sexual fantasies will be a reality. But the usual way it never does, surfing the web to get some dude who will do me is just some way I thought I could look at the very scares options I had...I've been trying this couple of times and I managed to get some Dude to visit me. But like always it ends up with disappointment. And I just get so horny and then I jerk and dildo myself to an orgasm that is usually very intense!! ..So I just gave myself a thought almost every day, and I just lay down in bed thinking of the way I wanted to be taken by a guy that has a big cock so I could feel him inside just giving me all he's got and to feel the thrusting until I can't take it any more to scream out for him to stop but just wanting more and more.....it's then that I realized my phone was ringing. It was an unknown number. I thought well again it just some one that I knew or a wrong number.

So I picked it up. And to my surprise the caller identified himself as Mike, and said that he got my number from the personals' site that I have joined and that he really liked my profile an all. I didn't realize all this sudden talk had given me an instant hard on and the more I listened I eagerly was getting very excited. So we talked a while just getting to know each other and then he asked me if I wanted to meet up. I just didn't want to get over excited as always the ones I meet up end with the usual disappointment, anyways I said yes and before I could ask, he wanted to come right away!! This just almost made me leap out of my bed and run to the door. So we agreed and I said where I was and he said it was close by and he would take around half hour to get to my place. As this was indeed such a shock to me I had to get ready fast, had to clean up first, had to get ready well as I felt this was going to be a good meet!! So I just said to myself to take it a step at a time and to relax. I ran to the washroom got naked and had a quick shower, shaved myself, and got my ass cleaned up, I normally do this before I get fucked so it feels so good to be clean!! . So then I lubed my ass cunt with some Vaseline and perfumed my body well and I got ready, put on my sexy undershorts which I wear for occasions like this. Waiting with anticipation for Mike to arrive, And at the strike of half an hour the door bell rang, I just froze not knowing if this will work or not.

Well I just couldn't wait to see, I just decided to go with the Floe and just take it as it comes. So I when to the door and opened it. And there was mike standing there with this smile on his face and man he looked good!! My mind just started to race with the thought that will he be as good in bed as he looks?? I just had to feel the moment when it comes, so I invited him in, not showing my excitement at all. And we just shook hands and I knew I gave my excitement away as my hand was wet and shaking!! He guessed it I think and he just took my hand gently but with a firm grip that I just felt like I died and went to, u know where!!..So we sat next to each other on the big sofa in the living room and got acquainted first with just small talk. And then I had to order something to drink from the room service which meant I had to call, and I knew this would bring a waiter with the order which I was not too pleased about. But none the less I had to pull myself into getting the drinks. I got up and called for the drinks and when I stood up and was walking to the phone I felt his eyes all over me especially on my ass and as if he was undressing me ..Instantly! I didn't mind this coz I am proud of my butt which is cute and firm, so I shook it a bit when I walked showing it off., and when the drinks arrived the waiter who I had met earlier gave us both a very suspicious glance as if to say I know what's up guys! And he was bold enough to comment that if we needed anything special to please let him know, which just made me go almost red, I just smiled and thanked him and as he left and I locked the door, we just went on to getting to know each other a bit more.. knowing each other's thought that at the end any which way I wanted him to take me and he wanted to fuck the living daylights out of me!!!..

So I just didn't want to rush into thing so my conversation went from his type of work to what he likes and so on and so on. Then he asked me what I do and about myself ...all this talk just relaxed me so much that I didn't realize that we were sitting close to each other and he was just running his fingers on the back of my neck..so smoothly that when I realized it I just felt weak but so hot and horny I just hope he would take me and just get on with it!!..But I had to hold back my feeling as I didn't want him to think I was just a cheap slut!!(Though I felt so much like it) this led to him becoming free in what he did and then our conversation turned to what we both like to do in bed with each other and all. I just didn't stop then just let him know that I was ready to do whatever he wanted an I dnt care now if I was weak and cheap I just wanted him to take me firm and with want. just do me well that's all so then all of a sudden he leaned forward and placed his moistened lips on mine and we just kisses, which seemed like forever, our tongued just driving to each other and both sucking on to it and tugging it as if we were just so known to each other forgetting that we just met a few minutes back. Then I felt him caress me so well and I started to do the same. He felt so good. We just kept kissing and let or hand do the rest. I started to unbutton him and its then I noticed he had a very firm body. Like as if he visits the gym often, this made me realize boy I am going to be done well this time and I was so hot that I dnt care what he did all I wanted was just do me well!!..

Which led him to feel my breast and squeezing it and finally his mouth left mine and went down my neck slowly his tongue dragging along my neck which was driving me insane, then he started to suck on to my nipples and biting them slowly which made me want to scream with ecstasy. Only to know he just wanted me as much as I wanted him!! Then I just took hold of myself and I started to feel him as well. His manly body and his developed mussels were so firm and then I finally just took the courage and went straight to feel his manhood which I was hoping that I would not be disappointed. And I was not. He was so big!

I felt a bit scared as well. but took this as a positive thing and just started to run my hand on his cock and this made him grow even more, this just made me want him more and more and then I just had to see it with my own eyes, Bringing out my prize out of his briefs. Was just the beginning to what I can say was the most wonderful experience I have had. It just kept getting better and better. I just started to run my hand on his cock with so much want that I dnt realize he had already started to slowly finger me in my manly love hole, and already I was wet with desire.

It started with one finger then another and I just wanted it anyway, then I just let him do whatever he wanted and I decided to take my time on to his manhood. Wanted to taste it so badly I just was hoping I would not have an orgasm quickly, as I wanted to enjoy this for a long time! I started to kiss his chest and slowly go down on him .reaching his waist was a mere adventure as I wanted to take it easy for the prize that awaited me and then when I reached it was as if I just didn't care about anything in this world ..I just positioned my face strait on and started to used my tongue on his cock head, slowly licking it all over and running my tongue on his foreskin and then going down to his sack and sucking them, almost soloing it whole when I heard him groan..Aaah!! Ummmm!!!...it sounded pure pleasure.

Wanting more of it, which I thought I was hurting him but then realizing that I was doing good, continuing this and moving up to the of this magnificent shaft was merely pleasure, as it was an adventure! And then only I realize that this monster would not fit in my mouth, and I needed to do a lot to satisfy this man. I didn't care what pain I will have to endure, I merely wanted it so badly and so I started to let it penetrate my mouth. I started by just lowering my mouth onto its big head and tasting his now emerging pre-cum whish tasted a salty sweet and while it was in my mouth soloing it and bringing more saliva out so I could easily let it slip in side, and this did make it more loving to him as I started to take it with long and slow strokes driving my head towards his manliness, seeing it slowly disappear in my mouth was so beautiful and feeling so good for the both of us. I did not stop there I started to feel his anal with my index finger and pushing it in a little just made him twitch with hotness and pleasure that I just felt so good about the way I made him feel and sound to him that I could be a very good slut anytime !! So my encounter with this manliness just continued to grow more intense and I kept the tempo going on for as long as it took for him to just keep on going as I just wanted this to not stop. Well with all of this love making I realize that I had taken at least two thirds of this monster in my mouth and didn't know how much more I could take 1 buy just started to let my mouth do the walking along the shaft of pleasure slowly in and out until I felt him take his tongue and drive it into my anal passage so fast that I felt I was going to cum very fast, but holding my pleasure just about so I could enjoy every moment of it! Forgetting the feeling and now concentrating on this beauty that was driving in and out of my mouth was something I just didn't want to stop, trying to go down as much as I could and sucking on to it spouting out my saliva so I could keep going as deep as I could Feeling it at the end of my throat as it was hitting the back wall and knowing I wanted more and more. I just felt being such a bad slut it just excited me more! And this continued for some time as we both just felt so good, and feeling that my anal entry had been stretched with his large tongue, he wanted me to get back on top of him and face him which I complied, and we started to kiss passionately with each of our tongue locked in ecstasy.

His hand massaging my buttocks feeling so good was an understatement. And this continued on for some time and then he wanted to know if he could watch me go down on his dick the way I did earlier? I just didn't even bother to reply and just proceeded to travel the distance from his face to his groin, kissing him in every way I could exciting him more and making him want me more . So when I reached I just looked up to him and kept my eyes on his and started the long trip of sucking him his eyes just longing for more and more and me as well wanting just the same, and when I reach the end almost I started to pull back tightening my lips round the thick shaft and sucking it out.

Feeling him twitching with every stroke I gave him, And I knew he wanted me to take him more and more and I just could not. Then it was him, who started to hole the back of my head and thrust his hip towards me locking me down so I could not move my head back and now feeling the monster trying to rip the back of my throat out, the pain was intense and I wanted this to be a pleasure in the making. And it all depended on me how to get it. So I positioned my head to take it all and I felt his thrusting open my throat out so much that the monster just slid in to it, because of the gagging I couldn't breathe so I had to breathe through my nose and this made it more pleasurable to feel it inside of my mouth. The lunging in and out just made me want more of this torture and I just let it do me with lust.

Mike new I wanted more of this madness, and did he give it to me! With no remorse he lunged in to me with despicable speed in & out, in & out, and I just slurped away all of the pre-cum, feeling it go down my throat and savoring it with utmost want, feeling the dick head go down my wind pipe was unbelievable once the pain turned to pleasure, and my thought was imagine this being driven in and out of my asshole would have made me go into hysterics, but keeping a cool mind is what made me enjoy every moment of what was happening to me, and I am sure someone watching me would think I was going through some major torture. And seeing Mike, watching his dick disappear in just made not only him but me too wants more of it.

And also the way he just kept calling me his slut and telling me, 'Take it all in bitch all! All!' This dirty talk just kept me wanting more and he knew I was enjoying it as much as he was! And this kept going on for some time even though it seem long I just didn't want it to stop. But I knew I had a lot more to get this evening! And then he just stopped and took his dick out of my mouth and just started to kiss me with so much passion that I just wanted to be with him like this forever! Being on top of him with him hugging and kissing me, felt so good even after the pounding my mouth got and waiting for the ultimate drive that was going to happen! I just wanted to be his slave and just let him take me.

Both of us just relaxed in each other's arms and enjoying the warmth both gave each other, making me feeling more and more hot and Hornier that I kept rubbing myself on him, which made both just go at each other a lot more, just then only he started to use his fingers to loosen my love hole which made me stiff and feeling so crazy that I just wanted him to drive his monster into me so much which he realize and this is when he made me go on top of him and then positioning himself to enter me he eased his manhood to the tip of my love hole and with care slowly kept putting pressure by lunging forward with his hips so his dick was just trying to open me up, that's when I felt my anal hole had to stretch so much to accommodate this thing, and the pain was so intense I just began to almost scream Aaah!!! Ho god!! It's so big its ripping me, pls pls pls ...do it now. And with this he thrust forward with his hips fast that just made his monster go straight in with full force making my eye fill with tears and pleasure pains that I will never forget!!!

At this moment I just felt as if I had a fist up me but the pain just eased as Mike just took is very easy and gently kept thrusting in and out slowly that it felt so very good and this also got me into a rhythm of countering his movement with my hips as well and this was just too good for each other's mind blowing sensations that without realizing we were at it with so much speed even the bed was swaying and this made such a noise as it was hitting against the wall. We just continued this tempo which went on and on feeling so much of meat inside of me my anal mussels were quivering with ecstasy that I had so many orgasms and I lost count. The most amazing thing was that Mike had so much control and this made it so much better that he just had me at his mercy all the time. Then he wanted to do it in another position and this time he rolled me onto my back took both my leg over up to his shoulder positioning my anal strait so he could have full access and then lunging himself right into my hole spreading its entrance well, then trusting it deep making me yelp in ecstasy, AAAAAHHH! Yes! Yes! Pls! Pls! don't stop don't stop.

Give it to me hard, pls, pls. and this went on for a few minutes and with the same want made me change positions again, this time taking me doggy style and lunging into me with the same fury. I just couldn't ask for a better feeling over this. it just keeps getting better and better. The same as if a pile driver was going into the ground, and then he stops and wants me to take it again in my mouth with all my ass juices on his dick, I just couldn't care what it was I just took his manhood in my mouth the same way and made him do it with the same way in my mouth, deep and this time I knew I had to expect him to empty inside my mouth..I wanted it so much. And he just kept fucking my mouth so much so I lost feeling on my lips for a moment. And then he hurriedly pulled out and again he went at my ass with much more speed.

This time I knew I will be seeded well with his love juices. Way inside of me. and then I felt him explode so very deep and this feeling was so very good as he kept lunging in and out, emptying all inside of me, and still locked in like two dogs, and humping me, feeling the juices just made me so wet, still stiff inside of me he relaxed and was on top of me feeling each other and still kissing passionately .for me I just wanted this not to finish I just wanted more of him .and may be just so he could be inside of me with the same stiffness that I was feeling at this very moment!

It was then I guessed the party was over and both had to just be normal again. Then we just sank on the bed side by side just to get our breath back, for me this was such an experience that I was still so very much Horney, then we both got out of bed and I just put on my oversize t shirt and he, his under shorts and shirt and we both went to the balcony to have a smoke that I wanted so bad, when we were there he brought out a nice joint and man that was just the right thing to relax both of us after what seems like a marathon sex run we just finished. Then both of us just smoked it together on the lounge chair that was on the balcony and I was hoping our sexual encounter with all the sounds was not heard by anyone. And also being on the balcony on the same chair that no one could see us as even here Mike was feeling me and kissing my neck, still making me Horney, and then only he said he has to leave right away.

I was hoping he would have stayed the night and done me again, but I guess it was not to be, so he got freshened up and I just continued to relax with more smokes and we said our good buys and he left with me feeling so satisfied that I didn't even realize the waiter whish happened to be my room butler walked right into the room and wanted to clean up the room which he insisted so I stayed on the balcony and let him do the cleaning. After a while I didn't realize I had dozed off on the lounge and I felt someone just trying to wake me up I guess the joint was very strong and I just couldn't manage to even get up and my butler had to help me up and take me into the room and even with my protesting him to let me be, he insisted that he will give a sponge bath to freshen me up. Which I thought was very awkward, and to my amazement I couldn't even resist, and I just felt him starting to remove my oversize t shirt its then I realize I was naked inside and the butler new all of this and I had no choice in what was to happen next!!!!!.......



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