Written By: Bill Hudley

(Edited and revised)

My flight from London had just landed at Atlanta International Airport and was on my way to the luggage area when my cell phone started vibrating. I took the call from my Mom who was almost frantic. My Dad was in Oregon on a business trip and my Grandparents in Florida had been in an auto accident, Gran was admitted to Sarasota Memorial and Dad couldn't get away to go to them.

I got my luggage and rushed to the ticket counter and booked myself on the next flight to St. Pete. I was bone tired, the flight from London was tiring enough, now I was flying out again without even going to my apartment in Atlanta. Mom didn't have any details, just that Gran had some sort of head injury and Granddad was beside himself with worry about her.

I'm Tatum Thibodeaux Thursam (can you believe that name!), 24 years old, 132 pounds strung out over a 5'7" frame, with brown hair and green eyes. Despite the names chosen for me by my parents, I managed to survive Elementary and High School with only three or four fights a year. All of them because of my unfortunate name. I was called 'Tater' most all of my school days until I started college.

I've always been smaller than the other guys in school and therefore always the last to be chosen for team sports during P.E. I learned to fight and by my third year in High School I had earned a reputation as a tough little guy who could hold his own even with the bigger guys. being able to defend myself physically stopped the taunting and teasing from the bullies, but I emained pretty much a loner through high school. The bright side of my ostracism was that I studied a lot, made great grades, and was easily accepted at Georgia Tech. The only school sport I got the chance to participate in was at College as a Diver on the Swim Team. Im diving, my small stature was an asset. I became good at diving and won some important events and still hold two state records and a one NCAA record..

My Grand Parents gave me the London trip, plus a months expenses while exploring in London, as a present for my graduating with honors and earning my Masters in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. I finished my Masters Degree requirements in mid August and I flew off to London on the first of day of September. I arrived back in Atlanta today, September 30th, collected my luggage and went directly to the ticket counter and bought a ticket to St. Petersburg, Florida. The connecting flight to Sarasota was a four hour wait so I rented a car and took off for Sarasota. The rental car had a GPS so I found the Hospital quickly and when I walked into the ER waiting room my Gramps burst into tears as he came rushing to me. He told me that there had been a fender bender accident, just minor damage to the cars but that Gran had bumped her head hard.

We were still in the lobby area when Gran's Doctor came to give Gramps an update. When Gramps introduced me a big smile lit up his handsome face.

"Ahh, so you're the fair-haired Grandson I've heard so many good things about. I'd like to chat with you later when you've had time to visit with your Grandmother."

Dr. Cooper assured us that Gran just had a bad bump to her head and he was fairly certain that nothing much should come of it. However, she is 76 years old and he wanted her to stay overnight for further observation.

Wow! I wasn't too tired to see that Gran's Doctor is a hunk, tall, thin and beautiful. When talking to me he looked directly into my eyes. I know I didn't hear all of what he was saying about Gran, I was mesmerized by his eyes, so green it was startling seeing them for the first time. Dr. Gorgeous made me feel weak in the knees, maybe it just because I'm so jet-lagged right now, or the fact that it's been almost three months since I've had sex.

I should add here that I have been gay as long as I have been aware of the pleasures this marvelous organ between my legs can give me. I was at college, first semester of my freshman year when, I had my first sexual experience with a man. I had jacked off with friends in high school, but never anything more than masturbation. At Tech, it was an upper classman and a Fraternity Brother that introduced me to pleasures of Man to Man Sex. If there had ever been any doubt about my sexual preference, it ended that night. I'm gay!

If the good doctor still looks this good the next time I see him I might try to talk him into making a house call. He gave me a packet of papers for Gran, some instructions for exercise, some mumbo jumbo disclaimers and side effects advisories about the medications and the last page simply said...Campbell Cooper - 985-2519. Under the name was his cell number 227-1984 scribbled in ink. As I turned to leave I tripped and almost did a header into the wall, the Good Doctor stepped over quickly, steadying me and kept me upright. Damn, he smells so good!

It was almost 6:00pm and I talked Gramps into going to the cafeteria for something to eat. He hasn't eaten since breakfast. He surprised me by loading his tray with a lot more food than I ever thought he would eat, but to his credit, he ate almost every bite. All during our meal he kept thanking me for coming so quickly and how glad he was that it was me here instead of my Dad.

"Don't get me wrong Tatum, I love your Dad dearly, he's my only Son, but he gets a bit bossy when he comes to visit with us. He treats us like we were his children instead of the other way around. With you, I can talk about any of our problems and you listen to us, treat us with respect and we love you for it. There are thousands of other reasons we love you to, but I know, we know, you'll try your best to do what we want done. Your father wants everything done his way."

I laughed at the contempt he put into that last sentence.

"Dad is a bit headstrong sometimes Gramps, I've often wondered how he manages his business dealings with his stubborn streak. I'm glad he didn't pass that trait along to me. Mom says I'm like you, even tempered, never too high or too low and I calmly rationalize things out."

He smiled at me.

"Your Mother is a very smart lady, we've often wondered how your Dad ever talked her into marrying him. Your a good boy Tatum, you being here has calmed me down. We need to finish up here and go see your Gran. She's going to get a big surprise when you walk into her room."

"Gramps I want to thank you and Gran again for that wonderful trip to London. It is such a wonderful city, so alive and bustling. I've never enjoyed any place more."

Gran was sitting up looking out the window when I walked in with Gramps . He had me hide behind him and asked her if she was ready for a special gift. She laughed and said "great, are we going home?"

He stepped aside and Gran squealed with elation.

"TATUM! Oh! My sweet boy!"

She wrapped me in her thin, fragile arms as I let her hug me to her. She's so tiny I'm afraid to hug her too hard. Gran always smells of Lavender perfume, I think of her every time I smell it.

"Seeing you here makes all this folderol worth the trouble. Let me look at you, Ahh I see, you take after your grandfather over there, you get more handsome every time I see you. You're the best medicine I've had yet, when we get home you have to tell us all about your trip."

I managed to get Gramps home to their place at about 8:00pm, he went to sleep in his recliner and I went to sleep on the sofa. I woke at 2:00am, roused him up and to his bedroom and I headed for the guest room, we slept until 9:30. I got up, made coffee and oatmeal with buttered toast and we headed out to the hospital when we finished our breakfast.

Near noon I went to the cafeteria for coffee and a piece of pie, and to give Gran and Gramps a break, some alone time. I had my tray and I turned to find a seat, I noticed a man waving, It was Dr. HUNK! Gran's Doctor was sitting a few tables away waving me over to sit with him.

I was surprised even a bit alarmed, hoping it wasn't bad news about Gran, plus I was more than a little curious about this hunky young doctor. At first I first feared he would tell me some bad news about my Gram's condition.

As I approached he rose and held out his hand, I sat my tray down and we shook hands, I was a bit intimidated by his looks. Dr. Campbell Cooper is an extremely handsome man, at least in my eyes. I guessed him to be about 28, he's tall, six feet or more, but thin, too thin I thought. I imagined him working straight through two shifts, regularly, and not eating nor sleeping as often as he should, as most young Medical Professionals are known to do.

While I am a bit vertically challenged at 5'7", I much prefer tall men, and I found plenty of them at college. Most times I was the pursued and most of those trying to seduce me, found me ready and willing to be seduced. All but two of my sex partners were in the School of Engineering at Georgia Tech. Through four plus years of College I had sex with ten guys, eight of them were fraternity brothers and two were guys I had met out clubbing.

Back to Dr. Cooper, he has decided that Gran should stay one more night to be on the safe side, the way he smiled at me made me think that maybe he wanted me to hang around a bit longer, too. My Gaydar is nearly always spot on accurate, usually within a fetish or two. I'm certain that I'm getting signals that gorgeous Dr. Campbell Cooper is gay, and for some reason, interested in me, or I should say he likesthe way I look, he hasn't had time to know anything about me with only one brief meeting before now.

"Your Gran tells me you've just returned from a month in London. I'm so jealous, that is a dream trip I want to make someday."

"Yes, it's the highlight of my life so far. I've always had an affinity for all things British, I could go and live there tomorrow." I said.

"Do you live here or are you just visiting your Grandparents?" Dr. Cooper asked.

"I live in Atlanta, or I did. After finishing my Masters degree, I took off for London and haven't been back there except to change planes and come here." I said.

"Well, Sarasota could certainly use some new blood and I'll vote for you to stay here awhile."

I felt myself blushing.

"Gee, I hope I wasn't too forward, uh...may I call you Tatum?"

"Please, just call me Tate, only my Grandparents call me Tatum, it's my Gran's maiden name, and no, you were not too forward. I'm beginning to feel that I might need the care of Doctor Cooper at any moment now.'

He laughed loudly. Then leaned toward me and whispered.

"I can assure you Tate, I will make a house call to care for you. I would like to take you to dinner one evening if you're agreeable."

"That would be very nice Doctor, very nice indeed. I may begin my search for employment here instead of back in Atlanta."

Being nearer my Gran and Gramps has been in the back of my mind for a while now, sometimes they make me feel that I'm the most important person in their lives. I'm much more comfortable with Gran and Gramps than I am with my parents. At home with three kids, my folks had little time for anything but supporting and feeding a house full. The three of us are spaced two years apart, I'm 24, and the youngest. This is the perfect time to get a job near them so that I can see them regularly. They haven't many good years left to them and I just want to share this time with them.

"I wasn't very excited about being in Sarasota at first, however it seems that my opinion of the City is changing favorably by the minute."

"Great! I have Monday and Tuesday off. Which night would you prefer for our dinner date."

"Monday of course, that way if things go well, we can do it again on Tuesday." I said.

"Hmm, I like the way you think Tate, and please call me Cam or Cameron."

He picked up a napkin and wrote his cell number down and gave it to me, I followed, giving him mine. We chatted a bit more. I learned that he is 28, earned his Medical degree at Duke and did his residency in Charlotte, NC. The Sarasota ER is his first job with a Doctor sized paycheck. He particularly likes working with the elderly patients he found here.

"There has been an endless parade of Granddaughters who've 'popped in' to visit Grandmother or

while her Doctor was consulting with her. But your delightful Grandparents had the good grace to present their very own and very handsome, young Grandson for my approval."

He told me that he really liked my grandparents, my Gran was inviting him to Dinner frequently since they met back when Gramps blew out his knee playing with a neighbor's dog a year or so ago.

"You're Gran let me know that she was very sure that her Grandson and I would hit it off well. To her credit, she nailed me spot on. Physically you're very near my 'ideal mate', looks wise, I'll be a bit insecure at first. You are way too good looking to be interested in my skinny body. But you sure have caught my eye."

I laughed and said.

"Catching your eye is one thing Cameron, keeping it is quite another. I should tell you straight away that I don't do hook up sex and I don't sleep around. Ideally I would like to date and see where our interests take us. My ultimate goal is finding a mate, my life partner; it's quite obvious that a mutual attraction has already been achieved between us."

"Your Gran and Gramps know you're gay? She told me that you would be the perfect young man for me to make friends with."

"Oh gosh, I've asked her time and time again to not do that. She and Gramps know I'm gay of course, and she has matchmaking in her DNA I think. I hope she didn't embarrass you."

"Quite the contrary Tate. The more you and I talk, the more I think she has the gift. I certainly like what I've seen so far. My family knows about me too and they are so anxious that I settle down with someone and at least give them Granddogs."

I laughed at that. I really liked this Campbell Cooper, MD. He's handsome, charming and with a clever wit. Aside from his obvious good looks there is a cuteness quality about him that drew me in like a magnet, I had this feeling that I wanted to kiss him, right here. I knew better, but I still wanted too.

We finished our food and Cam had to get back to his patients. On our way he poked his head into a Doctors lounge and quickly pulled me inside. It was empty and he pressed his back to the wall pulled me up into a kiss that completely wrecked me.

"Sorry for the surprise factor but that had to be done or I would have been useless the rest of this day." Cam said.

I know I stood there slack jawed, looking stupid, but I was shaking in my shoes. The Doctor knows how to kiss! I already wanted another.

"How did you know...I was just thinking as we sat at the table that I wanted to kiss can do it again if you want. I..."

His mouth covered mine again and our tongues battled to get into the others mouth. I felt his hardness pressed against me and mine throbbed against him. We broke away, both a bit stunned by the intensity of the passion ignited by our kiss.

"Come, we need to get out of here before someone comes in on us. Besides, we need to cool our jets a bit. I never expected a kiss to be that revealing. If this is any indication of things to come, I'll need to send your Gran a bouquet of roses. Wow!"

"That was intense! We had better get out of here like you said. But thanks and you are right. WOW!" I said.

He stopped at the Nurses station and I went on to Gran's room. When I entered her room she knew immediately that something was up with me. Probably, it was the stupid grin spread across my face that gave me away. Quietly so Gramps wouldn't hear she asked.

"Is it Dr. Cooper?"

I had to laugh, but I looked at her and nodded my head yes as she broke into a mile wide grin and settled back into her pillows. She reached out for my hand and I took hers and she just looked at me smiling.

"Now it's all up to you Tatum, make something happen. You're almost 25 years old. I had two children before I was your age. He is a good man Tatum, and almost as smart and as handsome as you are, you'll be hard pressed to ever find a better man. Just remember that."

"Yes Ma'am I know, but we've only just met. We are going to dinner Monday night though." I told her.

She just gave me that smile again and said.

"Just don't mess it up Tatum, you are your father's son and that worries me a bit. He would always mess up with the good ones. How he convinced you're sweet Mother to marry him is beyond me."

Gramps roused from watching the Television and said.

"Uh oh...what are you two cooking up over there, whispering and laughing can only mean she's matchmaking again. She can't help it, bless her heart. Her Momma was the same way. Watch out Tatum, she'll be matching you up with her Doctor before you know it."

Gran looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"He's mine and I love him, but heaven knows, he is slow to pick up on things sometimes."

About an hour later I went outside to the courtyard to get some fresh air and to give Gran and Gramps some time alone. I also had hoped to get a glimpse of Dr. Hot Lips while I was out but no luck in that. I went back to her room and there he was, Dr. Hot Lips in the flesh. He was facing away from me while taking her pulse. He had turned to make a note on her chart when he saw me. He smiled a snarky little smile like he knew something no one else knew, then wrote on her chart. Once he was through he turned to me and gave me that snarky smile again. He thanked them again for suggesting we meet. He told Gran that she should start a matchmaking business.

Gramps spoke up.

"Don't encourage her Doctor. She's bad enough as it is."

Dr. Cooper told them that after re-evaluating her condition she could be discharged and go home this afternoon. He asked me to come with him and he'd give me the necessary paperwork for Gramps to sign. After getting the paperwork done he took my elbow and walked me down the hall to another lounge. We met two nurses coming out as he led me in. He stood with his back to the door and pulled me into another of those mind blowing kisses of his. I was helpless, he could have done anything he wanted with me right then.

After we parted he looked at me for a second or two before speaking. It was like he was searching my mind, looking into my soul or something. It gave my stomach a flip flop, like a gut punch.

"This is crazy! I should never be stealing kisses from you in the Doctors Lounge. You make me do crazy things Tate! It's only Friday, but would you be willing to meet me for dinner here tomorrow, we're still on for Monday but I don't want to wait until Monday to see you again. zWe'll just talk and eat, no sneaking into the lounge for kissing."

"In that case could you come out to my car for a bit. We could find a secluded spot and sneak a kiss or two there." I said.

"So it isn't just me, you like it too?" he asked.

"Yes, since the first one, it's always on my mind. You are a very good kisser Dr. Hot Lips. I think I may always want to kiss you."

He called my cell three times on Saturday, twice just to chat for a few minutes and on the third to tell me it was time for his dinner break. I took him a large mocha latte from Starbucks and we sat in the cafeteria, both of us giddy with the feelings of our new adventure. I was starry eyed when I left him. He called again at midnight like he had promised he would, just to wish me sweet dreams and say good night.

He certainly knew all the right things to do to make me fall for him. I had the nervous, excited, anxious anticipation feeling that we get when we begin to really like someone and think about them constantly, hoping that by some miracle that they will like you like you like them.

Cam stayed at the hospital all night and called me at ten on Sunday Morning. He would be off duty from six o'clock Sunday evening until midnight Tuesday. He wanted me to go home with him after his long shift but I finally convinced him that we would both have a much better time on our dinner date if he stayed awake, he got the message and slept. He called me at 2pm, ready to start our dinner date.

We talked and decided that we would meet at the Mall. It's about halfway between Cam's Apartment and my Grandparents home. I knew better than to go to his place, we would never get out the door and would wind up in his bed. I told Gran and Gramps that I would be late getting in tonight and to call me if they needed me.

We met at the Mall and I parked Gramps 1967 El Dorado. It's restored and modernized to fit in with today's cars with 4-wheel disc brakes, engine modifications to accommodate todays fuel, this car is absolutely a knockout, done in black on black. Crowds gather at traffic stops to see the car. It has been washed and vacuumed every week, and polished and waxed every month since Gramps bought it new. The fender bender happened when Gran was driving her car, a two year old Honda sedan.

I jumped into Cam's one year old Mustang Convertible, dark metallic grey with saddle tan top and saddle tan leather interior. It was a super nice car, I had no idea that it would be so nice inside.

Cam drove to Washington Blvd. and pulled into the parking lot at Bellagio, a well known local Italian Restaurant, the best in the city, I was told. The food was wonderful and the Sangria made fresh at our table was out of this world. We talked and laughed and found that we had a lot more in common other than this huge, raw, sexual attraction we each feel for the other. We like the same books, the same types of movies, horseback riding, pets, the beach, traveling, Parasailing and College Football.

Everything is easy when I'm around Cameron. No nerves, just friends having a good time. After dinner we drove to Lido Beach and walked in the edge of the surf with pant legs rolled up and shoes and socks back at the car.

Cameron told me all about his family; how he loves working with the elderly here, he told me he had been thinking of buying a home here, a Condo really, but he said he was putting that on hold while we get to know each other.

"Why would you wait about that just because you met me?" I asked.

"If this thing between us goes along like I hope it will, you'll have to like the new place too. If we get that far, I think we will want a house, not a condo. How's that for looking down the road, Tate?"

"Jeez, Cam, really?

"Yeah, there's no rush for a new place; I really do like you Tate . I mean I really, really like you. You're the first guy I've met here that has given me any hope of finding my one guy."

I turned to look at his handsome profile, he looked at me quickly, winked and put an arm across my shoulders. In another few minutes we stopped walking and started to turn around and head back. He looked around and saw that we were in the dark, out of range of the street lamps in the parking area. He turned me, bent his head down and pulled me into a kiss. This one lasted for a couple of hours it seemed, I put my arms around his neck and just held on. His kisses turn my legs to jelly, I held on tight to keep from falling.

Afterwards we walked back toward the car, arms around each other, his over my shoulder, mine around his waist with my fingers tucked inside the waistband of his slacks. Being together like this felt so natural, like we were together and had been this way for a long time, when in reality we had only known each other for four days. I've never felt like this before.

When he pulled up beside Gramps Eldorado, I didn't want to this night to end, I didn't want to leave him. He kissed me goodnight and I reluctantly got into the Caddy and watched Cam drive out of sight. Just as I was pulling into the drive at my Grandparents house my cell vibrated in my pocket. I fished it out and it was Cam telling me what a wonderful night he had and how he wanted to spend part of the day with me. He would be off duty until one P.M. and asked it I wanted to grab lunch.

"Yes I'd love to have lunch with you Cameron, but how about a Quick Picnic at the beach? I'll bring a surprise lunch for you. I'll pick you Ten o'clock, we'll drive to the beach, soak up some sun then have a picnic lunch before you have to go to the hospital. See you then!"

"Nine O'clock, not Ten." Cam shouted at the phone. Please, 9am.

"You need the sleep Cam."

"What I need Tate Thursam, is every single minute I can get with you. I'll be ready at 9 am."

"Okay, okay, I give. Nine AM it is. You need to know up front that I'm the caregiver type, I got a double dose of those genes from both of my Grandmothers. You get a good nights sleep, Sweet dreams Cam."

Jeez, he was insisting that we have another hour together! Hmmm. I was up early searching the Internet and found a 24 hour Whole Foods Market over on First street and picked up the makings for a Caesar Salad. From the prepared food section I selected Sliced Asian Chicken Breast, Sautéed and topped with a Sesame Wasabi sauce, A bottle of Moscato d'Asti and a Mango-Passion fruit dessert. I rushed over to the World Market and picked out a nice basket, dishes and wine glasses and then back to the house by 7:30am to get things ready.

The salad was in different containers ready for assembly when we sat down at the concrete table at the beach. I laid out the a table cloth and food, then put the Caesar Salad together. Cameron's eyes were wide and his mouth open. When I poured the wine he regained his speech.

"Wow, what a spread! Did you do this or have it done."

"I just put it all together Cam, you can do wonders with a idea and a debit card at the Whole Foods Market."

From the time I was a little kid, Mom and Dad took me with them to the Summer Concerts at Chastain Park in Atlanta, we went there at least once a year, more often most years, until I went to college. There we some great shows I remember.

My folks dated and married in the disco era and loved the big, full orchestral arrangements, even as a kid I couldn't be still listening to their music. We took picnics to the Concerts and over the years our tables improved until we were on the fifth row of tables. Some folks saw it as a competition, trying to one up the others with their elaborate table settings and gourmet food.

But really, Great Grandmothers 12 taper Sterling Silver Candelabra on a concrete picnic table? Puh-leeze! Granted, Grannies finest china, crystal and silver were also set out. The saddest part though was that we could see 5 or 6 silver candelabras in sight, without turning around. Lucky for us Mom was more into good food than the trappings. Anyway, I can do a picnic fast and fabulous"

"You are always surprising me Tate. This food is absolutely wonderful!"

"I'm so glad you like it Cam, I wasn't sure what you liked but I figured that anything that wasn't from the Hospital Cafeteria would go over well. I'm learning to cook too, I still have a lot to learn but it is fun experimenting with new dishes."

We laughed and talked while we ate, beneath the table our legs and feet were touching the entire time we were there. Long before we were ready for it, Cam had to get back to work. Back at the Hospital he ordered me to the back row of the parking lot. As soon as I put the car in park Cam was pulling me into another of his mind altering kisses. I never resisted him, the instant his lips and tongue touch mine, he has complete power over me, my only thought is please, please don't stop!

Gasping for breath, I drove us to the ER entrance and Cam winked and squeezed my hand. as he got out of the car.

"Thank you for the wonderful surprise lunch Tate. I don't want to rush us but all I can think of now is you and I making love. Think about it, when you are ready so am I. By the way, I've sent two dozen yellow roses to your Gran along with a note of thanks. See you after work I hope. You're driving me to distraction, you know, I think about you constantly and crave your presence."

"Yeah, I know Cam, it's the same with me. Get to work Hotlips, I'll see you after your shift."

He turned and jogged into the ER and I watched his body move, uh...really I just watched his cute little butt as he ran inside. This man has me gaga for him in less than a week. I can't keep the smile off my face these days.

Back at the house with Gram and Gramps, I was almost giddy. When I got there they were out on the Lanai having their afternoon cocktail, I took a quick glance at my watch and smiled when I saw that it was 1:08pm. On the coffee table in front of them sat the largest arrangement of yellow roses I have ever seen. When I walked in they both laughed.

"Okay Tatum, sit down and tell us about him. You have a silly grin on your face, you look very much like a young man in love. Tell us about him." Gran said pointing to the roses.

I blushed, embarrassed that they read my thoughts so easily. Driving to their place I had been thinking that I was falling fast for Cameron. He is all I can think about these days.

I have always been able to talk with Gran and Gramps about my personal life, things I wouldn't even think of telling my parents about it. They've never judged me, they've always encouraged me to follow my dreams and my heart in work, in love and at play. Their secret to a happy, productive life.

I told them all I knew about Cameron, what a good person he is, how I really liked him, how he says he really likes me and that I was thinking of staying here for a while, looking for a job here. I explained that I had started thinking about living closer to them while I was still in London. I was thinking of settling in Tampa or St. Pete at that time.

I knew that I really wanted to get out of Atlanta for a while. I've lived there all my life and I want to experience other places, Sarasota made the list only because of Gran and Gramps at first, but now with Cameron a real possibility in my life, Sarasota is where I have to be. I already know that if he askes me...I would live with him, love him and we would work at building a future together. I laughed and thought. 'Hows that for looking down the road Cam? I'll see your house and raise you our future together!'

Gran and Gramps got very excited at the prospect of having me in town. I know that having family close is a comfort for them as they age, but they were so happy that it would be me there with them. My sister has her own family in Virginia and my brother has his in Atlanta but neither of them are as close to our Dad's parents as I am.

We have fun together, playing cards, going for a drive, out for dinner, I play Golf with Gramps, I take Gran shopping and to the Symphony when Gramps begs off. She drags me after her into all the shops she frequents just to show off her Grandson, a graduate of Georgia Tech and a hell of an Electrical Engineer!

Gran and Gramps are fun people. I remembered them playing records and dancing in the dining room when I was a kid. I like them as people and have a good time with them. The fact that they are family is just a bonus. Of course they both approved of Cameron, doesn't every Grandparent want their Grandchild to marry a Doctor!

It is Monday and Cam's shift ends at nine tonight night and he doesn't return to work until one o'clock Thursday afternoon. When he called at five he was grabbing a bite at the cafeteria.

"So Tate, what would you like to do this evening, the beach, a movie, you name it, I'm yours until Thursday, 1 pm.

"In that case, we'll eat at the beach, and walk off into the dark places for kissing for a few hours."

I did another picnic, dinner this time, I just want it to be him and me there, no crowds, just Cam and me. Damn, he makes me feel so good. When I hang around his neck as he kisses me, I feel his hardness against me, I'm sure he feels mine. Each hour that passes makes it harder to keep from dragging him to the bed and having my way with him.

When we broke the kiss, he leaned his head forward and rested his forehead against mine and he hugged me to him, his eyes were closed, I felt his hardness pressing into me just above my own, he groaned as he ground against me. I pushed him back and looked up to him.

"Let's go to your apartment, There's only one thing I want Cameron. I want us to be in your bed making love tonight. It's what we both want, you and I making love. That's the next step for us. I'm ready for this...we're ready for this."

"You know I'm crazy mad for you already, Babe. LET"S GO!"

We ran back to get our gear at the picnic table, threw it all into the trunk and we sped off to the hospital parking lot. I followed Cam from the hospital to his apartment. Once in the door he had me in his arms and our lips and tongues working overtime, like we would never have this chance again.

When the initial frenzy had died down a bit we just stood there, his forehead bent forward to touch mine and he just held me close. Nothing was said, at last he straightened and pressed my head to his chest and let out a long drawn out sigh.

"This is your chance to change your mind Tate. I'll wait if you want to."

"I want you Cameron, you want me. I can't imagine that either of us will be so awful in bed that the other will be turned off completely. I really do picture it quite the opposite."

"Me too! We've been sizzling hot from the start. I don't see that slowing down for a while either."

"Cam, right now we are at the point where we have to make love so we can think rationally again. We're both at the boiling point and sex will either take this edge off or we're gonna fuck until Thursday. Either way we'll be able to think clearer after tonight or by Thursday morning."

"Do you really mean that Tate. I don't want you to feel like I'm pushing you into this."

"This is all so different for me Cam, nothing like you has ever happened to me, it's like we started in the middle of the book of Cam and Tate, instead on on page one. That's why I'm willing for us to go to bed now. That's funny, 'willing' is completely the wrong adjective. I may drag you there if we wait much longer."

Reaching for me, Cam pulled me into our most intense kiss yet. We were both moaning into the other's mouth, our bodies writhing and grinding against each other. Breaking apart for air, our chests heaved and we were covered in a sheen of sweat. I struggled to speak.

"Come to bed Cam, come make love with me."

He managed to move his feet and we moved to his bedroom. I pulled at his scrub top and tee shirt and he held his arms up for me to pull them off. When I saw his chest covered in long silky brown hair I made a whimpering sound somewhere deep inside me and lay my cheek against his chest and sighed. My eyes were closed as I hugged to him.

"I love your hairy body, you feel so good against me and you smell so good!"

He bent to kiss me again and I turned to accept his lips. While we were kissing something in me snapped, I pushed him back onto the bed and pulled his scrub pants and boxer shorts to the floor. His long cock slapped hard against his stomach and came to rest pointing at my chin. I buried my face in his crotch, inhaling his scent, nuzzling against his scrotum. I took his long, hard cock in my hand, looked up to his eyes as I took him into my mouth.

Cam whimpered as I suckled on his magnificent cock, it was about three inches longer than what my fist covered. There was also a wide gap between my fingers encircling his shaft. Mmm...Dr. HotLips has a big one! He is so beautiful lying there that I involuntarily let a moan escape my chest.

Cam is too thin I think,but he says he's always been like this. No matter what he eats he never gains weight, he is thin, er..maybe Lean is the better word for him, lean, wiry and well muscled, there is no fat on him, even his perfect little round butt is rock hard.

JEEZ! That butt, that big cock, standing tall and hard, throbbing, leaking his pre cum in anticipation, all just there waiting for me. I stood, tore my clothes from my body in seconds and leaped in between Cam's hairy, muscled thighs. Roughly I took his cock again and pushed until his cockhead was down my throat. Cam had fistfuls of bedding in each hand as he tossed his head back and forth calling out my name.

I was possessed, I couldn't stop, I had to have his semen in me, I had to taste him. I heard his voice but his words didn't register, I felt his hand pulling at my shoulders but I wouldn't stop, I couldn't stop. Not now!

I heard him cry out in surprise, then he shouted my name as he filled me with his semen. I nursed at his limp cock until he became too sensitive to my touch. Moving up, he pulled me into his arms, hugging me, kissing my neck, his body trembling. He pulled back and looked me in the eye.

"You're never leaving here. Consider yourself under house arrest, I don't want to chance you going out and meeting someone else. No chance Bub."

Hugging him to me I stretched out, tightly pressed against him, we both moaned as we held our naked bodies together for the first time. Kissing me, Cam rolled us over until I was on my back, him hovering over me. He pulled away to look at me.

"Oh migod...Tate...what a perfect body you have, so ripped and toned. Your muscles are freaking unbelievable. Your body reminds me of a wet dream I had in my teens about my perfect man. I sure hope you're not disappointed with me. I'm tall, too skinny and hairy. My one saving grace is that I have the hots for you big time Tate Thursam. are so beautiful."

Cam lay back beside me, his chin resting atop my head as I clung to him. Cam pushed his hand between us and grasped my aching cock.

"YIKES! That better be you arm! HOLY SHIT!!! Tate! You little guys sure do pack big surprises. I knew it was big after feeling it up against me last night but seeing it up close, WOW! Your cock is huge!"

Holding our cocks together I said...

"Look, we're both nearly the same size, there's not much difference, my body is just smaller than yours, making it seem bigger, Ummm, let's stop talking , holding you like this,'s the most wonderful feeling."

Cam kissed my closed eyes, then down to my neck, nibbling, kissing, he opened his mouth and sucked on my chin, making me squirm about on the bed. He tongued my Adam's Apple and licked my skin down into the little valley made by my collar bone. He could hear my breathing getting raspy and ragged. With both hands he played an rubbed my pecs. When his fingers found my hard nipples he rolled them between his thumb and forefingers causing me to arch my back and push my chest up higher. I groaned loudly and arched up as he took my right nip into his mouth and sucked and bit at it, making me yell out a loud groan.

Cam moved and crouched on my hips, his knees at my sides. He leaned close and kissed me, moving down he lightly nipped at a nipple, further down he licked and kissed my my skin. He felt my cock bobbing and bumping against his butt. With my tongue licking and kissing him, Cam reached back and placed my cock against his anus and pushed back against me. Cam moaned louder then moved and rolled onto his side facing me. Raising up on his elbow he leaned in and kissed me, soft and gentle. He stared intently into my eyes for a bit.

"Tate, we need to slow down, I want to explore your body too. It's so perfect I want to kiss and lick every inch of you."

"Sure thing Cam, but first I gotta go pee."

When I stood to go into the bath Cam groaned aloud again. I looked back over my shoulder.

"You okay Cam?"

"NO! You're killing me here Tate. Ohmigod, you are so beautiful. That face, your perfect body and now that perfect bubble butt. How on earth can someone like you be interested in me?"

I turned and went back to him, I sat on the bed and pulled him up and kissed him. This time it was me making him weak with my kiss. When we broke apart his chest was heaving again and he had a surprised look on his face.

"You're a very handsome man." I said. "The moment we met I went into a cold sweat. You were and still are the sexiest man I ever known. That's how I can be interested you, uh...we passed being interested in each other on day two if I remember correctly. It's the way you make me feel Cam, get it through that head of yours. I'm crazy for you and there a very good chance that I'll wake up tomorrow even more crazy about you. Now I really have to pee. Don't move."

I returned at a run and leaped into bed beside him, he laughed and said...

"My very own Angel dropped from Heaven. "

I stretched my naked body atop him, loving all the hair on his sexy, hot body. I knew I was past infatuation, already lost and under his spell. I was sure Cam was sincere and that he was just as taken with me as I am with him. It's all so new to me . I know I'm falling in love bit by bit. If he is too then it is the greatest thing I've ever been a part of.

"Tate? Hello in there? TATE!

"Oh, I'm sorry Babe, I was just thinking how crazy, mad I am for you. There's this big monumental thing happening here with us and it's all so new to me."

"I know Tate, it's all new to me too. But right now I have the most perfect body I've ever seen in my arms and I want to explore every inch of it with my tongue. Um, just lie there and let me worship you."

Cameron's tongue and fingers trailed fire over my body everywhere he licked, kissed and touched me. His lips, tongue and teeth all kissing, licking and biting at my nipples had me near ejaculation before he moved down my trembling body, now covered in goose flesh as his lips, hands and that hairy body all rubbing against me, keeping me near the edge of orgasm.

Just like the old cartoons on Saturday morning TV when we were kids, when we kissed, bells rang, whistles blew, sirens wailed, carrillions chimed, fireworks filled the air. Large Starbursts, exploding, then cascading down and into smaller starbursts, Steam came from my ears and my hat spun on my head! I felt like all those old cartoon gags were really happening that first time we kissed, naked, laying together in bed.

I was surprised that Cam when asked me to top him. I can't blame him, I do love to bottom for my top anytime. He'll have to give it up too, not often, but sometimes I'll top him just need to teach him a little humility by nailing his butt to the mattress.

Now it my turn, Cam lies on his back and I can see in his eyes that he's giving himself over to me.. He trusts me and from the look I see on his handsome face, he loves me too. I think he'll be abe so see that it's mutual.

Crawling up between his legs I kissed and licked my way up to his lips. We joined in a tender loving kiss, that told me how much he already cares. Raising up to my knees, I took the lube he had placed by the pillow and began to lube him up. When my fingers entered him he whimpered as I stroked the inside of his rectum. With the addition of eachj finger he became more vocal, finally, with four fingers and more than half my hand inside him, Cam began pleading for me to fuck him. With a twist of my wrist, I turne my hand inside him and stroked his prostate several times. He howeled as each spurt of semen accumulated on his stomach with each stroke against his magic button.

"Oh god Tate, put that big cock of your where it belongs. Fuck me Tate, take me, I want you in me. Fuck me Babe, ride me hard. I want you so much, I need you Tate. Do me."

One last glob of lube coated my cock and I knee walked up against his but, he held his legs wide and two pillows were uinder his perfect little but. Cam moaned when he felt the spongy head of my cock bumpng agains't he anus. I steadied my cock with one hand and he pulled at the backs of my thigns with his hands. He pulled me into him in one long rush, a loud ungh came from him when I ground hard against him. He had all of me in him as he held me tightly against him and circled his hips loving the feeling of my hard spike deep inside him. Suddenly,m his eyes opened and his hips moved in a blur as he fucked mu cock. He was in a frenzy, and suddenly, he turned us and it was me on my back as Cameron rode my cock. Now his hips could move at a blinding speed and he rode my hard cock to our magical orgasm.

His cum covered him and the bed. I fell atop his body, his arms went around me to hold me there while my body did a reboot, and like a 24 year old computer, the reboot was slow. When we could finally move I slid off him to one side and he turned at stared at me with a look of disbelief. There just aren't any words that haven't been used before. Nothing in all my experience, could have ever described the feelings coursing through my body as my orgasm coated his rectum with my semen. I was near tears at the end, I know now that he loves me, I could see it on his face.

I've never made love to someone I love before. This is unbelievable!

Later as I lay there beside him, watching him sleep and counting the breaths he took, I knew I am completely and helplessly captivated by him. It is possible he could wake and tell me to leave. But I saw it in his eyes, he feels it too. When he wakes I truly believe he will be as shaken to his core as I am by our act of love. I lay my head onto his hairy chest and put an arm across him and closed my eyes as he slept, lost in the wonder of him, thinking, hoping that just maybe this is it, it sure feels like he's The One I've wanted most of my adult life.

Sometime just before dawn, I woke to him kissing my body as he moved down to love on me again. He looked up and I was watching him as he kissed, licked and fondled various places on my body. Seeing that I was awake he smiled and said.

"Good morning you beautiful man. I hope you like it here because I may never let you leave. What we did last night was amazing. We've jumped months ahead in just one night. There is no way that I could ever tire of what we experienced last night.

I need you to talk to me Tate. Let me know what you feel. As for me, I want you right here. There are nights now that I stay at the hospital but I can change that, If you are here, I'll be here to be with you. Just talk to me, let me know what you want."

"I want us to spend more time together, everyday living, every night loving, that's what I want Cam. I'll begin my job search here right away. Being with you is all that matters now."

Cam crawled up to lay beside me and he hugged me to him and I felt his body trembling.

"Cam are you okay, you're trembling.?"

"Its just the build up and culmination of these fantastic few days. WOW! That's great we agree. I'm The One Tate. I'm the one who'll love you forever, we're onto something special here. I know how crazy it sounds but I know us already. We'll go to movies, eat out, or I'll cook in. Maybe go up to St. Pete to go dancing, or the beach at night. There will be an endless list of things we want to do together."

"Yeah, I agree. Sure thing, Tate, but first we need a little more of this."

He pulled me up into a kiss again, my arms around his neck and my body stretched out on top of his hairy body, he held me in his embrace as his lips and tongue fried my brain. I rubbed my body all over him, the feel of him against my skin is addictive, the more I get of him the more I have to have.

Kissing has always been a big favorite with me but I've never had anyone kiss me like Cameron does. His kisses make me limp, his tongue, those lips, the way he likes to nibble on my neck and earlobes too, both hot spots that get me breathing heavy and ready for more.

When his hand went down my back and he cupped my butt cheek in his hand, I moaned again. When his finger grazed over my opening, I lost control and ejaculated over both our stomachs as he kissed me and pushed at my anus."

"Oh man, me too Tate. When I touched your opening, I couldn't hold it back, I climaxed too. We both were lost in in that kiss. Now we really need to shower. But kissing you is so freaking good I don't ever want to stop."

We made it to the shower, lips still locked together until we realized that we had to break apart to get into the shower stall. Inside, he pulled me against his chest as the warm water flowed over us.

"Oh Can, you feel so good, I love your hairy body, plus this long, fat cock of yours has me itching to have it inside me. Ooo, it's gonna be a tight fit no matter where we try to put it, for the first few times, anyway. I want you inside me Cameron, make love with me, please.

Cam held me against him, I love rubbing against that hairy chest, searching for his nipples with my tongue while he soaped and washed my back. When he ran both hands down to cup my butt I shivered again, and when he soaped the crack of my butt I moaned out loud like a slut. He spent a lot of time making me moan, just one finger easing in a bit then out again.

With one finger circling, probing, and making room for more fingers, he had me wiggling like a worm on a fishhook. I straightened and turned facing the front shower wall, bracing myself, I arched my back and raised my butt ready for his entry. Cam ate at my butt a bit to get me good and slick, then added lube, squirting the tube into me for my added comfort.

Cam slowly inched his way inside me. Slowly, steadily at first until we ground hard against each other, I made a loud grunt when his cock slammed hard, filling my rectum to near bursting, I feared. There was a bit of pain, I tried hard to master it, then as the pain subsided, I felt the pure unadulterated lust as his long, fat cock filled me. The lust won out and the pain disappeared as he settled into a gentle rocking motion. I clinched my rectum and effectively milked his hard cock deep inside me. This time all the tender, loving, touching feelings were left behind. This was lust, pure and simple. Cam became a wild man riding my ass, his deep thrust accompanied by his tongue in my ear sent me to that place, every good bottom knows how to find, that zone, that place that's centered around the cockinside me, pumping hard, filling me.

"Aww jeez baby, that's it! Fuck me Cam, Fuck your Tate. Fuck me!"

There is absolutely no feeling on earth like busting a nut with a hard cock lodged deep in my butt. We both had to sit down on the floor of the shower, our legs too weak to keep us upright after that orgasm. When we finally stood, he stood behind and turned me so that my back was against his chest and his cock, still hard, pressing just above my buttocks. Cam was fascinated with my body and my hard cock, he soaped and washed and jacked it until I had to ask him to stop before I ejaculated again.

I took my turn soaping and rubbing his long and lean body, after his front side was rinsed I went to my knees and took his fat cock into my mouth but I could only get about a third of it in. I rose to move behind him and soaped up and washed him thoroughly and turned him to rinse. Again I went to my knees and surprised him by spreading his cheeks and stabbing his hole with my tongue. He yelled first then settled into moans and groans.

He leaned over, hands on the front shower wall and stuck his butt out, I made a feast of Cameron's ass. He begged me to stop as he neared climax. We both were about to blow so we backed off and got out of the shower. We dried each other with towels, there was lots of kissing while we rubbed each other dry, then finally, Cam took my hand and led me to his bed.

Pressing myself against his tall, thin, lanky body, covered with soft brown hair was ecstasy for me. I threw a leg over him and glued myself to him. I surrendered right then. I have no will where Cameron is concerned. I'll do anything he wants just to stay here holding him to me tightly, the wet softness of his mouth on mine, his hairy body on me. I'll never want to leave his bed. Without me realizing what he was doing, suddenly he was on his back and I was on top of him. He opened his legs wide and looked into my eyes.

"Love me Tate, fill me with your love. I need you in me, give me all of your fat cock...Please."

Cam handed me the lube and I worked my fingers inside him. In a matter of moments he was writhing and moaning. I lubed my cock and placed it at his opening and gently pushed, Cameron pushed down and suddenly I was inside him. His eyes went wide then shut in a grimace of pain. I lay still then, whispering to him how wonderful he is, how much I wanted to please and pleasure him, how good we are together, how I felt when we made love, how I know he cares for me, I see it in his face. In a few moments Cam pulled gently on my thighs, signaling me to go deeper. I started my slow, deliberate, delicious slide into the heat of his bowels.

When all of me was inside him he thrust hard against my cock, then circled his hips, grinding against me, he settled into moving his hips in a furious back and forth action, fucking my hard cock deep inside him. Slowing his hips, Cam moaned loudly. I pulled back quickly and plunged deep again. Soon I had my rhythm, in and out fast, hard, deep, grind. We settled into rhythm of the fuck, The absolute joy and ecstasy of two souls joined in the most primal of Natures forces, we fucked!

There was a moment just prior to his climax that Cameron's face glowed in rapture, he was lost to everything but my cock churning in his guts. Fuck out, fuck in, fuck out, fuck in. His breathing came in gasps, his arm went around my neck and pulled me into a kiss, our tongues battling while my cock plunged in and out his butt. His thrashing about on the bed and the look on his face made me know he was at the brink. I plunged down and ground my pelvis hard against him, Cam screamed out my name as his semen flew over his head, my orgasm followed closely after his, as I filled his velvet tunnel. I collapsed atop his cum covered torso gasping in great gulps of air. Lying here, my body draped on his, my head on his chest, an arm across him, felt so natural and comfortable. I am safe here, I am with the man I love.

We woke glued together with his semen; I peeled myself away from him to lay on my side and he began to breathe easier. There was a wonderful ache deep in my testicles and I knew from last night that Cam would be feeling that wonderful ache in his rectum also. What we had just done was even more stupendous than last night. I never knew that the emotional mind fuck could be so much more satisfying, or more complete than the physical orgasm. I felt him move and hug me to him with his arm around me. I looked up to his face and he was was looking at me, wide eyed and questioning.

"What The Fuck was that! I've never felt anything so intensely, I'm so completely fucked. That was beyond belief. Who are you? What are you doing to me.?

"I'm your guy Cameron. I'm The One"

He pulled me closer with his arm, kissed my forehead and looked into my eyes.

"Yes you are. You are the one for me. I give!, I surrender, I'm lost to your spell Tate. You are The One.!"

I woke just before noon, made my way to the bathroom, then to the kitchen and started our coffee. I was sitting at the island sipping my coffee and grinning like the Cheshire Cat when a sleepy and veru mussed Cam came in, still groggy, he kissed me lightly and filled his cup. He sat beside me and lay his head over onto my shoulder, putting his arms around me.

" know you have to come live with me now, I want you here, I need you with me. Please, say yes."

I put my hand up to his cheek.


He straightened and looked at me. He wasn't smiling but had a serious look as he stared at me.

"Tate, if you stay, there's no turning back. We'll start our journey together as partners."

I kissed him lightly, we parted slowly, I held his beautiful face in my hands and looked into those emerald green eyes.

"I'm staying Cameron."

We were both standing now, Cam's arms holding us together tightly, my face against his chest. Being seven inches shorter than Cam made me a perfect fit against his furry body. There was a moment then, when we were just holding each other; I knew I was heels over head in love and in that moment, I knew for certain that I've found the love of my life! Tears streamed down my cheeks. I never knew anyone could be so happy as I am now.

We finally had to leave his place Monday morning for coffee and some breakfast, both of us were too tired to cook. I checked in with Gran last night and told her Cam and I were learning to just be together. She was a bit smug telling me that she told me so.

The fire was still raging inside me for him. This burning lust he's created in me made me feel a little crazy, the feelings he stirs in my mind and body are so wonderful. Laying here with him, getting to make love with him, just thinking about it brings a lump to my throat.

"Tate, there's a diner a couple of blocks over that serves breakfast 24/7, I need to eat something beside you! We need food."

After we ordered we sat side by side in the booth, making sure we weren't seen, I took his hand and placed it on my erect cock in my jeans.

"See what you do to me Dr. Cooper. It's always like this when we're together."

He held it firmly, squeezed it a couple of times and smiled and said...

" we both have boners."

He gave a little jerk as I moved my hand to his hard cock. I felt a chill run over me when I put my hand in his lap. I gently caressed and kneaded his hard cock, making him squirm in his seat. I love his long, fat cock, nothing has ever made me feel the emotions and raw lust like his cock inside me does. Luckily, we saw the server coming with our food and I withdrew my hand.

We both ate a huge breakfast, with our legs pressed against each other we maintained body contact the entire time we were eating. On our way back to his place we stopped for grocery shopping, getting food for our dinner tonight. At home we put away the food and Cam asked if I would run with him today.

I got my gym bag from the car and changed into shorts and running shoes, and off we went. While we were running I let Cam get a few steps ahead so I could watch his body move. Watching him run, I began to understand his body, he's built like a Track and Field Athlete. His lean, hard body seems to work every muscle as he runs. I admit that most of the time I was watching him, my eyes were on his cute little butt. I remembered our frenzied fuck, when he sat astride my hips and rode my cock deep inside him.

It's a beautiful day, mid 70's with white billowy clouds. I was surprised when Cam told me we were going out to Lido Key and run through the park there. He told me how the Parklands were left as natural as possible.

We'd been running for about thirty minutes when he veered off the trail onto a little used footpath. I followed, everything here was new to me. I was looking at everything, the trees, the birds, often I caught a glimpse of the Gulf through the flora and fauna. I must have slowed my pace as I looked about, and I lost sight of Cam. Speeding up I quickly caught up as he stood still facing me as I ran to him.

I slowed, seeing the look on his face I knew that we were about to make love here in Lido Park. We found a clearing that was surrounded by chest high grasses. The perfect place. Runners or Hiker's could come within a few feet and never know two guys were sucking cock right beside their path.

I had expected that when I found my partner that I would mostly be the one to bottom when we were making love. Having a preference for tall, virile men, that usually meant that I was gonna get fucked and I've never complained. I love it! Cameron surprised me our first time when he asked me to top him. Since that first time, I've topped him more than I've bottomed. I've even learned to really like the role, seeing the look on his face when he hits the zone is enough to keep me pounding his cute little butt for the rest of our days. Besides, I get plenty of attention from him.

We were quite a sight I'm sure with this handsome, 6'2" lean machine and the 5'7" 132 pound little shrimp of a guy running down the street together. I tried to remember the last time I'd gon for a run and decided that it was the day before I left London to come home.

My too long of a layoff from running showed, I was barely able to make five miles, usually I didn't struggle until near the nine mile mark. Cam could have easily run five more miles today. I told him that I'd get better, just out of practice.

"Hey, I've had other things on my mind lately" I said. Cam laughed.

"Yeah we have been sort of preoccupied since we met."

Back at the apartment we showered together, it was a long sensuous session of making love to each other. After we were clean and dry I started grilling chicken breasts for a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. We ate out on the patio. I was amazed at how settled in we were. We're content to just be at home together, no dashing off to find someting to do. The sex is the best I've ever known. We're still in the beginning, making love two sometimes three times a day. This first rush of new love keeps me hard and ready for him, a hug or a kiss sets us off and we have to make love.

Those few times when we aren't thinking about sex, we act and react like we've been together for years. The happiness I feel with being in love is a surprise, I've always thought I was happy with my life. I guess it is true that ignorance is bliss. With Cameron, I now know what real happiness is.

The Friday after Cam had returned to the hospital, I finally received a call from one of the companies I had sent my Resume, Eaton Aerospace in Sarasota is in need ot Test Engineers to plan and test projects intended for space flight. I scheduled an interview and was very pleased when I left. I knew I had 'interviewed' well. My class at Tech that taught the art of the interview had paid off.

The day after my Interview at Eaton Aerospace, the City of Sarasota Personnel office called about an opening for an Electrical Engineer. In four days I had six job interviews, Eaton called me back for a second interview and the City of Sarasota did as well. After waiting another week, I figured that I didn't get the position at Eaton which was the one I wanted.

I was on the phone with my Mom in Atlanta telling them about my progress in the job hunt. We chatted for a bit then I talked to my Dad, he was concerned about Gramps and Gran. I did my best to reassure him that they were very healthy for their age. I told him that I know their doctor quite well, he would tell me if there's anything amiss.

Without telling me, Cam had requested and received a week off from the Hospital. He came home one Tuesday night and told me that on Friday at 6:00pm we have 10 days and nights all to ourselves.

I asked where he wanted to go and he said that he was overdue to visit his folks, when I asked how long it has been since he had visited his parents and he told me it was last Christmas, nine months ago.

"Cam, will your folks mind me coming with you?" I asked tentatively.

Cam broke out into a huge smile.

"Mom has already asked when they're going to get to meet you, so that's a big yes about you being welcomed there. We can go and spend a couple of days with them, then a couple more days at some little seaside cottage along the way."

"Really, I sure hope they like me."

"My Dad is impressed that you've got your Master's degree and that you did it so quickly. He puts up a tough front but he's really the sweetest man you'll ever meet."

"Then is that where you want to go Cam? I'll be happy just being with you wherever we go. I don't want to force you into going to see them but you know you should."

"Great, it's decided then, Tate we're heading to Gulf Shores. I'll call Mom and Dad tonight."

Cam was at the kitchen island talking with his folks, both of them were on the line with him. When he told them we were coming this weekend, I smiled when I heard his Mom squeal into the phone from where I sat on the sofa in the living room. He ended the call and came to sit with me. We started out sitting but soon we were spooned, his arm holding me close to him.

Spooning like this just may be my very favorite thing ever. We both still have the need for physical contact with each other, I thought it would gradually ease off, but I feel it constantly. If we're apart, I'm anxious to get to him. To hold him, to know how he cares for me.

Of course I had to do some shopping for clothes to wear to meet Cam's parents. I asked him about the meals, did we need jackets for the dinner table, what his Mom's favorite flowers were. I wanted to take her a lush bouquet of her favorites, and a bottle of Hennessy for his Dad. My Gran approved of the gifts and especially the trip to meet his parents.

"Bless your sweet mother, she taught you children the right things to do."

"Gran how would you and Gramps like to go to dinner tomorrow evening. Is there any place special you might like to go?"

"Yes! We both want to go to the King Family Farm. It's over at Bradenton but what's a little drive for great food! We can eat outside amid the orange blossoms and underneath a starlit sky. The revue in the Sunday paper said they were redefining Dining with all local, farm-fresh ingredients only. The entire place is a showcase for the beauty of both the local produce and the farm's pastoral and completely organic environment."

I picked up the phone and made got a reservation for four at 7:30 pm. Gran and Gramps eat early and we do have to drive to Bradenton and back, it's only 7 miles but the traffic is heavy. I told Cam that we needed to spruce up a bit as Gran called it. Nice slacks and sport coat, ties were not required but I talked him into one as I knew that Gran and Gramps would be dressed to the nines.

Cam fussed over what to wear so long that I went to his closet and picked out tan linen slacks, a powder blue button down shirt, a navy tie with red, blue and yellow stripes, a navy blazer, cordovan slippers and belt. He started to protest saying that the slacks were too tight on him. I had him put them on and they looked perfect on on him.

"Babe, there is nothing wrong with these pants. You wear scrubs all day at work, then come home and get into even more comfortable attire. You've got 'handsome as can be' down pat but you're just out of practice at dressing for a nice evening out. You clean up very nicely, I have the best looking man in the world."

When we arrived to pick them up, Gramps suggested that we go in his '67 Eldorado. He backed it out of the garage, turned around on the parking pad and stopped to load us. The car is beautiful, black on black and polished to perfection. Gran is radiant in a lavender crepe dress, her hair was done this morning and she wore her good jewelry, with Gramps in a suit and tie. Gramps put the car in park and jumped out to escort Gran to the passenger side. I asked them to stand by the El Dorado and Cam and I took their picture with our phones. Gramps drove up to Bradenton and out to the farm with help from the map I had printed at home.

At the restaurant Gramps gave the parking valet a briefing and tipped him nicely to keep the car up front under the lights so nothing would happen to it. As the valet slowly moved his car across the parking lot Gramps crowed.

"Now that is style, boys!"

Cam is a jewel, he likes my Grandparents like I do. He knew just the right things to engage them and keep them talking. Our food came and it was superb. We talked and laughed all through our meal The four of us went through a large bottle of Moscato and back at the car, Gramps suggested I drive so he could smooch with his girl in the back seat.

We settled in and started back to their place. I heard Gran giggle in the backseat and I looked to Cam and winked, he smiled back at me and turned the radio to an easy listening station and upped the volume just a tad so we wouldn't hear them kissing. I reached over and took his hand and held it while we drove to their house. Seeing my grandparents acting like kids on a date warmed my heart. I hope and pray that Cam and I can be as spry and as much in love as them at their age.

I was waiting in the ER parking lot for Cam on Friday afternoon at six. The car was loaded and we were off to Gulf shores and Cameron's parents. We planned to spend the night in Tallahassee, then get into Gulf Shores around noon or earlier if possible.

The drive was uneventful other than being new places to see. Cam introduced me to his folks as his partner. I must have been blushing for I felt heat in my face. His father is Alexander Stanford Cooper, His Mother, Elizabeth Kennedy Cooper. They were so great, welcoming me, making me know that they were happy their son and I found each other. I filled them in on my family and the adventure with Gran and Gramps that brought Cameron and I together.

During our conversation Mrs. Cooper asked about my Mom's family. I told them her name was Amanda Alderson and her family lived in Oxford Mississippi."

I saw Mrs. Cooper's eyes go wide and her brow furrowed up.

"This can't be! You're Mother is Amanda Alderson from Oxford, Mississippi?

"Yes Ma'am, her family's been there forever."

Mrs. cooper really did look confused.

"Tate, Amanda Alderson from Oxford Mississippi was one of my best friends from eighth grade through the twelfth and four years at at the University in Oxford. I've known your Mom forever! We don't talk as much as we used to. More and more we just add notes to Christmas and Birthday Cards. Please leave me your Mother's phone number, I'll call her in a few days, give you time to prepare her for the shock.

After a couple of hours getting to know his folks and them me, Cam asked if I'd like to see the beach. We headed out and he drove all the way down to the end of Ft. Morgan Road. We walked there a bit, not really talking but we seemed to be tuned in to the other. Loving looks, acting goofy, laughing hysterically only to end up locked in a stare, communicating with our eyes and minds.

I got Cam's message loud and clear. From the way he was looking at me, I thought he was about ready to drag me off behind an Oleander and have his way with me. Right at that moment, I would have let him too. As yet, I haven't been able to say no to him. I may never be able to at this rate.

On the way back Cam pulled into a scenic overlook, a quick look around and we knew we were there alone. With a sexy leer on his handsome face, Cameron pulled me into a deep, sensual kiss. I was hungry for him. Our last kiss had been as we left the motel this morning.

I cling to him at every opportunity. He grounds me. Makes me want to be a better person for him. It's all still so new, but MAN! Do I feel good. I'm on the 'high' of my life. Dr. Cameron Carrington Cooper, MD, loves me!

Cam's Mom and Dad were so great, they welcomed me with open arms. Both of them happy that Cam and I were together. On our last evening with them I invited them them to dinner, my treat, Mr. Cooper called their Club and made reservations.

I fell for my 'in-laws' almost as much as I did for Cameron. They are terrific people. I have a bit of trouble calling them Liz and Alex as they asked me to do. I decided to call my folks right then and when got on the phone I told her that I had met a friend of hers from college and she wanted to say hello.

When Mrs. Cooper said "Mandy! it's Lizbeth."

I heard my Mom's shrieks. Mr. cooper just rolled his eyes and poured a new round of wine. Mom and Mrs Cooper talked for ages, thrilled that they would get together again soon since their sons are now partnered to each other. I made a mental note to send a card and flowers to thank the Cooper's for their hospitality.

On our way back to Sarasota, we spent three days in a beach cottage in Gulf Breeze, near Pensacola. Our second night there we were out having a great steak dinner when Cam asked if I liked to dance.

"I do like to dance, I'd love to dance with you. They say you can tell what a man is like in bed by watching him dance, but we may have the horse before the cart since I already know how wonderful you are in bed."

When our waiter brought the check Cam asked him where there's a good gay dance club. He bent slightly at the waist and leaned closer to us and quietly told us that "Emerald City" is the place to go. He added.

"I hope to see you guys there. I'm meeting my partner there after work. So how long have you guys been together?"

"We're only into our third week, he took me home to meet the folks and we're making our way back to Sarasota where we live."

"Congratulations and good luck." the waiter said.

We went back to our little beach cottage and relaxed, it was only 10:00 pm and the bar wouldn't start jumping til 1:00 am anyway. We sat together in a lounge chair sipping our drinks, snuggling, kissing and falling deeper in love every second. Cam pulled me from the chair and we started dressing for the dance club.

I wore a pair of jeans that I've had since I was 18, they fit me like a second skin. The only place that they weren't tight on my body was below the knees. Cam even took a picture with his phone of my backside in the jeans. I wore a tee shirt printed like the Union Jack, Britain's flag..

Cam wore faded 501's too, with a green scrub shirt from the hospital, underneath the scrub top he wore an olive drab Wife Beater tank top. Before we left, he pulled me to him and gently kissed me, I started to moan softly when he cupped my butt in his hands and pulled me against him. I was ready right then to drag him to bed.

Cam led me to the sofa and he sat on the edge. He crooked a finger and hooked my belt loop and pulled me close. He pulled up my tee and lay his cheek on my skin. With one arm around my butt he unfastened the top button of my jeans and with a bit of effort, peeled them down to my thighs.

His face on my abdomen and one hand cradling my testicles he moved and looked up to me.

"I want you inside me before we go to that club."

Looking to my eyes he pulled my cock down and slowly slid all of it into his throat. My knees buckled and I fell to the sofa, Cam deftly turned and laid me on my back as he knelt on his knees and sucked my cock mercilessly.

I shouted his name as my semen filled his mouth faster than he could swallow, some leaked from the corners of his mouth. I pulled his face to me with both hands and licked him clean. I could see in his eyes that he wasn't finished. He was on a mission. Cam stood, pulled me up and we hobbled to the bedroom with pants around our knees and ankles.

In a matter of moments we were both naked and on the bed. I lay back to watch his body move. When we first met I thought he was too thin. Now I can't imagine him any other way . All I want is him wrapped around me for the rest of our days. When he got onto the bed he laughed.

"You're ready for me I can see."

I lay there watching him and of course my cock was hard and throbbing. Cam surprised me again when he straddled my hips, took the lube from the bedside table and slathered my cock and his butt. Rising up on his knees, he positioned my cock at his opening and slowly my cock inched its way inside him. The fantastic heat inside him body always surprises me,

I've topped him often but this is only the second time he's rode my cock. When he was as far in as he could go he put his hands behind him and pulled his butt cheeks further apart. Getting my cock two millimeters deeper inside him. Already I was arching my back pushing more cock into him.

Cam moved his hips and soon they were just a blur as he fucked my cock. Damn' he's good at this. I'm already trying to hold back and not get off too quickly, He loves for my cock to make him cum, without him touching his own. About ten minutes in, I rolled us, putting Cam on his back and I bridged my body, feet and hands only on the mattress and my cock lodged as deep as it can go in Cameron's perfect little butt.

"Oh Jeezus! Tate...fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard. I love your fat cock in me. Ohhh...ummm...I love you baby...make me cum...I love it when your big fat cock makes me cum. Oh...OH...OH TATE...TATE! "UNGHH!" He wasn't satisfied and wanted more of my cock in him. He spread his legs wide and I began long dicking his ass, I felt the tingle deep inside my testicles. I tucked my knees up against him as he kept his legs spread wide. He closed his eyes and moaned, his fists full of the bed covers. I fell into my rhythm, pulling back until he tensed and clamped his sphincter hard to kept my cock head inside him. then plunging deep and hard, grinding against him, just the way he likes it.

I felt goose-flesh covering my body, his hands found my nips and he tweaked and pinched them making me groan aloud while I kept pumping deep inside him. Just when I thought I was about to go over the edge, Cameron's body tensed and he let a loud groan escape from deep down inside him.

"OHMIGOD! TATE! KISS ME BABE, we're cumming. OHMIGOD you feel so good. I love you Tate, I love you so much...I truly do."

I watched his handsome features twist and stretch into contorted faces as he was lost to our onrushing orgasm. When Cam tensed, his anal muscles clamped down hard, milking my cock, flooding his butt with my semen. We collapsed, gasping for air, when the burning sensation in our lungs eased, we slept.

Nirvana, bliss, stupendous...and any other adjective that may come close to conveying the happiness I've found with Cameron. I know we're still in the absolute awe stage of our budding romance, but damn this feels so good. I wear this goofy grin on my face constantly. We never made it to Emerald City that night.

Back at home in Sarasota, we enjoyed the last two days of his vacation going the beach for moonlit strolls, puttering about the apartment, cleaning and straightening things up. I did remember to call my folks and have them go to my apartment there and pack up my clothes and send them to me, i needed some clothes for work. I told Cam that I would need to go up to Atlanta soon and close the place out. What few personal belongings I had there could be stashed away in Mom and Dad's garage until we buy our home. The day that Cam went back to work I was visiting with Gran and Gramps, filling them in on our vacation and trip to see his parents.

I asked them if they needed me to do anything to help them get ready for my Mom and Dad to come and visit. I promised them that I would talk with Dad and try to get him to ease up on them and not to boss you around but treat you with the respect his parents deserved. I've already talked to him about the being bossy bit. I don't expect any miracles there, believe me. I helped Gran to put fresh linens on the Guest Room bed and in the bath. We planned the menu and shopping list.

For their first night, Mom, Dad, Gran and Gramps visited together. The next night would be dinner with Cameron and me at our place. We decided to eat on the screened in Lanai, Filet Mignon with Shrimp Brochette and Main Lobster Tails. Our Garden Salad had orange segments and diced mango with three types of lettuce, spinach, Feta cheese, raisins, peach slices, crumbled bacon, tomato, fennel and avocado all tossed in a white wine Vinaigrette, with hot brown bread slathered with Honey butter. A three fruit sorbet and Almond Thins were our dessert.

Mom cornered Cam fairly quickly after dinner to talk about his Mom and what great friends they were. They both had gone Boarding School in Dallas at The Hockaday School for Girls, from the eighth grade through Graduation from High School. They were both presented at the Debutante Ball in Jackson after their 17th birthdays, and both enrolled at the University of Mississippi their freshman year.

I think my Mom likes Cameron better than me, her son. She is positively giddy that her Son has paired with a Doctor. The fact that Cameron is the son of her childhood friend completely fascinated her. It was nearing 5pm when I felt my phone vibrating in my pants. Normally I'd let it do seven or eight rings just to feel the buzzing near my cock. That wasn't much of a thrill these days when one good look at Dr. Cooper could provide more excitement in my pants than I could handle without seeking relief right away.

I went around to the front of the house to take the call, when I heard the callers say he was from EATON AEROSPACE! My heart rate went wild when he offered me their job. I rushed back into the house and signaled Cam to follow me and we went to our bedroom. He closed the door and when he looked at me with a huge grin spread across my face he asked.

"Is it Eaton or the City of Sarasota? I'm betting you just got a job from the look on your face."

"It's Eaton! I start Monday. In a few months we can get our house babe! Cam swept me up in his arms, hugging tightly and nuzzling against my neck. I felt a shudder run through him.?

"Babe, you okay!" I asked

He pulled me tighter to him.

"Oh yes! This is the most okay I've ever been Tate, I can hardly believe how quickly we've happened. I love you Tate Thursam!"

I wanted to say I love him too but I couldn't speak. That bubble or lump is in my throat, I'm choked with emotion, literally. I finally squeaked out a 'love you too...oh so much'... close to his ear.

Cam pulled back just a bit and leaned down to kiss me. Jeez! It was just like the first time. Fireworks, bells, and whistles.

"Come on! We've..uh you've got some great news to tell your folks."

I pulled him back by his arm, tapping about on my phone and showed him the email offer letter. It was all fairly standard and he seemed to be disinterested until he saw my starting salary of $89,000 per year. I was a bit overwhelmed. When I showed the offer to Dad he looked up at me when the saw the salary, I saw the grin slowly spreading across his face.

He took a step toward me and wrapped me in a father's bear hug, I loved it every time he did this. I'm so lucky, all they both want is my happiness and that I live a productive and useful life. I smiled to myself, I already had the happiness part down pat. Now to work on the 'productive and useful' parts.

"Tate, I'm so very proud of you Son." I know how hard you worked to get that Masters Degree completed. The numbers on your first paycheck should tell you that your getting your Master's was money well spent. Just don't forget who you are and more importantly who your partner is. Work hard Son, but work harder on your relationship with Cameron. Y ou guys seem perfect together, don't let anything or anyone interfere with the two of you. Your Mom and I love you so much and we are so proud of you. We're proud of Cameron too, and we will love anyone that makes you as happy as he obviously does."

After Dinner the doorbell rang and when Cam opened the door and there stood Gran and Gramps. Cam had called them and suggested that they come for cocktails after dinner which suited Gran to a tee. Now that I've been around her so much lately I see where some of my own vices come from.

I watched, rapt, as Cam made three Gin on the Rocks with a twist of Lemon. Shaken, not stirred; we Thursam's do like our Gin. When Gramps headed for another drink I pulled him aside into Cam's office and showed him the Eaton offer letter. Seeing the salary his eyes flew up.

"You've said yes I hope!"

I laughed and told him that I did say yes to their offer. In the other room Cam was the center of everyone's attention. They all politely asked their questions and nodded their agreement with whatever he was saying. My stock rose considerably with my parents after they met Cameron. He was in like Flynn with my Mom. How could she not adore Lizbeth's boy.

Someone turned on the old Stereo Turntable and FM radio. The next thing I knew, Cam and I stood slack jawed watching my Mom and Dad and my Grandparents dance. The party didn't break up until midnight.

As we were saying goodbye Dad said quietly, what's with your Gran and Gramps, they can dance circles around your Mom and I. You were right Son, they are a lot of fun when we let them be themselves. We'll have to have them up to attend some Holiday Parties with us this season. For just a moment Dad stood there looking at me, one hand on my shoulder. I knew for sure in that brief moment that my Dad was proud of me and without a doubt I knew he loved me. Breaking the spell he hugged me to him and whispered at my ear.

"You,ve always been the good kid growing up, somehow without me noticing, you've become a man, and a damned fine one at that. I love you Son"

I hugged him back, I held him tightly to me and when I could speak I said.

"With you as my Dad, how could I not turn out okay. You're the greatest Dad. I love you!"

Dad stood back, cleared his throat and looked away for a moment, then he said that he had to get Gran and Gramps into their car. He quickly leaned over and kissed my forehead and his hand squeezed my shoulder lovingly.

I was almost in tears as he left, then I felt Cameron' arm slide around my waist and pull me closer to him. At that moment I knew that I'm the luckiest man on earth.

Cam and I stood waving goodbye as they all drove away, back inside he had me in a lip lock before I knew what he was up to. Jeez what this man does to me. When I felt his hands go inside my shorts and cup my butt cheeks in each hand, my legs wrapped around his waist and I locked my ankles. I surrendered to him there on the floor by our front door, we made sweet, tender love. How can it get better each time? There has to be a plateau, a leveling off, surely our sexual appetites would wane eventually.

On the night before my parents were to leave Cam and I decided to take Mom, Dad, Gran, and Gramps to dinner at Ophelia's on the Bay, down near the South end of Siesta Key. Cam pulled some strings with his Doctor Cronies and found someone that could get us immediate reservations.

The restaurant offered waterfront dining but we opted for a window table with the glass between us and the flying critters gathered near this calm bay. We walked about a bit, waiting for our table. The grounds were stunning, like some exotic tropical plant nursery.

Gran spread her arms and declared...

"This is Florida the way it should be, without the glitz, just a grand view of an unfettered sweep of water, mangroves, seabirds, and an occasional boat or Dolphin gliding by. This place is so beautiful."

Our food was perfection, between the six of us there were four different entrees at our table, each person raved about how wonderful their dinner was. The service impeccable and the Wine List impressive. We had a wonderful night.

On our way out to have our cars brought up, Gran explained to Cam and I that they were taking my folks to the VFW club for some Drinking and a lot of dancing.

While we waited for the cars Gran looked over to me.

"I don't know how you did it Tatum, but you've given our Son back to us. He is a changed man now, back to the Son we always loved and were so proud of. His attitude toward us is 180 degrees from his last visit. What did you say to him?

"Gran, all I said was that he should just sit back and let you two be yourselves and he would find out what fun you two are to be with. I'm really glad, he needs to be with you guys now."

"Oh, My sweetest boy! Thank you Tatum, thank you!" Gran said as she hugged me to her."

Mom and Dad gave Cam and I hugs and climbed into the backseat of Gramp's shining, Jet Black El Dorado, we heard them all laughing as they roared away.

"Cam, now's your chance, you've met my family, well Mom and Dad, I've a brother and a sister, plus two nieces and a nephew for you to meet at another time. Run now or I won't be able to let you go later."

"There's nothing you can do to get rid of me Mr. Thursam. We're together now. We'll have our problems I guess, most people do, but problems are for solving. We'll always find a way."

We drove back to the apartment with the top down in Cam's car, even in mid September the night air was warm and inviting. I've been thinking since getting the news about the job that I would need to buy a car. I think I'll get a used one, we want to save for our house so I really don't want to go in deep into debt for a car.

"Hey Babe, I need to get a vehicle, you have any ideas? At first I wanted a Miata M5 but if we get a house we'll probably need a truck for the first year or so"

I've never dreamed I would ever drive a truck, but for now, Cam agreed that it would be the sensible solution, a good used mid sized pick-up.

Later in the week Cam dropped by Gran and Granddad's to just check up on Gran, he checked both of them for blood Pressure, pulse rates and he listened to their lungs and hearts and pronounced them both in fine fettle. While Cam was taking readings from Granddad, Gran poured him a fresh Iced Tea with lemon and a sprig of mint, both grown in their back yard .

They invited him to sit a bit and have his tea. Gran asked him it he had any ideas about Tatum's coming birthday. Later Gran would tell me that Cameron paled when she asked about my birthday. He didn't even know when it was. Cam told them that he hadn't heard me wish for anything. The only thing he needs is a car for work or maybe a truck would be better when we get our house.

Granddad perked up. "I've an idea, Cameron; let me talk with Tatum's Dad, first and I'll get back to you. I know a friend with a truck sitting in his garage that he seldom ever uses. While I'm thinking about it write down your birthday too. Tatum's in the 27th of November, twelve days from now. Cameron please, don't let Tatum buy a vehicle until I talk with his Dad. Okay?"

"Yes Sir, I'll stall him."

Turning to Gran, Cam thanked her for mentioning Tate's birthday, I would have never known if you hadn't asked about him and I would have been mortified to have missed it."

After more tea and more conversation, Cam rose to leave. Gran hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"We're so happy you're family now Cameron. We love you." she whispered near his ear."

Caught off guard, he was choked up by her words, quickly he bent and kissed her cheek and said...I love you guys too, Gran. Cameron's Paternal Grandparents died when he was young, before he started school. His Maternal Grandparents died before his Mom and Dad were married. He regained his composure and beamed a smile at Gran and Granddad.

"I'm officially adopting you two as my Grandparents. I hardly remember mine. I was only four or five when they died. Now I've got you two. Thank you, for so many wonderful things."

Now it was Gran's turn to get choked up and weepy, Granddad inched closer to her and with his hand on her waist he hugged her to him a bit.

"Your a fine young man Cameron, my fondest wish is that you and Tatum be as happy as we have been." Grandad said as they shook hands and hugged each other.

On his way home Cam was lost in thoughts about Tate's coming birthday.

Without a warning, a sudden South Florida rain shower dumped almost an inch of rain in 15 minutes. It was raining too hard to drive safely, plus the noise of the hard rain on the convertible top was deafening. He pulled over under an overpass and stopped, his emergency flashers blinking furiously.

He opened his phone and dialed Tate to let him know he was stopped waiting on the rain to ease up. While he was talking with Tate, a car slowed to pull over under the overpass just ahead of him. There was a loud crash as another car slammed into the rear of the car turning off the road. The rear ended car shot up the ramp under the road above and tumbled down coming to rest, upside down. Tate shouted into the phone.

"That noise! What happened? CAM! CAMERON! CAMERON!"

Cam was out of his car sprinting to the upside down vehicle. He knew he had to break the windows to get these people out before something worse happens. He was kicking at the glass when another man ran up with a tire tool and started breaking the windows . It worked! We pulled a mother and two children from the wrecked car. The guy who broke the windows took them to his SUV and we waited. Cam backed his car as far as he could from the wrecked car, fearing that it could burst into a fireball at any moment. He ran back to the SUV with his bag to take care of any cuts or broken bones.

Luckily, there were no serious injuries, other than being banged around and bruises from the airbags and glass from the tailgate window. Suddenly he remembered the other car and asked the guy who broke the windows if he had checked with the other driver. He shook his head no. Cam jumped out again and ran to the other car. He saw only the driver, and she was dead. No pulse, no heartbeat. Her car was quite old, without air bags and only lap style seat belts, the steering column was pushed back into her chest. He was confident that she died on impact.

The police arrived and he was able to go back to his car and called home.

"OH Thank God! Cam are you okay...I heard a horrible crash and then you didn't answer the phone. I've been so scared."

"Relax babe, I'm okay...not a scratch on me or my car. I'm sorry I dropped the phone but in an instant I had to be 'Doctor' Cooper. The car that got rear ended turned upside down, another man stopped and helped. He broke out the windows so we could pull a woman and her two children from the wreckage. The woman that rear ended the upside down car didn't make it. She died on impact. Calm down Babe. I'm okay and I'll be home a.s.a.p. I'll have to make a statement for the police. You know I love you babe."

"Yes I know, that's why I was so terrified that you had been taken from me." Tate sobbed.

"Tate...the police want my statement now...I'll call back when I'm through."

Cameron gave his statement, explaining how hard it was raining when he stopped under the overpass. He explained what the man in the SUV and he had done to get those folks out of their car, and that when he got to the other car, the driver was dead. He judged that the driver died on impact when the steering column crushed her chest.

Thirty minutes later he phoned Tate again.

"Hey babe, I'm on my way home to you right now."

"Really...jeez Cameron...I was so scared...BE SAFE! Have you eaten, I can fix us a pizza.

"Mmm that sounds good. You'll be my dessert." Cam said.

When I heard his car pull into the car port, I ran out to hug him as soon as he was out of his car. Once inside my arms were around his neck and he lifted me off the floor as we kissed passionately. After the kiss I lay my head on Cam's chest. Cam felt a shudder run through me as as he held me close.

"I was so scared when I heard that crash...I know you couldn't do anything but what you did. It was the not knowing that made me so're in my head and in my heart, I love you Cameron."

I raised my head and claimed another kiss from Cam's lips. Since my feet were off the floor I wrapped my legs around Cam's hips and locked my ankles. Cam started to our bedroom with me still wrapped around him.

We lay on the bed, wrapped up in each other's arms, fully clothed and promptly went to sleep. Maybe it was the stress from earlier, I don't know, but somehow, our brains just shut us down for a bit. It was after midnight when I woke and heard Cam opening and closing cabinets, the pantry and even the fridge. I straightened my clothes and brushed my hair and went to investigate what Cam is up to. I walked in yawning and stretching, and went directly to Cam. I put my arms around him and he kissed my forehead.

"Hey hungry babe?"

"Just hungry for you Dr. Cooper"

"Sit Tate, I'll fix us some breakfast."

Cam took some Oranges and ran them through the juicer and set a glass of fresh juice in front of me, and returned to the stove. In a matter of a few minutes Cam placed two perfect, spicy Chipotle tomato omelets on the island and sat down beside me. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks baby, you take such good care of me. It's no wonder I love you so."

After that night, we became much closer. I suppose that we both realized how fragile life is. We can be gone from this earth in an instant. From that night on, there wasn't a day that passed that we didn't tell each other how much we love and care for each other. Our Families too! I even began calling my brother and sister a couple of time a month just to say hello and ask about their lives and children.

We had Thanksgiving with Gran and Gramps at their place, and had the usual good time with both of them. We decided to have Christmas here in Florida. Both my Brother and Sister were going to their in-laws this year so we invited Cam's parents and My Mom and Dad. The Coopers' would stay with us and Mom and Dad with Gran and Gramps, Christmas Dinner along with exchanging gifts, would be at our house.

Cam and I had agreed that we would only give each other one small gift since we were saving our cash for the down payment on a home we planned to buy before spring.

When Cam opened his gift from his Mom and Dad, I heard him gasp and he looked up to his folks, hardly believing what he held in his hand. I looked over and saw that he was holding a check in the amount of $100,000!

His Dad quickly explained that the money was from a Trust Fund his Grandfather Kennedy had started when he was born. Grandfather Kennedy specified a large cash amount go to this fund in his will. Since his Grand parents death when he was only four years old, his Mom and Dad had been adding money to the fund every month for twenty three years. Afterwards Cam's Dad pulled him aside and told him that the amount left in the fund was more than the check they gave him.

The big surprize for me came when I opened a small gift box from Mom and Dad and Gran and Gramps. I saw the GM imprint on the keys and I knew immediately it was a car. I jumped up and ran to look in the carport and sitting beside Cam's car was a two toned, silver and black, 2006 Chevrolet SSR Sport Truck with a retractable roof. A convertible pickup! Exactly what I wanted and what we needed all rolled into one vehicle.

We all had to take rides in the truck, top down of course. The rest of the day we spent laughing and talking, not to mention eating! By the time evening came I could hardly move. Of course our Mom's started making plans for next year while we were all together.

The next year we would all go to my Mom and Dad's in Atlanta, since my Brother, Sister and their families would all be there. Cam's parents, Gran and Gramps all would go with us. The year after next would be Christmas in Gulf Shores with the Coopers.

On New Years eve Gran and Gramps went out dancing with their friends to the VFW club while Cam and I snuggled on the couch together and slept through the ball dropping on TV. We woke after 2am and stumbled to our bed, Cameron spooned against my back, his arm holding me tight to him. I snuggled against him, thinking how perfect the Holidays were and I said a little prayer of thanks for all the blessings I've been given.

New Years day was on Sunday this year giving me another day to prepare myself for my first day at work. Cam was watching a Bowl Game on TV. When Stanford was ahead by 33 points Cam came to our room and and pulled me off the bed where I was reading about the Eaton Corporation.

"C'mon Tate, let go for a ride in that awesome truck of yours."

I grinned and jumped up from the bed

"I'm ready, lets go." I said.

Cam had some last minute things that needed his attention (he had to take a leak!). I just stood in the carport admiring the truck. Gramps told me at dinner yesterday that he knew the previous owner and it sat in his Garage most of the time. I knew that it was true with only 9100 miles on the odometer. Cam came rushing out and I tossed him the keys. We settled in, seat belts fastened, and he lowered the steel convertible roof and we roared off down our street.

We wound up at the beach, parked and started walking . We stopped and sat in the kids swings, just enjoying each others company, not needing to talk much. When we looked back to the truck, there were probably ten kids around it. We could just barely hear their voices over the surf but it was apparent that they really liked the truck.

Cam looked over to me, not saying anything, just looking at me. I saw his brim up glistening with tears about to fall.

"Cam...Babe, what is it, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong Tate, everything since I met you has been perfect. I'm just so happy. Happy that we found each other, happy that we're in love, so thankful that our families approve of our love and lives together. I'm sure that at this very minute, I'm the luckiest man on earth. My love for you has no boundaries, it grows every day."

I stopped the swing and went to him and bent over and kissed him there on the beach, in the kiddie swing. I couldn't talk yet, my love for him swelled inside me and I couldn't speak just yet. I pulled him to his feet and hugged him to me. Finally I found my voice.

"I know Babe, I know. Loving you has made my life complete . Let's go home, there's things I want you to do to me that we can't do here. Last one to the truck has to be the top!" I shouted and we took off running.

The End?


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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