Andy was taking advanced biology classes, working toward a doctorate degree in biology,. At 21, he was a big strapping young gay man. He worked out at the university gym and had developed a very nicely muscled body. Andy played casual sports in addition to his workouts, but was not a varsity athlete. He was six feet, two inches tall with thick brown hair, broad shoulders, large arm and chest muscles, tapering to a narrow waist and hips with a very round, firm butt. Andy was decently hung, sporting a thick, uncut seven inch cock and a set of balls that hung heavy and low. His chest and arm muscles nicely stretched the fabric of his shirts while his narrow hips and round butt always seemed to stretch his pants enough to show a modest bulge. He lived quietly by himself in an apartment off campus. Other students considered him a campus stud.

DNA Sequencing

His professor was a brilliant biologist who was actively researching animal DNA to see how it could be used to improve human health and well being. The professor asked Andy if he would be willing to participate in the final human testing of a new DNA sequence he had developed. The professor had been very secretive about what he had developed, but had assured Andy that he would tell him all about it before testing began.

The professor asked Andy to meet him in his office to discuss the test. Andy thought it odd that the meeting had been arranged for a Saturday morning and not a weekday, but the professor explained that the meeting would take some time and he didn't want it to interfere with Andy's studies. So, Andy met with the professor on the appointed morning.

The professor began by telling him that his research had produced a modified DNA sequence which testing has proven to be safe for humans. The final human testing must be kept secret because the modification could have a serious impact in areas such as genetic research, treatment of inherited diseases, birth defects and fertility research. He also had a fear that the military would interfere and possibly take over his work. So, he asked Andy to agree to secrecy before he gave him any more information about the new DNA sequence. Andy wondered what could be so secret, but agreed to keep all information secret. He was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, which he did sign.

The professor started by explaining the nature of his research. He had been looking into improving sperm production in human males. The goal he had set for himself was to replicate in human males the large sperm count of a boar pig. So, he had worked with boar DNA because pig anatomy so closely mimics human anatomy. In order to do this it was necessary for him to alter the internal structure of the human testicle to match the dense internal structure of a boar's testicle, yet retain the ability to produce human sperm. He had succeeded in doing this and had increased sperm density in human semen, practically guaranteeing fertility. He went on to say he had selected Andy because of his age, physical fitness and knowledge of the biological aspects of the product. In addition Andy was at the pinnacle of his body's sperm and semen production. He also could assist the professor by monitoring his own general wellbeing as well as report and document anything he determined to be out of the ordinary.

The professor's new development used gene splicing to replace that part of human DNA which determined a testicle's internal structure with the same sequence from a boar's DNA. After years of testing, he had finally duplicated the dense internal structure of a boar's testicle without losing the ability to produce human sperm. For the test, he would need to take Andy's DNA and perform this gene splice on his DNA along with one additional DNA enhancement. Andy looked at the professor questioningly and the professor said that the additional DNA alteration had to be made to enable his urethra to pass an enormous increase in semen volume. Explaining further, the professor said he had employed stallion genes to enlarge a man's urethra enough to allow the increased volume of semen to flow comfortably. The professor's DNA sequence would be introduced to the body using a virus. After being dosed with the virus Andy could expect flu like symptoms for a week or so as the virus worked at a molecular level delivering the new DNA coding to cells throughout his body. The virus would die out once the new DNA had been fully incorporated into Andy's body. After that, he would be given a growth hormone to stimulate the testicles and urethra to grow much as they had in puberty, but more quickly. Andy's new DNA sequence could be inherited and he would pass on its physical traits to his male heirs.

The professor then confessed to Andy he had held back some information. The new DNA sequences had a side effect. While the genes each contained the code for testicle density and urethra size, they also contained the code determining the size of each organ. These size and physical characteristic elements were so closely tied to one another that one could not be separated from the other without destroying both parts of the genetic code. This meant that Andy's testicles would grow to the same size as a boar while his penis would more than double in size, closely approximating the size of a stallion penis. The average boar pig ejaculates about a cup and a third of semen, so Andy's ejaculate volume should increase from about 2 teaspoons to well over a cup per ejaculation, much like a boar pig.

He then asked Andy "How would you like to have nice big balls and be able to shoot huge loads of cum?" Surprised by the question, Andy said he needed a moment to think about it. He thought about it for a short while and finally thought to himself "Oh, hell, why not?" and told the professor he would do it. After all, who wouldn't want big balls? The professor then took careful measurements of Andy's testicles and urethra diameter to establish a base line measurement. He also measured all of Andy's genitals. After measuring, he commented that Andy's genitals were larger than average and to expect some substantial changes.

Andy now realized that in addition to enlarging his cock and his balls it would also significantly increase his semen volume. Andy asked just how much bigger his genitals would become. The professor told him that he had found growth to be about two-and-a-half times the original size of the organ. He asked Andy if he was still willing to continue with the test. Surprised by the size increase, Andy thought about it briefly and then told him he was OK with the size increase and to proceed with the test.

DNA Test Begins

The professor took a sample of Andy's DNA and retired to his lab to work on replacing pieces of his genetic code. A few days later the professor contacted Andy to tell him his new gene sequence was ready and that he should come in for inoculation. Andy made an appointment and met the professor in his office. The professor told him the gene sequence was administered via an aerosol spray. The medium carrying the new sequence was a non-infectious virus that is best introduced to the system just like a cold virus, through the mucous membrane of the sinus. He handed Andy a tissue, asking him to blow his nose to clear his sinuses. After that, he sprayed the aerosol into Andy's sinuses and told him to return in two weeks. He reminded Andy that the virus caused flu like symptoms for a week to ten days.

That evening, Andy began to feel he was coming down with a whopper of a cold. The flu like symptoms had him bed ridden for about three days before they started to ease up. After that he was up and about, but still felt lousy. By the end of the week he was feeling almost normal, but still in need of a few days to fully recover. Once ten days had passed, the flu like symptoms were gone; he was back to his old self and feeling great. He met with the professor for his two week follow up. The professor again took a sample of his DNA and told Andy he needed a couple of days to verify a successful gene splice and to come back then. Andy returned two days later to find out that the DNA upgrade had been 100% successful.

Growth Hormone

Andy asked what happens next. The professor told him about a growth hormone he had developed in his lab to make tissue grow at an accelerated rate. He had used the hormone to safely grow the testicle and urethra tissues he used in his lab research. It stimulated growth only in tissue where the physical attributes of the tissue did not match the DNA coding within the tissue cells; in Andy's case only his testicles, scrotum, and penis would have this disparity. The professor will dose Andy with this hormone to stimulate growth in his testicles and urethra. Andy asked how long the growth cycle would take. The professor responded that tissue in his lab grew in about three days, but away from the lab environment and in the human body it would take more like six to eight weeks. He then asked Andy to compare that time with normal human testicle development that takes a span of 6 years between the ages of 11 and 17 to fully mature. Andy said to him "That's a short, but reasonable amount time. So let's get on with it, then." The professor took a vial of his growth hormone from a cabinet, filled a hypodermic with the fluid and injected a large dose into Andy's arm. He told Andy to come back in two months.

Andy returned to his apartment wondering just what would happen to him. He didn't have to wait long to find out. The next day he developed a dull ache in his balls and dick. It wasn't a bothersome ache, just a dull background ache. He noticed his pants getting tight about a week later and realized his genitals were growing. His erect cock was slightly fatter, as was the urethra, and had grown from seven inches to almost nine inches in length. His scrotum felt slightly larger and heavier; a good indication that testicle density was changing along with the size. By the end of the second week his balls were large enough to noticeably stretch the front of his pants. He realized his pants just wouldn't properly fit any more and decided to wear fleece pants until the growth cycle completed. As his testicles grew larger, denser and heavier, they produced more and more testosterone which kept him horny most of the time. When masturbating, he was shooting considerably more cum; over a third of a cup at the end of two weeks, increasing by more than that every two weeks. Each week his cock grew about two inches longer and got fatter; its urethra increased in diameter proportionally. He wondered just when it would stop growing. Week after week his balls got larger and heavier, stretching the scrotum so it hung further and further down his leg. He was shooting more and more cum every week and found that the length of time it took to ejaculate all of it took longer and longer. He was experiencing very long and very intense orgasms.

Seven weeks after the hormone injection, his genitals reached their maximum growth. Examining himself, he decided to take his own measurements. Andy was pleased that his foreskin had grown in proportion to his cock. His flaccid cock measured 9" and his erect cock now measured 17½" long and an impressive 4" wide with a circumference of 12½". It was as big around as his forearm just below the elbow and when his cock was standing up, its head came so close to his mouth he could easily kiss it, lick it or suck on it. He thought to himself "This cock is huge. I'll have to find guys seriously into stretching their ass hole or into deep fist fucking in order to find anyone who can take it." His scrotum measured 6½" wide and about 20½" around, hanging heavy and low almost 8" below his cock, about two thirds of the way to his knee. Feeling through the scrotal skin, the testicles inside felt huge and very heavy. It was obvious that he would need some sort of special pouch to contain and hold his balls. Just to appear normal in clothing, he'd have to find some sort of large pouch underwear. Also, things such as jockstraps, gym gear and trousers might have to be custom tailored just to accommodate this huge scrotum. He made the follow up appointment with the professor.

Cum & Orgasms

The professor was pleased and pleasantly surprised with the results. He again measured Andy's genitals and urethra size. He told Andy "You have had some impressive genital growth. I expected larger than normal results because your genitals were large to begin with. Your urethra is now close to the width of a stallion and your penis has reached its maximum size. Your testicles are now hanging very low and heavy; they have increased in size as expected. The scrotum may stretch a bit lower over time. Each testicle's baseline measurement was 2¼" long by 1" wide by 1⅓"high. Today each one of them measures 5½" long by 2½" wide by 3¼" high, slightly larger than an average boar pig. Now I need to measure the volume and sperm density of your semen and would like you to masturbate into this beaker." Andy stroked his giant cock to ejaculation and experienced an orgasm lasting about 4 minutes, during which his cock's extreme spasms pumped a gigantic load of semen into the beaker. Andy was physically exhausted and asked the professor "Is it normal to have such a long orgasm and be so exhausted afterward?" The professor said"Yes. It just takes a while for the body to pump out that much semen. Over time, your body will gain enough strength to tolerate such intense orgasms and endure long periods of muscle contractions. In addition, after you fully ejaculate your semen, you should expect to have several dry contractions." He held up the beaker and noted aloud that Andy had filled the beaker with 360ml or a little over 1½ cups of semen. "That's a lot of semen to pass through the urethra every time you ejaculate" he said "it appears your enlarged urethra can comfortably pass this huge amount. Your new urethra allowed 1½ cups of semen to pass in about four minutes. A boar pig takes about 12 minutes to ejaculate the same amount." He said "I can tell from the cloudiness that it is dense with sperm, but I'll have to examine it to verify results." Andy waited while the professor examined the semen under a microscope. He looked up at Andy and said "Congratulations, my boy. You are now the most fertile man on campus. Your sperm density almost exactly matches that of a boar pig. You could make a lot of money selling this sperm to fertility clinics." He winked at Andy and said "Excuse me for my poor attempt at humor." The professor told him he now had a lifelong enlargement and that any male children he might have would inherit the new genes, growing to maturity with similar genital size and semen production. He added "All of your male heirs will have large genitals and will be very fertile." Andy asked "Where do we go from here?" The professor told him he should have a monthly checkup to keep an eye on his health and make sure there are no adverse side effects. Andy asked the professor what he should tell people who ask about his huge genitals. The professor told him he could tell about the gene splicing experiment as long as he didn't reveal who did it or where it had been done.


Throughout the DNA test Andy had continued his gym workouts, but had been changing and showering at home instead of at the gym. None of the guys at the gym had seen him naked since his enlargement. Andy noticed that the additional testosterone in his body had not only made him horny, but had improved his ability to lift weights; he began to see increases in his muscle mass. At last he returned to changing and showering at the gym. His enormous ball sack made such a large bulge in his jockstrap and gym gear that he drew a lot of attention and stares from the other gym members. Several of the members made an effort to be in the locker room and shower at the same time as Andy.

One of them was a guy named Steve. He was a very well muscled competition bodybuilder and was nicely hung. 26 years old and six feet tall with light blond hair and piercing blue eyes, his body rippled with well developed muscles which had won him several bodybuilding competitions. He was not overly muscled, but big and well proportioned with an incredible taper from his broad shoulders to his narrow waist that only served to emphasize his very narrow hips and round, muscular butt. His arm muscles and thigh muscles were large and very well defined. Deeply sculpted abdominals were like a ladder descending to a really bushy patch of blond pubic hair. Unlike so many other competitive bodybuilders, he had a good sized set of genitals and proudly displayed a nice bulge in his posing trunks. His cock was a fat 9" when hard with a generous ball sack hanging below it. He had a classic Greek god type of body that got noticed wherever he went. For some time now he had been watching Andy in the gym and thought he was a beautiful man; he had also noticed Andy cruising him.

One day Steve approached Andy in the shower room and made a sexual advance. Andy had been admiring him and his fine, round butt for a long time and was wonderfully surprised by the attention. Andy's cock was normally soft when he showered and this guy had not yet seen his erection. Steve approached Andy and gently ran his hands all over Andy's nicely muscled body. His attention then focused on Andy's balls as he cupped his soapy hands under Andy's large scrotum and fondled his balls. He said to Andy "These are the biggest balls I've ever seen. They sure feel great." His touch caused Andy to get hard and Steve gasped "My God! That thing's huge!" Andy asked him if he thought he could take it and warned him that he shot giant loads of cum.

Steve got down on his knees and tried to go down on Andy's cock, but could only get a little bit more than the head into his mouth. He gently stroked Andy's huge cock shaft and ball sack as he sucked on the cock head. Andy was really horny and it didn't take long before he had one of his 4 minute orgasms, groaning very loudly the entire time. He held Steve's head firmly in place throughout the orgasm while he shot a cup and a half of hot cum. Steve choked and gagged as his mouth and throat filled with cum faster than he could swallow, finally letting it gush out all around Andy's cock. Andy looked down at him and said "I told you I shot big loads of cum. I hope you're OK." The big guy gulped down his mouthful of cum and said "Jesus, what a big load. I'm just fine and thanks for all that really tasty cum, too." Andy repeated "I warned you." As Steve stood up he still had cum running down his chin and smears of cum all around his mouth. Steve used a finger to wipe cum from his face into his mouth, then stood under the shower and cleaned off any remaining cum from his face while Andy washed his cum covered cock. Andy asked if he could return the favor while they both were in the shower room. Steve said "Sure. Go for it." Andy knelt down and went to town sucking Steve's nice fat cock as he cupped his hands over Steve's round butt cheeks. Steve really enjoyed it and held Andy by the back of the head as he got close to cumming. Finally Steve let out a loud moan and shot a nice load into Andy's mouth. Andy gulped it down eagerly, stood up and said "Thanks that was great. I've wanted to do that for quite a while." Steve smiled in return.

Steve looked at Andy and said "My God, that was one long orgasm you had." Andy replied "Well, it takes a lot of time to shoot that much cum." The bodybuilder asked "Do you normally shoot a load that big?" Andy answered "Yes." Steve responded "Wow. Just how big is that cock? Do you think you could shoot that much cum up my ass?" Andy responded "My hard cock is 17½" long by 4" wide and I usually shoot just over a cup and a half of cum. Can you take something that big and take that much cum up your ass?" Steve answered "I've been into large dildoes and getting fisted for years. I would love to have your cock stretch me wide and fill me up with all those great ball juices." Andy loved to fuck and had found someone who not only wanted to be fucked but assured him he could handle his giant cock. In addition, Steve was someone Andy had always wanted to get together with. Andy made a date with Steve, agreeing to meet at a local gay bar on Friday.

The Date

Both of them arrived at the bar within minutes of one another. Andy was wearing loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt while Steve wore tight fitting jeans and a bright yellow spandex muscle shirt that left little of his competition body to the imagination. Andy thought he looked so sexy. Other guys in the bar seemed envious to see the two muscle studs together. They had one drink and Steve suggested they go to Andy's place. Andy asked why not to Steve's place and Steve told him he had roommates who had heard about Andy from Steve and were anxious to see the fantastic cock and balls he spoke of. He explained that they were nosy, too, and that it would be best if no roommates were around. Andy told him his place would be no problem, as he lived alone and then suggested they pick up a pizza on the way to his place.

When they got to Andy's apartment they put the pizza down for later and began kissing and fondling one another, finally moving into the bedroom. There, they stripped and both of them got a roaring hard on looking at each other's naked body. Steve's erection was an impressively fat 9" standing above a nice full ball sack. Andy loved the way Steve looked naked, as all the competition bodybuilders he had seen seemed to have tiny genitals. Steve's genitals were a great compliment to his big competition body. Steve pushed Andy onto the bed, flat on his back. He spread Andy's legs and crawled between them until he had Andy's scrotum right in his face. He began to lick and nuzzle Andy's balls, gagging as he tried to get one of them into his mouth. Andy was moaning softly. Eventually, he got one of the balls into his mouth and was enjoying the sensation, but found the ball too big to breathe around and was unable to keep it there for very long. Next he began to lick and kiss the huge cock shaft, flicking his tongue against the underside of the shaft as he ran his tongue all the way up the shaft to the cock head. There his tongue ran around and around the head. Andy was moaning loudly by this time. Steve licked a nice amount of pre cum from the head and gave the cock head a big, wet kiss.

Steve asked for the lube and Andy readily gave it to him. He put a handful of lube on the cock head and used both hands to evenly spread the lube along the full length of Andy's cock. He then massaged a generous amount of lube around and into his man hole before rising up and placing Andy's cock head against his well puckered hole. Steve relaxed his butt hole and Andy's cock slowly disappeared into his ass. Steve made a little wince as the shaft spread him wide and started to slide in, the wince becoming a soft moan of pleasure as the full length of the cock made its way inside him. A cock had never stretched his hole so wide or gone so deep inside him. He could feel Andy's giant ball sack pressing against his butt cheeks. He sat still for a moment relishing the feeling. Then he began riding Andy's cock, rising and sitting repeatedly while Andy moaned in pleasure. Andy's hips began to move as he tried to thrust his cock on his own and Steve rose up to give him room. The cock then started a rhythmic sliding along Steve's sphincter and prostate, producing a loud groan from Steve. Steve could no longer take the feeling of the fat cock sliding against his prostate and let out a screaming groan as he shot a big load all over Andy's chest. Andy reached up and pushed Steve on his side and rolled over, pinning Steve flat on his back; Andy's cock inside Steve all the while. Andy then lifted Steve's legs over his shoulders and began to fuck Steve slowly at first and then more and more vigorously taking full length strokes with his big, long cock. Andy's balls were slapping against Steve's butt and Steve was moaning again as Andy got closer and closer to his own climax. Steve grunted when he felt Andy's cock suddenly thrust all the way into him and the ball sack pressed hard against his butt. Andy voiced a loud "Ahhhhhhh" all while he pumped over a cup and a half of cum deep into Steve. For the next 4 minutes Steve's sphincter felt the huge cock's muscle spasms as it squirted and squirted its giant load into him, each spasm pressing against and exciting his prostate. The sensation got Steve so hot that he shot a second load all over his abdomen and chest. Andy fell on him and planted a big wet kiss on his mouth. His cock slowly got soft and slipped its way out of Steve's ass, making a wet, sloppy noise as it popped out. Andy told him that he shot the giant load so deep inside him that he didn't know what would happen later. Steve should be prepared in case a lot of cum leaked from his hole that night.

Steve said "All that sex has made me really hungry. Let's go attack that pizza." They pulled on briefs and went to the kitchen to eat. As they ate, Steve asked if all the men in Andy's family were hung like him. Andy answered "No, only me." Puzzled, Steve said he was confused. Leaving out any information about the professor and where the experiment was conducted, Andy told him all about the gene splicing on his DNA and how he had wound up with boar size testicles, a stallion size cock and urethra along with gigantic ejaculations. A side effect of giant ejaculations was a proportional increase in testosterone, which made him constantly horny. Andy added that his cum was so milky looking because of his extremely high sperm count, closely matching that of a boar pig. "Balls and orgasms like a boar pig, huh? Well you certainly got the pig's huge ball sack and the horse's cock." Andy explained that the density of his sperm was about 2½ times denser than a normal human male. That made him one of the most fertile men anywhere and also made his semen look much whiter and taste different. Steve began to understand why Andy's cum was so tasty.

They finished eating and stood up to return to the bedroom. Steve looked at the abnormally huge bulge in the front of Andy's briefs and asked him if he had trouble buying clothes. Andy explained about finding clothes that fit and some custom tailoring he needed. He looked at Steve's crotch and said to him "There's something starting to run down your leg. You probably should take a bathroom break." Steve hurried into the bathroom. When he came out he said "Man, did you deposit a load in me. I may leak for some time tonight." Andy said "Maybe it can be used as a lube for another fuck." And he gave Steve a wicked grin as they went into the bedroom.

Steve apparently liked the suggestion as he got on all fours on the bed and asked Andy to do him doggy style. Steve spread his legs wide, separating his ass cheeks so Andy could see his well puckered hole. Steve then relaxed his hole enough to show a rosebud interior. Andy took one look at it and plunged his face into that ass, running his tongue all around that hole and over the rosebud interior. Rimming gave Andy a roaring hard on. Steve was moaning loudly and the rimming relaxed him even more. This allowed a bit more cum to leak and Andy got a taste of his own spunk; not bad, he thought. A dark hole opened up in the center of the rosebud and Andy knew Steve was ready. A bit of lube on his already throbbing cock and Andy started to slide into Steve for a second time. Steve made pleasurable noises all while Andy's cock slipped deep into him, stretching his hole wide. Cum from the first load oozed out of Steve and lubricated Andy's cock as it slid into that warm, moist interior.

Andy was really turned on by all the rimming and the tight hole gripping his cock. He began to fuck, his huge balls slapping up against Steve's balls with every stroke. He suddenly had a long, screaming orgasm as he spurted and spurted another 1½ cups deep into Steve's ass. The pulsing cock made Steve groan loudly, his big muscular body flexed, his back arched and he shot his third load of the day. Steve's sphincter clamped down tightly on Andy's cock and Andy gasped as his orgasm got even more intense. By now Steve had so much cum inside him that he was overflowing with cum and it was running freely from his ass all around Andy's throbbing cock. This was Andy's first multiple orgasm since his enlargement and he was surprised that he still could shoot that much cum twice in such a short period of time. His cock slipped out of Steve and Steve made a dash for the bathroom. When Steve returned, he said to Andy "I've had enemas before, but this was my first cum enema." He thanked Andy and gave him a big, wet kiss. The two of them got into bed and wrapped their bodies around each other, then quickly fell into an exhausted sleep. Steve's man hole leaked cum all night.

Steve woke up alone in the bed. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled the air and let him know Andy was in the kitchen making breakfast. He pulled on his briefs and went into the kitchen. Andy was standing at the stove wearing only a jockstrap. He turned to Steve showing an obscene jockstrap bulge and said "Good morning. I hope you're hungry." Steve told him he was starved. He rubbed the bulge affectionately and told Andy he couldn't believe he had actually taken all of that last night. Andy grinned, gave him a good morning kiss and thanked him, then said he hoped they could do it again sometime soon. Andy then served up a breakfast of eggs, sausages, pastries and coffee. They both ate hungrily.

As they ate, Steve asked what Andy did for a living. Andy told him he was studying for a doctorate degree in biology. Scholarships covered his tuition, while several of his research grants included living expenses. After graduation he wanted to work as a researcher at a university or some company doing biological research. Steve then told him he made a decent living working as a professional trainer at a local gym, a gym other than the one where they worked out. He really enjoyed training other guys and felt that notoriety from his contests kept his training schedule full, unlike so many other trainers. That busy schedule provided him with a nice income. He mentioned that Andy could augment his own income by selling his sperm to fertility clinics that would more than welcome semen so rich with sperm. Andy chuckled and said "You aren't the first person to suggest that. But my genes can be inherited and male children will grow up with genitals and cum loads matching mine. I don't know if it would be wise to surprise unsuspecting parents by doing that." Steve smiled at the thought.

Steve said he knew several of the bodybuilders he trained were gay, hung and insatiable cum junkies who would probably love to meet him. A couple of them were also size queens who would really enjoy trying to take on Andy's giant cock. Andy thought about for a while and said it might be interesting to get together with some big bodybuilders who all had a fetish for cum. Steve said as a result of associating with them, his cum fetish was slowly growing. He liked the taste of Andy's cum better than any he had tasted before, yet after last night, felt like a cum storage container since Andy had filled his body with so much cum both down his throat and up his ass. He said these guys would really enjoy meeting Andy and asked if he would like to meet them. Andy said "Yes, I would. They sound like people I'd like to meet."

Carlos & Joseph

A few days later, Steve called to arrange a meeting. Andy suggested they meet that evening at the same bar where the two of them had met before. Andy was at the bar when Steve walked in with two big bodied guys. Steve came up to Andy and gave him a big kiss. He then introduced his friends; a big Latino named Carlos and a huge black man named Joseph. Very good looking men, they were big body builders, but not as well developed as Steve. Carlos sat next to Andy, the two of them having a nice conversation. Andy noticed Carlos' gaze was frequently drifting down to his crotch and realized Steve had told him about his genitals. Andy was wearing loose fitting jeans with no underwear, his cock and balls down his right pant leg and yet was not showing a bulge. He gently took Carlos' hand and placed it on his pant leg over his cock. The warm hand got Andy semi hard and Carlos made a soft gasp of surprise as the cock grew under his hand. Carlos slowly ran his hand along the length of Andy's cock and then gently reached down to feel Andy's ball sack. "Wow." was all he could say. Andy told him he was only semi hard and that his cock got longer and fatter when fully hard. With that, Andy suggested they all go to his place.

Once at Andy's place they all began to grope one another, hands all over their muscular bodies and full crotches. They stripped and the two guests took one look at Andy's hard cock and swinging balls and got rock hard themselves. One at a time, Andy invited them over to touch his genitals. Steve came over last and Andy planted a passionate kiss on him. By now the display had everyone in the room oozing pre cum. The two guests put on condoms in case they had an uncontrolled orgasm. Steve asked Andy if he thought he could cum more than once. Andy told him he certainly could with these fine bodies to turn him on. Joseph said "Steve told us you shoot a lot of cum. Can we see you do it?" Andy went out to the kitchen and got a large Pyrex measuring cup. He returned to the living room and started to stroke his long, fat cock, beating off into the cup. He had one of his lengthy orgasms as he pumped over 1½ cups of cum into the cup. He asked "Anyone want a drink while it's still hot?" He passed the measuring cup around and the guys eagerly took a big gulp with Steve draining the last of it. Steve told them "I told you this would be the best tasting cum you ever had."

The guys said they wanted to know for themselves what it was like for Andy to cum in their mouth. Andy told them that the load he just shot was a normal sized load and asked them if they thought they could swallow over a cup and a half of cum at one time. Each of them wanted to try. Steve told them the story of what had happened when Andy had cum in his mouth and Andy added that he thought he could cum a couple more times. Andy had gone soft by now and Carlos told him how nice his cock looked with the foreskin back over the head. Carlos had a really fat uncut brown dick that stood out from his body, pushed up and out by his big, round ball sack. Andy invited him over. Carlos came over to him and began by touching Andy's balls, getting hard as his hands ran all over the huge scrotum. Andy got hard again, but really wanted to suck on Carlos' fat dick. At Andy's request, Carlos took off the condom and Andy sucked his cock into his hungry mouth, running his tongue under the foreskin and all around his cock head. Carlos started moaning in pleasure, his cock growing longer and fatter in Andy's mouth and moving into his throat. Suddenly Carlos practically screamed "Oh God!" as his balls emptied their load into Andy's mouth and throat. Andy eagerly swallowed every drop of his cum.

Joseph then walked over and took Andy's cock in his hand, running a finger under the foreskin. Touching Andy's cock got Joseph very excited and his dick quickly grew to its full ten inch length showing large bulging veins through his condom. Andy's testosterone level was elevated and his cock quickly grew to its full 17½" x 4" horse cock size. Joseph apparently could open his mouth really wide and managed to stretch his mouth fully around Andy's cock, but was only able to take the head and the first 4" of the shaft before starting to choke. He licked and sucked on his mouthful while Andy moaned in pleasure. Andy suddenly held Joseph's head firmly in place for the lengthy time it took him to shoot another 1½ cups of cum. Joseph choked, but did his best to swallow as much of it as he could before it completely filled his mouth and throat, flowing out past his lips all around the giant cock. Joseph spontaneously shot a big load into his condom. Andy's cock slipped out of Joseph's mouth and Joseph went to town licking and cleaning all cum residue from Andy's cock. When he was finished and Andy's cock was nice and clean, Carlos asked Joseph if he could have his used condom. Joseph took it off and gave it to Carlos, who raised it to his mouth and hungrily sucked it dry. Andy told both guests that he was exhausted after two intense orgasms and that any other orgasm he might have he would like to share with Steve.

Cum Filled Condom

Carlos asked if he could somehow get a condom filled with Andy's cum. Andy said "Sure, but it might take a day or two." He asked Andy how he would fill the condoms, because his cock was so much fatter than a condom. Andy told Carlos he had caused condoms to explode in the past and that he would just cum into the Pyrex cup and then empty the cup into a condom. Carlos said he was studying veterinary medicine and that a special condom was used to collect semen from horses for artificial insemination. He could get a few of them for him. Andy asked how big they were and Carlos told him they were shaped like a large light bulb and that before stretching each was about 12" long, over 3" wide at the top opening and almost 6" wide at the light bulb shaped base. The base was a large reservoir to collect the horse's semen and would easily hold more than a cup of cum. Andy said they sounded like just the right thing for him and asked him to get some. He told Carlos he would fill one up especially for him.

The next day Carlos dropped off several of the stallion condoms. Andy thanked him and told him he would try them for size and have a full condom for him in a day or two. Andy could tell that Carlos seemed a bit unhappy by the wait and invited him in for a bit. He told Carlos he remembered that last night Carlos didn't get Andy's full load in his mouth and asked him if he wanted to milk him to climax and do it now. Carlos jumped at the chance. Andy dropped his pants and sat on the sofa with Carlos beside him. Carlos began stroking Andy's cock and fondling his balls, easily making Andy hot and hard very quickly. Andy groaned and moaned all while Carlos licked, stroked and played with his cock, milking him close to orgasm and backing off before starting again. When the milking backed off, Carlos would lick away all of Andy's pre cum that was glistening all over his cock head. After getting close to orgasm a number of times, Andy realized he wouldn't be able to hold it much longer and said "Get ready. It's going to happen fast." Carlos placed his mouth over the head of Andy's cock just as Andy's urethra opened wide and fired the first shot of his 1½ cup load. Andy's eyes rolled up and he groaned loudly as he held Carlos' head firmly in place all during his 4 minute orgasm. Not one drop of cum ran down Andy's cock; Carlos had managed to open his throat and allow the entire load to flow into his gut. Surprised, Andy told him he was the first guy to take his entire load without a problem. Carlos said "Thanks that was fantastic and really tasty, too." Andy told him he would make sure to get the filled condom to him soon. Carlos said he would be looking forward to it. Two days later, Andy delivered a stallion condom bulging with three big loads, more than a quart of cum. Carlos was ecstatic, thanking him profusely. Andy didn't ask what Carlos intended to do with it all.

Steve and Andy continued to get together for sex, quickly becoming close friends and fuck buddies. Andy had been with several guys who wanted to sit on his cock, but all of them had found it too big to take. Steve was the only guy who could take his cock up the ass and enjoyed doing it. This really satisfied Andy's love for fucking. Andy enjoyed Steve's company for sex and tried something one night after fucking Steve. Steve already had quite a hard on from the activity, but had not yet had his own orgasm. So Andy started sucking his fat 9" dick, getting him even more excited. Andy smeared lube on his hole and all over Steve's cock and sat on it, his huge balls and cock sprawled all over Steve's abs. It had been a long time since Andy had a cock up his ass and it felt wonderful when Steve's fat 9" cock slid into him. He reached behind his butt and gently stroked and fondled Steve's ball sack as he began to ride the cock. Steve was making loud sounds of pleasure by now; soon Andy could feel Steve's cock swell with an upcoming explosion of cum. Andy grabbed Steve's pectorals and Steve grabbed Andy's. All the activity got Andy hard again, his cock head snaking between Steve's huge pectorals right to the top of his chest. The two of them came in unison amid a loud chorus of pleasurable sounds. Andy could feel Steve's cock pumping cum into him at the same time he blasted Steve's chin and face with another big load that coated Steve's face, head and neck. Steve hungrily scooped as much as he could into his mouth. Grabbing a towel, Andy wiped the rest from Steve's head and neck. Then they collapsed onto the bed, wrapped their arms around one another and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Milking Machine

One day Carlos called and asked Andy if he would be interested in getting together with some guys for a group session with a cock milking machine. Curious, Andy told him he had heard of those machines, but would need to know more about it. Carlos asked if he could come over to explain and Andy told him he was available now. Carlos arrived a short time later. Carlos described a special cock milking machine he had purchased that was made of clear plastic. It allowed guys to watch everyone's cock getting sucked by the machine, see each of them shoot their cum loads into clear milking sleeves, see everyone's man milk move along clear hoses to a clear collection chamber and see each load slowly fill the chamber as the cum is sucked into it. He winked at Andy and smiled as he said "'s dish washer safe for easy cleanup."

Andy asked how many times guys would normally cum when milked. Carlos told him 3 or 4 times were about normal but some guys have cum as many as six times. Andy said "Four times for me would be 6 cups of cum. That's a quart and a half of cum just from me and there would be other people cumming too. Is the collection chamber big enough to hold so much cum?" Carlos assured him that it could hold up to a gallon of cum.

Carlos went on to describe the milking sleeves and told Andy he had special ordered one big enough to handle his 4" wide cock. Andy was intrigued and asked if Steve could join in. Carlos said that the machine could milk up to 8 people at a time; Steve would be more than welcome. Andy then asked what Carlos did with the collected cum. Carlos told him about his extreme cum fetish and how he drank a lot of it, used a lot in his cooking and used a turkey baster to shoot it up his ass on nights he was alone, horny and needing to be filled with cum. Andy finally understood what Carlos had done with the loaded stallion condom he gave him. Carlos said that he could arrange a milking party if Andy was interested. Andy told him to arrange it, he would let Steve know.

On Friday, Carlos notified everyone that the milking session had been scheduled for the next evening at his place. Saturday evening Andy and Steve arrived and were pleased to see Joseph had been invited along with four varsity athletes from the university. These athletes were all nicely built and very nicely hung. Introductions were made all around. It was quite a sight with four bodybuilders and four very fit varsity athletes gathered in one room. Carlos and Joseph started things by undressing followed by the varsity jocks and Steve. One of the athletes proudly displayed an eleven inch fat erection while the others all were in the eight to ten inch range when hard; all four had large balls. Andy got undressed last and surprised the four athletes with his horse cock and huge ball sack. "Holy shit!" one of them said and came over to fondle Andy's genitals; Andy smiled at him.

Carlos said "Let's get started." He passed liquid lube around and everyone lubed up their cocks. Then he turned on the machine and handed Andy his special milking sleeve. The others each took a sleeve and everyone let the machine pull their cock inside. Andy's sleeve was 12" long and everyone watched as it drew in all but five inches of his giant cock. The interior of each sleeve contained a perfectly clear condom like sheath that would stroke the cock and collect ejaculations. It was attached to a clear hose to suck out semen as it shot into the sheath. The sheath stroked the cock via a pulsing vacuum the machine created between it and the sleeve wall. Because the sheath was clear, it fully showed the shaft of the cock inside as it was stroked and as it swelled and throbbed while spurting a load of cum, adding to everyone's sexual titillation. Sucking would continue, keeping the cock inside hard while it was stroked to another ejaculation.

The room filled with the machine's sucking noise along with a variety of moans and groans. Eight very loud orgasms happened at about the same time. Large blobs of man milk flowed along the clear hoses and splattered into the container. The varsity guys' big balls had produced some nice sized loads of semen. Andy's orgasm kept going for the next 4 minutes all while his very white cum flooded the clear hose as it gushed through, splashing loudly as it shot into the container. The four varsity athletes stared in amazement at the size of Andy's ejaculation, several of them cumming a second time as they watched. Andy hadn't cum in a couple of days. His testosterone level was very high and the machine had him hot and ready in a very short time. He loudly unloaded another 1½ cups into the sheath, watching as it flooded the hose and splattered into the container. By now, the others had cum about four times and were getting exhausted. Andy still had another load to deliver and leaned back while the machine gave him the best blow job he'd had since his enlargement. One final screaming orgasm with a hose filling cup and a half of cum and Andy was spent. The other guys all had shot an additional one or two loads, mostly because they got so excited watching Andy. They too were spent and exhausted. The container was about half full of milky white semen, made even whiter by Andy's sperm dense semen.

Carlos turned off the machine and passed out towels for everyone to clean themselves. He then asked if anyone would like a shooter made with cum from the container. All of them anxiously said yes. Carlos scooped cum from the container and went to his bar to make shots of bourbon and cum for everyone. Carlos explained that the protein filled cum would help restore their libidos. After they had all toasted their success in producing about a half gallon of cum, Carlos asked if anyone would like a protein smoothie. Everyone accepted the offer. Carlos got to work with his blender, adding ice cream and cum in equal measure. The smoothies were cold, very frothy and delicious. The high protein semen in the smoothies really helped everyone feel less spent by all the sexual activity.

New Candidates

Through all this accelerated sexual activity, Andy was keeping his regular monthly appointments with the professor. He asked the professor about his elevated testosterone level and whether the professor thought it might be worrisome. The professor told him that it was just par for the course with such enlarged testicles. He added that Andy should enjoy the increased sexual activity. Andy assured him he was. Then he asked Andy "Would you like to be joined by other guys with the same enhancements? I have been thinking you might like to have some friends so you could share similar experiences." He went on to say how successful Andy's gene splices had been and that follow-up testing had proven the splices were safe with no adverse side effects. He was now ready to try his gene splicing technique on others. He asked Andy to help him discreetly recruit volunteers, since the professor couldn't advertise for volunteers without breaking project secrecy. Andy agreed to help and said he knew where he could find possible candidates. The professor said he expected Andy to become a mentor to the candidates and reminded Andy about project secrecy and the importance of keeping information about it out of the hands of corporations and the government. Andy assured him he would be very cautious.

Andy gave a lot of thought to just who he could recruit for the professor. After much thought, he realized he needed to approach guys who had average sized genitals. Guys with naturally large genitals were likely to wind up with freakishly large genitals. For example, Steve would end up with a 22½" cock that was over 5" wide and close to 16" around, while Joseph would develop a 25" cock that was about 6" wide and almost 19" in circumference. Even Carlos would become freakishly huge. No one would be able to take a cock that big; it would kill their sex lives and that of their heirs. He needed to find some of these average sized guys elsewhere, as his current associates were all pretty well hung.

He started watching guys in the locker and shower rooms at the gym, taking careful note of any tendency for them to spread gossip or spill too much information about their private lives, possibly unable to keep a secret. He also kept an eye on his fellow students and varsity athletes. The four athletes who had attended the milking session were too well hung for the project, but they knew a number of varsity jocks whom they could introduce to Andy. Andy could then determine which ones to approach about the project. From his own experience, Andy was seeking fit recruits who had enough muscle structure to handle strong muscle contractions during lengthy orgasms and be able to easily carry the extra genital weight.

He finally found five gay varsity athletes all between 19 and 21 years old who met his criteria. All of them were big, strapping young men. Two were on the track team, two more were wrestlers, and one was a football player; all of them with average sized genitals and well muscled. Andy met individually with each of them, giving a brief explanation of the project and asking for a signed nondisclosure document. He told each of them they could back out of the project if they were uncomfortable with project details, but they would still be held by the nondisclosure agreement. Andy then met with them as a group and explained all about the project and his experiences with the DNA enhancement. They asked to see Andy's enhancement and Andy willingly dropped his pants and allowed them to look at and touch his genitals. None of them backed out, especially once they found out their genitals would grow 2½ times bigger. They had a lengthy conversation asking Andy many questions about living with large genitals, having sex and finding clothes that fit.

Andy answered all of their inquiries and added some of his own experiences, such as sleeping on his back with large, heavy balls dangling between his legs and what it was like getting used to rolling over on them in the middle of the night. Then waking up with 17½" of morning wood and trying to pee with such a long, fat hard on. He added how he had dealt with his ball sack growing larger and hanging lower, trying to find a way to fit everything comfortably into whatever he was wearing, especially when he went commando and occasionally had to avoid sitting on his giant nuts. He told them their sex lives would probably change due to being constantly horny from the increased amount of testosterone their giant balls would generate. They were surprised to find out how much cum, dense with sperm, they would shoot and how tasty it would be to their sex partners. He continued about the guys who had tried to suck his cock, how they loved the taste of his cum, swallowing as much of it as they could and how he eventually found someone able to take his cock up the ass. All of them listened carefully and yet told him they were still anxious to join the project.

Andy introduced the five of them to the professor, who confirmed their willingness to continue with the project. Once assured, he began by taking a DNA sample from each of them and told them he would contact them in a few days. A few days later they were all invited back for inoculation. The professor gave each of them a personal aerosol bottle and told them how to administer the nasal spray. Once inoculated, he asked them to return in two weeks. Andy warned them what the next two weeks would be like. Two weeks later all of them had recovered from their flu like symptoms and were ready to continue. The professor took DNA samples and measured their genitals for his base line data. He told them he would see them in a few days.

A couple of days later the professor called them to his lab and met with them, telling them all that gene splicing had been successful. He then injected each of them with the growth hormone and told them to return in two months. He also reminded them that Andy was available to mentor them during these two months. Throughout the two months, Andy answered many questions as all of them went through the growth cycle. He also reminded them about the effect on their libidos caused by the huge amount of testosterone their enlarged balls would generate and that they should expect to be very horny most of the time. Two months later all five of them were fully enlarged with ball sacks averaging 20" around, their erect cocks ranging from 15" to 17" long and between 3½" and 4" wide.


Somehow the wrestlers and track athletes had not realized what their enlargement would really look like in their athletic uniforms. They were concerned because the tight fitting wrestling and track team uniforms embarrassingly showed such a gigantic bulge. One of the wrestlers said that he had gotten an erection when his opponent had unintentionally grabbed his balls. The full shape of his enlarged genitals was clearly on display, pressed against the tight spandex fabric of his singlet. The spandex hugged his scrotum so tight it showed the separation between each of his giant testicles. His 4" wide cock shaft extended all the way up the front of the singlet with his cock head clearly outlined just below the neck band. He had felt naked. The coaches and all other competitors had seen it, embarrassing him greatly. The football player wasn't at all concerned; he was an exhibitionist who proudly displayed the large bulge in his football tights and felt that most people would think he was just wearing a large cup. One of the track runners had gotten a hard on that snaked all the way down the pant leg of the spandex singlet, pushing itself almost to the bottom of the pant leg, displaying his entire cock head to everyone watching. Andy assured them they would learn to deal with situations like that.

Andy explained the biggest part of their bulge was made by their balls, not their cock, and that they should look for support clothing that could comfortably contain their genitals, something like jock straps with an extra large pouch or some underwear brands made for well hung guys that have a good sized supportive pouch. Andy also suggested that they look for pleated front slacks, rather than flat front slacks, to minimize a possibly embarrassing bulge. He gave them names of several brands clothing and assured them they would eventually find a way to be comfortable with their appearance and to enjoy any added attention in the meantime.

Their flaccid cocks were all about 9" long and just under 3" wide. Each of them found a way to dress that minimized the cock outline and the bulge made by their balls in their varsity uniforms. With testicles each averaging about as big as two hens' eggs, their ball sacks were just too big to hide well, so most of them just let it hang down a leg of the uniform. The football player simply let his bulge show without trying to hide anything. His coach had managed to get him compression shorts with an oversized pouch. In spite of that, he always showed off the clear outline of his balls, cock and its cock head pressed against the front of his football tights. Regardless the uniform, they all caused onlookers to stare at their crotches in amazement and envy. Eventually all of them found a way to live with their bulging crotches and comfortably contain their junk in their athletic uniforms. Even the wrestlers were able to live with the occasional gigantic erection they got when competing.

At their next meeting the professor asked each of them to masturbate into beakers and confirmed that all of them could produce close to a cup and a half of sperm dense semen. Each of them donated that much semen while experiencing a lengthy orgasm followed by exhaustion; both the professor and Andy assuring all of them that over time they would gain the muscle strength to endure such long orgasms. Andy finally had other guys with whom he could identify and share experiences about living with such large genitals. They trusted him as a mentor and he hoped they would become good friends.

A New Machine

The next day Carlos came over for a visit. Andy told him about the five newly enlarged athletes and that they all would need a good supply of the stallion condoms. He asked Carlos where he had purchased his milking machine. Andy wanted to special order one that could milk six enlarged guys, all hung and capable of cumming well over a cup or every time they shot a load. This milking machine would also need a storage chamber considerably larger than the one gallon chamber of Carlos' machine. Andy justified the larger chamber by stating that, added together, every time all six of them came they would shoot 9 cups of cum; that's over a half gallon. If they all came just twice they would overfill the chamber on Carlos' milking machine. Carlos said he would get the information and would bring over a supply of stallion condoms.

Before leaving, he asked why Andy hadn't asked him to join the group getting the enlargement. Andy carefully explained that while Carlos didn't have too long a cock, his 2½" wide cock shaft would have ended up being over 6" wide and between 19" and 20" around. Nobody would be able to take a cock that fat; it would ruin his sex life. He added that Joseph would have ended up with a 25" cock that would have been too long and too big around for anyone to take. Their genitals would have been freakishly large and basically no good for normal sex. Carlos told him he understood, but was such a pig for cum that he had really wanted to shoot his own giant loads.

Andy called the manufacturer of the milking machine and explained the situation. The guy on the phone made some quick calculations, recommending that the collection chamber have a 5 gallon capacity. He defended his calculations saying the six enhanced guys just described would collectively shoot over a half gallon of cum every time they came. Five orgasms of that size would fill the collection chamber to just about the 3 gallon level, leaving room for another 2 gallons of cum, more than enough for 6 average guys to cum 5 times or for the enhanced guys to cum another once or twice. "Therefore" he said "a chamber that size would allow attachment of up to 12 milking sleeves, milking 6 oversized cocks and 6 average size cocks at the same time." Andy verified the math and took his recommendation, ordering a custom made clear plastic machine with a 5 gallon collection chamber, 6 oversized milking sleeves and 6 regular sleeves. It was scheduled for delivery several weeks later.

While he was waiting for the milking machine to arrive, Andy and Steve continued their sexual relationship. One night, Andy put on one of the stallion condoms before fucking Steve. Steve was used to Andy shooting a lot of cum into him, but his eyes bugged in amazement when the stallion condom ballooned as it filled up inside him. Andy came twice that night and the condom wound up swollen and straining to hold over a pint and a half of cum. Steve had been developing more and more of a fetish for the taste of Andy's cum and asked him for the filled condom. Andy gave it to him and Steve drank down a half cup of cum while it was still hot. Andy also took a good drink from the condom; he had found that he also was developing quite a taste for his own cum. Steve put the condom aside to finish later.

Jerk-Off Party

A few days later, Carlos arranged a twelve man jerk-off get-together for Andy and the 5 newly enlarged guys along with himself, Steve, Joseph and three bodybuilding friends of his all of whom were cum pigs. They met in Carlos' living room, where he had laid out a large plastic sheet over the carpet. They all stripped and the six enlarged guys were asked to pull up chairs and sit in a circle around the others. Carlos explained that he and his 5 friends would milk the enlarged guys. Carlos and his friends then sat on the floor, each of them sitting in front of an enlarged guy's crotch. Joseph sat in front of Andy winking at him as he told him maybe he could do better this time.

The jerk-off began with milkers fondling, licking and worshiping the giant balls in front of them; the three muscular cum pigs had never seen testicles so big. The six guys being milked moaned all while their balls were played with. Then the milkers started on each guy, stroking his giant cock almost to orgasm amid loud groaning; then letting him cool down before starting over and repeating the milking and cool down again and again, finally finishing him off with a very loud volcanic orgasm aimed at each of their faces. The six guys on the floor could see the impending orgasm when the scrotum got up tight and the urethra dilated. They stretched their open mouths as best they could around the head of the cock in front of them just as each of them was blasted with well over a cup of cum apiece. Amid a chorus of moans, groans and choking sounds for the next four minutes, they were gulping quickly as cum squirted and squirted, filling their mouths and throats, washing all over their faces as far back as their ears; running like a river down their chins and flowing in rivers over their muscular chests. During the four minute plus orgasms, the six guys on the floor all shot their own loads of cum without even touching themselves. Andy looked down at Joseph telling him he had done much better this time and that he looked like he was in white face makeup with Andy's very white cum all over his face. Joseph gave him an evil grin as he wiped Andy's cum from his face into his mouth, telling Andy how good his cum tasted. Carlos and the bodybuilder cum pigs went to work licking cum off the plastic sheet, finishing up with any cum remaining on anyone's face or body.

While they all recovered from the intense orgasms, Carlos retrieved a two foot diameter bowl from his kitchen. He placed it in the center of the circle and told them it had a several gallon capacity; Carlos asked everyone to shoot all their next loads into the bowl. The six milkers pulled up chairs of their own, each sitting between one of the enlarged guys in the circle. Andy was pleased that Joseph sat next to him, making his beautiful ten inch black cock available for Andy to stroke. Once everyone was ready, the milking was repeated three more times until everyone was exhausted and drained dry. Andy loved the way Joseph's cock would swell with its veins all puffed-up just before having a loud, shuddering orgasm shooting big loads into the bowl. By this time the six enlarged guys were exhausted and slumped back in their chairs. Looking at the bowl, everyone could see it contained close to two gallons of cum. Carlos got drinking glasses from the kitchen and offered one to anyone interested in drinking the hot cum. Carlos, Andy and Steve each took a glass and Carlos passed out the remaining glasses to everyone. Scooping cum from the bowl, they toasted one another as they drank a glassful while the contents were fresh and warm. Everyone commented on the good taste as most of it was very sperm rich. Carlos invited everyone over for brunch the next morning and took the container of cum into his kitchen. The next morning, Carlos served a really fantastic brunch; using last night's cum as a major ingredient in everything he cooked.

After brunch, Andy got together with the five other enlarged guys. They all seemed anxious about something and Andy asked each of them what was causing their anxiety. They told him they were feeling just great, but now were wondering what comes next. Each of them was more than satisfied with their new genital package and felt their sex life was fulfilling yet lacking something. They all felt that there had to be more to life than being perpetually horny, jerk-off sessions, wanting a proper blow job instead of choking guys who couldn't fit such a big cock in their mouth and endlessly looking for someone who could take their cock up the ass. Andy told them he would look into it and get back to them.

Andy's Milking Machine

In the meantime, Andy's milking machine arrived. It was enormous compared to the one Carlos had purchased and included an industrial strength vacuum pump. The container was a large clear plastic container covered with a domed, air tight cap that was removable; fitted on top of the domed cap were 12 covered hose fittings surrounding a vacuum connection at the top of the dome. The hoses, the milking sleeves and their condom like sheaths inside were all as clear as glass. The manufacturer had etched volume markings up the side of the container. Andy called Carlos and he came over to see the machine. Carlos took one look at the collection chamber and exclaimed "Jesus! That thing is huge." and was equally impressed that the machine could milk up to 12 people at a time. He immediately suggested Andy host a milking party and invite the same guys who had attended the jerk-off session. Andy agreed that it would be a good way to break in the new machine and began making plans. Carlos began to fantasize over the thought of so much cum being collected at one time.

Andy arranged a date for the milking and Carlos invited all the guys who had been at his jerk-off gathering. On the scheduled evening, all 12 guys met at Andy's place. He had chairs arranged in a circle around the milking machine and organized the seating so every other guy was enlarged. Andy really wanted to watch Joseph's cock when the veins stood out as it swelled and pumped out his big load of cum. He also had Carlos sit on his other side so he could watch the same thing happen to him. The six normal sized guys all wanted to watch the enlarged guys shoot their giant loads of cum into the machine. Andy turned on the surprisingly quiet vacuum pump then handed out lube and milking sleeves to everyone. Everyone watched as the vacuum pulled all of their cocks into the milking sleeves and the sheaths inside began their sucking action. A chorus of pleasurable noises filled the room, gradually rising in volume as everyone approached orgasm. Suddenly one loud orgasm triggered eleven other orgasms and the room filled with loud grunts and groans. Spurts from the normal sized guys were sucked along the hoses like white marbles while the enlarged guys all shot so much cum with every spurt that their hoses simply filled with white cum flowing along the entire length of the hose. Cum splashed audibly into the collection chamber filling it just above the half gallon mark. The sleeves kept sucking, quickly getting the dozen cocks hard again. Andy watched as Joseph's cock swelled with his approaching orgasm and then looked at Carlos to watch as his cock grew fatter and fatter. Andy's cock was swelling, the veins distended and swollen, his scrotum started to tighten up and Andy almost yelled as he came for a second time, triggering several other orgasms. Shortly, all of them had shot their man milk and the room quieted again. The sound of mechanical sucking was the only sound in the room as 12 semi-limp cocks were sucked back to an erect state. Moaning filled the room again and continued while everyone enjoyed the feeling of a fantastic blow job. After a while everyone noisily contributed another load. A fourth orgasm later and they all were all spent. Andy looked at the machine and saw empty hoses and a container filled to just under the three gallon level. He turned off the vacuum pump and everyone pulled their cocks out of the milking sleeves. Carlos was ecstatic when he saw how much cum had been collected, as were the other cum pigs. Andy got glasses from the kitchen and removed the domed cap from the collection chamber. Everyone enjoyed a glass of fresh hot cum, rich with sperm and testosterone from the enlarged guys. The protein and testosterone rich semen really helped restore their libidos. Andy asked the enlarged guys to come over for brunch the next day. He also asked Carlos if he would be chef for the brunch, using as much cum as he wanted from what they had just contributed; he also told Carlos he could have all the left over cum. Carlos excitedly agreed to the idea, he and the other cum pigs would have a great time with it.

Anxiety Relief

The next morning the six enlarged guys arrived for brunch. Carlos served a delicious brunch made with cum from the night before. Everyone enjoyed his culinary prowess. After eating, Andy told them he had met with the professor and that the professor wanted to meet with them as a group. He had some good, yet interesting information to share about the gene splicing they had gone through. Andy told them he would schedule the meeting sometime soon. He also asked them if their anxiety had eased. They told him that they were getting comfortable with their size problems, but still had some lingering anxiety. They met with the professor the next day.

The professor told them he had some good news about continuing research into their enhancement. The gene change had proved to be perfectly safe and turned out to be a dominant gene, practically guaranteeing that male children would inherit the same genital size and ability to produce large quantities of sperm dense semen. These male children would pass the gene on to their heirs. Female children would also carry the gene, passing it on to their children. All of the male children for many generations would be well endowed and extremely fertile. Every one of the guys explained they were gay and not interested in getting married or having children. The professor thought for a bit, then suggested that if they really wanted heirs, it would be perfectly safe for them to find a reputable fertility clinic and donate their sperm. He asked Andy to see if he could find such a clinic, especially one that would be willing to be discreet and keep the gene splicing project secret. Andy told him he would look for such a clinic.

After they left, the five enhanced guys all told Andy that this new information resolved their remaining anxiety issues. Andy began to look for a fertility clinic he could trust. Many interviews later, he found a clinic that was eager and willing to work with exceptional sperm donations. The clinic was also pleased to hear that the donors were all fit college athletes in the prime of their sperm producing years. They only required a private interview, a comprehensive health history and a sperm sample from each donor. All six of them made appointments with the clinic. Andy warned the others that the clinic really didn't understand about the volume of sperm they ejaculated and to bring a stallion condom for the sperm sample. They all went through the interview process and were told the clinic had to examine their semen before continuing. Several days later, they were contacted by the clinic to make appointments for donations. Andy was told that the semen was so dense with sperm that their donations would be kept separate and would probably be most useful for couples having difficulties getting pregnant, in addition to general fertilization. The clinic also told Andy that they would inform the future parents about the gene and what to expect as their children grew and matured. Andy was satisfied and happily told the others that there would be a new generation of people carrying their genes. The guys continued making regular sperm donations whenever the clinic was running low on their semen. Their donations were less frequent than other donors due to the sheer quantity of each donation. All of them were well paid by the clinic.

The Colony

About ten months later the first children were born. Over the years, more and more children were born carrying the gene, eventually creating a small colony of DNA enhanced residents. Clothing manufacturers noticed that the area ordered more and more custom underwear and athletic clothing and began supplying stores in the area with those products. Sex education classes in schools had to be modified to include topics for enhanced children, both male and female. When the children began joining the military, the military sent a research team to the area to find out what had triggered this colony of enhanced young men. They never figured out what had happened and just attributed it to a genetic variant. The colony thrived and after a number of generations, the enhancements were considered normal. The genetic footprint moved with families as they moved into other areas of the country, evenly distributing the enhancement across the country. No one ever found "patient zero" or how the genetic variant got its start.

Life was good.


Tom L.


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