Dear diary, why are good ideas so much harder to put into practice than they seem when dreamt up? Over the last couple of days I'd resolved to speak to Jason about our relationship, such that it is, and admit to him that I just can't get him out of my mind. But every time I think about 'us' all I can see is a nightmare in the making. Let's face it there's nothing simple about the situation.

I'm old enough to be his father for I'm in my mid-forties and Jason in his early twenties. That alone is a concern to me plus the fact that that he's the best mate of the son of my best mate, Mike. He's got a girlfriend, Kirsty, who he's been with for ages and I've met. So that's a little awkward. A lovely girl but a little needy for my liking and seems to have Jason wrapped around her little finger. On top of that all of my friends consider me straight and I have no idea how they would react if they found out that I enjoy sex with men let alone with someone half my age and known to them!

I spent a long time this morning in bed churning the issues over in my head trying to find a solution that didn't involve emotional carnage in the end. Thirst and hunger drove me out of bed long before a solution came to mind, giving up on the subject I pulled on a pair of boxers and padded out of the bedroom. As I ate my breakfast I checked my mobile phone for messages. It bleeped several times, one text from James at work and two from Jason. I dealt with James's text first for he just wanted to know if I was still paying him and Lucas a visit tomorrow, I confirmed that I was and looking forward to it. Reading Jason's texts made me laugh, he is such a tart. The first message read 'I want.....' and the second read 'YOU'. Still chuckling, I replied 'You can....' before sending another 'LATER'.

He didn't reply so I got on with my day until I met up with the gang at the leisure centre for our normal Saturday swimming session. They were all there and even Chrissie and Kirsty joined us in the pool to swim twenty or so lengths. It was only afterwards and in the relative privacy of the changing room that Jason acted other than his normal 'straight' self. I had removed my wet swimming trunks and was towelling myself dry when having looked around to make sure we weren't being watched he cupped my arse cheeks with his hands and gave them a quick squeeze.

"God you're horny" he whispered in my ear before stepping away quickly as Tom turned in our direction.

"Sam are you joining us for dinner tomorrow?" Tom asked as he pulled his trousers up.

"Sorry I can't. I'm out all day tomorrow, perhaps next weekend?" I replied as Jason gave me a questioning look.

"Sure no worries" Tom reassured me with a smile "it was a last minute idea, that's all."

"Where are you going tomorrow?" Jason asked from underneath his towel as he dried his hair.

"Into town, why?"

"I was hoping to call round for an hour or so tomorrow afternoon for a little bit of....." he trailed off as he dropped the towel on the floor and grabbed his tackle to emphasise his point.

"You're out of luck I'm afraid, prior engagement and all that. What about later today?"

Our conversation was abruptly interrupted as Aaron and Mike joined us and the topic changed to Aaron's experiences as a new dad. Nothing else was said between Jason and me until later that evening when he text me simply stating 'meet me outside Arkwrights at 9pm'. My interest was piqued and so I did. The shop in question is an open all hours store five minute's walk away from my flat. I arrived a couple of minutes early but Jason was already there parked opposite the shop. Spotting me he waved me over with a grin and as I crossed the road towards him he started the car's engine. He waited for me to fasten my seat belt before he leant over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for coming" he said as he steered the car into the flow of traffic.

"This is all very mysterious, so where are we headed?"

"I know a secluded spot just perfect for what I have in mind."

I made no reply instead I watched the passing scenery and stroked his thigh at the same time. I smiled to myself as I watched him squirm trying to concentrate on driving while my hands reached higher up his leg. In the end he begged me to stop unless I wanted him to have an accident. What type of accident I didn't know, I could think of a couple but I withdrew my hand as a trip to hospital wasn't my idea of an exciting evening!

We drove through areas I wasn't familiar with until we parked up in an unlit back street adjacent to a canal. A little nervous of our surroundings I looked at him in askance. He laughed at my expression and told me not to worry as this was a favourite spot for him.

"Favourite?" I asked "Do you come here often?"

"A few times. The police don't know about it as far as I know, anyway less talking more action!"

With that he got out of the car and waited for me to join him before locking the car and disappearing into the darkness. I ran to catch up with him, I didn't have far to go, just round the corner was a bridge over the canal and there he stood. I could just make him out in the deep shadows and as I stood in front of him I could see that he already had his trousers around his ankles and stroking his cock to erection. The size of it still took my breath away for it was over ten inches long, not as big as Tyler's but far bigger than anyone else I knew.

I didn't say a word as I sank down to me knees and held his rock hard cock in my hand. Slowly I brought my mouth closer to it and kissed the head lovingly. I could taste the faint trace of soap mixed with a slight saltiness as I licked all around the flange and his piss slit. I heard him whisper words of encouragement and then felt his hands on the top of my head slowly pushing me downwards. Willingly I opened my mouth and impaled myself on him, as he hit the back of my throat I gagged a little before adjusting my position so that I could swallow the rest of him down my throat. At the same time I wrapped my hands around his hairy muscular legs to support myself as my head bobbed up and down on his pole. I was in heaven! How I love to suck this young man's cock! From his groans it was clear that he was enjoying it as much as I was.

I was totally oblivious to our surroundings, so focused on the cock in my mouth that I didn't hear the echoing footsteps approaching us until their owners started giggling. I hesitated in my head bobbing but resumed once I realised that Jason was totally relaxed, clearly we weren't at risk for his hands continued to guide my head. The adolescent giggling receded until at a safe distance they cried "fucking poofs!" Neither of us responded for we were too far gone in our passion to care and shortly afterwards I felt Jason's body tense before he erupted sending jets of jism shooting down my throat. Enthusiastically I swallowed each load and it was only with reluctance that I let his now flaccid cock slip from my mouth.

He surprised me by pulling me up into his arms, as he gave me a bear hug he kissed me hard on the lips before driving his tongue into my mouth. I was so pent up that I thought was about to explode there and then! My hands slipped down to my jeans and without conscious thought undid the waistband and flies to release my aching cock and balls. I started to stroke myself but my hand was knocked away and replaced by his mouth. It didn't take me long to cum and as I shuddered from the orgasm I felt him hold me steady as he swallowed my seemingly endless amount of jism.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he walked back to the car, seeming to be a hurry to get going. As we each sucked on an extra strong mint I asked him why he was in such a rush. Scowling in response he concentrated on driving before almost reluctantly he told me that Kirsty was under the impression that he'd only gone to buy some petrol. Ah, I thought to myself, that explains the 'wham bam thank you ma'm attitude. Clearly now was not the right time to discuss my feelings for him, it would just have to wait for another day.


As much as I enjoyed the al fresco session last night today, in hindsight, I feel a little down if I'm being honest. I had planned to open up to Jason but it was clear that he only had one thing on his mind and emotional talk wasn't it. I should have known better, he's a player and he's happily doing it behind Kirsty's back. Why would he be interested in how I feel? He had said he wanted no-strings fun and I had agreed thinking that would be enough for me. But it wasn't enough now that I was falling in love with him. Did I just say 'love'? Silly old fool, so whose problem was it? Mine all mine.

Enough moping for one day, I had other things to do like getting my arse over to Southwark where James and Lucas live. An hour later I was sitting on the half-empty southbound tube train taking me from Angel to London Bridge. With no one sitting opposite me I caught sight of my reflection in the window. The darkness of tunnel walls only seemed to accentuate the white hairs in my beard and hair but at least it hid the wrinkles. I studied myself turning my head from one side to another until I noticed that I was being watched by a disapproving old lady. I smiled at her slightly embarrassed before turning my attention to the adverts lining the carriage walls.

At London Bridge I changed trains for Southwark, this time the carriage was packed and on a warm late spring morning the temperature was uncomfortable. Thankfully it was only one stop and I was glad to get out of the underground and into the welcoming sunshine. My destination was just a short walk from the tube station and before I knew it I was buzzing their intercom in the entrance way of the 1930's block of flats.

It was the first time that I'd seen James outside of work so when he opened his front door I was surprised to see him dressed in what I would call hippy clothes. For some reason with him being a sports coach I had imagined that he would wear sporting gear all the time. My expression must have broadcast my thoughts for he looked down at himself and with a rueful smile explained that this was his preferred style, much more comfortable than the tight fitting Lycra he wore at work. I held my hands up in mock surrender and assured him that I was caught off guard that was all. In fact I thought the flowing clothes suited him. From the kitchen I heard sounds of movement and as I made myself comfortable Lucas appeared carrying a tray of coffee and biscuits.

With introductions over (this was the first time I'd met Lucas) we got down to the purpose of my visit. Sad as it may sound but it was work related, for James and I never get the chance to talk about anything other than immediate needs of the inmates. Over the last month we have tried unsuccessfully to discuss the health and fitness levels of the inmates but due to work demands the meetings always get cancelled or postponed. So we decided to meet outside of work, hence today.

The lack of fitness and obesity levels has been made more obvious since the introduction of the new regime and inmates being more closely monitored. Over the next hour we talked through our concerns and ideas to solve the problem. By the end of the conversation James had decided that sports should become a mandatory part of prison life and be included within the punishment regime if inmates refused to exercise. To give them goals and make it less of a chore I contributed the idea of having team sports like football or rugby and have a league for teams to compete, we could even have a charity event or something like that.

Lucas, bless him, must have been bored stupid but he sat there patiently until the work talk had dried up. Only then did he join in the conversation by asking me about my views on environmental issues in London. James just looked at him with raised eyebrows but fair enough I thought we'd talked shop for long enough. Now it was his turn to talk about a subject that interested him and boy was he enthusiastic about it! By the end of the afternoon I knew about all the pollution and traffic problems Londoners face daily along with the dangers James and he encounter as cyclists every day from motorists. Somehow during the conversation I had given him the impression that I was totally with him on the subject, which now made me his best buddy. So much so that he asked me if I would join James in supporting him with his latest venture, I would be doing him a massive favour. James looked at me in alarm but I didn't catch his look until I had readily agreed to his request.

It was only after I had said yes that I found out that he was going to be taking part in the London 2010 Naked Cycle Ride in just over a week's time. As it was on a Wednesday I would have to take a day off but sounded like a laugh, at least we would only be watching and Lucas needed the moral support to take part. While Lucas was out of the room James moaned that he'd been trying to put him off this venture for ages but with my helpfulness there was no way out. I smiled apologetically but I couldn't see what the problem was and Lucas seemed genuinely pleased with the outcome.


Oh diary, why do I do it to myself? Bank holiday Monday, the sun shone all day and what had I done, only volunteer to do overtime, typical. I could have spent the day sunning myself in the park watching the world go past. But there again work was enjoyable and I did earn double pay at the same time.

It was day one of the final week for the Volunteer Punisher contestants and they were to be put through their paces from the start. At 9am prompt they walked into the Governor's Office where Liam, James and I were seated in a row behind his long table. I was reminded of my interview in this office just a few months ago. They were a handsome sight, seven men in a row standing to attention wearing nothing but red berets and a leather belt around their waists. From Tyler, the huge black man with an equally huge cock to the short but fiery Flick they stood motionless, with hands by their sides like little soldiers, staring at the wall behind us.

Quite deliberately we said nothing for several minutes, partly to unnerve them and partly to enjoy the view before with Liam leading the way we inspected them. Liam focused on their uniform, straightening a beret here and tightening a belt there. James assessed their bodies for muscle tone and excess fat, he felt just about every inch of their bodies from head to toe writing up his findings on a clip board as he went. My role in this inspection was medically based. I had to establish if they had maintained their receptivity and a willingness to obey our instructions.

So as Liam and James walked slowly down the line of men I started my own inspections. First to be assessed was Tyler, one of my favourite inmates for both his physical attributes and his personality. Having donned a pair of latex gloves I stood in front of him and cupped his hefty balls in my hand. Gently rolling them around I judged their fullness or in this case lightness. As his cock rose to attention he moaned under his breath, I think they were words of encouragement but either way I had to focus on the task ahead and not be distracted by the enormous black pole of his. I asked him if he had unloaded recently and my suspicions were confirmed when his nodded in response.

I then moved on to the next man in line, Jarek and did the same assessment before going onto Gus, then Sayeed, Flick, Eduardo and Dinesh. James and Liam waited patiently for me to finish but I noted that they had prepared themselves for the next assessment by donning gloves too and opening a fresh can of Crisco. I stood with them discussing my findings before asking the seven men to turn around, bend over and pull their cheeks apart.

Without hesitation and in unison they did as they were told presenting us with a view of seven backsides and seven anuses showing signs of recent stretching. An excellent sign in my opinion but only the final test would determine if their rings had remained sufficiently loose to comply with our requirements. Leading the way Liam greased up Tyler's arse and quite casually pushed his fist past his anus bringing a grunt from the big guy. Wasting no time he withdrew before moving on to Jarek and repeated the same manoeuvre. James then slipped his fist up Tyler for a second opinion. Again I brought up the rear, so to speak, as each contestant was fisted by the three of us in turn. I have to admit I loved the feeling of my hand slipping past their stretched ring and being enveloped by their silky smooth hot rectums.

I could have cum there and then but was too professional to do so. I just hoped the damp patch wouldn't seep through my shorts and into my trousers! Having been handed paper towelling to wipe themselves off Liam told them to stand to attention again before informing them that they had passed what would be a weekly inspection all the time they remained Volunteer Punishers. James followed up by telling them that they weren't in as good a shape as he would like and so their next destination was the gymnasium.

I watched them file out of the office following James as instructed admiring their virtually naked bodies, the uniform just seemed to emphasise their state of undress.

"They're fine specimens aren't they?" Liam asked jolting me out of my reverie.

"Yes, I think that's fair to say" I nodded sagely "their attitude and willingness to obey is good too."

"Almost as good as yours" Liam winked before returning to his desk and looking towards his in tray.

I cleared with Liam that I could take the 12th May off as annual leave before returning to my normal duties on the prison wing. Late morning Eduardo joined me on the wing looking exhausted from his time in the gym. Personally looking at his slim body I didn't think he needed much improving but that decision wasn't mine to make. The rest day was spent mentoring Eduardo showing him what's involved in cell searches, how to relate to the inmates and what to do when they needed help.

This evening I went for the usual run with Aaron and Jason, I wondered what it would be like considering Saturday night's events. But I needn't have worried for the atmosphere between us was fine, Aaron clearly didn't know anything about our meet up and Jason acted as if I hadn't seen him since the swimming session. Their fitness levels had improved and we ended up running twice around the park before they showed any signs of tiring. So for good measure I told them to do press ups, squats and sit ups in the park. They just looked at me as if I had been kidding but I led by example and got on with the exercises myself. By the end of the last set of sit ups they'd had enough and panting breathlessly we headed back for my flat.

I held the door open for them and they filed past me wordlessly in the hallway. I closed the door behind them and waited for them to continue into the lounge but Jason blocked the way with his hands on his hips grinning.

"Come on guys, you know the house rules. Get your kit off!"

"Okay okay" I said with a mock frown but did as I was told. Within seconds I was standing there starkers with a pile of sweaty clothing on the floor.

As was Jason but Aaron was still reluctant to strip off like he had been before but to my surprise he did remove his shorts too revealing his smooth muscular backside to me. Satisfied Jason gave his friend a clap on the back and winked in my direction. He hung back allowing me to squeeze past him and as I did so he gave my bum a pinch enough me to jump a little. He mouthed me a silent 'later' before following me into the lounge. With what had become our normal routine I let them shower first while I rustled up some food and drink in the kitchen.

I heard a mobile ring from the lounge and heard an exasperated Aaron speaking into his phone, concentrating on the conversation he walked into the kitchen pulling faces at me before with a sigh terminated the call. He had a cross expression on his face and his chest was flushed red emphasising his anger. Quite arousing really for his cock was half erect where he'd been idly playing with it as he spoke.

"I'm sorry Sam but I've got to go right now, domestic emergency naturally. Anybody would think that I can't have time to myself now I've got a kid!"

"Hey no problem, you get going. I'm sure that Jason will help me eat this food without too much encouragement."

He quickly dressed into his normal clothes and with yet another apology he disappeared into the night leaving Jason and me alone again. Shame really for I had enjoyed discretely watching his hot little body but if I'm honest Jason was hotter and we would at least have some private time together. Wasting no time I sauntered into the bathroom where Jason was just stepping out of the shower and looking gorgeous as ever. He looked up in surprise at my entrance but it quickly changed into a grin.

"Where's Aaron?" he asked.

"Domestic crisis had to leave in a hurry."

"Aw that's a shame, now what are we going to do?"

"Oh I can think of a few things" I replied as I stepped into the shower and soaped myself up.

He leant against the wash basin with arms crossed and watched me through the glass shower walls. Without touching himself once I noticed his cock rising to full mast until it stood upright pointing to his belly button, clearly he liked what he saw! By the time I had finished in the shower he must have got impatient waiting for he'd disappeared. Curious to know where he'd gone I grabbed a towel and drying myself I went looking for him. I found him in my bedroom, having pulled the duvet back he'd retrieved the KY and Crisco from my bedside drawer and was lying face down with his legs spread wide. From where I stood I could see his hairy crack and balls spread out on the sheets.

Without saying a word I climbed onto the bed and knelt down between his outspread legs. With my hands I spread his cheeks and pressed my face into his crack. I breathed in deeply savouring the mix of soap and his natural musky smell. My tongue had a life of its own and before I knew it I was licking and lapping all around his puckered anus making it quiver in response. I heard sighs of contentment as he pushed his bum back against my face driving my tongue inside his rectum. This was a first for me and wasn't sure if I wanted to do this, but in for a penny in for a pound as they say. With my tongue I explored the fleshy creases just inside his anus smoothing them as I went but naturally they reformed as soon as my tongue moved on. Either way Jason loved every second of it growing ever more vocal and animated in his hip movements.

I only ceased my energetic rimming when my own needs became so urgent I thought I was going to explode without touching myself. Lifting my face away from his crack I asked him to pass me the KY. I watched him with his head still buried in the pillow grope blindly with one hand over the top of my bedside drawer until he found the lube. I took it from his outstretched hand and squeezed a generous amount into my hand before smearing it along the length of my shaft and cockhead. I didn't need to lube his hole for I'd left plenty of spittle there from the rimming. A little clumsy in my impatience I climbed on top of him positioning my cockhead at his entrance as I did so. He must have been as keen as I was for as I did this he pushed back impaling himself on me in the process.

He reared up in response to the sudden intrusion and looked over his shoulder at me. I rested my weight on his hips and drove myself fully into him, then kissed him on the side of his stubbly face. I buried my face into his still damp hair and breathed in deeply savouring his smell. Slowly I thrust my hips in and out of him enjoying the way he clenched as I pulled out and then relaxed as I pushed back inside. My sense of urgency seemed to have disappeared as I focused on the beauty of our union until that is nature took its course and I could hold back no longer. With a final thrust I climaxed sending my jism into his rectum in pulse after pulse.

I lay there for a long time, longer than I needed to, just enjoying our closeness and the feeling of his naked skin against mine. Eventually Jason became restless and twisted his body underneath until he lay on his back looking up at me with a lustful look on his face. With his erection pressing into my stomach there was no doubt what he wanted from me so kneeling I reached for the KY and quickly lubed up his cock and my hole. With a teasing slowness I aimed his cock and sat down on it in one smooth move. I felt like a rodeo star on my bucking bronco as he tried to thrust more of himself into my willing arse. In this position it was harder for him to cum so I got to enjoy the ride for longer, my arse was so loose by the end of it I felt like I had been fisted again. I did think about introducing that into the game but decided against it, I just wanted to keep it simple - for now.

Afterwards as we lay exhausted from the lovemaking I stroked his chest and casually mentioned about how much I enjoyed having him in my life and my bed. He kissed me before admitting that he too enjoyed our time together, which wasn't quite the same thing as I'd said. So I pushed the subject a little further by asking if he could imagine us ever living together. He froze for a moment seeming to hesitate as if trying to find the right words to say. What he said was disappointing for he wanted to keep things as they were, just a bit of fun, no strings because he loved Kirsty too. I shrugged my shoulders and let the subject drop.

The conversation became a little awkward after that and it wasn't long before he made his exit to my relief. I'm not sure that I want to play this game much longer, was never into head games and there's only one person I can see going to get hurt and that's me. I'm going to have to think long and hard about what I want to do.


Dear Diary, nothing much to say really apart from the fact that I can't get Jason out of my head nor can I decide just what to do about him.


The volunteer punishers have really settled into the routine and although it is still a contest the other inmates are acting towards them as if they're already doing the job for real. Today I had Sayeed with me and we worked well together. He seems to have got over the issues he had previously and is more relaxed about the nudity and gay sex bit. As much as I would like to get him into bed I have to remain professional at all times so I kept my hands and thoughts to myself, I just casually watched him as he interacted with the other inmates and went about his duties.

It was late morning when the warning siren went off which meant something was kicking off. Even though it was on another wing we ran out of our wing and over to B-wing where we could hear sounds of fighting. On entering the wing I saw that George, Mick, Jarek and Dinesh were trying to break up a fight between Vince and three other inmates whilst the fight was being watched by the rest of the wing. Several of the inmates were egging them on, it wasn't often they got to see such a large fight especially after the new regime rules had been introduced.

I glanced around the wing establishing what needed to be done first. Sayeed beat me to it by yelling at the top of his voice

"Back into your cells, NOW! Any more encouraging this violence and I'll have you dragged before the Governor before you can count up to ten!"

To back up his command he strode menacingly towards the first inmate, who took one look at Sayeed's frowning face and disappeared into his cell slamming the door behind him. I was impressed and nodded in encouragement, not that he needed any because he was on a mission. Within a couple of minutes all the inmates except for the still fighting foursome were back in their cells even if it was with more than a little grumbling and swearing at us. Sayeed rejoined me with a big grin on his face and a swagger which I found more of a turn on than irritating.

All that needed to be down was to break up the scrappy fight which my colleagues were having trouble stopping. I indicated to Sayeed that we should take Vince down first as he appeared to be the main protagonist, nodding his agreement we strode over to our target who was more intent on punching the inmate closest to him. Catching him by surprise I rugby tackled him bringing to the floor with a thud and before he could react Sayeed sat on him pinning him to the floor. I grabbed my handcuffs and scrambled to secure Vince's arms behind his back preventing him from lashing out. Climbing to his feet Sayeed dragged Vince roughly by his collar into a sitting position while I cautioned him about making things worse for himself.

With him out of the way we quickly overpowered the other inmates, who in all fairness had calmed down considerably once Vince had been neutralised. Perhaps they'd realised the shit they'd just landed themselves in by acting like brawling thugs. Once we had all four handcuffed we frog marched them into solitary confinement where they would be held until they had been interviewed separately to establish what had happened and why. But that wouldn't be down to us as we had to get back to our wing and resume our normal duties.


Well diary, it didn't take long for the investigation over yesterday's fight to be concluded. Max had interviewed each in turn and come to the conclusion that Vince had been the instigator having taunted the other three inmates almost constantly over the previous couple of days. Eventually they'd lost their temper and argued back, this gave Vince an excuse to throw the first punch and it quickly turned into an unstoppable brawl. Thankfully none of the inmates needed medical attention and this morning were released from solitary confinement.

Oh I nearly forgot the best bit, being the volunteer punisher co-ordinator I was released from my normal duties so that I could oversee the release and punishment of the four offenders. The first to be processed was Keith, an unassuming man in his late thirties doing time for commercial burglaries. He'd been the least involved and so had the lightest punishment. I unlocked the door of his holding cell and followed Jarek into the cell where Keith sat looking distinctly nervous at our sudden appearance.

He was right to be nervous for Jarek was determined to prove he should be a punisher and so stood directly in front of the seated man with arms crossed and a frown on his face. In a quiet but menacing voice he told Keith to stand up, remove his clothing and hand it to me. Keith looked as if he was about to argue but changed his mind when he saw that Jarek meant it. He stood up with difficulty as Jarek was standing deliberately close to him and had to squeeze past him before he had room to undress. Avoiding our gaze he looked at the floor while he unbuttoned his shirt, removed it before handing it to me. I dropped it into the plastic bag I was holding and indicated to him continue undressing. Sighing he removed his shoes and socks before dropping his trousers. He handed those to me before standing there in his just his pants.

"Do I have to remove these too?" he asked in a whining tone.

"Yes" Jarek replied.

Sighing again Keith pushed his pants down, stepped out of them and reluctantly placed them into the bag I held out towards him. Naked and with his hands covering his genitals he look very uncomfortable as he followed us back up onto his wing. As he walked back to his cell the other inmates whistled and catcalled, which he did his best to ignore but what he couldn't ignore was his belongings in a clear carry box standing outside his cell door. He looked shocked and hurried into his cell, forgetting to cover himself up in the process. Sure enough his cell was bare of all personal belongings. Jarek with just a slight smirk told him they would be returned to him in 48 hours providing he behaved himself.

I left Jarek on the wing while I returned to the isolation wing to oversee the others being released. Hanif was the next one to be processed and he was more difficult to deal with. Sayeed however spoke to him in Arabic and after some cajoling removed his clothing until he was standing in just his pants but refused to take them off. Despite his best efforts Sayeed could not persuade him to remove them so I signalled to him that it was time to use a little force. Hanif looked at me in panic and then at Sayeed when he was grabbed by the shoulders. I quickly stepped forward, knelt down and in one smooth tug pulled his pants down around his ankles. Like Keith he tried to cover himself with his hands but Sayeed grabbed them and pinned them behind his back allowing me full access to his genitals.

They were worth studying for his balls were decently sized and so was his circumcised cock. Gently I massaged his balls and stroked his cock to see how big it would grow. He pleaded in Arabic, presumably for me to stop but Sayeed shut him up again in Arabic. Blushing a deep red he didn't say another word just stood there looking everywhere except in my direction. Despite his protests he grew hard quite rapidly and I soon had a seven inch cock in front of my face. Oh how I was tempted to put it in my mouth! Before I gave into my urges I released my grip and quickly gathered up his clothes into a plastic bag and strode out of the room. The poor guy was forced to walk back onto the wing sporting an erection which simply wouldn't go down. He too received a welcome onto the wing which grew more vocal when the inmates saw his cock. Unlike Keith he didn't seem surprised to see that his possessions had been consigned to the box outside his cell.

I didn't wait to see how he got on, that was left to Sayeed as I marched back to the isolation unit. I arrived just in time to see Flick unlocking the door to Ned's cell, the guy who received the brunt of Vince's insults. He lay relaxed on his bed with hands behind his head and a sly smile on his face.

"Come to get me have you?"

"That's right Ned. You're going back to your cell" Flick replied matching his tone.

"Right you are then" Ned said as he rolled off the bed and strode towards the door in one smooth move.

"Not so fast" I said blocking the door with my body.

"Now what?" he asked feigning innocence.

"Under the new regime rules you have forfeited your clothing and possessions for the next 48 hours, as you well know" Flick answered taking a step towards him.

"No fucking way! I'm not going to strip for you or any other fucker!"

"Take them off yourself or we will do it for you" I said in a neutral tone.

"Up yours" Ned growled as he tried to push past me.

Clearly it was time to exert my authority so with one hand I held him back and with the other I retrieved the tazer from my jacket pocket. He caught sight of the tazer as I hit the power button before pressing it against his body, the look of horror changed to a grimace as his muscles spasmed uncontrollably. Jerking like a marionette he fell to the floor groaning from the pain.

Wasting no time Flick and I set about removing his clothes, working together we quickly parted him from his trainers, socks and trousers. But he was a tough guy for already he was recovering from the effects of the tazer and fought against us as we made to remove his sweatshirt and shorts. I had no choice but to use the tazer on him again, this time for longer which rendered him virtually unconscious. Now he was compliant so off came his shorts and sweatshirt leaving him naked as the day that he had been born.

"Why do they have to do it the hard way?" Flick asked me as he stuffed the inmate's clothes into a bag.

"Dunno" I replied with a shrug "but that's not our problem. Cuff his hands behind his back for it's time to give him something to think about. He'll think twice next time he wants to rebel against the system."

Flick raised his eyebrows but did as instructed without comment. Once Ned was restrained I spread his legs with my feet and knelt down between them. Gesturing for Flick to join me on the floor I spread Ned's arse cheeks exposing his tiny puckered anus. I then told him to squeeze a generous amount of the lube onto Ned's hole and test his tightness. Grinning he did so and pushed against the hole with his index finger but the grin soon disappeared as Ned clenched against the intrusion and growled a protest to his treatment. However we had the advantage for he would eventually tire and when he did Flick's finger slid fully up inside his rectum bringing another cry of protest from Ned.

With his finger firmly in place and stroking Ned's prostate Flick leant down and whispered in the man's ear

"If you think this is bad wait until you get a cock up you."

Ned panicked and thrashed around only serving to fuck himself on Flick's finger. Eventually he calmed down when he realised that we hadn't made move on him. Once he was still again I told him that if he agreed to comply with our instructions then Flick would pull his finger out and he would be free to return to his cell, minus his possessions. He still had a rebellious air about him so with his spare hand Flick started to stroke himself hard. That was enough to make Ned's mind up for him and he quickly agreed to our terms. Minutes later he was back on the wing but only once he was in his cell were his handcuffs removed.

Vince was the last inmate to be dealt with but Tyler and I had a different punishment in store for him. As we unlocked the cell door he was waiting for us, having heard the commotion with Ned he looked worried. He was confused when we just stood at the cell door and invited him to come out, his hands had been on his belt ready to unbuckle it but they fell to his side as he realised we weren't telling him to strip. Walking past us the worried expression disappeared to be replaced by a slightly smug look as he thought he was being let off.

The smugness didn't last long for confusion returned as we led Vince out of the prison building and towards the prison deliveries yard. As we entered the yard we were greeted by a sea of faces arranged around the yard four rows deep. Standing in the centre of the yard were Liam and Jarek both wearing prison regulation aprons to protect Liam's suit and Jarek's bare skin. The need for protection was obvious in front of them was a lit brazier half full with burning logs. In the bright sunlight it was hard to see the flames leaping up from the wood but the heat generated was obvious as we drew closer.

With Tyler and me acting as guards we steered Vince over until he was standing next to Jarek. Only then did I notice the two plastic boxes stacked high with clothes and personal possessions which I knew belonged to Vince. I'm not sure if at this stage Vince had realised what was about to happen, if he had he didn't show it. Once we were in position the guards closed the gates sealing everyone into the yard and at the same time no escape for Vince. Liam made a brief speech thanking everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to witness Vince's punishment. At the mention of his name and the word punishment it finally dawned on Vince that his ordeal had only just begun.

Speech over Liam stepped back to become part of the audience leaving Jarek in control as a form of payback for all the trouble Vince had caused him in the past. Jarek wasted no time in telling Vince that he had broken the rules for a second time and due to the seriousness of the latest incident, the only suitable penalty was for the permanent loss of all his clothing and possessions. Any further punishment would be decided by his co-operation with instructions given to him in the next half an hour. Vince audibly gulped and looked nervously around at the audience watching him intently. Jarek asked him if he understood, Vince nodded but said nothing before looking over at the plastic boxes. I think that was the moment when he recognised the contents as being his possessions.

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