It was a burning hot Friday afternoon during the summer of 1995. The air conditioning in my office was fighting a losing battle, the sweat was pouring off me and my poor secretary looked so red in the face, I thought she might explode.

Still, summer has its plus points. The horny workmen in shorts, working topless with their muscles bulging, the local office workers stretching out in the park, and best of all, those gorgeous cycle couriers with their figure hugging lycra.

I was already dreaming of the weekend, but there was one more task to complete. I needed to send some documents over to our head office and wait until they came back. My secretary called for a courier, but just my luck I was on the phone when the package was collected, so I didn't get to see him.

I decided to give my secretary a break and let her get off early for the weekend. She thanked me and was out of the office like a shot. I sat back and started to daydream. My hand went to my crotch and I began to grope myself. I was thinking about the fun I was going to have at the club that evening; my favourite stripper was performing and I was hoping for a spot of audience participation.

My dick started to pulse and thicken in my trousers filling out to its full eight inches. I adjusted it into a comfortable position, which resulted in my dick sticking straight up. The head poked out of the top of my briefs and the waistband pressed in tightly against the top of my shaft. I felt the first drop of pre cum form at the tip.

I was rudely awakened from my day dreaming by a buzz at the door. I walked across and opened it, only half aware that my hard-on would be clearly visible to the caller.

Standing there was a vision: six feet tall, blonde hair and such a body! He was dressed only in lycra shorts and a vest. His arms and shoulders were glistening with sweat and his vest clung to his chest so tightly.

"Your package... I mean packet ", he said, his eyes dropping to my crotch.

He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes and then smiled warmly. I was in a complete daze. I pulled myself together and asked him in.

I signed for my packet and then as he turned to leave, I quickly asked him if he would like a drink. He agreed and I got us both a coke.

As he walked across the room I had the perfect opportunity to examine his crotch. There was certainly a healthy bulge under that lycra, but from the look of it, I concluded that everything was well contained with a jockstrap or similar.

He sat down and took a swig of drink.

"I needed that", he said. "I'm really hot today".

We chatted for a while about stupid trivia and then he asked to use the toilet. I pointed him in the right direction, and when he returned, I glanced at his crotch and was amazed. He'd obviously taken the chance to rearrange himself, because through his lycra shorts I could now clearly see the outline of a fully erect cock.

Involuntarily, I let out a gasp.

He laughed and said "I thought you might be interested in my other package.

That's why I took the opportunity to unwrap it a little."

With that, he tossed a jockstrap onto his bag.

"Would you like to examine this package more closely"? He asked, groping his dick.

I stood up and walked around my desk and dropped to my knees in front of him. I leant forward slightly and inhaled deeply. There was a wonderful aroma of sweat. I licked my lips and ran my tongue across the lycra following the outline of his erection.

"Oh yeah, "he murmured" suck my prick through the lycra".

I started to suck noisily, drawing pre cum through the material of his shorts.

Pushing my head away, he slowly stripped off. He pulled me to my feet and started unbuttoning my shirt, whilst I fumbled around undoing my trousers.

Soon I was completely naked with my wet dick sticking straight out. He was naked apart from his boots.

His body was completely hairless, he'd even shaved off all the hair around his cock and balls. I ran my hand across his chest, lightly pinching each nipple before moving down across a washboard stomach to my ultimate goal.

I grabbed the base of his dick and slowly stroked my hand forward. A drop of pre cum appeared and I leant forward and licked it away.

He lay down on the floor and pulled me down on top of him. He pushed his mouth against mine and his tongue snaked out and down my throat. We kissed passionately as his hands grabbed hold of my arse.

Our sweaty bodies slid easily across each other as I wormed myself around into the classic 69 position and plunged my head down, swallowing his dick.

"Can I fuck you"? He whispered.

He told me to stand up and lean over my desk. He quickly retrieved a condom and some lube from his bag and then knelt down behind me and started to lick the crack of my arse.

He pulled the cheeks apart and his tongue darted into my manhole. He started to alternately finger and tongue it, opening me up ready for his cock. I squirmed around, pushing my arse back against his tongue, trying to force it further up inside me.

After five minutes of this, the pleasure radiating from my arsehole was becoming unbearable.

"FUCK ME!" I shouted. "I need to feel your dick inside me".

I lay back down on the floor, raised my legs up exposing my arse.

"Fuck me this way", I said. "I want to be able to watch your face".

He lowered himself to the floor and lined up his throbbing cock with my arsehole. He began to push gently. At first I felt nothing. Then my hole slowly opened and the head of his dick slipped inside.

I immediately clamped the muscles of my arse together and he let out a groan. Slowly, he buried his cock inside me until I felt his balls slap against my arse. He rested in that position and lowered his full weight onto my body. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. I leant up and began to kiss him.

After a few minutes, I began to push my arse up against him. He took the hint and began to slowly withdraw his cock and then slowly push back in again. He started a slow steady rhythm, moving from the hips, while kissing my face and nuzzling at my neck.

I started contracting my arse muscles in time with his thrusts; he picked up the pace a little and I started tugging at his nipples. His cock was massaging my prostrate and my cock began to leak a steady stream of pre cum, which collected on my stomach between us.

Finally, my balls started to rise up and I knew my climax was imminent. I gazed at his face, which had a look of intense concentration. Suddenly, cum erupted from my cock. My ejaculation caused my arse to close down even tighter around his cock and with a loud cry he came as well.

I could feel cum pulsing down his shaft and exploding from the end of his dick. There were at least six bursts and his whole body was shuddering with pleasure.

He hugged me tightly and said, "That was wonderful"!

I smiled and he withdrew his cock and removed the condom. I licked his cock clean and he nuzzled his face against my stomach and greedily licked up all my cum.

What a way to start the weekend!!




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