Joey is one of those guys ..... macho, killer looks, a body that makes heads turn, a pretty boy face, 26 years old, owner of a straight stripper club and straight – well only his two closest buddies and some of the strippers in the club know the truth.

If there is one thing that pisses Joey off, it's arrogance. It pisses him even more off if the guy is arrogant with an "I'm untouchable" attitude. Now imagine when a guy is arrogant, a dude with an attitude, good looking, a real muscle boy jock, pretty boy face, a show-off, untouchable..... and straight. For Joey, that's like pouring blood in the ocean and expecting the sharks to stay away.

Like many Saturday evenings I was hanging out in Joey's club. Leaning with my back against the bar counter, checking the people and the strip show, sipping my drink.... just chilling. Joey and Colt, our other buddy was chatting at a table not far from me when this dude entered the club, walked up to the bar next to me and ordered a drink.

From Joey's reaction I knew this guy was in for trouble... and I was up for a great show on the CCTV in Joey's office, maybe more.

"Your first time here?" I tried to start a conversation with the guy.

"Yea.... and you?"

"No, I'm a regular."

"So, how's the strippers? Any chance to get laid with a hot pussy?"

"You like that one?" Joey had joined us in the meantime. "Can be arranged."

"And what makes you so special to arrange that?" The dude just made the wrong move.

"Joey..... I own this place." Joey smiled at the guy.

"Cody is the name and yea, that's the kind of pussy I like to fuck." Cody made his fatal mistake – giving us a bicep curl that nearly damaged his T shirt..... a challenge to Joey.

Joey just smile, turned to the barman and whispered something to him.

I watched the barman as he walked up to the stage to call Cindy. She knew what was going on. In the past she had seduced many guys like Cody..... up to the point where either Joey, Colt, I or all of us had finished the job.

Cindy made a show of her approach, allowing guys to feel her up as she walked towards us. Cody watched her with anticipation, fantasizing about his fuck for the evening.

"Can you handle him?" Joey asked her without looking away from the guy. That was the code to Cindy to prepare him.

Cindy was good in her job and without hesitation she put her one hand on Cody's pecs and with the other one she worked his dick over. "Hi big boy. Wow, you're a real muscle stud, not like the wimps coming here every weekend."

"Yea! I'm good, the best, I'm a tough marine boy." Cody said and again flexed his right bicep.

"You think you can satisfy me, Tarzan?" She said in her cock teaser way.

"I'll give you a fuckin royal time, best you will ever have."

"Come let's go big boy, come show me what you're made of." Cindy took his hand, grab a bottle of water that the barman held out to her and lead Cody backstage to his downfall.

Colt joined us when he saw what was going on. We gave Cindy a few minutes to get Cody back stage before we went to Joey's office.

"You guys game for a foursome?" Joey asked while flipping on the big plasma screen.

"Fuck yea, man. That guy is hot stuff!" Colt said while I took the full leather hoods from a locker in the office. We always cover our faces so guys won't be able to identify us afterwards.

While we fit the hoods, we looked at the show on the TV. Cody tried to strip Cindy's G-string. Well actually it is only two strings of rope, one around her hips from where the second string hanged on two rings. The one hanging from the two rings passed through her clit piercing ring, between her cunt lips and through her ass. She grabbed Cody's wrists and moved them away from her string.

"Not so fast big boy. I want you stripped before you strip me." Cindy said and pulled Cody's T over his head.

"Fuck!!! That marine is solid muscle! Just check how ribbed he is. That straight muscle boy is going to moan like a whore tonight." I was ready to fuck hot straight muscle marine ass, just like my buddies.

Cody was so heated up that he was not at all interested in foreplay. He put his hands on Cindy's tits and gave them a work over, the way that only a horny straight guy can do. Cindy let him have his way with her for a while before she opened the spiked water and held it to Cody's lips.

"Come big boy, we don't want you to become dehydrated." Cindy tilted the bottle and only removed it after Cody had half the water down his throat.

The hotshot was unaware of his fate – ten minutes and super-boy will be a mortal man. In the water was a cocktail to keep him rock hard and horny for at least three hours..... and something to drain the strength from his strong muscles, just enough to control him while he can still put up some resistance.

"Shall we have a leather show for the marine?" Joey loves his leathers.

"Yea, why not." Colt retrieved our leather harnesses and other stuff from the locker and handed it to us.

The harnesses were of the same design, black with sharp stainless steel studs as decoration, straps over the shoulders that connected to a single stainless steel ring at the back and in front each strap is fixed to a separate stainless steel ring that will encircle the pecs. Another smaller ring was between and a bit lower than the rings on the pecs. Straps around the body connected the four rings, keeping them in place and tight to a guy's body. The final attachment was a leather strap that connected the smaller middle ring in front and a cock and ball ring.

All three of us are versatile. Colt however leans toward bottom, Joey loves it both ways and I'm more towards top.

As the host, Joey made the final arrangements. "Marc, you spotted him first, so he's your boy. You rid him from his virgin. Colt, do you want to train his throat or let him experience his firs fuck of a hot muscle ass?"

"I want his muscled marine dick up my ass, you can give his gag reflexes some training. Just remember to take the mouth restrainer with you, we don't want an overeager boy to harm you." Colt was in slut heaven.

As we stripped and dress up in our leather gear, we watched how Cindy prepared our muscle boy. The spiked water already took effect and Cody was more than ever ready to fuck. He moved his hands down to Cindy's G-string and tried to remove it from her body.

"If big boys don't listen, they need to be controlled." She said as she moved over to a locker to retrieve the restraints.

Seeing the leather cuffs and collar made the muscle marine even hornier. "Cuffs and collar!! Fuck that's hot babe!!"

"It's to control a strong boy like you. Here, fit the cuffs to your strong wrists while I put the collar around your neck. Wow, man! It's going to be so hot to see a muscle boy like you in all this leather!"

After Cody was fitted with the leather, Cindy took his hands and put it on her ass. While she was feeling his ribbed body and kissing him, she rubbed her cunt against his rock hard dick that was by then craving to be released from its prison.

"Yea babe, I'm gonna fuck you like only a muscle marine boy can fuck." Cody said while trying for the third time to remove Cindy's G-string.

"So the big boy doesn't want to listen? Come Tarzan, time to restrain those strong arms." Cindy said while moving Cody's hands to the back of his head where she attached his arms to the leather collar around his neck.

"Yea babe, fucken hot stuff! Now you have Tarzan boy under your control and he is as weak as a lamb. Now you can do with him whatever you want and he can't stop you." Cody was now horny as hell.

Cindy unbuttoned the muscle boy's jeans and pushed them down his muscled quads. "Step out of your jeans super-boy and let me see your awesome muscled body."

Cody, just like the show-off he is, gave Cindy a show like a restrained slave would do. We were dripping just by watching his awesome muscles. Like a real bodybuilder, Cody had a full body shave and no tan lines.

Cindy took his balls in her hand and gave them a work over. "Nice! Low hangers....size 4." She said to indicate the ring size needed to permanently ring his nuts. "You are such a hot muscle boy! Just look at the size of your fuck pole and balls!!"

"Yea, they're fucken full of little swimmers." Cody bragged about his tackle.

"Wow, and these hot pecs!! You like tit play?" Cindy took Cody's nips and squeezed them real hard.

"AAAHHHHHH!!!! Fuck!!!!" Super boy screamed and throw his head back. All his arm and shoulder muscles flex as he tried to break free from the restraints.

"Mmmmm, Tarzan can't handle it when a girl feels him up. Come on stud, you're not a pussy. Take it like a man!! You wane suck my tits, stud?" Cindy put her hand behind Cody's head and guided his eager mouth to her tits.

"Shall we ring him?" Colt love ringing guys like Cody.

The rings we use on our pray, so they can always remember that they are owned by some guys, are actually permanent around their nuts, once fitted by us. Most of the guys passed out from the pain while we force their nuts through the tight ring. Afterwards they will not remove it. No guy wants to inflict pain to his own nuts, big muscle boys find it embarrassing to ask a doctor to remove it and a bolt cutter that can cut through the alloy our rings are made of, must still be invented.

"Yea why not? You always say the play is over once we have ringed the guy. So let's ring him." I encourage Colt.

While Cindy had Cody sucked her tits she felt him up and complement him even more on his hot body. After a while she moved her hands between them. With one hand around his dick and the other one fingering herself she kept telling the hot marine what a stud he is.

Cindy removed het wet finger from her cunt and rubbed it under Cody's nose. "You like the smell Tarzan? You wane lick my hot pussy. It's so ready for a hot muscle boy like you."

"Yea Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!!! Cody was thinking with his dick.

"Then go for it if you're a real stud." She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down onto his knees. "Just smell it boy. You want to taste it."

"I wane fuck you babe, let you experience a real hot muscle stud!"

"Then take off my string and fuck me." She teased Cody.

"Un-cuff me, I can't do it with my hands cuffed to my neck." Cody said while looking up to Cindy.

"There she's taking the final step guys, time to go." Joey indicated to the TV where Cindy already had Cody on his knees in front of her.

"If you want to fuck me, you'll have to use your mouth, muscle boy. Come on, or don't you want to fuck me? ...... or do you only use it to suck muscle boy cock?" She said with a smile.

"Fuck that!!! I don't suck dick!! I'm not a fuckin fag!!!"

As we passed through the door that linked Joey's office and the soundproof room where Cindy was busy with Cody, she said to Cody: "Ever been fucked by a guy? Ever took dick down your throat, muscle boy? It will be so hot to see a restraint pretty muscle boy like you taking dick from another pretty muscle boy."

"Fuck that shit!!! I'm straight."

"You know they say once you have tasted dick, there's no turnaround. It will be so hot to see a muscled marine boy fucked by other hot guys. But unfortunately I have to go back to the show to entertain some straight guys."

"I told you I'm straight!! Take this fucken restraints off me, bitch!!!" Cody realised that he can no longer defend himself.

"O they'll come off, but not now. You boys ready to take over here?" As Cindy said that, Cody turned his head to see who she was talking to.

"NOOOOO!!!! Fuck you all!!!" He yelled and got to his feet.

What a sight!! A raging hard dick on an awesome looking muscle boy who knew he is in real trouble with his hands cuffed to his neck.

Within seconds we had him on his back on the leather fuck bench with his ass hanging over the edge one side and his head the other side. All the time Tarzan boy was flexing his awesome muscles in an attempt to free himself.

Colt clipped a chain onto a D-ring of the collar and pulled Cody's neck tight to the bench. At the same time Joey forced his mouth open with a mouth restrainer. The marine muscle jock boy was ready to be cut back to size.

Like all the previous boys Cody tried to fight, then wish all the obscenities that one cannot repeat in a civilised conversation, upon us. All the other boys then proceeded to negotiate, beg and then cry. Cody, after cursing us just accepted the inevitable and went with the flow.

Joey, Colt and I nutted twice, once up his hot muscle ass and once down this throat.

I took his virgin, Joey gave him his first experience to deep throat a muscle stud and Colt followed last on both Cody's holes.

We all fucked ourselves on Cody's hot marine dick that stayed hard throughout our session with him. As decided beforehand, Colt was the lucky one to initiate Cody in fucking a hot muscle ass.

After our fuck session we removed the mouth restrainer – to let Cody have the freedom to scream while we ringed him – and boy did he scream!!!

We all assisted in ringing the marine stud. He passed out as expected but only after putting up an awesome muscle show as he tried to break the leather restraints.

To show him that we were actually nice guys, I sucked him off after he regained consciousness and then I kissed him. To my surprise, Cody opened his mouth and like the considered guy I am, I shared his own cum with him.

After the fun we had, we un-cuffed Cody. He did not attack us as many other guys did in the past. He just dressed and then left.

"Hundred bucks he won't be back." Joey opened the bet with Colt that went with Joey.

"For how long." I asked.

"Never, but let's say thirty two days or else we will never have a pay-out.

"I say he'll be back before then and another hundred bucks that he will be back looking for muscle boy dick." I made my bet.

"You gonna lose your money, Marc." Joey was certain about his assessment of Cody, but so was I. What they did not know was that Cody licked his cum from my mouth.

Twenty nine days later Cody walked into the club. Like the first time he visited the club, Cody walked to the bar and talked to the barman. After a while the barman took a bottle of water and instead of drinking from the bottle, he poured it into a glass. That was the signal to us.

Joey, Colt and I high-fived each other. "Your lucky day bro, he's looking for hot muscle ass to fuck!" I said to Colt.

"Yea you right, enjoy it Colt." Joey admitted that they lost the bet.

The next evening Colt entered the club obviously exhausted and worn out but with a big smile.

"And?" Joey and I asked about Colt's experience.

"The hottest fucken stud I ever had!! WOW MAN FUCK!!!"

"Yea, we can see that." I commented on the information.

"And he wanted to know if I know hot muscle studs, tops, that will be up for a three or foursome. I told him I know two hot studs. You guys game?" Cody laughed at us.

"For fucken sure, Dude!!!" Joey was just as eager as I was.

"When can we go?" I was always ready for a great fuck.

Just then Cody entered the club and Colt signal him over to us.



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