Hi i'm Andrew i'm an 18 year old Network technician. I may be young but my experience with computers is extraordinary.

When I was 7 i was able to strip the computer down and rebuild it to make sure that the system was functioning correctly or even better.

The most interesting experience came about one sunny Monday as I was in the office drinking coffee.

I looked at my iPhone to see an unknown number flash up on the screen.

"Damn it if this is another payday loan company I won't be responsible for my actions" I muttered under my breath as I swiped to answer.

"I.T Solutions Ltd, Andrew speaking" I said.

"My damn PC won't connect to the internet and i'm contemplating throwing the damn tower out the window" The voice said in a distinctively aggressive tone.

"Tell me your address and I will come down and take a look" I replied as I looked at the clock.

An hour later I arrived at the customer's house and I knock on the door carrying my toolkit.

When the door opened my jaw almost dropped.

Stood in front of me was a 22 year old muscular male who was minimalistically dressed in just a tank top and shorts with sandals.

"Come in" he grunted

I stepped in and took a casual glance around his home.

He had some nice modern decoration and appliances around the house and I spotted his PC.

"Stupid peice of junk" he said as he kicked the tower

"It's not going to solve the problem if you act violent to it" I reply calmly.

I gasp as I feel this mysterious man lift me up and slam me against the wall

"don't take the piss out of me I can crush you like a paper cup" he shouts at me.

He lets me go as I get my breath back.

I then pick up my toolbox and without a word leave the house and get in my car.

Just as I was about to drive off the guy jumps straight onto my hood

I get out of the car and pull him off with as much strength I can muster

I pin him down to the ground on his shoulders.

"What the hell is going on?" I again say in a calming tone which is surprising considering the previous events.

"I'm just frustrated with myself because my boyfriend broke up with me before you arrived and i'm a mess." he confessed to me.

For some reason after seeing the hurt in his eyes and I immediately felt sympathy.

We looked into each others eyes and he grabbed my hand gently and held it against his chest.

I moved my face down and met his lips in a passionate snog

He holds me close to him tight and I rest my head on his chest.

"I think we should head back in before we get any other ideas" he whispers to me.

Disappointed that he didn't want things to go further I stood up and walked behind him back into the house.

"So whats happening now because I have these mixed emotions and I have no idea what to do with them" I confess as I sit down on the sofa and look at him.

"Well I apologise for the way I acted towards you before and i've given the reasons why and I hope you'll let me make it up to you by taking you out to dinner?" He said

"Sure if you tell me your name. It's rude to not introduce yourself" I reply.

Anyways the day comes when I go out to dinner with Alex.

I dress casually for the occasion and look at myself in the mirror.

I check to make sure I look at least presentable

Confirming that I looked great for the date I sprayed aftershave on my neck and walked downstairs as I hear the doorbell ring.

Alex is on the doorstep carrying what looks like a box of chocolates.

"I bought these as an apology gift" he says.

I say my thanks and put them down on the counter as I follow him to the car and sit in the passenger seat

The date has gone well and he takes me back to my place.

I open the door and he gives me a kiss goodbye.

I yawned as I stripped down to nakedness and give my 8 inch cock a quick jerk.

Just as I was about to cum I heard my phone vibrate with a message from Alex.

" I know it's lame to ask over a text message but will you be my boyfriend?"

I was just about to reply when I noticed a note on my bedside table.

"I've been a fool Andrew, please take me back and I promise never to hurt you"- Phillip





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