I was shooting the breeze with another sales associate on a typically slow Monday afternoon when a customer walked into the store. I gave him the once-over and could tell from his hound's-tooth jacket, black turtleneck, gabardine slacks, and polished leather shoes that he obviously had good fashion sense, and wasn't afraid to spend a large buck or two on clothing. So I whipped around a row of Hugo Boss suits, ahead of my colleague, and made first contact with the customer/commission.

'Looking for anything in particular?' I asked.

He regarded me with a pair of warm, brown eyes and smiled. 'Yes. I need two or three new pairs of pants. Business-casual style pants.'

'I think I know just what you're looking for,' I told him confidently, little realizing, at that time, the folly of my statement. 'Right this way.'

He followed me to the back of the store where the business-casual clothing was located, then bumped into me when I stopped short at a rack of dress pants. I felt his strong hands grip my slim waist as he steadied himself. 'Sorry,' he said unnecessarily.

I turned around and got a good look at him. He was about my height, six feet, with a lean, athletic build - broad in the shoulders, narrow at the waist. His hair was cut short and his facial features were fine, almost delicate. He appeared to be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. 'We have a wide selection of pants,' I said, as he began feeling material. 'But, first of all, I should take your measurements - to make sure that you get a proper fit?'

He nodded his head. 'Good idea. I have lost a bit of weight lately.'

'Really? You look good. I mean ... you look good.' My face reddened as I stared into his deep, liquid eyes.

'Thanks,' he replied, smiling.

We moved over to the three-panel mirrors, where there was a bit more room, and I picked up a measuring tape and squatted down in front of him.

'Let me make it easier for you,' he said, and took off his jacket, slung it over his shoulder, and spread his legs.

At close range, I could smell the warm, inviting musk that he was wearing - an intoxicating scent that clouded my brain with lewd, languid thoughts. I placed the tape against the heel of his right shoe with my left hand, and then slowly moved it up his leg with my right hand. I heard the faintest of gasps when I pressed the tape against the inside of his crotch, but I wasn't sure who it had come from - him or me. I felt a bulge when I rested my hand between his legs. I shot a quick glance at that rather large bulge and swallowed hard.

'Okay, all done,' I croaked, and rose up on shaky legs.

'Okay,' he replied softly. He looked at me with a knowing grin twisting the corners of his thick, sensuous lips. A pink tongue darted out and wetted those lips.

I felt my cock hardening in my pants, so I quickly shifted mental gears from thoughts of erotic fantasy to thoughts of business reality, to avoid a potentially sales-fatal tenting situation. I looped the measuring tape around his waist and tried hard not to think of his strong body so very close to mine, or his moist lips, or his hot breath on my ear. My hands were shaking. I glanced at the twitching measuring tape and read thirty-two inches.

'Thirty-two?' he asked, his voice vibrating through my body.

I took a step back. 'Thirty-two,' I confirmed.

He laughed, then walked over to the pants rack and took some time carefully selecting four or five pairs. He had a good eye for clothing, but what I wanted to eye was his unclothing. 'The change rooms are right over there,' I said, pointing to five closet-sized compartments along the back wall.

'Thanks,' he said, and opened the door to one and walked in.

'Let me know if you need any help,' I told him, as the door closed. I wiped a thin film of sweat off my forehead.

A few minutes later, I was idly rearranging some sports jackets that didn't need rearranging when a soft, muffled voice called out to me from behind, 'Could you come in here a moment?'

It was my man in the change room. 'Sure,' I called back. 'I'll be right there.'

I walked over to the change cubicles, opened the door on an empty one, closed it, and then opened its neighbor and found my customer. He was standing on the narrow wooden bench against the wall. He was naked from the waist down, his huge, black cock pointing right at me!

'Hi,' he said casually. 'I'm having trouble getting these pants on with this thing,' he stroked his monster erection and smiled, 'like it is. Anything you can do to help?'

My knees went weak and blood drained out of my face and into my groin. I'd never seen a bigger, or blacker, cock in all my life - except in porno videos, of course. It must have been at least ten inches long - at least; and it was straight and true and as blue-black as a long, thick piece of candy store licorice. 'Uh, sure,' I mumbled, my mouth drier than the Sahara Desert. I stumbled into the tiny change room and shut and latched the door before anyone else could grab an eyeful.

'I thought that you might be able to help me,' he said, stroking his incredible tool with slow, deft strokes.

I nodded dumbly, my body warm and thick, my cock hard and heavy. Saliva suddenly filled my mouth like a Pavlovian dog at first sight of a giant bone, and my throat muscles started to relax for action. My initial shock and nervousness were gone; I was ready for some real customer service. I had sucked on a lot of dicks in my day, but none this long, and none black. Still, I was more than up for the unexpected challenge.

I moved closer to him, and he released his cock from his hand into mine. His body spasmed and he groaned as I firmly gripped his long, hard pole. He groaned again and closed his eyes when I began jerking him off, pulling up and down on his awesome length. His cock was beautiful, felt beautiful, and, amazingly, it grew even longer and thicker as my practiced hand pumped it.

'Oh, yeah, that feels good,' he said, abandoning his massive cock to my worshipping hand.

'You ain't felt nothin' yet,' I told him, and bent down and teased the tip of his swollen manhood with my outstretched tongue.

His body jerked and slammed back against the wall.

'Easy, big guy,' I warned, vaguely recalling that there was a very public store behind the thin partition of the change room. We'd have to keep it quiet and clean. The sense of danger and urgency only hardened my cock still further.

'Suck my dick,' he whispered fiercely.

I grunted an affirmative, held his huge rod at its base, and proceeded to tongue-flog his cockhead - teasing the sensitive underside, slapping my tongue across his slit, licking him up and down in long, hard, wet strokes. He thrust his hips forward, begging me to get with some serious cocksucking, and I did. I took the enormous head of his cock into my mouth and sucked on it - popped it in and out until its rich, full blackness gleamed with saliva under the muted lights.

He ran his fingers through my short, blonde hair, urging me to suck deeper on his cock, spurring me on, pulling my head closer. The air grew thick with the smell of man inside the cramped cubicle. I opened my mouth wide and sucked up and down his shaft, taking more and more of his humungous cock into my mouth with each head-bob. Then I pulled his slickened cock out of my mouth and stoked it rapidly with my hand, and then pulled it up and pressed it against his body. I bent further down and licked at his balls.

'Yeah,' he breathed. 'Lick my balls, baby.'

I lapped at his heavy pouch, painted it with my tongue, bounced his balls around on my tongue tip, and then swallowed his left ball in my mouth. His body spasmed. I stroked his cock and sucked his balls, swallowing them, tugging on them, rolling them around in my mouth. I licked underneath his balls, dug my tongue in between his legs. He spread himself wider and I drank in the essence of that gorgeous man. I crammed his whole pouch into my mouth and sucked on it, lightly nipped at it. He looked down at me and his face wore an expression of shocked ecstasy, his eyes filmed with lust.

I finally disgorged his heavy balls and went back to work on his giant cock. I bathed his dick with my tongue, running my slimy pleasure tool slowly up from the base of his monster cock to the bottom of his mammoth hood. It was a long journey, and a satisfying one. I polished his cockhead with my loving hand as I licked the underside of his cock, again and again, marveling at his size and his taste.

'I can't hold out much longer,' he moaned.

Little did he know that the best was yet to come. 'Hold it together,' I said, slobbering over his cock. 'I've got something to show you.'

His hands tightened on my head in anticipation.

I popped his cockhead back into my mouth, sucked on it for a moment, and then began inching my lips down his magnificent meat. My mouth was a vacuum, and I sucked more and more of his cock into my mouth, until, when I'd consumed almost half of it, his hood banged up against the back of my throat. I further relaxed my throat muscles and kept right on gulping down his cock.

'Jesus Christ!' he cried out.

I spun my eyes upward and stared meaningfully at his incredulous face. Then I re-focused on the pleasurable task at hand and continued on my way down his massive, night-shaded cock. Inch by swollen inch I sucked his cock into my mouth and throat, taking my sweet time, enjoying the sensation of deep-throating this man's massive dick. His hands clutched desperately at my hair, and I felt sweat drip off his face and splash down onto mine - and what was left of his rapidly disappearing cock.

'I'm gonna cum in your mouth, baby!' he hissed.

I knew that it was time for the final push. I thrust my head forward and gulped down the remaining two inches of his ebony dong. It slid down easy. His entire cock was now packed into the warm, wet tightness of my mouth and throat. I pushed out my tongue and lapped at his balls.

It was all too much for him. He moaned and his body jerked and white-hot cum gushed down my throat. He must have been saving it up for just such a special occasion, because his body spasmed over and over and over, and with each spasm came another and another and another stream of sizzling semen. He tore at my hair, grunted and grunted again, cum pouring out of his ruptured cock and flooding my throat in a never-ending torrent. The sensation was exhilarating for me, sheer ecstasy for him.

Finally, after he had sprayed what seemed like a gallon of cum inside of me, his body trembled and his knees buckled and his cock jumped with the aftershocks of orgasmic joy. 'Jesus Christ,' he murmured, dazed and disoriented by the magnitude of his cum-letting. He let go of my head and his hands dropped to his sides.

He watched in wasted wonderment, through half-closed eyes, as I slowly tugged his spent cock out of my throat, one sopping wet inch at a time. It tumbled out of my gaping maw like a python uncoiling, until, finally, I had only his cockhead left in my mouth. I sucked hard on it, milking it, draining away and swallowing the last few drops of his salty-sweet goodness.

'You're fantastic,' he praised in an exhausted voice.

'Thanks,' I said, licking my lips and gazing wistfully at the long, glistening, black snake that dangled empty from between his muscular legs. 'But now it's my turn.'

'Anything,' he groaned. 'Anything.'

'I was hoping you'd say that.' I quickly kicked off my shoes and peeled off my pants and shorts. My cock rose stiff and sure in the super-heated air. It wasn't quite as long as his hardened rope, but it could still plug holes with the best of 'em. 'I want to fuck you in the ass,' I said frankly.

His eyes popped open, then he smiled contentedly and nodded. 'Sounds good.' He stepped down off the bench and into my arms.

We clung to each other, kissed fiercely, our tongues swirling together ferociously. He gripped me in his strong arms and pressed his rock-hard body against mine. My cock ground into his and I pumped my hips. I stuck out my tongue and he sucked on it - fast, heated strokes, like he was sucking a slippery cock. Then we jammed our lips together again and kissed long and hard and passionately, tasting each other, staring hungrily into each other's eyes.

He broke away and dropped to the floor, put his arms up on the bench, and raised his big, black ass into the air and demanded some man-loving. I moved in behind him, took hold of his butt cheeks. They were round and firm, full and taut, and I kneaded them with my hands, caressed them, squeezed them, slapped the playful pair of them.

'Fuck my ass,' he said.

I bent down and kissed his glorious ass, and licked and bit his cheeks. 'Spread 'em,' I ordered.

He rested his chin on the bench, reached back, and pulled his ass cheeks apart. 'Do me!' he hissed.

I gazed into the blinding black nothingness of his asshole, and my pulse quickened another twenty beats per minute. I spat a couple of times into my trembling hand and then rubbed my cock with the saliva. I rubbed some of the hot spit into his asshole and he moaned. 'Here I come,' I warned, and gently pushed my purple cockhead against his pucker.

I pushed harder, and my cockhead slowly eased into his ass. The sensation was pure heaven; he was tight - very, very tight. I shoved more of my rigid cock into his vise-like ass, more and more, until, unexpectedly, he thrust backwards and my cock sank all the way into his ass. I was buried to the balls.

'Yeah,' I groaned, the hot, tight feeling sending sexual shockwaves crashing through my electrified body.

'Bang my ass, baby!' he pleaded.

I thrust in and out of him, slowly, slowly at first, then faster and faster. My steely seven inches of man-joy cut his ass in two as I banged away at him, pounding my meat into his spectacular ass. My balls smacked against his butt cheeks, the sharp sound rising even above our moaning and groaning, and I slammed his bodacious booty over and over and over again.

There is no better sensation on this earth than the raw, unbridled, flaming sexual sensation of plundering a young man's sweet, tight ass with a raging hard-on. I thumped my new lover's ass for all I was worth, for as long and as hard as I could. And that wasn't long. 'I'm gonna cum!' I cried out hoarsely, banging away at him.

'Cum in my ass!' he yelled back.

My head started to swim and sweat poured off my face, as I felt my balls tingle with the cum boiling inside of them - gathering for the explosive rocket ride up my shaft and into my man's hot, hot ass. My body quivered uncontrollably and I screamed, 'Here I cum!' and searing semen raced the engorged length of my dick, roared out the tip, and erupted into his ass.

'Fuck, yeah!' I cried, my body jerking to and fro as I ass-blasted that man with load after load of scorching jism. His butt cheeks bounced gloriously as I kept pounding into him, filling his ass with my cum.

My body tensed one last time, my cock spoke its sizzling gratitude one final time, and I teetered on the edge of consciousness. Then my cock slid out of his violated ass and I puddled on the floor, wasted.


Somehow, we managed to put ourselves back together in a matter of minutes, and I sold him the pants that he'd taken into the change room. Before he left, I gave him my business card with my home phone number jotted in.

'Looks like you made a pretty good sale there,' my colleague remarked, as my lover left the store with a wave of his hand.

'It's all in the technique,' I replied, a satiated smile on my puffy lips.

'Uh-huh. Ray's always been a bit of a clotheshorse.'

'You know him!?' I asked.

'Sure. He's my brother. I told him that he'd find what he was looking for here.'


Landon Dixon

[email protected]


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