I've been attending college for 2 years now trying to get my major in psychiatry, and I've noticed my stomach start to stray from its toned physique. I havent gone to the gym since college, and even during summer im attending college classes but this summer i decided to join a running group instead, 50 men of all ages who run miles and miles on end. I've never gone long distant running before and everyone ran at a different pace, most people who've been in the group for years ran alot faster then me, except this one man, and god was he beautiful, 5'7 thin curly blonde hair elegant smooth legs and blue eyes.

After a few days i got to know him, we talked as we ran, his name was Cole and he was new in town having only lived here 2 months. Cole was the least heavy one of the group and went up hills with ease; I had t push myself just to keep up during the hill runs and i was always atleast 3 feet behind him, but the view was worth it as he kicked one leg in front of the other his shorts would press against his buttocks shaping to the curvature of his amazing firm little ass.

It was friday and we had all finished an 8 mile run with 3 1 minute breaks, and i was exhausted, and Cole was even more so, he lyed down in the grass, legs bent as he leaned his body up with his elbows. I had finally calmed my breathing as i watched Cole pant his chest puffing up and down, i imagined him doing the same thing in bed but snapped out of my fantasy to observe Cole who began stretching. I stretched with him as he did the pretzel stretch, which was my favorite because this stretch always made his shorts crawl up his thighs giving me a slight view up his shorts, his thighs and ass were milk white, and the rest of his skin was a barely tannish peach kinda white.

Everyone was packing up and leaving, i dreaded going to my apartment though, it was just then when Cole asked me if i wanted to come over to his place, and i said yes. His hotel room was amazing, and i asked him how he could afford it.

"My father pays for everything while im attending college here".

We played call of Duty and other Xbox games, before talking about his stay here and where he was originally from, and what each of us were attending college for. We ordered room service for dinner and before i knew it it was 9 'oclock.

"I should be going home i'd hate to impose"

"You can impose a little I dont mind"

"I... I cant"


I did'nt answer, but i knew i was beginning to have an unhealthy relationship with this man, for all i knew he was straight and i didnt wanna wind up drunk tonight doing something stupid, as i took notice of the wine on the bedside counter.

As I left the hotel i realized my keys had fallen out of my pocket back at Cole's place i went back and found the door unlocked; as i entered i saw Cole lying in the bed in nothing but briefs holding my keys in his mouth, grinning to show the front teeth clamped on my car keys. I immediately approached the bed taking my shirt off.

I gently laid Cole down as my body hovered over his and i began kissing his neck, i grabbed my keys and tossed them on the counter as my lips met his. We were both in nothing, but our briefs as i grinded my crotch against his while our tongues wrestled in the wet conjoined cavern of our lips, our bodies so heavily pressed we were like a single entity until i lifted my toned stomache off of his so i could reach my hand between our bodies to grope him. He broke away from my mouth long enough to gasp as i cupped his manhood gently squeesing it, watching his prick pitch a tent made my own cock stiffen. Cole was so eager to be pressed against me again he wrapped his legs around my waist and lifted his lower body, i let his upper body lie against the sheets as i grabbed his hips lifted his lower half up further and began shrusting my shaft against his. I was so excited and pumped up from 2 years absent of sex since i went to college i literally ripped a hole in his briefs as i slid my cock up the opening and began grinding it between Cole's ass cheeks and taint, i could feel the heat of his anus against my rod, and it felt amazing.

After 30 minutes of rolling around in the sheets Cole begged me to fuck him, as he lyed on his back with his body sprawled on the sheets; I grabbed his torn briefs and pulled them up lifting his legs i staired in awe awt coles firm bum his cheeks squished together cencoring the delicious treat between them. I pulled his briefs off tossing them to the floor as his legs fell against the bed as i flipped him on his belly.

"Please be careful, I.. I've never gone all the way with someone"

"Really, What makes me so special"

"I was just curious I guess... Is it going to hurt"

"Probably at first, but we dont have to do this"

"No I want to, im just nervous"

"Well I promise to be as gentle as possible"

I massaged his shoulders and let my hands slide down his sides carressing them as i blazed a trail of kisses down his back getting closer to to the prize with each one. I firmly grabbed his supple bum parting the cheeks to reveal his pink puckered anus, I began licking around the rim of his sweet tail-hole feeling his body shiver in anticipation before lapping my pink jaw muscle at his entrance, sliding my tongue inside Cole's behind. It was'nt long before cole's ass was off the bed as his chest and face were buried in the sheets moaning and squirming as I fingered him and sucked on his ball and taint, while stroking his 5inch long dick. Cole handed me some lube from a drawer and told me not to worry about a condom, which was great considering i didnt have one on me.

I coating my cock in the slippery liquid before pressing the straw of the tube inside Cole who muttered "cold" as i poured the fluid inside his rectum. i flipped Cole on his back and grabbed his waist pulling him closer as he held his hands close to his face in the cutest yet nervous looking pose. I aimed my cock at his entrance pressing my head against it as i suckled on his left nipple while playfully pinching the other as i poked in as slowly as i could. Once the head of my cock had plopped in Cole yelped and asked me to wait before preceeding, once he gave me the okay i ventured deeperinto his tight warm rectum; As i did Cole clenched his teeths snarling as his face reddened his head reared back making his neck looked stretched until i was balls deep patiently waiting for him to adjust. As i lied there with my cock buried in his ass i stroked his cock and kissed his chest and nursed both of his nipples tell they were erect. He began wiggling his hips and playfully clenching and unclenching his rectum around my cock as he curiously explored his sexual prowess observing me to see what i did and didnt enjoy. After adjusting to my size he told me he wanted to be fucked and i gladly fulfilled his desire as he did mine, pulling in and out carefully picking up pace until i was thrusting in and out of him, jacking my length in and out of him like a piston, as he moaned and grunted stroking himself. He wrapped his legs around my waist as i let go of his waist and every time i pulled out to my tip he would pull himself back onto my length. Our lips locked again as my cock filled to the brim with juices, i could feel his expand in my palm as well. As he let out a moan before bursting all over his chest, his insides clenched and i came as well, pouring my seed inside him as I gave my last round of thrusts before pulling out and jizzing on his stomache.

We didnt shower we just cuddled in the aftermath of our even, fully relieved as we spooned into sleep each of us knowing that round 2 awaited tomorrow morning.



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