This is my first written confession, be it, and everything told is 100% nice :)

there I was laying on the soft comforting double air bed confused guilty scared but mostly...excited, energised and electrified ! with my hand carefully resting on my best mates, slowly, increasingly growing cock...our bodies close together, feeling each others warmth and embrace, it was enticing and he moved closer as his cock even still continued to grow and grow until he was fully extended. He whispered in my ear gently and said "gay thoughts." as he let them words flow out past his lips and glide into my ear he slowly moved my hand under the waistband of his boxer shorts...

I think I should explain what has happened prior to this.

I was 16 at the time and was a very different kind of person, never satisfied until I knew I got the best out of everything. I was funny, popular and kind of athletic. I played rugby for my county and I was one of the forward players. I have a medium, muscular/stocky build with very strong and defined leg and back muscles but my most accredited attribute was my smile, it's the only thing I truely loved about myself. I had a "normal" colour to my skin, standard human I had dark emerald green eyes and dark curly and wavy hair and an average 7" uncut cock with a little bit of a curve to it but I can say that I have a larger then average girth and I wasn't embarassed of it so I was generally happy.

And then there's tom, he was one of my best friends, known him for years. he was a good laugh but not more then he was a friend. Tom was smaller then me in height and structure. He was one of them very athletic football boys, so as a result he was muscular and defined, toned. Every muscle working that skin and molding it into the tiny ravines and canyons all across his body, even his six pack was massively toned and I have to admit I was always jealous of any of my friends with good six packs but I didn't show this silly emotion. And his "extension" well...that's for later.

I will jump straight to subject. Me and tom had this re-occuring joke that every boy, at our age then, had occasional gay thoughts and they never admitted it well me and tom were completely open about it. I often had little thoughts about what my friends penises look like, where they big, small, thick, circumscised ? But only out of curiosity I wasn't gay or bi or didn't think I was ! I had a girlfriend previously for two years, we didn't have sex and it didn't bother me, I still always had my hand and the Internet to please my "desires." so whenever me and tom got these wired curious thoughts we would openly admit it to each other by saying: "gay thoughts" and as time went on we just carried on like that in secracy to each other.

summer term rolled by and the inevitible boredom just sucked the life out of us. It was one day that me and tom were just cruising around on my bmx (tom was on the back pegs) looking for something to satisfy our boredom, we was riding down this secluded path near where our school was and tom declared he needed to piss, me expecting him to get off, he just tugs down his trousers and boxers while balancing with one hand on my shoulder and the other cradling his cock, his mysterious cock, I had never seen it and in full secret I actually had a massive desire to know what it looked like, I wanted to know if it was soft or hairy I just lusted after wanting to see it ! I knew though that if I looked behind me at that moment he would have said something or cringed away from me and I didn't want to create an awkward vibe with us especcially because I had to spend the next 7 weeks with him ! But the thought of it behind me, flailing in the wind was a lot to  take in and hard to fight the urge. He finished and just shuffled up his underwear and trousers denying me, possibly, the only time I could have got a chance to see it, then without hesitation but with comfort I said "tom?" 

Plainly he replied "yeah"

I said in an excited tone "gay thoughts"... 

Weeks went by with our re-occuring and exciting joke and I was staying at toms for the night which I loved because it meant that we shared a blow-up double bed and his family adored me Like I was a member. We stayed up most the night dragging into the early hours of the morning, we played cards and just generally chatted about anything and everything. We slept downstairs because he shared a room with his brother and there was no space. His mum was on the phone for ages arguing with a friend and me and tom were just lying there and whispering, talking about boyish things like: what porn we liked watching, how many times a week we would wank, how we wanked, what we thought about when wanking, how many shots we could fire. I remember it well.

Conversation flowed and his mum, after many hours, left the room and finally went upstairs to bed, we pretended to be asleep as she passed by. We were both lying there sharing the bed and the duvet and tom was unusually close to me. Now, when I am in bed I usually just lie there with one hand on my cock and balls resting, I have a little jiggle every now and then in a non-arousal kind of way and I noticed that my cock began to slowly, very slowly grow. This was wierd and I nervously said, "tom, for some reason I have a semi"

he giggled at this and spun over laying on his front and talked into the pillow "so do I..." followed by a childish nervous giggle.

Then there was silence, we didn't say anything for 15 minutes. By this point tom had turned onto his back again. I presumed he was asleep and just rested my right hand by my side, cock still hard but slowly deflating. My thoughts were about how his cock was just inches away from my hand and how I could "cop a feel" while he slept, he wouldn't know and I would be satisfied. As I crept my hand millimetres closer at a very very slow pace breathing heavily all of a sudden he grabs my hand and plants it slap bang on his cock. He giggles. My mind is racing, his cock is growing and growing until it is fully erect and I am too shocked and nervous to move (or have a proper grope and feel). He leans into my ear and whispers "gay thoughts" and He then grabs my hand and puts it under his waist band, then curiosity got the better of me, i slid my hand down and rested it under his cock on top of his rugged pubes, I then started slowly rubbing in a "I don't know what the fuck I am doing" motion but he seemed to like it as he grasped my shoulder. My cock began to grow like unravelling a condom, it was just getting bigger until it popped out of my boxers ! I then turned on my side and started tugging at his waistline pulling his boxers to his knees, he then expertly shuffled them down to his feet then kicked them away. I took lead and grasped his cock in awe, 7 and a 1/2 inches of pure thick uncut glory, I nearly gasped at how hard, THICK and beautifully soft it was, but the thickness I was truly shocked at. I thought mine was relatively thick but this was something else. I rubbed slowly up and down his fat soft cock as he quietly groaned and moaned in my ear, shuffling closer to me.

I was bursting at this point, in my head thinking (with all his moaning it must feel really good to have another guy touching, rubbing, carressing your cock) I wanted him to repay the favor but I didn't say anything ! He grabbed at my waistline and tugged my boxers down with resistance as my concrete hard erection bounced at the boxers slipping past, as he was doing this I rubbed my hand up to his small cute head, altough smaller than mine it was soaked with pre-cum, I rubbed my thumb in circles on top of his head. This he absolutely loved as he gripped my waist tightly and let out a naughty loud moan in my ear. Using his plentiful juice as lube I began rubbing his cock again as it began pulsing with pleasure. He turned on his side facing me as I lie on my side he then grabs his cock and my cock and starts rubbing them together in a slow but firm passionate motion. (the feeling of another person grabbing my cock let alone my best friend) sent shudders of extasy through my body as I let out a deep breath ! While stroking faster and faster I grab onto his shoulder in pure pleasure then I lean my lips very swiftly and smack them onto his, our lips connected then started moving, we continue until,through kissing instinct, I slip my toungue gently into his mouth and just rubbed across the tip of his toungue. Embarassed at the thought of this I said "sorry" and he simply replied by planting his lips on mine and gently pushed his toungue into my mouth, knowing this I responded by letting our toungues dance with each other, all while he is keeping the rhythym going with both our cocks. Our pre-cum just dripping onto each others cocks lubricating and creating a wet but very hot and sexy feeling. We both tried getting every centimetre of our tounges rubbing as we passionately kiss quietly moaning through our noses !

I kiss from his mouth moving down his neck, while pushing him on his back and me moving right next to him slowly, strongly thrusting my cock against the side of his leg. I rub his body softly as I move down his muscular pecks kissing every inch then moving down to his quivering abs to his groin until I reach  his cock, poking me in the cheek. I grab the base of his cock and point it upwards towards me unsure of how to proceed, (I have never had a blow job let alone given one) I slowly poke out my toungue ever so slightly and it lands on his head, only just, this sends a moan and a shiver through his body. Knowing that I now have complete control and power over his pleasure I begin to tease...I rub my hand slowly up his shaft and back down again, I get so close to his gagging cock that I am heavily breathing on it, I feel him grip the duvet near my shoulder, I continue breathing and rubbing. I then, as a surprise attack, begin beating his cock up and down and up and down lightening fast as I catch him off guard, he tilts his head back and starts thrusting into my hand as I suddenly stop and go back to the slow stroking...

He looks at me in the very dim light and says "you prick, just suck me, NOW!" I say nothing as I hover my mouth over his head and I plant it on his dripping wet head I drive him mad with circular motions and sucking, mainly lapping up his sweet love nectar, I wanted more ! He moves his hand from his chest and grabs my attention deprived cock and begins jostling and rubbing slowly as he occasionally draws to the top and rubs my soaked head, that feeling was sensational, 100 times better when I had done that to myself. I then shuffle my mouth and toungue down his thick perfectly straight smooth cock and stop halfway as I draw back up slowly  and go back to caressing his throbbing head I then take my mouth off and begin hand fucking him again, slowly first but slowly building the pace and speed, as his pleasure builds he starts wanking my cock faster and faster. Now knowing that if he continues his pace on me then I won't last longer than a minute, scared of how pathetic it would be if I cum too quickly I start moving my hand firmly up and down his thick shaft at warp speeds, he again tilts his head back and arches his back for 30 seconds he then spat out, "IM GOING TO CUM" he grabbed his cock out of my hand tugged a few beats as that beautiful jet of silk flew right out of him like a bullet and landed on his neck, then another landed a few inches from that, then another on his stomach and another adding to it, him groaning with pure pleasure and forgetting about my cock but squeezing instead of stroking, his silky cum slows to a dribble that flows over his hand making a pool on his pubes and more just trickling down his cock. It was like an eruption from a volcano. He slows his strokes to a stop and just lies there with his eyes shut! 

Me now thrusting with pure horniness against him, a couple of minutes later he meekly says "wow I have never felt anything that amazing in my whole life, I have never cum that much" then noticing that I am still thrusting and dribbling on his leg he says sorry and grabs my cock. He begins working it with a rythym but gets lazy as if disinterested, I sit up look at him, kiss his now semi-erected and deflating cock, and say..."mines a treat for another day"...

To be continued...



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