A little background. I’m a twenty five years old good looking guy that has always been very successful with the ladies. I really love pussy but of late I’ve gotten more and more curious about sex with another guy. . So much so that I found myself checking out local guys profile's on one of the gay web sites. And I kept coming back to one guy in particular to look at his profile and pictures. 

Cecil is a retired school teacher from my area and had an amazing looking cock. He’s sixty years old, five foot ten inches tall, about one hundred and sixty five pounds and his cock was seven inches long and extremely thick with a big mushroom head. 

Cecil noticed that I’d been checking out his profile so sent me an IM one day.

He asked, “Are you bisexual?” and added that he was and that he was married. 

I told him, “I’m very curious.”

Then Cecil said, “My wife, Janice will be out of town all weekend so if you’re interested, I’d love to have you over for a meeting.”

I thought about it all week and when the weekend rolled around, I was extremely nervous but so horny that I decided to give it a try. My girlfriend, Linda headed home about nine pm because she had to go to work early the next morning. As soon as she was out the door, I logged on AFF and Cecil was on. 

I sent him an IM and said, “If the offer still stands, I’d like to meet.”

Cecil immediately answered back, “Come on over.”

He lived only about five minutes from my house so I took a quick shower, dressed and headed out the door. 

Cecil told me to come in through the garage and he would meet me in the family room. 

I was very nervous when I arrived and let myself in the garage and went in the basement door. 

I heard Cecil say, “Come on in, I’m in the family room.”

When I walked in, he was completely naked and laying back on the couch stroking his cock while watching porn.

I was stunned to say the least. But not too stunned to stare at his cock.

Smiling, Cecil said, “Have a seat.”

So I did, but I undressed first. As I started to undress myself I could hardly keeping my cock from jumping out of my pants. 

Cecil said, “Let me help you,” as he stood up and walked over to me with his nice thick cock sticking straight out from a thick clump of kinky pubic hair. 

As I pulled my t-shirt up over my head and off, Cecil went for my pants. Unbuttoning and unzipping them, he pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. 

He dropped to his knees with a big smile and asked, “Do you mind?”

When I said, “Hell no,” Cecil looked up as he took hold of my rock hard cock and feed it into his mouth. I felt the heat of his mouth and the wetness. I realize that I’ve read it in porn stories 100s of times, but I was still in awe as I looked down and watched my cock disappear inch by inch into his mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I was so turned on. 

Cecil started bobbing up and down as he took me in and out of his mouth, going deeper and deeper until I felt the head bumping against the back of my throat. I started quivering all over.

While he sucked my cock Cecil was very gently playing with my ass. Putting the tip of his finger in me. 

After a while Cecil turned me around and pushed me on the couch on my hands and knees. I arched my back, fully expecting him to fuck me from behind. But instead I felt his hands spread my butt open and started rimming my asshole. Cecil curled his tongue and tongue-fucked me. And Ohmigod, I never knew how incredible that felt and started moaning, “Uugggghhhhhhh, uugggghhhhhhh,” and dripping pre cum. 

After a few minutes of that I pushed Cecil back, sat up and said, “Let me suck on your cock.”

Cecil stood up, took his cock in his hand and presented it to me right in my face. I grabbed it and stroked it at first. He was rock hard and it felt so thick in my hand. Cecil said, “Why don’t you try licking it?”

So when I licked the head I could taste his salty pre-cum. 

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and then took him in my mouth. 

I couldn't get as much in as he could, but really liked the way it felt and tasted in my mouth. I found my hands wandering to his ass and as if on cue, he sat back on the couch and lifted his legs back.     

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. Pulling his butt cheeks apart and licked in between them, my tongue darting at the acutely sensitive skin between his balls and his ass. Then I slid my tongue all the way down and circled Cecil puckered ass in excruciatingly slow, teasing circles.  My supple tongue dancing around his tight star made him moan, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh,” and squirm with pleasure. Laughing, I stiffened my tongue and poked it right past his puckered sphincter. Then I started pumping it in and out, the same way that I fucked my girlfriend Linda. 

This really got me hard so I asked, “Would you like to 69?”

Cecil made it to the floor first, so I climbed on top of him. Knees on either side of his head, I pushed his knees apart and lowered my face between his thighs. As I took him in my mouth and tightened my lips around his shaft, I felt his lips slip over my head.

We were just going to town sucking each other and moaning, “Ugh, ugh, uuuugh,” and fingering each other’s asses. Before long Cecil was sliding one and then two fingers in me and I was enjoying it. 

Releasing my cock, he asked, “Would you like to try getting fucked.”
I was a little nervous but said, “Yes. If you go real slow and use lots of lube.” 

Crawling out from under me, Cecil went upstairs and came back with a medium sized dildo and a tube of KY-Jelly. 

Panting, I’m not sure from the run or excitement Cecil gasped, “Get on your knees and lean over on the couch.”
I felt him pull my butt cheeks apart and squeeze the lube on my ass and then on the dildo. 

Then Cecil slowly rubbed the dildo on my ass and then started pushing it in. once he pierced my sphincter, I started relaxing and taking more and more until I was pushing back on it. It felt so good and then he pulled the dildo out and got behind me with that big thick cock and asked, “Are you ready to try?”

I told him, “Fuck yes,” as I pushed back against him. 

Cecil was fatter than the dildo but his hot cock head felt so good and I was very horny. Hands on my hips, he pushed forward, his engorged head piercing my sphincter. Slowly his cock slid in with each thrust, I felt it going deeper and deeper until he moaned, “You’re so fucking hot, I’m all the way in. Want me to start pumping?” 

I quickly said, “Yes.”
And he did. Digging his fingers in my butt cheeks, Cecil started working his hips, pumping in and out of me. He started slow at first but then as he got caught up in the moment his balls started slapping my ass as he started hunching faster and faster. 

I had never felt anything like it before. I was in ecstasy. 

Then I realized, that Cecil was in me bareback. I said, “Do you have a condom on?”
He said, “No but I’m very clean. Get regularly tested every six months.do you want me to stop?”

I grunted, “No, fuck me harder.”
Cecil stood up a little and mounted my ass and started to really pile driving me. 

I knew from his breathing that Cecil was getting close so I wasn’t surprised when he asked, “Can I cum in you?”
I said, “Yes, cum deep in my ass?”

Then I heard Cecil grunt as he pushed into me so deep that pubic hair was jammed against my ass hole. Gripping my butt cheeks hard enough to leave bruises, he threw his head back and hold it there. I could feel him throbbing and then he wailed, “I’m cumming. Ohmifuckinggod I’m cumming.”
I felt a very hot feeling in my ass and all of a sudden, I started to cum too. Both of us moaning and shooting our loads. 

After that Cecil and I started meeting up whenever his wife Janice was gone and I could sneak away from Linda.

The other day while I was sucking his cock, Cecil asked, “Would you be interested in trying a 3way?” 

Pausing, I said sure, “Do you know anyone?”
Pulling my mouth back on to his cock, Cecil chuckled, “As a matter of fact yes. A young guy.”  Then a short pause, “Now don't get freaked out but it is my nephew.”
I almost gagged on his cock as I asked, “Now, how did that happen??”
Cecil said, “We’ve been fooling around since he was a senior in high school.  Now he’s twenty and in collage but he’s going to be home for the weekend and wanted to take on two guys.”
“Well,” I said, “So would I so let’s make it a plan.”
“He’ll be in Friday night. We'll get together and let you know when and where.”



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