A love triangle between a Stepfather, stepson and the man they both desire, ignites....

It was a rainy morning when Dallas was awoken by the feeling of a warm body next to him. He turned over to see his boss's son in his bed. He sighed, annoyed by the unwanted company. It was only the sixth time this week, that he's snuck into bed with him, "Eh, LONDON!! LONDON!! Damn it! London, why the fuck are you in my bed?!" he snapped, trying to wake him up.

"Mmm..... Dallas... stop. I'm trying to sleep. Let's cuddle." he said, scooting closer to him.

"The hell?! Get off!" he said, pushing him onto the floor.

"Oww!!! Geez, you're so mean." London said, giving him a cross look.

"I'm mean? What the hell are you doing in here? Don't you have your own bed?" he asked, leaning over to fumble around through his dresser drawer for a cigarette and a lighter.

"Yeah, but I was cold. You're like a natural heater. So, I figured I'd get warm and keep you company. You sleep so wildly. It took you awhile to notice I was in bed with you. When you're knocked out, you're knocked out." London said, hopping back onto the bed, "I could've done anything to you while you slept and you wouldn't have even known."

"You'd better not have done anything weird to me! You really should go before your dad catches you in here. I'm really not in the mood for your shit today. Do you know what your dad will do if he catches you in here?" he asked, blowing a puff of smoke in his face.

"Ugffghj!!" he coughed out, "Seriously gross!" He fanned the smoke from his face with a sigh, "Stepdad... And so what if he catches me in here? If I want to spend the night in the same room with you, in the same bed, well I don't see a problem. Besides, he can't tell me I can't sleep with his employee. When do you plan to get a place of your own? Don't you get tired of having him breathing down your neck?"

"Let me list all the problems with your, I'm-a-grown-up-theory. You're way too young for me. I'm 20 years your senior... I've been best friends with Houston since we were in college. Oh, and me sleeping with his step-son is a big no-no... You're not my type... I don't do scrawny ass, freckled faced, white boys. We're in Houston's house, that I'm living rent free in... As are you. You get to lounge around here and do nothing, but complain about your part-time job that you forced yourself to get, 'cause you didn't want to be a, and I quote, 'Freeloader'. But you complain about it 24/7...I mean, some of us have real jobs and actual problems and concerns. Besides, your job really isn't that hard..."

"Umm... I run the risk of getting robbed or killed or both!! Don't you watch the news!" he scoffed, "Working at a convenience store is like; swimming in a bloody pool full of sharks. Fun and dare devilish, until the sharks are tearing you limb from limb and making you into a human smoothie."

"Kid, you clearly need medication..." he said, shaking his head at him.

"Hmph... screw you! Don't play! I see the way you look at me when you think Houston and I aren't paying attention. You want to fuck me so badly that you'd take me on the dining room table, right in front of him."

"You're literally out of it. Moving on, what time is it?"

"You know you want to screw me, so stop pretending..." he yawned, "It's six in the morning."

"Mmm... Oh, look at that... it's time for you to go to work..."

"I'm not going. I mean, it's just an early shift. I'm pretty sure Harry-scary can handle it till tonight. I'm over it." he said, burying his face in one of the giant bed pillows.

"Kid, I don't care what ya ass does, just get out of here." Dallas said, putting out his cigarette in the ash tray that sat on the nightstand.

"Let's go skinny dipping down at the lake. Doesn't that sound fun?"

"Eh, you know that can't happen. I've got clients to handle for Houston, while he deals with a big client for some property he wants to build penthouses on." he said, leaning back against the headboard, "Some of us aren't lucky enough to be trust fund babies."

London looked up at him with his big blue eyes, taking in Dallas' gorgeous fallow skin, his shaved head, luscious lips, and ripped broad chest. He was in amazing shape, that was for sure. He gave Hercules a run for his money in the muscle department. And Adonis wished he looked half as good as him. To say, London was a bit in love with him, would be putting it modestly. He had always admired his body in more ways than one. And his heart had loved him since they met.

"Why can't he handle all of those clients? I'm bored, entertain me!" he said, covering himself up under the cover.

"Entertain you?... What the fuck do I look like, Bo-bo-the-damn-clown?" he scoffed.

"Oh God, I hope not..." London said, with a loud laugh, "I wouldn't want to screw you so badly, if you looked like a clown. Out of all my fetishes, I can honestly say that clowns are not one." he said, climbing on top of him with a naughty smile. He stared into his hazel eyes and slowly started grinding his hips into him. Dallas let out a low growl of pleasure, temporarily giving into temptation.

"Ahhhh.... Hey, kid...." he said, trying to control himself

"Ohhh... Dallas ..." London moaned, placing his hands against his chest.

"Damn it!" Dallas said, through his teeth, "Ohhh, okay we need to stop. Off, off!!" he said, pushing him off. He took a sharp exhale, "You can't do that again. Shit!..."

"Why? Didn't you like it?" he asked, with a innocent look.

"Ye-that's not important! Just go get dressed. I've got tons of work to do. You've got work, too, spoiled rich boy. So let's just get washed up and changed. I'll drive you." he said, climbing out of the bed. He headed into the bathroom trying to shake off the lustful feeling he was having. London sat on the bed looking confused, but not defeated. He climbed off and followed him into the bathroom.

Dallas was busy undressing when he came in and locked the door. He turned around and rolled his eyes at him. London was standing with his right leg rubbing up against his opposite calf, trying his best to be seductive, as he stood dressed in one of Dallas' oversized T-Shirts and a pair of boxer briefs that squeezed his ass nicely. He lifted his shirt up high enough to see his package that was bulging through his underwear. He leaned against the door, and waited for Dallas to take the bait and pounce on him.

"London, get out!"

"I want you, Dallas. I need you. Please touch me... I can play naughty secretary like I did last week in your office. You know, that time when you were on a conference call and I sucked you off like a good little hoe." he said, with a flirty look, "You had such a hard time controlling yourself. You seemed really into me that time."

"I'm not gonna keep playing these games with your ass..." Dallas said, looking at him like he was uninterested.

"I'd love for you to do something to my ass." London said, slowly starting to pull his underwear down, "I'm bored all by myself over here. Don't you want to make me your little bitch? That's what you like, right? We play a little cat and mouse game, you act like you're not interested... all the while, knowing that you playing hard to get makes me want you more. And when you finally decide to give in, I'm like a horny bitch drooling after that dick. It makes me act crazy. Who couldn't act crazy after being slapped around with that love wand a few good times?"

Dallas looked at him, his eyes tracing down the floral tattoo that trailed from his hip to about mid thigh. He swallowed a hard gulp, knowing he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. And from the look of the big bulge in London's pants he wasn't gonna be able to hold off much longer either.

"Look, I can make you be my little bitch, but if I do, you ain't gonna like me afterwards. 'Cause how irked you've got me, I could treat you worse than a two-bit whore." he said, pinning him up against the bathroom door. His arms in one hand and his chin firmly in the other, "You want me to use your body like a cum rag? That's clearly what you want..."

Jerking his face away, London smiled, "That's what I've been begging for. I want you to fill my mouth up with your sweet syrup. I want to drown in that shit."

Dallas laughed, "You're way too easy..." he said, lightly slapping him on his cheek, "Look, I ain't interested. So give it up. I let you do those things to me 'cause it was convenient for me. Don't get anything twisted." he said, letting his arms go.

"Bastard! I have nothing twisted!" he snapped, banging his hand against the door.

"Yeah, you do! You seem to think I have deep feelings for you. I care about you, but not like that. Just quit throwing yourself at me!" he snarled out, "I'm straight!

I know you like men, and I'm cool with that. But don't think just 'cause we fooled around a few times, that I'm gay too." he said, turning around to face a teary eyed London.

"Fine.... I'll stop throwing myself at a stupid guy who can't see he does want me for more than just sex. You're so stupid!" he yelled wiping his tears away. He unlocked the door, ran out and headed back to his room.

Dallas slammed the bathroom door and leaned against it as he held his face in his hand. He knew what he said was going to hurt his feelings... hell that was the point. It was for his own good. But he didn't think he'd feel as bad as he did when he saw him crying.

"Shit, why do I feel like this? Dumb ass kid, got me catching feelings. Damn it!"

he said, feeling himself get a little aroused. He sighed, and exited out of the bathroom to go check on London. He knocked on the door, and quietly called his name. He didn't want to wake Houston, who unbeknownst to him was awake.

"Go away!!"

"London, open the door!"

"Just leave me alone..."

"Dammit London, open the god damn door!!"

"No! I don't want to see you. I'm mad at you! You're an asshole!"

Dallas ignored him and pulled a bobby pen from under the long rug that covered the hallway. Picking the lock, he stuck the bobby pin back under the carpet and opened the door.

"H-how did you- never mind. Just get out!! I don't want to see you." London said, covering his body with his thick comforter, as a lotion bottle fell out of the bed. They stared down at the lotion bottle for a minute before their eyes locked in on each others.

"Whatcha' doin'?" Dallas asked with a naughty smirk.


"Uh-huh, do you have clothes on under there?"

"I--I wasn't doing anything. Get out!" he said, throwing one of his huge pillows at his head. It flew over his shoulder. He laughed, picking up the pillow and throwing it back at him. Which hit him smack dab in the face. He walked inside, closed the door and locked it. London's heart began to race as Dallas walked over to him. He clutched his comforter tightly watching his every move with caution. Dallas bent over and picked the lotion bottle up, and placed it on London's nightstand.

"You done with your attitude? Or you still want to be angry?" he asked, taking a seat on the bed.

"Are you still going to pretend that you don't want me?"

He sighed, "Ahhhh! Look, I feel-- I wish I knew what this was I felt. When we have sex, it's... there aren't enough words to express what it's like." he said, as he stared up at the ceiling. He hated being opened with his feelings. Especially feeling he didn't fully understand.

"So, you do want me?"

Without committing to a yea or no answer, Dallas pulled London into a deep, wet kiss. He pushed his tongue passed his lips and let it explore every inch of his mouth deeply. He licked his tongue and sucked it between kisses.

London moaned loud enough to wake the dead, and anything else that could be awakened. Dallas slipped the comforter off of London's body, revealing his runner's physique, that had a bit of golden peach fuzz all over. He pulled the cover down to his hips, before London gripped the covers, to stop him from pulling it down anymore.

"Thought you wanted me to touch you? Isn't that what you were begging for?" he asked, with a cocky smile.

"Well, yeah... It's just that, well, I'm a little messy right now." London said, looking away with a shy look.

"It's okay. I don't mind messy. Let me clean up my little whore's mess." he said, tugging at the comforter. London sighed, and relinquished his grip.

Examining his body, Dallas made sure not to miss an inch of him. He stood up and prepared to take off his gray sweat pants as London climbed off the bed. He stood in front of Dallas, and traced his fingers over his chest, before he ran them down to his six pack. Every curve and crevice was perfectly carved. He ran his fingers over his body a few more times before his fingers found the happy trail that lead to his manhood. He liked the way the coarse hairs felt beneath his fingers.

Dallas stood like an obedient dog, allowing him to feel him up.

Wanting to take a little control, he placed his hand against London's face and gave him another rough kiss. He gripped his strawberry blond hair, and yanked his head back as he bit as his lip. London moaned, in response as his fingers blindly found their way to the drawstring on Dallas' pants that were keeping his beautiful rod concealed. As they continued kissing, London fiddled with the drawstrings that were tied in a knotted bow. Dallas grabbed his clumsy hands and pulled them up into a kiss. He smiled slyly and pushed him back onto the bed as he pulled at the drawstring knot, and easily untied it. London rolled his eyes, as he laid back on the bed. He was ready for his private show. Dallas pulled off his pants, revealing he was nothing but man. London's breathing grew deeper as he stared at the monster of a cock he'd been greedily begging for.

The dark brown shaft with its thick veins, and the pink head that was dripping with precum seemed to get more intimidating each time he saw it. But he was addicted to it, and didn't care if he tore him apart. He wanted the pain. The punishment of throwing a tantrum 'cause he couldn't be fucked when he wanted. But he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew, though Dallas would never cop to it, that tears always got his attention. And for him, he couldn't stand to see someone crying. Even if... no, no, scratch that... ESPECIALLY, if it was the guy he liked to pretend he only liked when it was conducive for him.

Deciding to play hard to get, London closed his legs as he imagined how that cockzilla would ever fit inside of his tight cave. Dallas could tell he was a bit nervous. He found it cute. He flashed him a smile as he thought of how good it was gonna feel to dominate every inch of him.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you... too much. It'll be like last week at Houston's birthday party; when we got our rocks off behind the rose bushes. Everyone was singing happy birthday and cutting the cake... none the wiser that a couple of feet away, we were fucking like cats in heat. You were such a wet whore that day, and that ass-cunt took this cock without a second thought. It swallowed it almost better than that mouth of yours." he said, with a cocky grin, climbing on top of him. He raised his arms over his head and pinned them down against the bed as he kissed him down his neck. He took small nips at it, letting his teeth drag across his freckled skin.

"Ohhh Dallas...!" London moaned, wrapping his legs around his waist. Dallas raised up, temporarily stopping his kiss assault, and released his arms from the grip of his left hand and stuck two fingers in London's mouth. London stared into his eyes with a tempting expression as he sucked them in and out. His tongue licked and swirled around them. Dallas plunged them in and out a few times enjoying the look on his face as his cock began dripping thick, white glaze.

Dipping them in one last time he pulled them out and started pumping his hand up and down his shaft with his wet hand. More cum leaked out of his swollen tip giving him more lubrication as he continued to pump it. London bit his lip as his body started to writhe and buck. Before he knew it, Dallas had his hand wrapped around both of their cocks. He moved his hand up and down vigorously, their cocks rubbing against each others causing them both to shiver with ecstasy.

"Dallas .... Mmmm.. This feels so good...." London moaned.

Dallas leaned over and kissed him as he continued to pump their cocks. London's cock pulsated against Dallas' as it leaked sweet nectar that was combining with his. They both moaned and grunted. Dallas gave him one last kiss before releasing their cocks from his hand. He pushed him down on the bed and leaned over with a impish smile,

"So, I can do whatever I want to you?" he asked, lowering his face to London's cock, "You're my whore, right?"

"mmmm... Do... whatever...." he panted out, struggling to keep himself from cumming.

Dallas nodded and started to pleasure him again. He licked the tip of his cock with quick flicks. He slurped up the milky nectar, not missing a single drip of the sweet & salty protein shake. He swirled his tongue around the tip licking it like was a melting ice cream cone. London placed his hands on Dallas' head letting him know he was enjoying the sensation. If he'd of had hair, he would've yanked it so good. Guess it was good he was bald. He got the message and continued flicking his tongue, alternating from slow and back to quick. London's body quivered, as Dallas switched up from licking the tip to licking his way up and down his shaft. He slid his hands underneath London and placed his legs over his shoulders. Making sure he was comfy he placed his attention on his back door, and slowly slid his middle finger deep into his ass.

"AAAAHHHHH, DALLAS!!!!! Noooo!! No-No-NOt there!! Not yet..." he screamed, squeezing his eyes tightly to keep from crying.

"Why? You don't want me to touch there? You usually like my fingers inside of you. You're my dirty little cunt, so stop playing coy." he said, with a wicked smirk. He shoved another finger inside of him and continued thrusting them in and out.

"You're so mean!" London moaned out, as he griped the pillow behind him.

"You'd better lower your voice, Houston's gonna hear. Unless, that's what you want?"

"No... Why would I want him in here?" he asked, trying to suppress a moan.

"Oh, don't play... I saw you and Houston yesterday. I was so jealous."

"You... You saw us?" he asked, his eyes shooting opened with shock.

"Yeah, I got off to him taking you on the kitchen counter. How dirty can you be? I mean, taking your old man while your mother was passed out on the couch from her anxiety pills and vodka? That's pretty filthy. But I wouldn't expect much from a cock whore like you. The way he pounded your ass, damn, I about lost it."

"D-Dallas! I--I didn't think you were home." he said, as Dallas pulled his fingers out of him. He flipped him over on to his stomach and smacked his ass!

"Ow!! You know I don't like being spanked!"

"You liked it when he did it... I thought you and I were exclusive? I wasn't going to punish you, but I realized, I'm pretty livid about you letting him into our private club."

"But..." he started to say, as Dallas whacked his ass again.

"But what, Bitch!? Lemme hear your excuse for fucking your old man? If it's good I might let you off of punishment. But that's a small might..." he said, climbing onto his back. He yanked his arms back and held them against his back.

"You're hurting me!"

"Shhh.... Explain..." he whispered in his ear

Letting out a whimpered cry, he tried his best to explain,

"He was drunk and I had had a couple of drinks with my mom before she clocked out and---"

"So the alcohol made you do it? How interesting.... You didn't look that drunk to me. You sucked him off like a pro, while he face fucked that filthy mouth of yours. The way he exploded his seed all over your face... damn..." he chuckled, "I thought I was going to lose my shit. You slurped it down like a dehydrated savage beast." he said, releasing London's arms. London tried to turn over and glare at him, but Dallas pushed his face into the pillow. He slapped his ass again, and slid off of him. London popped up and glared at him, as he massaged his shoulders. Tears stung his eyes, again.

"Bastard!" he screamed.

Dallas, yanked him by his hair, "What ya say? I know you weren't talking to me?" he said, slapping him across his face. He slapped him again, and again until he finally released the river of tears. London glared at him again, all the while, smothering a smile. He couldn't help enjoying his punishment.

"Stop being a cry baby! 'Cause you know I don't fucking care! A dirty bitch like you needs to be taught a lesson..." he said, forcing him to kiss him. London fought against his kiss assault, and bit his lip, leaving a mark on his perfect lips.

Dallas brushed his fingers across his bottom lip and found it was bleeding. He let out a growl, "Turn over on all fours. I'm gonna shove this monster inside of you. You wanna play rough, huh? Let's see which one of us will crack first."

"The sex with Houston met nothing.... You're the only man I want. I was so horny... And you weren't here--" he started to say as Dallas flipped him over. He rested one hand on his lower back and forced his face down into the pillow.

"I don't wanna hear it! You should be able to pleasure yourself and not be such a desperate hoe. But no worries, I'll be the only cock that hole will see from now on. I'm gonna make a real cock slave out of you. It's time to make you remember who owns you." he said, placing his bell shaped tip against his opening. He teased it a few times, dipping it in and out, and in and out again before he finally dove all the way in. London gaped for air, as his fingers desperately clung to the messy bed linens. He moaned out into one of his pillows, his ass clenching as he held his breath. It had been a while since a cock as big as Dallas' had come to play.

"Loosen up! This is what you wanted, so submit to me." he snapped, giving his ass a hard slap. London yelped, as he shot up. He glanced over his shoulder with a dirty look on his face. Dallas burrowed deeper into him as he pulled him against him. London reached behind him and wrapped his arm around Dallas' head.

He slowly started driving his hips back and forth against him, as the sensation of their sweaty bodies becoming one ignited another spark of lust inside of him.

Dallas groaned out, and gripped him tighter. His large hands left deep indentions on his hips, like brand marks on cattle. He wanted to make sure that anyone who tried to claim him knew who he rightly belonged to. Unable to take the slow rhythm anymore, he sped up and started hammering his rod into his wet hole like a jack hammer on steroids. He torpedoed back and forth for several minutes before finally releasing him from his stronghold. London's cock pulsated and quivered like the rattle on a rattle snake. It was ready to release it's hot creamy latte. As London moaned breathlessly, Dallas was ready to release the dam of venom into it's new home.

"Dallas!! I can't take anymore... baby, please. I..."he moaned, "Oh shit!!.." he screamed out, as his man-confetti exploded all over the bed.

He fell face first into the bed, catching his breath, but before he could fully recover Dallas already had him in another position. He'd be damn if he shot his load so soon.

He threw his left leg over his shoulder and pounded his cock deep into his tunnel until he was balls deep. He grabbed his thigh just as tightly as he had his arms, leaving another red hand print branded onto his freckled skin. As Dallas continued plowing into him, deep grunts escaped between his teeth and loud cries echoed out of London.

As their sexual games continued inside, a solo game was happening right outside the door. Neither had heard Houston when he stealthily opened the door. And he was happy that he hadn't been caught. He had a front row seat to this private fun show. And the only thing that would've made it better, is if he'd of been invited to play too.

He licked his lips lustfully as he watched his best friend plow into his step son's tight hole, like a beast. Pulling the zipper of his pants down he slipped his cock out and began rubbing the head in a circular motion. The precum aided in his pleasure. He'd never been this wet, but he'd also never been witness to such a tantalizing show. As he continued watching, he couldn't help feeling envious.

He had wanted to fuck Dallas since their college days, but never thought he swung that way. What with the several floozies he had pleasing him every night.

But seeing just how interested he was in the same sex, he wished he'd of pounced on him sooner than his step son. Dallas fucked London wildly, the queen size bed squeaking and bouncing with every thrust until neither could take it anymore. Feeling his balls fill with come he snatched his monster pipe from London's tight drain and climbed onto his chest. He stroked and jerked a few times before he let his white haze rain all over London's face. London licked off what he could and used his fingers to help him lap up the rest. Dallas kissed him, wanting to taste his sweet syrup. They took it back and forth, with sloppy wet kisses and once it had snowballed, London laid his head on Dallas' lap with his mouth wide open in an 'ahhh' motion, ready to receive his reward.

Dallas leaned forward and let it slowly drip into his mouth. London savored it like fine wine. Letting it linger on his tongue before swallowing it down his throat. He licked his lips, and climbed onto his lap and kissed him again. Feeling like the urge of arousal and jealousy was too much, Houston zipped his pants back up and quietly closed the door. He knew he needed to steal Dallas away from London, he just needed a plan. And a plan he would have.

Okay, so, I like where this is headed. Would love suggestions/critiques. It's been a minute since I've written something purely sexual. LOL... Kinda feel outta my realm... Weirdness... But enough about that... unless, that is, you want to continue reading my woe-is-me-I'm-out-of-my-element-tale? No? Just me, eh? hmmm.... XD

Anywhos.... be on the look out for Chemical Flirtation Ch.25 "Untamed".



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