When I was younger I went to my new friends house down the block. We were in his room and talk turned to sex, which for us meant masturbation. He asked me how much came out when I ejaculated.

I said about two tablespoons. He said yeah me too, but you should see how much my older brother can shoot. How much I asked? I don't know he said but it's a lot, you wanna see. Uh huh I mumbled, but how? My friend said follow me. We went downstairs and crept quietly to his brothers door. We opened the door and there was his brother completely naked on his bed and sound asleep. His dick was seven or eight inches long and very hard. My friend said don't worry he won't wake up, he sleeps like a rock. I just stood there staring at this beautiful hard, pink cock with precum drooling out and realised mine was hard and throbbing. My friends brother started moaning in his sleep and bucking his hips slightly. The head of his cock swelled a little and my friend said now you're gonna see something. His brother moaned again and a small trickle of sperm came out of his cock and ran down the shaft into his pubic hair. I started to say that's not very much and then a long thick rope of cum shot clear up to his chest, the next stream of cum was longer and splashed all over his neck. The amount of cum so far was more than I produce in a whole orgasm and this guy was just getting started. He moaned in his sleep again and the next shot of sperm landed right in his mouth. I was aware that my own cock was so hard it almost hurt and was dribbling enough precum that there was a tiny wet spot in my under wear. My friends brother had sperm all over his chest, neck, lips and stomach. Now his cock wasn't even spurting anymore it was just pouring out in a solid stream like he was pissing cum for a good five seconds then a few more spurts and he was done. His cock slowly started getting smaller and a little bit of cum was still leaking out. I turned to my friend and said look his belly button is full of cum. He said with a smile what are you gonna do about that. I said watch this and walked around to the other side of the bed so he could have a full view, I lowered my mouth to the bellybutton full of cum and stuck the tip of my tongue inside never taking my eyes off my friends stunned face. I pulled my tongue out and licked my lips then put them over the pool of cum and sucked it into my mouth. I had been tasting my own cum and fantasizing about sucking cock for years but this was soo much better. My friend pointed and mumbled there's more pooled up on his neck. I responded by sucking and licking the cum trail that led to the pool of sperm in the hollow of his neck. The taste of all this cum was driving me out of my mind and now that I had tasted someone else's ejaculate I decided I might as well find out what this guys dick felt like in my mouth. As I took his flaccid sleeping cock in my mouth I noticed my friend had pulled his pants down and was slowly stroking his dick. His brothers cock started to get hard again and I was in love with this new feeling of a cum covered cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked moving my mouth up and down. When his cock was fully hard again I looked at my friend and said lets go to your room. He pulled his pants up over his hard on and I followed him upstairs. As soon as we got into his room he shut the door and kissed me with passion our tongues twirling and our erections smashed together. He said he had never been so horny than right now and tasting his brothers cum in our kiss was too much. We stripped our clothes off and somehow fumbled our way into a sixty nine position on the floor side by side slowly savoring the new sensations. I think I loved sucking his cock more than I enjoyed him sucking mine. We were both so turned on by what happened downstairs with his brother that he tensed up and I felt his cock head swell and begin spraying his warm sperm into my mouth. I swallowed some but wanted to enjoy the flavor, moving my tongue around his cock head as the last drops leaked out. I kept some of his cum in my mouth and was getting off on the feel of his sucking on my cock and that was it. I came while his tongue swirled around the head of my dick spurt after spurt and it felt so good ejaculating in his mouth while I still had his cum in my mouth. I pulled my cock out and turned to face him and we kissed deeply, tongues entwined mixing our cum into our kisses, our cocks touching. I thought about how much fun we were going to have from now on. I thought about how fantastic cum tastes. It was the start of my obsession. My cock was getting hard again and so was my friends. He said I have an idea. He picked up the phone and started making some calls. While he was on the phone I took his cock in my mouth and began nibbling on the head and teasing it with my tongue then sucking on it like a lollypop. It went like this for a few minutes until I felt hands on my ass and looked behind me. There were four guys I recognized from school standing behind me. They were taking their clothes off and one said to my friend this the new guy? My friend quickly explained that the thing with his brother was a test to see if I liked cum, and that I was now the newest member of their club. I mumbled thanks through a mouth full of his cock and everyone giggled. One of the guys took out some lube and massaged it onto his dick then started fingering my asshole. It felt wonderful and soon he had two fingers working in and out. I was concentrating on sucking my friends cock when I felt the guy behind me pushing his dick slowly into my now hungry butthole. I began pushing back against his dick to get more of it inside me. My ass felt so full and tight around his dick and the head rubbing against my prostate I never wanted him to pull out. He did and I felt another guy put his cock in me and begin thrusting harder and harder. My friend started to moan and warm sperm sprayed into my mouth. I loved the feeling of that warm cum flowing out of him into my mouth while my ass was getting fucked hard. I felt one of the guys sucking my cock while I was savoring the taste of my friends cum and combined with the pounding in my ass, I came in the guys mouth. He got on all fours and began kissing me, we twirled my sperm and my friends sperm between our tongues then swallowed. The guy fucking my ass flipped me onto my back and continued his thrusting into me while another guy put his cock in my mouth and sucked mine in a sixty nine. My assfucker grunted and pulled his cock out of my ass just in time to give the sixty nine guy a face and mouthful of sperm. I sucked franticly on his cock and he began to ejaculate thick ropes of sperm into my mouth. I tried to save some in mouth but couldn't help it, I swallowed it all. The guys all gathered in the center of the room and said we have one thing all new members have to do. You suck each one of our cocks until we are ready to cum and then jerk us off into this glass. So I started with him. I knew what was coming and couldn't wait. I sucked his cock with abandon while I stroked two more guys cocks. I traded off sucking and stroking and licking their balls, I couldn't get enough of this. My friend and the other guys were ready and one after another I held the glass in front of them and stroked them to orgasm. The sight of their sperm spraying into the glass one by one was more than I could stand. After I got the last guys gusher of cum into the glass I licked the drops that had fallen onto my wrist and fingers and jerked myself off into the glass. My friend said you know what to do? Yes I said, a toast to my new friends and tipped the glass to my mouth letting the warm sperm flow over my tongue swirling it around then drained most of the glass. I kept enough cum in the glass to take a sip and have a cummy kiss with each guy.




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