I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement as I made my way for the first time to the gay club that a friend had told me about. I had already downed some alcohol at a bar previously to give me courage. I’m Phil 21years old 115lbs(52kg) 5’ 6"(168cm) tall. There was a good atmosphere at the entrance of the club. The aroma and the loud throbbing beat of the music coming from inside started to put me in a good mood. . I had butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my loins as I checked out the guys in the queue. Excited feelings were running through my head and body.

There were 4 guys on the door, bouncers, security guys. Tall with broad shoulders all wearing dress suits white shirts and black bow ties. Hiding well toned bodies under their dress suits. Just glancing at them sent a sensual shudder through my body. (I love men in dress suits) One of them looked me up and down. He asked me my age; "21," I said. He grinned and said, "try again." "21 years old, believe me," I said. "Can you prove it?" He asked. The other security guys gathered around me, well towered over me, they were all taller than I was. I hate it when I have to prove how old I am. I look younger than 21 years. I showed them my driving license. Having proved my age they let me in. (the guy that asked me to prove my age was Freddie)

I danced on my own casting my eyes over the guys shaking their half-naked bodies to the heavy beat of the music and flashing lights. It was an intense atmosphere. I was getting a lot of attention on the dance floor. Various guys would come up and start dancing. I danced with them briefly, but none of them struck me enough to keep me interested for long. It was getting late, the music had stopped and there were very few guys’ left. I had given up on hooking up with a guy and was making my way to the exit. When everything changed,

A guy came up behind me and slid one arm around my waist and the other over my shoulder placing his hand on my chest pulling me into him. He rested his chin on my head, he was a lot taller than me. When I turned my head and looked up I could it was the bouncer from the door (Freddie). I made no attempt to pull away from him. I felt his warm lips brush against my ear as he whispered. "You had a good time?" "Yeah it’s been great." "You waiting for anyone?" He asked. "No", I said. "Pretty boy like you got no one to have fun with?" I had my back to him as he continued to hold me tight with his strong arms. He slid his hand under my shirt and stroked my naked chest with his hand. I gave out an uncontrollable sigh and my whole body shudderd as the other bouncers looked on grinning.

He ran his hand down my chest then ran his fingers inside the waistband of my jeans. I suddenly felt his hand on my hard cock. The sensation caused me to push my ass into his crotch. "Horny little bastard eh!" He said laughing as he looked over to his buddies. I had lost track of time. The last of the clubbers had left. He spun me round so I was facing him. I looked at him with trepidation as his eyes ran slowly over my body taking me in from head to toe. In a sensually seductive voice he asked . "You wanna take a walk with me?" my body continued to shake as I said in a excited trembling voice, "yeahhhhhh!!"

The alcohol and the atmosphere had wiped all my inhibitions away; I was in a sexually submissive mood. He wrapped his arm around my waist and walked me to a narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor was a door. He unlocked it, just inside were some steps that led down to the basement. He switched a light on and closed the door behind us. Suddenly I felt shit scared but in a perverse way excited as we descended the stairs. The floor was covered with some kind of rubber matting.

He had a grin on his face as he looked down into my eyes. With one hand he ran his fingers through my hair, with the other hand he gently stroked my ass. "You’re a Really sexy cute looking boy", he said. Staring at me he slowly unbuttoned my sweaty shirt and slid it off my shoulders throwing it to one side. "Mmmmm," he sighed as he ran his hands over my naked chest. My cock was hard and aching in my pants. He kissed my face and neck working his way down to my chest. Licking and gently biting and sucking my nipples. Getting them to harden and making them really erect. A sensational and overwhelming feeling came over me. The touching and fondling of my nipples continued until he told me to get down on my knees.

He was 6’4"(193cm) tall about 250lbs.(113kg) He towered over me Not the sort of guy to argue with when he told you to do something. I didn’t want to disobey him anyway. I dropped to my knees he told me to unbuckled his belt and unzip his zipper. I slowly slipped his pants down to his knees, revealing his hairy thighs. He could see my eyes were transfixed on the huge silhouette of his flaccid fleshy cock.

He reached inside his boxers and pulled out his cock "You like it?" he asked as he held his flaccid cock in the palm of his hand. It was enormous. It made my mouth water as I looked at it with wide-open eyes. "Its fucking awesome", I said. When he pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and stepped out of them his balls and cock kept slapping me in the face. I inhaled deeply the aroma of his manliness. He stood over me with his legs slightly spread apart looking down at me as I stroked and licked his magnificently toned hairy legs

Suck it he said. I took it in my hand and I sucked the head real hard making him shudder. Then I licked and sucked his balls taking each one in turn in my mouth and sucking hard. I could feel his legs tremble as I stroked his hairy thighs and calf’s. I watched his cock grow before my eyes. He grabbed my hair and forced my head back and stuffed his semi hard cock into my mouth. "Suck it boy," he said as he held my head firmly between his hands and started to thrust with the full force of his hips. In no time it had grown rock hard in my mouth making me gag. His cock was about 8" and heavily veined I could barely get my hand around it.

After only a short time of fucking my face groaning and thrusting his cock deep down my throat he ejaculated. His ejaculation hit the back of my throat with such force that it shot down my nostrils and some spilled from the corner of my mouth. He squirted copious amounts of thick creamy cum into my mouth, so much that it made me gag; I tried to swallow as much as I could as quickly as I could. He held my head firmly between his hands not letting me pull away as he continued to squirt more powerful jets of his cum into my mouth. He was looking down at me with wide-open eyes grinning as he inhaled deeply then exhaled. His thrusting slowed as his cock softened in my mouth. He eventually pulled his cock out my mouth. Cum was still dripping out his pee slit. I stook out and flattened my tongue catching and swallowing the last drops of his thick creamy cum. "You like that don’t you boy?" he said as he slapped my face with his semi-hard cock.

He snaked his cock back into my mouth as he made a call on his cellphone. I heard him say, "when you guys finish up there get down here and you can watch me fuck the boy." I knelt there trembling with excitement my heart was racing and my dick was twitching. His thick creamy cum dripped off my chin onto my already cum covered naked chest as I sucked and licked his balls. I sucked the whole of his flaccid cock down my throat. It was already starting to get hard in my mouth when I heard talking outside the door and a key turning in the lock, they locked the door behind them. It was the other guys off the door laughing as they came down the stairs. I was still kneeling as they gathered around me unzipping their zippers reaching in and pulling out their semihard cocks offering them for me to suck.

Freddie pulled his heavy cock out my mouth it felt like a big snake as it excited my sore throat. I kissed it on the slimy tip then he wiped it across my face. He had a very pleased look on his face. I sucked their cocks until they were all hard. The guys didn’t want to get sperm juice on their clothes so they stripped, exposing their muscular torsos and hairy muscular legs as they stood around me.

Freddie stood back and watched them as they went into a frenzy of wild excitement, competing with one another to be the first to stuff his hard cock into my mouth and feed me. Pulling my head from side to side and attempting to push each other away. As soon as one had his cock in my mouth another would grab my hair and pull my head away and thrust his cock in. I had precum smeared all over my face as it oozed out their cocks and a strong taste of precum in my mouth. Balls and cocks were slapping my face. They kept hitting my chest with their knees. My arms kept getting trapped between their legs and bodies. (Their names are Kallum, Fabio and Marcus. I guess them to be; Kallum about 32 years old 240lbs (109kg) 6’ 2" (188cm) tall, Fabio about 28 years old 210lbs (95kg) 6’ (183cm) tall Marcus about 29 years old 200lbs (91kg) 6’tall (183cm)) all have well toned bodies.

The frenzy went on until Fabio’s hard cock penetrated all the way down my throat to the hilt. Making me gag as he squirted copious amounts of cum down my gullet. He was still squirting as he was forced to pull out by Marcus. My face got squirted with Fabio’s sperm. Marcus was spurting cum juice out his pee slit as he penetrated my throat. Cum was dripping out my mouth as Kallum grabbed and pulled Marcus’s hair, making him pull out before he had shot his entire load down my gullet. My face was covered in live sperm. I could hardly see. Kallum held my head firmly between his hands as he thrust deep down my throat. His body was shaking and his thighs quivering as he delivered his load. Marcus and Fabio stood over me squeezing the last of their cum juices over my naked back.

I knelt there smelling of cum and man sweat. My hair, face, back, chest and even my jeans were covered in sperm juice. I could hear Freddie laughing as he stood behind me and slid my pants off over my smooth firm ass. "What you think, you think it’s fuckable? "HELL YEAH!!!" They yelled in unison. Then he knelt down and ran his hands over my firm ass and stretched my ass cheeks apart exposing my love hole. Looking up at his buddies he said, "well boys you ready to fuck this after me?" I felt their hands on my ass and fingers probing my hole. When I looked up at them I could see the lustful look in their eyes. Marcus said, " that tight hole needs some fucking." Freddie raised his hand and brought it hard down on my ass making me scream out as a sharp stinging pain shot through my body. He pulled my trainers off, then grabbed a handful of my pants and briefs on either side and yanked them down to my ankles. They were so tight fitting that he lifted me off the ground as he pulled them free of my feet. I fell heavily onto the ground. My dick was rock hard and sticking up as I lay there on the floor. "Wow! Look at that fucking hard dick on this boy, I think he must like us," said Freddie.

"I’m gonna milk you boy." Freddie knelt over me and started to jerk me off, squeezing my cock and balls. "Fuck look at those swollen balls full of juice." He was being really rough jerkin me. Giving me a mixture of pain and pleasure. I struggled to pull his hand away until Kallum pinned my shoulders down with his knees. Fabio and Marcus restrained my legs; I could feel their hands stroking my legs. I twisted and wriggled like a snake and moaned in ecstasy, as my cock squirted out cum. Freddie directed most of my sperm juices onto the shaft of his hard cock. I could see the whites of his eyes as he looked at me. "You’re going to feel this up your tight ass boy", He taunted.

Fabio and Marcus released hold of my legs as Freddie lifted my legs up over my head causing my ass to raise up into an exposed position. Kallum grabbed my ankles spreading my legs apart and holding me firmly in a fucking position then straddled my face. Freddie inserted 2 fingers of each hand into my hole and stretched it open then spat into it. Looking down at me he said, "You are so fucking cute. I’m gonna fuck your ass hard," shivers of excitement shot through my body.

He arched his back and guided his dick to my tight hole. I could feel the fat mushroom head pressing against my hole. He kept pushing, my hole was being stretched more and more but still the head would not pop in. "COME ON BITCH LET ME IN," he shouted at me. My eyes watered and I was sweating. He used all his body weight and power of his hips to thrust one then two times hard, punching my hole with the head of his cock. Suddenly the mushroom head split my tight hole wide open and popped in, making me throw my head back and yelp. He held for a while just enjoying my tight hole squeezing his mushroom head. "Ok sissy boy you ready to take it all?" He kept forcing more and more of his thick hard shaft into my tight hole it stretched my sphincter, and penetrated me deeper and deeper. I could feel it sliding inside of me until it was all the way in. His coarse pubic hairs rubbed against my ass cheeks.

Freddie looked down at me then started gently pounding my ass to start with, before starting to work my hole hard and rough. I could feel his heavy balls slapping hard against the top of my ass cheeks and the small of my back. He was almost pulling all the way out before pressing all the way back in and holding. He was breathing heavily and sweating.

Kallum’s sweaty cock and balls dangled over my face; now and then I got a whiff of his manliness. He kept making me suck on his balls. I was moaning out loud so much from the intense fucking I was receiving that his balls kept slipping out my mouth, much to his annoyance. He would slap me across the face and stuff his balls back in my mouth.

Freddie was fucking me like a man possessed. When I could see his face I could see the whites of his eyes and sweat pouring down his face. I could hear his body slapping against my up turned ass. Suddenly he thrust deep into me as his body went into uncontrollable spasms. His body was twitching and his thighs quivering. I could feel his cock throbbing in the deeper reaches of my ass. He gave out a loud animal groan as he squirted his sperm deep into me. He continued to slowly fuck me until Kallum let go of my ankles, enabling me to wrap my legs around Freddie’s waist. He collapsed down on me, laying on me until he had his breathing under control. I stroked his muscular back and hairy butt until he raised himself up of me. He looked at me with a satisfied look on his face.

"Ok make doggie so I can watch the guys fuck you," he said. As I got into doggie position I could feel warm liquid running down the inside of my legs. Freddie’s cum was spilling out my ass.

Freddie told Kallum he wanted to watch him fuck me first then Fabio fucked me followed by Marcus. "You can fuck him as much as you want after", he said with a grin on his face. "I don’t want you guys fighting over him".

With his hands on my shoulders Kallum arched his back and slid his fat dick right up my ass--as far as it would go. I could feel it sliding inside me on all sides. Then he moved his hands down to my hips and grabbed them hard, his fingertips digging into my skin. He worked my hole hard and rough. I could feel his heavy balls slapping hard against my balls. Kallum knew he had to shoot his load quick if he took too long Fabio and Marcus would pull him off so they could fuck me. They were not prepared to wait too long. Kallum whipped his cock out as soon as he had shot his load and made way for Fabio. Fabio was taking too long after he had cum, Marcus grabbed his hair and pulled him off me then got down to fucking me. Freddie was watching making sure they didn’t start fighting over me.

Freddie mounted me when Marcus had finished fucking me. Only Freddie being the alpha male could take his time fucking me. It was an erotic fuck, cum was spurting out my ass as he fucked me. I felt his cock throbbing in my gut as his cock squirted more juice into me. Kallum Fabio and Marcus fucked me one more time. They fucked me less vigorously, I sensed they were getting tired. They all stood around me talking, while I was on my knees sucking and licking clean their balls and cocks.

When I tried to get up my legs gave way. It took me a few minutes before I could walk, then not properly. Freddie gave me a lift home. When I went to the club they would fuck me WHEN and if THEY wanted!



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