This a true story that happened to me a while back and I wanted to share it , it was really good! Hit me up me feed back or to chat and exchange. 

I am a 26 yo guy living in a large city and working in an office since I graduated a couple of years back. I am an adventurous horny bottom always looking for hot fun and new experiences and getting my fill of hot cocks. I am 6"1, lean, smooth/fit with short dark blonde hair and clue eyes, considered cute but don't make a big deal out of it, I mean no bitchy attitude.

A few months back, I met a guy from the Caribbean, Pat. Nice very laid back, tall and stocky build and a bit round. Our thing is that that go over to his place to suck him off and swallow his load, he just lies there getting serviced. We clicked right away, he really loved the way I sucked  made him cum hard in my mouth and I enjoyed sucking on his big 9,5" uncut and swallow his huge tasty loads. I usually go over to his place, walk into his bedroom and he is lying naked watching porn. I take my clothes off, kneel in front of him and slowly suck his thick uncut cock until he cums in my mouth. He has a fetish for feeding his cum and I love swallowing loads after sucking a big dick. We had met probably over 20 times by now and lately his asked to invite a third, for me to suck as he also likes to watch me suck and swallow other guys in front of him.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was starting to plan my day.  I get a text from him asking if I was available and I said yes and I will be there shortly. A short bus ride away I get there, ring and walk up. As usual he his lying down naked on his bed, watching porn holding his half hard cock in his hand. "A buddy will join us soon, is that ok?". "Sure, I said, not really having the choice but I was definitely up for it. I start sucking him slowly, he gets nice and hard and thick. I was trying to push it back as deep as possible to feel the head in the back of my throat. The doorbell rang and soon after a guy walks in the bedroom. He was black, stocky and he looked serious. He watched me sucking Pat as he took his clothes off without saying anything. He got closer beside me and I grabbed his cock while still sucking Pat. I stroked his cock as he got hard quickly. He was about 7" but super thick and cut, I couldn't quite wrap my hand around it! I switched cock and began to suck him as well, stuffing my mouth with his thick piece. He was aggressive in contrast to Pat who just laid there, pushing my head down with his hand the back of my head I went back and forth sucking and stroking the 2 big cocks and I started to taste the familiar tasting precum leaking from Pat's cock. The guy started to play with my ass as I was sucking them. Pat told him without asking me that he could fucked me too and that I loved it. He was right about one thing; I loved to take on really thick cocks, the pain from being stretched open turns me on and I love the feeling of being   completely stuffed with cock. He went behind me while I continued to suck Pats large cock like a pro, I could do that all day. At first when he started to push in the head of his cock, I thought it may not go in but after a minute or two he managed to get it all the way in. The thickness was crazy but sucking at the same time helped me open me up faster. He picked the pace of fucking until my hole had given up and had been almost completely stretched open while still feeling tight around his cock. At that point he was fucking me hard, I was moaning with Pat's huge cock stuffed down my throat. I knew Pat well enough to know that he was getting close to coming and that he wanted to shoot his load in my mouth badly. I picked up the pace of sucking for the finish until he exploded and shot a massive load it my mouth and down my throat that I swallowed easily even if it was a huge load. I moaned in appreciation and was so turned on by the feeling and taste of his load filling up my mouth. The other guy kept fucking me for a bit until Pat told him that I will suck him off too. He got up and stood up by the bed and I was on my knees in front of him. He put his fat cock in my mouth and face fucked me until he came hard on my face and mouth, I swallowed as much as I could while Pat watched in approval stroking his cock. The guy got dressed and left without saying much. I stood there cum dripping on my chin and chest.Pat said"Wow, you were hot, love to see get fucked and swallow like that, mmm" "that was awesome, you really fed a me a huge today!" I said catching my breath."I hadn't cum in a couple of days, I was looking forward to feed your hot mouth".

 I went to rinse up in the shower, the taste of cum in my mouth and the feeling of my ass loosened up made me horny again. I lied down beside Pat on his bed and we chatted for a while. After about 45 minutes  or so just lying around, he said 'I'm horny again, do you want to suck more?' "Sure, I will suck you anytime!" I replied. "Lets get a third again, there's always lots of guys looking to get blown on Saturday afternoons around here". I started to play with his cock while he chatted on his phone.  He said he found a guy that can be here soon. I was back between his legs, sucking his big cock slowly and playfully. After 10 minutes, the doorbell rang and the guy walked up and came into the room. I was still sucking him nicely, and looked aside. The guy was young, maybe 19-20 yo, tall and slim. He looked shy but took his clothes off and sat beside Pat in the bed. His body was thin and smooth, I grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly while I sucked Pat. He had a nice uncut 8" and a big set of balls. I started to switch back and forth to suck him too. He seemed very horny and was enjoying it a lot. Like with Pat, he was precuming steadily, all around my mouth was shiny and so were their cocks. I worked at pleasing them the best I could and was loving it! After a while, Pat seemed to be ready to feed my his load already again. I slowed down and picked to drive him crazy a bit, until he blasted his load down my throat. It was a decent quantity considering he had cum already earlier. The young guy was very turned on and I felt he was ready to blow as well. He started breathing heavily and moaned quietly before he blasted jet after jet of cum in my mouth, it was crazy! I swallowed two mouthfuls of liquidy cum which I love and it kept squirting more and I spilled the last little bit. "Fuck man that was an insanely huge load, you should cum more often!" I said catching my breath cum dripping down my chin. "You should suck me more often" he replied. "I would love to!" I said with a smile. We exchanged numbers before he left and we started to get together regularly. It turned out he was a big shooter naturally but he had not cum in a couple days that time. I caught my breath and I couldn't believe how much cum I had just swallowed. It made me even hornier and wanting more. I stayed longer talking with Pat. The conversation turned to sex and I told me he loved watching me sucking and swallowing loads. He checked his phone and said one of his buddies was looking to get blown soon and asked me if I was up for another one. At first I pretended that I had to go soon but he said that I would like him. I ended up saying yes which was exactly what I wanted. I went back to suck his cock again, making hard, stroking it and trying to push down on it as much as I could while he watched porn. After a few minutes, doorbell rang and he let him in. They guy walked in the room. He was probably mid-late forties black man, solid build, bald and a had a little bit of facial hair. He was very friendly and verbal;" Getting that big cock sucked again?' he told Pat as I sucked him while the guy undressed. "very nice, you got a cute hungry mouth here, looks very good man'.He took his clothes off and from the corner of my eye I got a glance of a big floppy thick cock swinging between his legs. He was telling me to keep sucking that cock as he got closer and keeled down on the bed standing close to me. I grabbed his cock while I kept sucking Pat's and stroked it slowly. He got hard quick, he was almost as big as Pat and uncut also. "Wow, another huge piece, I am spoiled today!" I said during the 3 seconds I didn't have a cock in my mouth. I started to suck them both together playfully, the guy was very horny and pushy for more suck time. I was so turned on to be again sucking on two big black cocks at once. He liked what I was doing and gave me compliments on how I was sucking him, making me feel like a total cock-sucking slut. After a while, he started to feel my ass and liked how smooth it was. He asked if I like to get fucked by big cocks like these. Pat answered for me again and said that I love it and added that I even got fucked already earlier."busy boy, you cant get enough don't you?, that's ok, I like sloppy sluty seconds.'' 'I want to fuck that pretty ass while you get sucked, I will take him from behind' he told Pat. He was behind me quickly, lubing me up before pushing his big cock head against my used welcoming hole. It went in easily to his delight, but it still felt big for every inch of his thick cock was stretching my hole right up to the base."take that cock boy, you have sweet hole, you love it don't you?'He picked up the pace quickly and was giving me a hard steady pounding while I sucked Pat's cock again. I was stuffed at both ends literally, big balls simultaneously flapping against my crotch and against my chin. I was overwhelmed by the sensations and excitement and enjoying every minute of it. He fucked me hard for quite a while, even straddling to give it me to me hard and deep. Ramming it in and out of my stretched open wet hole. I was taking it real good and ready to take as much as he would give me. Pat's cock was leaking so much precum my face was all shiny. I knew he was going to shoot another load in my mouth soon. He made sure I was down on his cock with his hand behind my head and shot its third load of the day (so far), I think I had drained it all! The fucking continued while I licked the cum off of Pat's softer cock. He said lie on your back" He grabbed me by the ankles and looked proudly at my opened hole which looked like a puck at that point. "Mmm nice hole boy, you love taking big cocks don't you?'. He held my ankles and pushed my knees to my elbows as his cock slided all the way in. He fucked me even harder like a jackhammer for a few minutes as I was taking like a slut, it felt amazing. "Fuck yeah! said Pat, feed him your load too man"."You want a taste too boy? Yeah, I am going to feed you good"He got up, pulled on my knees in front of him, his big hard shiny cock inches from my mouth. He teased me a bit rubbing the head on my lips and then pushed it in my mouth. He started to moan louder and shot his load on my face first then in my mouth. I swallowed the warm cum as much as I could and softly sucked until he was completely done."mmm, so good" I said still holding his cock looking up at him. "you are good fuck boy, I would love to do this again and more". We exchanged numbers and started to meet at his place regularly after that. I has a lot of crazy times with him and his friends! He gave me rough sessions, totally busting my hole, sometimes I had to take a break for a few days after seeing him.I left Pt's place shortly after that. I kind of know the feeling in my stomach of swallowing too much and needing time to digest. All that made me more horny and I ended up having more fun later that evening. That is still one of slutiest experience I have had and the next few months were very busy meeting up with all those guys.

Hope you enjoyed, there are many more. Like to hear from guys into same stuff.



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