I ran out of luck my trucker lift had fucked me and had no further use of me, so he dumped me in a small coastal town late at night. I’m Joe 22 years old, gay, 5’10" 150lbs swimmers build. I’m making my way home along the coast getting lifts and a bed when I can by giving guys sexual favors if I needed too.

I was thinking where the fuck am I? It was a town on the coast. I could hear the waves breaking on the beach. There was a fairly well lit building up ahead. As I made my way I could see it was a late night diner. Great maybe I could get another lift. I went in and got a coffee and sat at a table on my own waiting for someone to show interest in me. It was not long before a guy who looked to be in his forties about 6’, and I guess weighing 200lbs. Salt and pepper hair, with a few days of stubble on his chin, came over and sat at my table. We got talking he asked me where I came from and where I was going. "I’m parked up for the night, I’m heading that way in the morning I can give you a lift part of the way". He said as he stood up. My name is Manuel he said as he stood there stroking his hand over his bulge smiling at me. It was obvious what he expected in return for a lift. It was dark I had no where to sleep I jumped at the offer.

"Ok boy follow me", he said as he made his way out the diner. I followed just a few steps behind him; now and then he would glance back to see if I was still following him. He was leading me down to the beach. I could see the moon shining over the sea as the waves crashed down on the beach. Fuck! Where are we going? His truck can’t be down here, I was thinking. We walked along the beach until we came to an area where there were some trees and shrubs. He suddenly stopped and turned and approached me. He was unzipping his zipper as he came up to me. He stroked the side of my face as he told me to, "drop your pants boy".

I hesitated and looked around. Have I been had; was he lying when he offered a lift. Was it just so he could fuck me? "If you wanna lift, drop those fucking pants", he said. I could see the whites of his eyes as he stared at me and grabbed me around the neck and squeezed tight. He’s too big and powerful for me to resist. I quickly dropped my pants; they fell to my ankles He spun me around so I had my back to him then he forced me to bend over. I felt his hand roughly stroke down the crack of my ass, his fingers pausing over my anus. I felt his cock press hard against my hole. He had both his hands on my shoulders making it impossible for me to pull away. Thrusting 3 or 4 times with the full force of his hips I felt the head of his thick long hard cock punching my anus until my hole gave way and his cock penetrated deep into my gut, making me scream out.

It was a rough and frenzied fuck that lasted just minutes before he squirted his load deep in my gut. He pulled out quickly. I turned to look back as I reached down to pull my pants up. Thinking he had finished with me. I felt a hand on the back of my neck forcing me to stay bent over. I felt the head of a cock punching my hole until it penetrated me, making me scream out and struggle. It took just minutes for him to fuck and injected me with more cum juice. I turned my head from side to side; I could see guys standing around me stroking their hard cocks waiting their turn to fuck me. One after another guys thrust their cocks into me injecting me with more and more cum juice. Juice was spilling out my hole and trickling down the inside of my legs. My lower back and ass cheeks were covered in sticky sperm juice.

Ecstatic sensations shot through my body as their cocks massaged and stimulated my prostate. My legs weakened as cum juice squirted out my pee slit. I was so excited that I’d ejaculated without touching my hard cock. I fell down on my knees. They continued to mount me as I arched my back and raised my ass. Some fucked me with one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip, some both hands on my shoulders or both hands on my hips. The frenzied fucking continued. The guys were taking just minutes to fuck me then standing aside. They were like a pack of wolfs. I don’t know how many fucked me, or how long it went on for. The fucking came to a sudden end the guys disappeared suddenly. Manuel shoved an ass plug in my ass and told me to get up. My legs felt weak as I quickly pulled my pants up. He pushed me in the direction he wanted me to go. Now and then he would grab at my T-shirt and force me to walk more quickly. I need to eat he said as he stroked his hand over my ass then my belly.

Eventually we reached his truck He opened the door and pushed me up and into his cab. He told me to get in the sleeping section behind the seats. "Strip and lay down on ya belly". Cum juice had trickled down the inside of my legs it was all over my ass cheeks and back, where the guys were still squirting as they pulled out my hole. I lay belly down on the mattress he placed a pillow under me so my ass stuck up at an angle.

Spread those legs boy he said as he stripped and knelt behind me. I felt his hand come down heavy on my butt as he slapped me hard several times. Making my ass cheeks sting. He was letting me know he had control over me and could do what ever he liked with me.

He sounded pleased as he said," you did good boy those guys sure did enjoy fucking that cute ass of yours". He licked the cum-juices that had squirted over my ass and trickled down the inside of my legs. Manuel slowly pulled the ass plug out my hole, licking the cum juices that dripped off it. I felt his hands roughly stretching my cheeks apart. "WOW! Look at that cream filled hole", he said. He held my hard cock tight with his hand to stop me moving forward, while he feasted on the cum juices in my gut. I felt the tip of his tongue licking the rim of my anus sending shivers of excitement through my body. No one had licked round my hole before. I felt the stubble of his chin prick my ass cheeks and anus as he shoved his mouth hard into my ass crack so he could penetrate his tongue deeper into my gut. He had an exceptionally long coarse tongue.

My heart was beating rapidly in my chest as I breathed in and out deeply. I stuck my ass up and pushed hard back on his mouth. It was an erotic sensation feeling his tongue licking all sides deep in my gut. He squeezed and stretched my ass cheeks, digging his fingernails deep into my skin. I heard sighing and slurping noises as he sucked the cum-juices out my hole. He leaned forward and looked me in the face "fuck, your ass sure does taste sweet boy", he said as he ran his tongue along his lips. Fuck this is ecstasy I thought as he continued to try to get his tongue deeper into my gut sucking hard and long to get his full of cum-juices. This was my first time being used as a cum-dump, so a cum eating trucker could eat cum out my ass.

He licked and sucked my hole till he could not get anymore cum. "I need to milk you boy, I need more cum". He flipped me over onto my back and took the whole of my cock into his mouth. I could feel his lips and teeth moving up and down the shaft of my cock. He was gently squeezing my balls as he face fucked himself on my hard cock. It was not long before I shot one then two powerful jets of fresh cum juice into his mouth. He looked up at me with wide open eyes as my cock shot more cum into his mouth, more than what he could swallow. Cum was spilling out his mouth and trickling down the shaft of my cock as he struggled to swallow it all. My whole body was shuddering as I shot more and more cum into his mouth. He squeezed my cock hard trying to control the flow until I had no more cum left to shoot. He looked pleased as he licked the spillage off my cock shaft and balls. Look boy he said as he opened his mouth full of my cum juices.

"Boy I still feel horny", he said as he flipped me onto my belly and straddled me. Shoving his thick hard cock all the way deep into me. Fucking me deep and long. Pulling all the way out several times making me yelp. He was sweating and grunting. "Aaahhhhhhh". I was enjoying every moment twisting and wriggling with snakelike motions under him as he pounded my ass. He gave out a loud "aaahhhhhhhhhhh!" As he squirted his sperm into me. He lay atop of me. His body weight increased and he was breathing deeply, he had fallen off to sleep. I soon fell of to sleep too only to be awakened in the morning by his cock fucking me and squirting its load into me before we set off.

5 hours later we pulled into a truck stop where he had arranged my next lift. A dark skinned Hispanic guy looking supremely fit and athletic leapt up from a table and beckoned us over and told us to sit. He was looking me up and down with a lustful look on his face as he stroked his hand over my legs under the table. Making me tremble with excitement. "He the one that had all those guys gang bang him?" he asked. "Yeah he can take as many cocks as you can get for him, he’s a good cum dump. I licked and sucked him dry, you need to get him refilled before you can", said Manuel smiling at me and stroking his hand over my shoulder and down my back. "I got just the place to take him later", said Jose my new cum eating trucker. That’s another story.



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