Thomas could still taste the musky unwashed flavour of the sweaty thick cock as he felt it pulsating and throbbing, the uncut loose skinned member ramming down his throat with deep long erratic thrusts. Low pitched guttural groans and growls punctuated by loud cursing foretold the seed that Thomas so desired and hungered for, a fix that he craved like an addiction, that salty thick man fluid that for each man has its own distinct flavour and varying degrees of viscosity. 

  “Fucking hell yes you dirty cunt!” come the masculine cry as large rough callused hands grabbed the back of Thomas’s head and forced every last inch deep into Thomas’s gullet, holding it there as the man’s body trembled with the orgasm that precedes the ejaculation.

“Oh shit!” came the howl as the flood gate opened and the deluge of hot juice rushed down Thomas’s throat, load after pumping load as the manly fingers gripped Thomas’s skull and the sweaty clammy bollocks pressed firm against Thomas’s chin.

 The grip loosened as the stranger released a deep lingering sigh, the sign of relief the man felt having just shot his nut butter in the warm moist cavity of an eager mouth.

The stranger pulled away and forced his still erect spit glistening cock into his boxer shorts before pulling up his worn work jeans as Thomas wiped his lips with the back of his hand, the thick remnants of jizz clinging to the back of his throat.

 “Cheers, I needed that, and you are bloody good at it fella”, was the only verbal communication Thomas had received from this unknown guy who had the appearance of a working class man and a strong Geordie accent

“You are very welcome” Thomas replied politely as the stranger zipped up and turned and walked away into the dimly lit parking lot.

 If there was such a thing as a spunk-aholic then Thomas had it bad. He stood up and rubbed his grey suit trousers at the knees to remove the small particles of gravel and stone that had wedged into the fabric. The guy had not been a quick shooter. Thomas had to work for his prize, coaxing it for what must have been 30 minutes or more. Where some guys would have given up long before Thomas was persistent, and it had all been worth it, it always was. The savoury dense fluid he yearned for and hankered after, just like the need for oxygen water and food, he also needed daily deposits of semen. 

 Thomas climbed into his new car and pulled down the visa to look in the mirror concealed beneath. He inspected his neatly trimmed mousy beard was free of spillage, not that he ever tended to spill that most precious of juices. He tidied the knot on his tie before straightening it and then run his fingers through the thick blonde hair on his head a few times before starting the car.

 “Hey handsome” come the greeting as he opened the front door to see his husband Richard
 “Hey sexy” Thomas replied with a big grin
 “Judy and Giles are in the lounge, I was about to get them another drink. Would you like a drink darling?” Richard said before he leaned forward and kissed Thomas on the lips and whispered “Do I taste spunk?”

“Yeah, I will tell you about it later” Thomas said with a smirk as he felt his husband hand grab his arse
“G and T” Richard said as he stared into Thomas’s eyes.

 Thomas never thought he would ever have a long term partner let alone a husband, least of all one as attractive educated and intelligent as Richard. But Richard’s smart handsome exterior hid his passion for having a partner who was a cum hungry whore, he thrived on hearing the encounters whilst they had sex, Richard would be majorly turned on by the anonymous men and their descriptions as they fucked, and Thomas felt he had found his soul mate.

 “Judy Giles how are you both” Thomas said as he entered the lounge
 Judy worked at the same law firm as his husband Richard, and her husband Giles was a young and rather dashing university professor.

 “Darling” Judy said as she stood up and gave Thomas a hug and a kiss on each cheek
“Hey” Giles said as he stood and held out his hand and gave Thomas a firm gripped hand shake
“Hey” Thomas replied in a low tone as he sunk a little into the sultry hazel eyes. 

 The group sat and chatted in their usual formal fashion about work politics and the news. After a while Giles stood and looked at the hosts and spoke gently “I hope you will excuse me, I just need to pay a visit to the little boy’s room”
 Thomas tried to hold back the smirk. Of all the things Giles might be little was certainly not one of them.

 A few moments later Thomas stood “Please excuse me, I won’t be a minute”
“Four minutes” Richard muttered.
 The comment went over Judy’s head and she just smiled and continued her conversation about work with Richard.

Thomas went upstairs to find the bathroom door predictably open and Giles stood at the toilet with his back to Thomas
“Need a hand?” Thomas enquired
“A mouth more like it, get over here quick before she wonders where I am”

 Thomas hurriedly entered the bathroom and dropped to his knees on the tiled floor as Giles turned on his heals to expose his already erect circumcised cock sticking free of his open zipper, the plum shaped head large and bulbous, perched on a long perfectly curved shaft.

 Giles had the nick name 4 minute man because you could use him as a timer when sucking his cock. Three minutes and 45 seconds into the blow job he was groaning and quivering, his legs trembling as he gasped for air. Three minutes and 53 seconds the first shot of thick juice was fired, quickly followed by one every second until the four minutes were up.

“Wow, you always do that perfectly” Giles said politely as he grabbed some toilet tissue and wiped the wet head of his knob
“Thank you” Thomas replied with a grin. He knew that Judy’s idea of a blow job was wrapping two hands around his shaft and gobbling the head, then quickly pulling away before Giles cum. Thomas was always full length to the balls, no hands, and no pulling away. 

“I better get back down to the wife” Giles said as he tucked his shirt in his trousers and checked the bathroom mirror to make sure he did not look too flustered
“See you in a brief moment” Thomas responded as Giles winked and gave a charming smile before adding another thank you and leaving.

 Thomas met up with Richard in the kitchen
“I was just getting more drinks” Richard announced
“Great, same again for me please if you don’t mind” Thomas responded
“Not until you kiss me” Richard said as he give his husband a knowing look
The pair kissed passionately and shared in the spoils, the flavoursome load Giles had spilled now swilling back and forth between the hungry mouths.

 “Wow, he always tastes strong and pungent, in a good way I mean” Richard commented
 “You should have tasted this bloke earlier” Thomas replied with a grin
 “Since when do you say bloke?”
 “Oh he was a bloke, a real bit of rough trade”
 “Is that politically correct to say that?”  Richard asked as he poured the gin for Thomas
 “Well he was. Hands like shovels, strong Geordie accent, and a dick of death. Took the bugger 30 minutes to shoot his load and he nearly drowned me with it”
 “Did my darling husband gag”
 “No, not at all. I was the perfect gentleman” Thomas said as they kissed again
 “You can tell me all about it later when I fuck you” Richard said as his mouth curved up at one side.

 Later that night Thomas laid naked over the edge of the bed in front of the full length bedroom mirror, watching as Richard rubbed the nib of his erect penis against the crack of his arse, his body glistening with sweat and his dark hair damp and stuck together in clumps as he slid his bare cock back into Thomas’s open arse hole for a second round of fucking.

 “Tell me again about the four men you sucked earlier” Richard requested as he looked up at the reflection of the pair, his cock penetrating deep as he looked at his husband’s facial expression.

 Thomas knew how Richard loved to hear the description of the men and their cocks, how they sounded as they shot their loads, how they tasted and smelt. He loved every last graphic detail of his cock sucking husband’s seedy actions. 

“I wish you had been there to watch me, to encourage me as I sucked them all dry, one after the other. Especially the rugged Geordie, witness me slobbering over his fat ripe uncut cock
“Oh yeah, how did his cock look?” Richard gasped as he began to grind his hips hard and fast
“A thick long drooping foreskin that hung loose over his swollen head. Oozing with pre cum from the flap of skin, translucent threads dripping down as his huge cock stood hard in front of me, I could smell its pungent odour before I even wrapped my mouth around it”
 “Oh yeah, did it stink of cock”
“Yeah, like real man cock”
“Christ yeah. I bet you loved it” Richard stated as he grabbed his husbands hips and pummelled hard and fast
“I did, and he cum buckets, thick strong tasting spunk shooting down my throat. I had to swallow hard and fast to get it all down”
“Oh yeah!” Richard said loudly as his eyes widened and his pace increased
“You like me being a dirty cum hungry whore?” Thomas asked in a passionate tone
“Yeah I do, I love that you are so dirty sullied and used, love it when you come home stinking of other men, smelling their cum on your breath and tasting it on your tongue” Richard said with laboured breath before he thrust once more and quivered.

 Thomas felt the load fill him before Richard pulled out and began to eat his arse, eagerly licking and sucking out the deposit he had just made.
“Bet you wish that was another guys load” Thomas groaned as he began to masturbate furiously at the feel of his husbands tongue feasting on his cum drenched trench
“Eating another guys spunk out of my mouth and arse hole, sharing a cock and feeling cum between our lips” Thomas said excitedly as he watched his husband gorge himself.

 “I am going to cum” Thomas said urgently and watched as Richard quickly navigated himself around, his mouth open wide to receive the promised hefty load.

 Thomas watched how enthusiastically Richard took the mouthful. Swallowing and gasping in between each shot until it became just a dribble that he licked away with the flat of his tongue before they kissed once more.

 As they lay in a tight embrace on the bed Thomas suspected nobody would guess their dirty antics. They appeared so clean cut, so perfect and respectable.



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