When I was young I found a treehouse out in the woods behind our house. There were some old porno magazines hidden in a box and I would look at them while I masturbated. I wasn't worried about getting caught becuase I never saw anyone there. Until one day I was lying on my side,naked, looking at the pictures and stroking my cock when I looked up and there were two older boys at the top of the ladder watching me. I was mortified. I started to put my underwear back on and they said 'STOP!' They came up into the tree house and explained that it was okay. I guess I beleived them but was still kind of shook up and embarassed. So I'm standing there naked with an erection and they started to take off their clothes. We will show you something soooo much better they said. I always got turned on when the girls in the porno mags were sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. But it was the cock that turned me on. The pictures of two girls did not really do it for me. I always fantasized about being the girl sucking cock and taking it up the ass. I had experimented with my fingers in my butthole and tasted my own cum. (loved it)

I had even begun to jerk off with my legs over my head and cumming into my own mouth. My mom almost caught me once! She didn't see me though. I had a screwdriver handle in my ass and my legs over my head and had just ejaculated in my mouth when I heard her on her way up the stairs with my laundry. Close call.

The two boys took off their underwear and stood before me naked with big hard cocks. One guy had red hair and his pubic hair was red too. The other guy was blonde with darker blonde pubic hair. The blonde said his name was Dave and red was Mark. They asked me what I thought about the porno mags and I think I said 'GULP... I like the cock' Do you like sperm they siad? 'Yes..mmm'

I could not stop staring at their boners. And they noticed that. So what do you want to do they asked? 'Um...' In answer to their question I sunk to my knees. Mark stood in front of me and for the first time I wrapped my fingers around a cock. He gasped as I touched my tongue to the peehole and then swirled the head and began sucking. I heard Dave moving around and then the unmistakable sound of the lid coming off of a vaseline jar. I took my mouth off Marks cock and started to lick the sweet spot between his right nut and where it meets the crotch. Stroking and licking then sucked his cock some more. Inching it further back into my throat. The feeling of his warm cock in my mouth was amazing. I felt Dave slide a greasy finger into my butthole, Then his other hand stroking my erection. Mark started moaning and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I felt Dave pushing his boner against my butthole with both hands on my hips , sliding the head of his cock into my ass a little. It felt soooo gooood I pushed back against him until he was sliding and grinding all the way in. Dave started thrusting harder and harder, our bodies making a slapping sound as his pelvis hit my ass. I had never had anything that deep in my ass before and it felt so good and tight and full. Mark put his cock back in my mouth and I started sucking the head and deep throating. Dave made some grunting sounds and was pounding my butthole harder and faster. Mark started groaning and I felt his first jet of warm sperm cum in my mouth. The feeling of Dave fucking my butthole while Mark ejaculted in my mouth was better than I could have imagined. Mark's cock was really spraying now, ropes of warm sperm coating my tongue and lips. The taste and texture and warmth. Then dave shouted 'FUCK OH FUCK' and I felt his cock pissing cum in my belly. Thats what it felt like.

One long stream. Then it was four or five spurts and his thrusts slowed down. I had warm sperm in my mouth and warm sperm in my ass and I felt like a slut. In a good way. I cotinued to suckle at Marks softening penis and he pulled back and said did you like that? 'Yes, very much'. I almost had tears in my eyes I loved it so much. Dave's cock was going soft in my ass and I said 'Can we do this again'. Well Dave said...we have a surprise for you. I heard somone climbing the ladder and Oh Boy, it was 6 more guys and they were already naked.... and erect. With precum dribbling out of the cocks. Daves cock plopped out of my ass as I crawled over to the first guy and started sucking his cock. Four white guys and two black guys. I remembered one of the porno mags had a pictorial of two black guys fucking a white girl double penetration style and I knew what I wanted to do.

The guy I was sucking grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. It didn't take long before he ejaculated a nice mouthful of warm wet sperm. I kept it in my mouth, swishing it around. I then grabbed the two black guys cocks and started sucking them. I wanted them in my ass. I had the first one lay down on his back and I straddled him. My butthole was leaking Daves sperm so lubrication was not a problem. I had the other one kneel behind me and they both took turns sliding their black cocks in and out of my hungry ass. I then told them to go for it. They tried to put both cocks in my ass at once but it wouldn't work. Then one cock in and the other tried to wedge in and that didn't work. What's a slut to do? I looked at one of the other guys who had a smallish cock and he was able to get his cock in with the black guy underneath me. Two cocks in my ass! both carefully thrusting. Chocolate and vanilla. Christ I felt so full and my erection was rubbing against the black guys stomach, I was getting really horny. I had the white guy pull out and told the black guy 'Just ram it in!.'

And....He did! Two beautiful black cocks in my ass! I couldn't beleive it. It hurt so good. They started thrusting and I could feel their cocks slipping around in my ass. One of the other boys was so turned on he stuck his cock in my mouth and came instantly, flooding my mouth with jet after jet of warm sperm. I was in ecstacy. I layed my head down and tongue kissed the black guy, swirling the sperm in each others mouths.

Both of the guys fucking my butthole started grunting and moaning and.... they cried out as I felt twin jets of warm sperm shoot deep into my belly. It was amazing feeling two cocks thrusting and shooting cum into the deepest parts of me. I told them to keep thrusting and fucking my slutty little ass. They kept right on fucking me while I told the other boys to all cum in my mouth and treat me like a whore. The other guys stood around us stroking their cocks and one after another spraying their warm sperm into my mouth. It was such a rush having all four cocks shooting thick ropes of cum at my face. Some of it ran down my body onto the black guy beneath me and I licked it up and kissed him as he and his friend ejaculated into deep into my hungry ass. When they pulled their cocks out of my stretched to the max butthole, one of the other guys layed down and I sat on his face for a good cum cleaning. The other guys started leaving then while I enjoyed the tongue in my ass. I layed down started sucking his penis in a sixty nine. I must have gone to sleep because when I woke up I was all alone with a sore butthole and covered with sperm. Christ I miss those guys.




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