Donnie and Calvin were stepbrothers and were born one year apart. Calvin was the elder of the two, and to be exact, was one-year and two days older than Donnie. Despite the closeness of their birthdays, they belonged to two different star signs. Calvin was a Scorpio and Donnie a Sagittarius. Their personalities and looks were as different as their astrological signs, and by the time Donnie was sixteen and Calvin seventeen, they were as different as chalk from cheese. Calvin stood six-foot tall and had a solid hairy body with a darker complexion and jet black hair. Donnie was two inches shorter, lithe, and had dark blond hair.

They had become stepbrothers when Calvin’s father and Donnie’s mother married fourteen years before. Calvin had always gravitated toward his dad and was very outdoorsy, and Donnie was his mommy’s boy. Both boys were good-looking, but whereas Calvin had rugged features, Donnie, much as he hated it, was always referred to as ‘pretty.’

As kids, they had shared a room until they were eight and nine-years-old respectively, but once their father renovated the loft in the house, Calvin laid claim to the new room. Both boys were happy with this development, particularly Donnie, who no longer had to look at pictures of aircraft and motor cars on the walls. An added bonus was that Donnie also did not have to deal with Calvin’s constant bullying.

Their new living arrangement resulted in them becoming like two ships passing in the night, each with their own social life and circle of friends. The only occasional squabble took place in the bathroom, which they still had to share.

With six months to go before Calvin graduated from high school and would head off to college, the two boy’s lives changed completely when their dad’s father passed away and their grandmother moved in with the family.

Years before when Calvin got the loft, Donnie was compensated by getting his own double bed. Naturally, this was now perfectly suited to their granny’s needs. Calvin had two three-quarter beds in his bedroom and Donnie would now be occupying one of them. Needless to say, neither of the boys was happy with the arrangement, but as their parents told them; ‘family comes first.’

Donnie and Calvin, therefore, had to adjust to the new intimacy of their shared accommodation. With the loft always having been Calvin’s space, however, Calvin made it clear that he was the ruler of this domain. Resultantly, there were a number of things that Donnie had to get used to.

Firstly, Calvin liked to be naked in his room and walked around nude all the time. There was a strict privacy policy in their household and no one entered a room without first knocking on the door and gaining permission to do so. Calvin always hung a pair of shorts on a hook behind his bedroom door, in case of visitors. Next, Calvin continually fondled his genitals and scratched the bushy clumps of hair under his armpits, before smelling his fingers. Thirdly, Donnie was subjected to the sounds of Calvin’s nightly jerk off sessions. Lastly, when Calvin got out of bed in the morning, he always had a raging hard-on as he stood stretching, yawning, and scratching.

Donnie had never had sexual thought about his stepbrother before, but their new cohabitation arrangement began to stir strange feelings within him. Calvin was a hot stud and Donnie found it more and more difficult not to blatantly stare at him. It wasn’t outright lust, but an ever-increasing intrigue that made him extremely uncomfortable. Donnie constantly had to remind himself that Calvin was his stepbrother and that any sexual fantasies were inappropriate.

After a few days of ‘living’ together Calvin walked up and stood next to Donnie one afternoon as he was doing his homework. While asking Donnie a question he gave his crotch a good scratch before grinding his fingers into his left armpit. When he placed his fingers to his nostrils Donnie couldn’t resist, and then asked, “Do you like your own smell?”

There was a brief look of confusion on Calvin’s face before he smiled and answered, “Fuck, yeah.” Then after a brief pause, he continued, “Would you like to whiff how good it smells?” delivering his retort with a shit-faced grin.

“No,” Donnie emphatically stated, lying.

Calvin then gave his crotch and armpit another good scratch be again sniffing his fingers. “Fuck, yeah,” he once more confirmed, “You should really give my fingers a good sniff.”

In a flash, Calvin gripped hold of his stepbrother’s head before forcing his fingers under Donnie’s nostrils. Pretending to fight Calvin off, Donnie happily knew that he wouldn’t succeed and that his powerful stepbrother had the upper hand. Restrained, he inhaled the magical aroma of Calvin’s masculinity.

“Fuck you, Calvin,” was all that Donnie could proffer, as he pretended to fight.

A flood of horniness immediately ignited in Donnie’s body as Calvin continued to smear his fingers under Donnie’s nostrils, and Donnie could feel his cock becoming rock-hard.

When Calvin finally let go of Donnie’s head, there was a look of horny confusion on Calvin’s face. Calvin quickly moved away, however, when Donnie observed that Calvin’s knob was busy hardening. After grabbing his shorts from behind the door, Calvin put them on and left the room.

Donnie’s mind was in a spin after the incident and he sat there stunned. He was hyperventilating and his mouth was dry.

A minute later, he decided to go downstairs and get a cold drink from the fridge. As he passed by their bathroom he heard the unmistakable sounds of Calvin masturbating. He lowered his head and peeped through the keyhole. True to form, Calvin was vigorously tugging his cock as his left hand caressed his torso. Donnie wanted to burst into the bathroom but restrained himself with all his might. He then watched Calvin shudder as his dick unloaded into the toilet bowl.

When Donnie returned to their bedroom a short while later, there was a palpable tension in the room. Nothing further was said that afternoon, but Donnie’s mind was in a spin. Nothing that exciting had ever happened to him before and he kept chastising himself mentally, for the lustful thoughts flooding through his brain.

‘Jesus,’ Donnie thought, ‘He’s my fucking stepbrother.’

That night after lights-out, Calvin again lowered his duvet and began to masturbate. Once he had cum all over his stomach he used his ‘cum-rag,’ which was a face cloth that Calvin kept on his bedside table, to wipe himself off. Every morning Donnie would always use the bathroom first and when he returned to the room, the Calvin ‘stretch and scratch’ show would get underway. Calvin would then depart for the bathroom with his cum-rag, wash it, and then hang it on a hook to dry for his evening performance.

The following morning once Donnie had finished in the bathroom, Calvin arose and after his habitual, ‘S and S’ procedure, headed for the bathroom. After Donnie had dressed and was about to leave for school, he noticed Calvin’s forgotten face cloth still lying on the floor. Donnie couldn’t resist, and after picking it up pressed it to his nostrils and began sniffing. As he did so he got a shock when he saw Calvin standing in the doorway.

“Fuck me, bro, what are you doing?” Calvin asked.

“I just noticed… that you forgot your face cloth… and I was about to bring it to you,” Donnie stammered.

“Bullshit. You were sniffing it, you fucking fag-boy,” Calvin retorted, derisively.

“No… I was about to…” Donnie tried to answer, before being interrupted.

“Don’t talk shit, Donnie, you were sniffing it,” Calvin countered, dismissively.

After dropping the face cloth and blushing like crazy, Donnie passed by Calvin and left the room with the sound of Calvin’s mocking laughter behind him.

At the school, that day Donnie’s mind was in complete turmoil. Donnie knew that Calvin was a control freak and wondered what lay ahead for him. It worried Donnie that the events of the morning would become part of humiliation tactic, and he also fretted about the exposure that could follow. Donnie was dubious about his stepbrother’s machinations and exciting as he had found the sniffing experience, he was unsure of Calvin’s discretion.

That afternoon as Donnie was doing his homework, Calvin once more stood next to him. Out of the corner of his eye, Donnie observed the scratching ritual get underway. Again, Donnie’s head was commandeered as a far more sustained finger smelling episode ensued. On this occasion, Donnie also became aware of Calvin’s hard cock rubbing against his upper arm as he enjoyed his stepbrother’s aroma.

After Donnie’s head was finally released, Calvin uttered a triumphant guffaw as he moved towards his bed. Glancing backward, Donnie saw Calvin commence tugging on his knob as he lay on the bed. In an act of defiance, Donnie decided to turn his head back and face his computer screen. Much as he wanted to watch his stepbrother he was determined to command some respect. As Donnie listened to the sounds behind him he heard the ever-escalating approach of his Calvin’s ejaculation. When the grunting and groaning began, Donnie knew that his brother was about to unload.

As Donnie continued to look in front of him he heard Calvin getting off his bed. Next, Calvin gripped hold of Donnie’s head and began smearing the wet cum-rag all over Donnie’s face. Donnie was in ecstasy as the hot fresh load coated his face. He offered no resistance as his spunk facial ensued and even stuck out his tongue to savour the taste.

When Calvin finally let go of his head, Calvin threw the face cloth to the floor before leaving the room. Donnie now began to lick and lap up the incredible taste off his lips. No sooner had Calvin left the room before Donnie picked up the cum-rag and began to scour every bit of moisture from it. Next, Donnie rushed off to the bathroom and after locking the door, almost dismembered himself with excitement.

When Donnie returned to the room an incredible sense of relief flooded over him. Spurious as he had believed his stepbrother’s intentions may be he now felt confident that his ‘exposure’ would not result. It was one thing to catch your stepbrother sniffing your spunk infested face cloth, but a whole other matter explaining why you rubbed fresh cum on his face. Comfortably, Donnie sat and pondered what else was to follow.

That evening when the two guys got on their beds, Calvin did not turn his bedside light off as normal. Again, Donnie turned his head to the other side when Calvin began to tug on his dick, revelling in his newfound defiance.

A minute or so later, however, Donnie’s shoulder got pulled downward as he was forced flat onto his back. In an instant, Calvin mounted Donnie’s body and after tucking Donnie’s arms against his sides, straddled Donnie’s chest. Confined, Donnie looked up at his brother who sat lightly on his stomach while tugging his knob.

“Listen up… if I have to share my room with a fag-boy then I ‘m going to take full advantage. From now on, you’re going to be my cum-dump, are we clear on that?” Calvin hissed.

“Yes,” Donnie whimpered.

“Good.” Then after a pause, Calvin continued, “When I tell you to open your fucking mouth, you’ll obey. If you like my spunk so much then I’ll feed it to you fresh. Are you following me?”

“Yes,” Donnie once more replied.

Calvin really commenced working his dick as Donnie looked up at him entranced. The sheer pleasure of his supremacy was a heavenly. With their eyes locked Calvin exacted his dominion over Donnie, who was totally happy with his capitulation. As Calvin’s excitement escalated he leaned forward, anchoring himself on the headboard with his left hand and aiming his dick-head at Donnie’s open mouth. When Calvin started grunting, delicious uncontaminated lava began to flow from his knob. Donnie gurgled and gulped, glutinously. Next, Calvin retracted his foreskin and demanded a proper cleaning. Compliant, Donnie followed his orders.

Upon returning to his own bed Calvin switched off his bedside lamp.

For the next hour lay on his bed completely stunned. When the stepbrothers had their own rooms they never interacted. In fact, both were very protective of their own spaces and went as far as making it clear to one another their rooms were strictly out of bounds. With their grandmother’s arrival, however, it was as if a door of carnality had been unlocked. Before Donnie finally drifted off to sleep, he wondered what else being his stepbrother’s cum-dump would entail.

The following morning when Donnie arrived back from the bathroom Calvin was out of bed, scratching, stretching, and yawning. Before Donnie could open his cupboard Calvin moved behind him and pushed Donnie up against the door. With his fingers under Donnie’s nostrils, Calvin began to rub his knob between Donnie’s butt cheeks.

Next, after placing his mouth at Donnie’s ear, Calvin said, “Tonight I’m going to fuck you, fag-boy.”

For the following minute, as Calvin kept grinding Donnie up against the cupboard, Donnie hoped that his brother would do the deed, there and then. Donnie’s pucker was twitching with anticipation, but regrettably, Calvin released him and left for the shower.

The time seemed to drag at school that day. Donnie couldn’t concentrate on any lessons and could only think about what lay ahead in their bedroom that afternoon. When he finally got home, ahead of Calvin as always, Donnie stripped out his school outfit. Donnie was about to put on his shorts and t-shirt when a thought crossed his mind. Naked, he simply placed his shorts on the hook behind the door and sat at his desk.

When Calvin entered the loft he let out a laugh, before saying, “I see you’ve come to your senses.”

Donnie simply smiled as he watched his brother undress. When Calvin finally stood before Donnie he gave his armpit a good scratch. Next, he extended his arm toward Donnie’s lips and offered his three middle fingers. Donnie willingly allowed the digits to enter his mouth before tasting his stepbrother’s funk.

“Today you are going to get a good whiff on my crotch,” Calvin said, before instructing Donnie onto his knees.

Calvin then held his cock against his body before moving forward and pushing his crotch into Donnie’s face. As Donnie inhaled the rich aroma of his stepbrother he began to lick Calvin’s balls.

“Fuck yeah… Jesus, fucking… yeah,” Calvin stammered with horny excitement. “Wash my nuts… wash my fucking nuts.”

Donnie went ballistic and eagerly opened his mouth when Calvin sought entry. It took Donnie a short while to adapt to the oral invasion, but shortly he got the hang of it. When the guys found a steady rhythm, Calvin clamped tightly onto Donnie’s head as he commenced skull-fucking him. Donnie couldn’t believe that he was able to cope with the onslaught and how much he was enjoying it. The groans from Calvin further stimulated him and soon Donnie was also tugging on his own dick.

When Calvin’s grunts became animalistic, Donnie was also fast approaching orgasm. As Donnie began to taste his stepbrother’s cream, Donnie shot his own load on the floor.

After Calvin pulled his dick out of Donnie’s mouth, Donnie looked up into his brother’s smiling face. “Did you enjoy that, fag-boy?” Calvin asked, with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah,” Donnie replied, returning the smile.

“You’d better use my cum-rag to wipe up your mess,” Calvin advised before Donnie did so.

Once Donnie had cleaned up his spunk the two guys stood facing one another. Donnie now decided to take the initiative and asked, “May I clean your armpits?”

There was a bewildered look excitement on Calvin’s face as he observed his stepbrother. Slowly, Calvin began to lift his arms before placing his hands behind his head. Donnie now moved forward and after embracing Calvin’s body he commenced licking his left armpit. The guttural sounds emanating from Calvin were awe-inspiring as he really began lapping at the hair in Calvin’s hollow. The taste was like nectar to Donnie.

When the right pit followed Donnie also gripped hold of Calvin’s knob and began tugging. Next, Calvin pushed Donnie’s body down and once more started skull-fucking him. This time, however, Calvin was a lot more animated and he gave Donnie a head-banging of note. With spit gurgling from his lips and down onto his chest, Donnie had to fight for precious air. When Calvin finally erupted, Donnie was totally exhausted from the oral battering he had just received.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, but Donnie couldn’t stop thinking about the cherry plucking that was going to happen that evening. Donnie was bristling with anticipation, but slightly nervous about the strain that he knew awaited him.

That night, as Donnie lay on his bed waiting for Calvin to finish his homework, he kept staring at his stepbrother. He reflected upon their former indifference and the incredible events of the past few days. As much as his granny’s arrival had annoyed him initially, her presence had now become heaven-sent.

When Calvin eventually switched off his computer he moved to a drawer and retrieved a tube of lubrication. Calvin then walked toward Donnie’s bed and instructed him to turn onto his stomach and spread his legs. The moment of truth had arrived and Donnie was as mentally prepared as he would ever be.

After mounting his stepbrother’s body, Donnie felt Calvin’s slick cock begin slithering in his crack. Next, Donnie felt Calvin’s knob nudging at his pucker. In one fell swoop, Calvin slammed his cock into Donnie’s butt-hole. The ache was sharp, but fortunately, short-lived. Donnie’s mental preparation had primed for him for this eventuality and as his discomfort abated, he was happy that the agony was well worth the ecstasy.

Calvin held still in him for quite some time to allow Donnie to adjust to the incursion. What happened next, however, delighted Donnie more that all than had gone before. As Calvin nestled on Donnie’s body, he turned Donnie’s head as far as was possible and commenced kissing him. The intimacy of this action blew Donnie’s mind completely. Fucking, sucking, and tugging, was great, but the intimacy of a sensual kiss far exceeded the impact of all the others.

Calvin gently began to move his hips to and fro as he commenced spearing into Donnie. The initial soreness melted away and was replaced by an exhilarating escalation of pleasure, as Calvin leisurely ground his knob into Donnie’s butt. The sensual sounds accompanying their actions further excited both guys, and as the intensity of Calvin’s thrusting gathered momentum, it was a good thing that the loft had been so well soundproofed.

Finally, gasping, grunting, and panting, Calvin unloaded as he pounded Donnie’s pucker meaningfully.

Afterward, they maintained station for several minutes, revelling in the afterglow of their endeavours.

Later, when Calvin lifted his body he told Donnie to turn over onto his back. When Calvin once more lowered himself and settled onto his stepbrother, a really intense kissing session followed as their mouths frantically wrestled. Donnie wanted more and signalled his intention by pulling his legs back, thereby inviting Calvin to fuck him once more. Fortunately, Calvin understood the gesture and was more than willing to comply.

“You’re a horny little cum-dump,” Calvin said, smiling at Donnie. Donnie simply smiled back with a horny grin on his face.

Once more, Calvin slid his knob into Donnie and began thrusting. As Calvin pummelled Donnie hole, he kept altering his body position as he moved his body up onto his knees, before yet again lowering his torso onto Donnie for another oral tussle. Calvin also kept varying his pace and the intensity of his pounding hips. Donnie panted with pleasure as he found himself becoming more and more overcome with excitement. When Calvin finally began to reach fever pitch, he tugged on Donnie’s knob simultaneous, encouraging his stepbrother’s release. Calvin’s timing was perfect and the two of them unloaded together, in a state of total bliss.

Afterward, Calvin retrieved his cum-rag and wiped Donnie clean. Shortly, they were both sound asleep.

From the following morning, a new daily ritual commenced. They started showering together and enjoying their first quickie of the day. Next, they walked to school together, something they had never done before. Upon arriving back from school after again accompanying one another, they couldn’t wait to get home and indulge in their afternoon carnal escapade. Naturally, their main sexual event always took place at bedtime.

Their parents were astonished that after years of their stepson’s indifference toward one another, their boys were now getting along so incredibly well. Naïvely, their folks agreed that Donnie and Calvin had finally found the true meaning of ‘brotherly love.’


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