I have always enjoyed the idea of being watched while I was completely naked. Over the years I have moved on from posting naked pictures on various websites to videoing myself masturbating. I particularly enjoyed going into the woods and stripping off before masturbating on camera. The idea of strangers watching from behind the little red light on the camera added to the excitement and when the videos got good ratings and viewing figures on various sites that was an extra buzz for me.

It was a small step to buying a webcam and wanking with a number of men. The sight of their cocks stiffening up as they watched me stroke off was another turn on for me and added to the enjoyment of the moment. I especially liked the sites where a number of viewers could see me simultaneously. The more that logged on the better it was for me.

As the months passed by I began to feel that I would like to go further. I wanted a real man to be watching or wanking with me when I came but I was afraid to take that next step.

I always enjoyed watching videos of sex in public. I admired those who had the nerve to risk being caught. The idea of me being caught ,naked , with an erection usually gave me a hard - on just thinking about it. Whenever I stripped in a wood ,or even in my own back garden, I took all the precautions I could to reduce that risk as much as possible but there always had to be some risk, no matter how slight ,for me to have a really strong orgasm. Occasionally, I would sneak out of the front door after midnight and masturbate in the shadow of the house whilst looking at the windows of the neighbouring houses. They would always be dark of course but I wondered if someone might see me in the shadows. Once ,I was so aroused I stepped out of the shadow into the light of a street lamp and wanked to a wonderful climax but ,afterwards ,I felt that I had taken a stupid risk and didn't dare try it again.

Then the thought of sex with a stranger began to tantalise me increasingly. I started to read about Cruising but ,as usual ,the risk seemed to great. However, when I realised that ,unknown ,to me there were a number of local sites ,the idea of taking that next step became more and more attractive.

At first I would only drive by to see how accessible they were. I had driven by one or two before without realising that those cars parked in the various lay-bys might have been there for other reasons. One evening I even pulled into one of them and sat in the car but I was too apprehensive to go any further so after twenty minutes of fidgeting in my seat I drove away. I had a raging hard on and regretted leaving as I drove home. I had to settle for a less than perfect wank in front of my computer when I did get home.

That Summer was exceptionally warm. Whenever that happens I always want to strip outdoors any way. A couple of weeks later I decided I had to give it a go. I decided to visit a spot which wasn't too close to home but would be easily reached. I read the advice columns on some of the sites so left any ID and money at home. I also decided to take minimal clothing with me as I thought it would be easier that way if I had to dress ,or undress, quickly. So I wore an open necked shirt and trousers. I went 'commando' for the reasons I explained and the sensation of my cock 'hanging loose' was a bit of a turn on before I set off.

It was early evening when I arrived. There were a couple of parked cars but no one seemed to be around. I locked the car and got out. There was a track leading into the woods beside the parking area. I decide to walk along it. Just around the corner It opened out into a small clearing and there were a couple more cars parked there. There was a guy sat in one of them. He looked at me as I walked by but stayed in the car. I didn't know if I was supposed to do anything as a sort of signal so I carried on deeper into the wood. There was another small clearing with one or two paths branching off. As I stood there ,undecided what to do next, I heard a car door close behind me and footsteps. A moment later the guy from the car came around the corner. He was in his forties and not particularly good looking but as he walked up to me I could see he was rubbing his crotch and there was decent looking bulge in evidence. I felt a tingle in my groin as he came up. He must have realised I was a complete novice. 'Out for a walk?' he said. 'Something like that' I muttered. 'First time here?' he said. I just nodded. 'Like to come with me' he replied. I hesitated for a few seconds. Inwardly I was thinking about being robbed or assaulted etc. but I could feel my cock stiffening up even as I thought. Whatever I wanted ,I knew what my cock wanted! I just nodded .He smiled and walked past me. As he did so he let his hand 'casually' brush against my crotch. I felt my cock stiffen up further and my heart rate began to speed up. He walked a little way down the path to the left as I followed feeling a little foolish but increasingly excited. We came into another clearing. There were a couple more cars parked on the far side. I could see there was a couple inside one of them and another guy looking in through the passenger side. I was slightly shocked ,but then thrilled , to realise that he had his erect cock in his hand and was, obviously, enjoying what he could see happening inside the car.

The guy looked across at the car and smiled 'I prefer the open air' he said. Again , I just nodded because my mouth was too dry to speak. There was a large tree to one side which partially blocked the view from the path and he walked behind it. I followed him. 'Have you ever been with a man?' he asked. I shook my head. 'You'll enjoy this' he said. He stepped closer and reached for my fly. He slowly pulled the zip down. ' Ah , no pants - nice' he said and reached inside to release my ,now fully erect, cock. The feel of another man's hand on my cock was amazing. He began to slide his hand up and down .I am uncut and as he pulled down the purple tip was fully exposed before he pushed the fore skin back to cover it again I thought I would shoot my load at any moment. He must have noticed because he said 'Let's not hurry this' and released his hold. He then unzipped himself and pulled his own cock out. It wasn't quite as fully erect as mine and he had been circumcised. There was a little precum on the mushroom head. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. 'Stroke me' he said. I tried to copy him and began to feel his cock stiffen up in my hand .'That's good' he said.' You are a natural!' When his cock was fully erect he said 'How does this feel?' and reached across to grasp my cock. He put it alongside his and began to stroke both at the same time. 'Feel good?' he asked. I nodded dumbly. I couldn't speak . .It was like being in a dream - but a good wet dream! As I enjoyed the sensation I noticed the guy from the car opposite had walked across and was watching us - still stroking his cock. This increased my excitement further. ' How far do you want to go?' he asked. It was a question I was half dreading but I heard myself gasp ' All the way'. As I spoke my cock twitched and I nearly came there and then. ' Wow good boy!!' he said.' Do you want to come back to my place?' ' No, Here, now!' I said thickly. ' My pleasure!' he said . 'Must use a condom' I managed to say. 'No problem' he said and stepped away to reach into his back pocket. 'Wait' I said and quickly slipped my trainers, socks and shirt off and then stepped out of my trousers. I was completely naked in front of a guy I had never met who was going to shaft me in a moment ! The warm evening breeze on my throbbing cock and buttocks felt fantastic.' I'm sure my face must have been bright re partly from embarrassment but partly with lust. Christ!!' he said .'There's no holding some people back. You look absolutely gorgeous. I am going to enjoy this nearly as much as you!' His cock was rigid and when I looked up I had a moment of alarm to notice our watcher had been joined by two others. They all had their cocks in their hands and were happily wanking away. They all had massive hardons. This increased my excitement even further. I felt I was about to burst. I watched as he dropped his pants and slipped the condom over his fully erect prick. I wondered if I would be able to take it but it was too late now. I was so aroused I'd take or do anything.!

'Kneel down for me' he said. There was a grassy area near bye. I walked across with my cock swinging at attention. I could feel the eyes of the watchers focussed on my body. I knelt down with my legs apart and leaned forward on my elbows. My little brown anus ring was fully exposed. The thought of the others looking at me almost made me cum again and I'm sure I heard one guy gasp as he shot his load at the sight. 'Ready?' asked the guy. I managed to grunt a 'Yes' and waited ,expectantly.' Just a little lube ' he said and I felt a cool liquid between my buttock cheeks. I felt his fingers smoothing it around and first one and then two fingers were pushed through the little brown ring to work the lube in further. There was an agonising delay of what felt like minutes, but can only have been seconds when I felt the head of his cock touch my anus. It was like an electric shock and, instinctively I felt my anus constrict. 'Just relax' he said. 'OK' I grunted and pushed down like when I'd tried a dildo. Again I felt him push against me. The head of his cock slowly began to force its way in. I was surprised it didn't hurt. Then he was into me. I felt his balls against my arse and then he began to thrust into me .At first they were slow long thrusts but I could hear his breathing quicken as he increased the rhythm and began to pound into me. I could feel his balls slapping against my naked arse. I 'm sure I heard more gasps as the other voyeurs shot their loads. The sound and sensation increased my excitement. I looked down to see my cock swinging beneath me. The purple tip was fully exposed and precum was dribbling down. My guy was grunting away as he worked me .He had his hands on my waist and would fondle my buttocks as he worked but when he reached under my and grabbed my cock I couldn't wait and shot the biggest load of cum in my life. I thought there were gallons! This was too much for him and I felt his prick jerk convulsively inside me ' Jeeesus' he said .He gave three more long thrusts and then pulled out. We were both gasping for breath. I looked around .There must have been at least 6 other watchers. They all had satisfied looks on their faces so it must have been a good show!

'Sorry I couldn't reciprocate!' he said. ' Not to worry, maybe next time' I said. 'Most definitely' he said. He gave me a tissue to clean myself off. I got dressed ,almost reluctantly, and walked back to my car and drove home. Now for the next time when my cock pushes its way past that little brown, puckered ring.


bigears - George Roberts

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