Every once in a while I get a taste for some uninhibited, anonymous outdoor sex. It's just like when I quit smoking. I know it's not good for me, but I go as long as I can and then I just gotta have some.

So, when the feeling wouldn't go away, I headed to the local cruising park. I've been there in the past and usually had pretty good success finding something to cure my cravings. A summer storm came through the night before so the morning was cooler than usual but extremely humid. I threw on a tank top and some running shorts with the liner removed and drove to the park.

The park is a memorial to veterans on top of a hill just off the interstate. The memorial isn't all that special but it's a place to see if you like what people are offering. If you connect with someone, you can make your way down a path to the large flag pole and find several different trails into the woods. There are houses nearby so in the summer you are concealed. But from fall to spring, you have to be selective or the neighbors can see what you are doing.

When I got there, I saw two other cars, empty of course. Maybe the rain kept other people away or the fact the humidity was at 90% did. I thought these two may want some private time so I didn't make a bee-line to the memorial or woods. I'm not one of those guys that cannot take no for an answer or keeps hanging around even though no one is trying to pick him up. I know cruising etiquette. Finally, a gentleman in dress attire came down the path, got in his car and drove off. I wanted to see if the occupants of car number two would show up. After a few minutes, I decided to see if there was anyone out there. I'd been playing with my self-just a little-so I tucked my boner in the waistband of my shorts and headed for the memorial. At first I didn't see anyone. Then he appeared.

This guy could have been military for all I know and actually visiting the memorial. He looked to be in his early twenties, military flattop haircut, aviator sunglasses, wife-beater, camo fatigue pants and black boots. If he wasn't military, he looked like the kind of guy that wants to fuck you or have you suck him and then go. That isn't what I was looking for, but I thought I'd give him a try.

My tank top was flimsy at the bottom covering up my boner but the top was tight. I'm not a gym rat, but I'm not fat either. I don't have 6 pack abs but my stomach is flat. I work out mainly so I can eat some things I know are bad for me and not gain weight. My tank top does show how hairy I am. There's plenty of chest hair sticking out of the top and arm holes and my legs are toned but with more hair on them than most guys. Even though I'm in my early 40's, I still have a head full of hair and don't look my age.

I made my way towards this other guy and could make out some interesting facts about him. He was much thinner than I was and shorter. This guy stood about 5' 9" and probably wore a small undershirt. It did hug his torso but there were two large bumps on the top. Damn, this guy must have huge nipples! I didn't see any chest hair poking out so I was assuming he was smooth. I gave my balls a good groping as I admired the memorial. He in turn played with his nipples. Good! He's willing to play I thought.

I made my way closer to him and put my hand inside the arm hole and rubbed my nipple. He was still playing with his. By now I was very close to him. I gave him the obligatory, "How's it going?" and he replied back, "You looking to play?" I said, sure and he turned to make his way to the woods. I followed very close. His fatigues hugged what appeared to be a rather, large, bubble butt for such a skinny dude.

He chose the path and we made our way down the hill into the woods. Just as we got to a small clearing, he pulled off his wife beater and turned around. Holy Fuck! He had to huge nipples pierced with some massing rings. These rings looked like something you put through your dick, not nipples. I walked to him and gave them a tug with both hands. "You don't have to be gentle with them." He said. I pinched them behind the piercing next to his chest and pulled. He moaned. I began twisting them and then went in for a suck.

I hit the ring with my teeth. "Be careful and don't break a tooth." He was right. Those things could do some damage to my teeth. I got the ring in my mouth and sucked. It was like sucking a small dick they were so big. Then I bit it. Maybe a little too hard. "I said you don't have to be gentle but don't bit them off either." I eased up on the chomping and he seemed to enjoy it. I alternated between them with my sucking making sure to give the other one a hand job.

"So, what do you like to do?" he asked.

"I'm cool with almost anything. What do you like to do?" I asked.

"I really like to get fucked." He said. "You cool with that?"

"I am as long as you are clean-I mean clean in every sense of the word. You clean?"

"Yep and I'm not one of those guys that says he is when he's not. You clean too?"

"Yes and plan to stay that way." I said.

Dude broke away from my nipple playing and knelt in front of me. He lifted up the bottom of my tank top to get to the waist band of my shorts and saw my dick poking up against my furry flat stomach. I wish he hadn't been wearing sunglasses so I could have seen his eyes. I've got a nice think 8 inch cut cock that is straight as a nail.

"Nice" was all he said as he tugged my shorts to my ankles. He lifted my shirt up again and started sucking on my cock. My shirt kept falling and he finally told me to take it off. I pulled it over my head and hung it on a tree limb that was within reach. Dude was devouring my cock and playing with my smooth balls.

"You keep that up and I won't last long enough to fuck you." I warned him.

Dude stood up and undid his belt, then the button came lose and the zipper went down. He had to wiggle to get his tight pants over his ass. As they slid down, I saw he was wearing an olive green jockstrap. I couldn't decide if he was really a military guy or just playing the part. Once he had his pants down, he turned around and shuffled over to a tree. He had a huge, J-lo ass that was covered in dark curly hair. I don't know if he shave his chest and arms, but it was a shock to see this much hair on his ass and none on his chest or abdomen. Not even a treasure trail

"I've got to hold on to something if you are going to fuck me with that monster."

I heard his spit into his hand and began lubing up his asshole. I spit into my hand and smeared it around my head and shuffled up behind him.

"Don't go easy on me. I like it rough."

If you like it rough, then here it comes. I pointed my dick as his hairy hole and lunged in. I didn't go all the way in, but I gave him about 4 or 5 inches.

"Aawwww fuck. That feels good. Give it to me hard."

I thought I would give him what he wanted. I pulled all the way out and then rammed everything I had inside him. I think I hit bottom and then gave him another inch or two. He was moaning but he didn't pull away. I kept pulling all the way out then rammed it home several more times. Then I thought I'd just fuck him for what it's worth. I started rapid firing his ass. His ass was so firm that it didn't ripple when I buried my pubes against it. He squirmed a little so I grabbed home of his jockstrap waistband with both hands and pulled his ass straight back onto my cock. I loved how his ass hair stopped at the top of his ass and didn't continue up his back. I was so enthralled with his willing and eager ass that I didn't hear someone sneak up on us.

I pulled out of his ass and reached for my shorts at my ankles leaving this guy's gaping ass in view for the intruder to see.

"I'm cool. I'm cool. You care if he sucks my dick while you fuck him or do you want to be alone?" the intruder asked.

"Bring it over here and I'll suck it." The dude replied.

I started to go soft from my scare. I had to stroke my cock back to life so I could get it back in that big, hairy, beautiful ass. The intruder came around to the front of dude and undid his khaki pants. He was freeballing and pulled out a nice, veiny uncut cock. He wasn't completely hard so I couldn't tell the length. From what I did see, he was probably about 6-7 inches. His navy blue pullover shirt was stretched tight across his chest and the short sleeves looked like they were cutting off circulation in his bulging biceps. The intruder was definitely buff and hot. His two to three day stubble accentuated his rugged jaw line and thick neck. Looking at him getting his dick sucked got me hard again quickly.

"That's a huge slab of meat you got there." The intruder said.

"Thanks." I replied as I shoved it back up dude's ass and resumed fucking him. I wasn't fucking as fast as before but it was just as rough. I loved hitting bottom with my cockhead and the fell of his hairy ass against my pubes. I pulled the leg straps down his ass as I started to feel the pouch of his jockstrap rub against my cock. Then I grabbed hold of his waistband again and fucked him hard.

Intruder's pants slipped down a couple of inches. It was just enough to see he was tanned all over and he shaved his pubes. Watching dude blow the intruder was something to see. I wish I hadn't played with myself in the parking lot so I could last longer. I was quickly reaching the point of no return. Just as I was about to shoot my load, I let dude know.

"I'm gonna cum." I told dude and pulled my cock out. I didn't know if he wanted and ass full of man cream or not. I started jerking my cock but still had it aimed at his juicy hole. The first blast erupted and landed at the top of his crack. The second was a direct hit on his asshole. Dude must have felt it and back up on my cock so I finished shooting inside him. The intruder announced he was cumming too. Dude never back off but sucked and sucked to get his prize. The intruder moaned and threw his head back while he pulled dudes head all the way down his cock with his massive hands. Dude may have tasted the first blast or two, but the intruders head must have been too sensitive so he buried it down dude's throat. I stayed deeply planted in dude's ass and watched the intruder.

He pulled his cock out of dude's mouth and pumped the last drop of cum out. Dude lapped it up. The intruder backed up and shook his cock trying to get all the spit off of it. He tucked it in his pants, pulled them up, zipped up and buckled his belt. Then he scared the hell out of me.

He reached in his front pocket, pulled out a wallet and flipped it open. It was a badge!

"See, cops need their cocks sucked, too. Y'all be careful." He turned and walked away.

My dick was still semi-hard and up dude's ass until that happened. Then it went completely limp. As it slid out of dude's ass, he released a trickle of cum that ran down towards his leg leaving a trail of cum on the hairs it touched. I reached down to pull up my shorts while dude adjusted his jockstrap and pulled up his fatigues. I turned and grabbed my shirt on the way out and didn't look back. I didn't get his name, say thank you or nothing. I just headed straight for my car in a quick pace.

By the time I got to the parking lot, the cop was gone and the only cars left were mine and dudes. I got in mine, took the key from above the visor and left in a hurry.

Several weeks later, I heard from friends that cops were patrolling that park due to complaints by local residents. I wonder if they are really patrolling or cruising? Right now, I'm not brave enough to go back and see no matter how hot that cop was.



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