I'm not into the whole bathroom sex scene. Anonymous isn't my thing, and hooking up with someone who I've never seen or spoken to in any form before isn't something I've done very often. All that said, I've never really had an opportunity to do anything in a bathroom before this.

Until this semester I was never on campus long enough to have to pee, so I pretty much never visited a campus bathroom. This time around I'm on campus for a lot longer, which means I've gone to pee more than ever before at school.

The bathroom I started off in seemed to almost always have a janitor in it after the first few times I used it, and I find it harder to pee when there's a janitor scrubbing things and the bathroom door is wide open (I hope I'm not the only one). I figured I'd look for another bathroom in the building when I saw the janitor one day, so I walked downstairs and explored the basement until I found one, which was pretty far away from the big classrooms and near some labs or offices or something.

I've had the place to myself for weeks, never seeing anyone else come in or out when I'm there. I'm not into cruising, but yeah, it sure crossed my mind that this would probably be a great cruising spot since it's often abandoned.

This week I went to the bathroom like normal, heading toward the stall because the urinals are always full of piss (I have no idea how its gets there with no one using the bathroom!) and I don't want someone else's piss on me unless they're hot and freshly depositing it. I stopped for a minute, seeing that the door was closed. It had never happened before, so I was shocked.

I got into the handicap stall next to it, seeing a hot, tanned foot in a flip flop in the next stall. The toes were a perfect medium length, and the foot was obviously taken care of pretty well, the nails trimmed nicely and perfectly clean. I really wanted to lick it--I hadn't even stopped to take my cock out yet. Cute feet usually mean cute boy... I'll say it's true 80% of the time. Judging by these feet, this was a cute boy!

Obviously I wasn't going to bend down and lick a random foot though. The last thing I need is to be arrested in a campus bathroom or have some frat boy chase after me asking why I was licking his foot... Ok, those are both unlikely, but threat enough.

He wasn't making any sounds in the stall, so I thought maybe he was here to cruise, but there wasn't a gloryhole or anything and I had no idea what to do to show my interest. He didn't seem to be doing anything to show his...

My cock was rock hard thinking about all of this, which meant I couldn't piss. I tucked it back into my underwear and decided I would just leave, flushing the toilet and walking out. I was disappointed, but I had no idea what to do.

I still had some time before class, so I spent 15 minutes sitting in the building trying to think about something other than sex in order to piss and continue about my business.

I headed back to the bathroom, going toward my stall to see that the door was closed again. I went for the handicap stall like I had just 15 minutes before, and there was the cute tanned foot again, still sitting in the stall beside me.

Holy shit, this guy must be waiting to get his cock sucked! I still wasn't sure what to do, but I knew I needed to express my interest somehow. I pulled my backpack off and hung it on a hook on the door, pulling a pencil out of a pocket and dropping it as close as I thought I could without risking hitting his foot. It may not be cool or proper, but I thought it would look innocent enough if I was wrong about why he'd been here for at least 15 minutes.

I bent down to pick it up, my hand within inches of his foot. I knew he had to have seen it from the stall. My heart was beating at full speed, and I actually felt kind of sick. I'd never even thought about doing something like this before, despite all of the sex I've had in the past couple of years, and it was insanely tough on my nerves.

Then the foot lifted up and down, the flip flop clacking on the tile. Oh yeah, I was right... this guy wanted something. It would have been hot, but at this point I'm not ready for the anonymous thing. I wasn't going to be doing anything under the stall... maybe someday, but not now.

'Hey,' I said kind of quietly.

He didn't answer, but his foot moved up and down again.

'Tell me something about yourself,' I suggested.

Silence again. I figured it wasn't going to work, but then he spoke up. '22 and skinny. Big cock.' Simple enough and to the point.

'Come over if you want some action.' I unlocked the door, pushing it open a bit.

He tapped his foot again. He seemed a little annoyed to me, but then he stood up and I heard the stall door open. I turned around to see mine slowly open, and in stepped a boy, probably about 6' tall and 160 pounds. He had a cute face, his hair short and neatly combed. He was wearing a Ralph Lauren polo with a pair of white shorts, his body darkly tanned, all of which (at least in this state) suggest a boy is probably in a frat. We looked each over other for a moment, and he didn't seem to have a problem with me.

'We going to do this?' he asked with some frustration, closing the stall.

'What if someone else comes in?' I needed to have a plan in case they did. He got in front of me, pushing me away from the toilet and sitting down. He unzipped his pants.

'Just stand up if you hear the door. I'll put my legs up and no one will know there's more than one person here. But no one's ever in here, we probably won't have to do anything.' He said it as if it was completely obvious, but it hadn't even occurred to me. I guess I'm just stupid and completely out of practice.

I nodded and he pulled his cock out, a thick 7 inches that was rock hard and obviously aching for release.

'I have class in 10 minutes, so go quickly, bro.'

I nodded agains and got between his legs, opening my mouth and taking a few inches of him right away.

He moaned softly, leaning back against the tank. He seemed to respond the best to my tongue, so I ran it up and down his shaft, all over his head, licking his big cock as well as I could. I sucked him for a couple of minutes, tasting a lot of precum that was leaking out of his head. Yum, it was so good!

He pushed me off and stood up, pulling me up the height of his cock and sliding it into my mouth. I got the picture... he wanted to facefuck me. I opened up as well as I could for him, trying really hard not to choke when he slid it all the way back into my throat. I was taking it like a champ, and he was jamming his dick in and out of my mouth pretty hard, moaning softly like he had when I was sucking him. I was working my own cock with full force, jerking it furiously between my legs. This was so hot. He pounded my mouth for a few more minutes, his intensity picking up.

'Yeah, so close, bro,' he whispered, speeding up, pulling himself all the way out of my mouth and then sliding right back inside.

'Gonna cum,' he moaned, starting to slide out. I pulled him back into me, pushing him down into my mouth. I wanted this load right down my throat.

'Yeah, cumming!' His cock stiffened, my lips pushed almost all the way to his pubes. The cum squirted right down my throat and coated the back of my mouth, several warm spurts that felt pretty big.

He pulled it out, slapping the cum and spit covered dick against my face a few times.

'You were awesome,' he assured me, putting his softening cock away and zipping up his pants. 'When do you have class again around this time?'

'Tuesday,' I answered honestly.

'Meet me here 20 minutes earlier?'

'Yeah, sure!' I was overjoyed.

'See you then, bro.' He opened the stall door and pushed it shut behind him. I heard him wash his hands and walk out.

I rolled my tongue around my mouth, enjoying the taste of his cum. Some loads don't taste very good, but his was awesome. I swallowed what was left and shot my own load into the toilet, thinking about what had just happened and the plan we just made.

I finally pissed, washing off my hands and face before I left.

Now I can't wait to see what happens next week. It can't come soon enough!



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